Mocha Uson – Maxim Philippines Magazine April 2009

Multi-talented artist Mocha Uson, frontwoman of the sexy girl group Mocha Girls is on the cover of Maxim Philippines Magazine’s April 2009 issue.

Mocha Uson

She also has a monthly photo blog in the said magazine, which started last February 2009. Her group just finished their latest album titled “Delisciosa” and is now out in the market plus watch out for their upcoming movie titled “Sumpa.”



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  • Alipungas

    Mukhang mutchacha..

  • ricky

    hay……… sarap matulog. wake up maxim!!!!!!!!!1

  • http://friendster paulo

    ,after angelica panganiban as their covergirl, wala ng maganda ang sumunod!!!!!

  • the who

    maganda bah kamo c angelica panganiban(baby fats)?

  • elf

    looks like april is another victory month for fhm…….

  • katy

    i heard it is gonna be the hottest issue this year, finally MAXIM is no longer a fashion magazine, its time to stand and live by your name MENS MAGAZINE, Mocha is the hottest girl now, please no more viva hotbabes and other trying hard sexy teen celebrity

  • Akira


    I 2nd the motion. :-)

  • ricky

    si mocha hottest????????????????????
    kailan pa?????????????????????

  • sweetencozy

    ewan ko…parang di naman eh.

  • annalee

    i agree katy, she is the hottest, pls lang ha, tama na mga viva hotbabes at teen star, i have seen her beach pictorial sa website nila, grabehhhhhhhh!!!!!!! she has the perfect body

  • krissa

    mr ricky and sweetencozy you are entitled to your own opinion but the question is have you seen her in person? everyone i know and even in TV says that she is super hot why sa inyo not, baka naman you belong to the gay community, well i understand, basta sa akin, Mocha you are the new sex fantasy of girls and guys!

  • sweetencozy

    yes, i saw her in person…kea nga nakapag comment ako ng ganun.

  • sweetencozy

    im sorry krissa,thats only my opinion…kanya kanya naman tayo ng taste db?and nagkataon lang na hindi sya hot for me.

  • briango

    finallllllllleeeeeeeeeeee, maxim will overtake fhm! congrats, mocha is the hottest girl today

  • creamy

    @briango……. sana magdilang anghel ka……. goodluck

  • guz gusin

    anak ng MOCHA naman oo hehehehe.. peace!

  • Akira

    ????/ sorry but walang dating sakin xa ei.

  • ricky

    sa akin sobra dating nya, i love her color and her long legs

  • maryjoy

    I love Mocha Uson she is super hot and charming, i saw her perform in our corporate party, damn she is bright and beautiful, rarely you would see such a girl, plus she loves to kiss girls (well i do) and guys, i cant wait to have this copy

  • jimbee

    yes Mocha is the “IT” of girls and guys! love her color and abs

  • kristine

    I love this girl Mocha ever since she started singing in a band, i know she ll get famous, but i didnt know she is BISEXUAL, well for me thats good because i am too, love to kiss her

  • Wayne

    I’ve seen her on TV but not in person thought she looks interesting. I vote for her.

  • trydoor

    super hottie talaga si mocha. since napanood ko sya sa tv, hinanap ko na agad ang pics nya sa net. her hotness drived me real crazy. sobrang sexy,

  • LEE

    i saw them in person…dance with and pics also..their cool, hot and wild…i saw them last sept.18 in grand and greet mocha gurls! i won prize too!..hehe ..

  • james