Miss USA Falls Video Clip – Miss Universe 2007

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Miss USA Rachel Smith slipped and fell to the floor during the evening gown competition.

Smith’s slip was regarded as fatal by experts although the judges also gave value for the way he retained style and grace on the set.

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5 comments on “Miss USA Falls Video Clip – Miss Universe 2007
  1. Li says:

    Yes, it was a pretty embarrassing fall but she picked herself right up, very dignified.

  2. lala says:

    wow that was an elegant fall lol

  3. BeAtRiCe says:

    kawawa naman ms. usa….hahaha…natawa naman ako sa hulog niya…hahahah

  4. me.yah says:

    ntwa ako nung una pero naawa rin ako nung binoo xa kawawa…
    pretty ka nman go on w/ ur life..
    pero naka2hya noh..

  5. shamim says:

    awww..poor girl..she wud remember that for a life time!

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