Mrs Philippines 2009 Pageant Winners

Here are the winners of the Mrs. Philippines Pageant held last December 17, at the Aliw Theater, Pasay City.

Mrs Philippines Universe 2009 – Camilla Kim Galvez
Mrs Philippines Globe 2009 – Maria Rafaela Yunon Belasco
Mrs Philippines Earth 2009 – Ivy Glenda Malaluan
Mrs Philippines World 2009 – Donabel Deinla
Mrs Philippines Tourism 2009 – Mary Maureen Albarracin
Mrs Philippines Asia 2009 – Rebekah Cantillero
Mrs Philippines International 2009 – Leizelle Villanueva
Mrs Philippines Galaxy 2009 – Analou Avecilla

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  • Crashdive

    We should all read the book, “The Road Not Taken”… Its funny coz instead of looking up and doing what Candidate #7 did, we all hate to admit that we don’t have the courage and self esteem she has. Why are we laughing at her while we know at the back of our heads that she is an example of human triumph. Nobody thought that Pacquiao would went this far, or that Willie Revillame will be as successful. English doesn’t win you titles, personality does…

  • FraGile

    “Lovely” doesnt ‘deserve’ to give a comment! kc ‘desearved’ and ‘deserved’ has a different dpat gamitin nya ‘deserve’..ok!so wag k magmagaling pls.kung mkpgcomment k kc kay Mrs.World akala mo kung cno kang magaling eh and akala mo kung cnong ngmmganda! you know what u shouldnt judge Mrs.Philippines World lyk that! Y,did u saw what she did in their activities?or do u know her attitude? or do u know what r the things that she’d been through for joining that pageant? instead of doing that,giv her a good advise and cheer her up!coz she’s goin to represent our country in Vietnam. and i know many people believed in her capabilities! Its just a bit of training in English girl! Go GO Go DonabeL!

  • jeroiSTAR

    mrs philippines international, Dr. Leizelle Villanueva is my social psychology professor!
    she is surely smart, beautiful and down to earth.
    she gives inspiration to us students!

  • alexa

    i agree with lovely…hahaha