Moomoo & Me – TV5

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Moomoo & Me is an upcoming sitcom starring John Prats and BJ Forbes on TV5.

John plays the role of a ghost named Oscar who will be friends with Junjun played by BJ. Other members of its cast include William Martinez, Yayo Aguila, Saab Magalona, Tiya Pusit, IC Mendoza, Empoy, Celine Lim, Paul Salas and Benjie Felipe. It will be directed by Soxy Topacio and premieres on September 10, 8PM.

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16 comments on “Moomoo & Me – TV5
  1. gp says:

    sana palitan na lng a character ni misty maging si maritony para hnde OA

  2. gp says:

    pwede palitan sana yung charcter ni misty sana si maritoni na lng si misty para hinde masyadong OA

  3. grace says:

    ang GANDA talga ni saab magalona,,, oh RC…

  4. grace says:

    buti n lang andyan si SAAB MAGALONA,, manonood ako,,,

  5. julia says:

    mapanood lalo na

    favorite ko talaga yung
    tv 5……

  6. julia says:

    mapanood lalo na

  7. jojo says:


  8. jojo says:

    jojo :
    ano ba ito


  9. jojo says:

    ano ba ito

  10. timmy says:

    im gonna watch it coz john prats in here

  11. fattyacid says:

    wow, gtk that TV5 getting more aggressive to cater to other groups of audience who cannot find the kinds of entertainment that ABS-CBN are paying lesser attention in recent years. actually, i enjoy watching tagalized animes in TV5 at pati midnight dj kahit na medyo corny yung show.

  12. uzumaruto says:

    Anyway i must say that these would be also another income to John Prats, Goodluck and more power!

  13. uzumaruto says:

    Guys having a sitcom is not worthy to net income of TV Networks except the personalities in there respective sitcoms who has commercial endorsement. The reason why both ABS-CBN and GMA Network avail one sitcom it’s because of the personalities that attached to there respective endorsement.

    Have anyone of you think about that? Who are the artist of the Philippines who have sitcoms?, they’re all actors and actresses who has commercial endorsement. That is a fact and not just a rumor, a sitcom is more expensive than having a talk show program cause lots of extra props are need to use in a set and addition to that are talent fees of of there guests.

  14. skittles says:

    hindi kase uso ang mga sitcom ngayon eh.

  15. hurty says:

    ,,,,,,haiii buti nalang may t.v5 kami wahahahahaha
    ……buti nasalin sya sa t.v5…

  16. chic o'clock na! says:

    buti na lang at may TV5 kundi wala ng mga sitcoms sa TV ngayon. Naubusan na ng mga ideas ang ABS-CBN 2 at GMA 7 kaya 1 na lang ang produced sitcom nila ngayon. “George and Cecil” sa ABS-CBN 2 and the upcoming “Show Me Da Manny” ng GMA 7. Unlike in the ’90s and early 2000’s sangkaterba ang mga sitcoms nila.

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