Miss International 2007 Candidates

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The 47th Miss International pageant will take place in Tokyo (Japan) on October 15, 2007.

The pageant’s theme is “Harmonious World Beautiful dream” in order to accelerate the peace of world and to spread the beauty with love.

Argentina Paula Quiroga
Armenia Rita Tsatryan
Aruba Jonella Oduber
Australia Danielle Byrnes
Bahamas Melissa Key
Belarus Yulia Sindzeyeva
Bolivia Angélica Olavarría
Brazil Carolina Prates
Cameroon Marthe Nathalie Houag
Canada Justine Stewart
Chile Marie Ann Salas
China Lina Ding
Chinese Taipei Tzu-Wei Hung
Colombia Ana Milena Lamus
Congo Jolette Wamba Myilou
Costa Rica Leonela Paniagua
Czech Republic Veronika Pompeová
Dominican Republic Ana Carolina Viñas
Ecuador Jessica Ortiz
Egypt Madonna Khaled
El Salvador Ledin Damas
Ethiopia Kidan Tesfahun
Finland Joanna Väre
France Sophie Vouzelaud
Germany Svetlana Tsys
Ghana Dilys Zahabi
Greece Despoina Vlepaki
Guadeloupe Ann-Love Viranin
Guatemala Alida Boer
Honduras Margarita Valle
Hong Kong Grace Wong
India Esha Gupta
Indonesia Rahma Landy
Japan Hisako Shirata
Korea Ka One Park
Latvia Laura Fogele
Lebanon Grace Bejjani
Liberia Harriette Thomas
Malaysia Lim Nee
Margarita Island Jennifer Maduro
Mexico Priscila Perales
Mongolia Gerelchuluun Baatarchuluun
New Zealand Kyla Hei Hei
Nigeria Sokari Akanibo
Norway Karoline Kleven
Panama Stephanie Araúz
Paraguay Daiana Ferreira
Peru Luisa Fernanda Monteverde
Philippines Nadia Lee Shami
Poland Dorota Gawron
Puerto Rico Haydil Rivera
Russia Aleksandra Mazur
Serbia Teodora Marčić
Singapore Christabelle Tsai
Slovakia Kristína Valušková
Spain Nerea Arce
Sri Lanka Aruni Rajapakse
Sudan Yar Ong’a
Suriname Chantyn Ramdas
Tanzania Jamilla Munisi
Thailand Prapaphan Phongsrithong
Turkey Asli Temel
Ukraine Mariya Varyvoda
United Kingdom Samantha Freedman
USA April Strong
Venezuela Vanessa Peretti
Vietnam Pham Thi Thuy Duong
Zambia Karishma Patel

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7 comments on “Miss International 2007 Candidates
  1. Angel JB says:

    The MIP was not broadcast in Mexico, it would be a great idea if Televisa a big TV company broadcast the pageant to the Mexican audience. I was @ the Auditorio Nacional were the judges did not favor Miss Mexico (Miss Universe) and were some nagavite vibes took place between the event coordinator and the audience, because of the fall by Miss USA, and yet Mexico was not in the Top Five. Priscila’s win would promote the aunthenticity of a clean and fair competition in a pageant the Miss International. I hope to part of the audience @ MIP in 2008. Great job Priscila!

  2. jOSef says:

    Winner: Miss Mexico, Priscila Perales
    1st Runner-up: Miss Greece, Despina Vlepaki
    2nd Runner-up: Miss Belarus, Yulia Sindzeyeva

  3. Jose Luis says:

    I just want to know if Miss International 2007 is going to be aired In the United States cause I am in Mexico and we are not going to see it here.
    If someone know that please let me know it, just tell me in which American Channel or TV Station where it is going to be aired.
    The candiadtes of Mexico have done well in Miss Inernational we have had many semifinalists and some runner-ups like Martha Cristiana Merino and some more.

  4. estela says:

    Why is it that Miss International is not being aired live in the Philippines? at kahit man lang delayed ng ilang oras o araw sana. Filipinos would want to see how our candidates perform in the internatioanal. Please do something…

  5. Rajive says:

    It will take place in Oct. 15′ so there’s no official result yet ok?

  6. you never tell the whole world through internet who won

  7. i just wanted to know who won in the recently miss. international 2007 held in tokyo pls hope u make a rtesponse thank you and more power

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