Muslims begin holy month of Ramadan

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Muslims around the world are preparing for the holy month of Ramadan which starts today (9/13) in the Philippines.

The start of Ramadan, the 9th and holiest month of the Muslim calendar, is traditionally determined by the sighting of the new moon. For one month, Muslims are required to abstain from food, drink and sex from dawn until dusk. Since it is a time of piety and high religious consciousness, it would be considerate to dress and behave modestly, avoiding animated behaviour that could cause offense to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

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3 comments on “Muslims begin holy month of Ramadan
  1. minaira sungan says:

    i totally agree with Mr. Paul’s comment. and i hope that he knows it by heart. same with us all. I am a foreign exchange student and working hard for me to know how can I contribute , in my own ways, for my country to become a warzone-free and be an understanding community. As a Muslim, its hard to absorb all the negative feedbacks that i receive from some of these foreign people. but what really hurts more is hearing it from my co-pinoys. i love being a Filipina and I am certainly proud being a youth from the Philippines but it breaks my heart whenever negative things are thrown to me–to us. as 1 of the youths who eagerly wants change, i’ll take it all. hope that all of us will take this hand-by-hand.


  2. jojo alcoran says:

    ..ayos ka talaga pol..idol

  3. paul acol says:

    i hope Filipino Christians would recognize this event,. Filipinos, in general are multi-culturally versed but very ignorant on their own culture, or shall i say a part of their culture. i think, Filipinos, generally, do not own this activity as part of their culture, commonly but mistakenly regarded as of the Mindanaoans. i think that is the reason why Members of this community, who belong to the minority of the Filipino population, were commonly disregarded and ignored. i think Christians may show their best respect to Moslems, not only in Mindanao but in the whole country. i hope the government, national and local, would allot significant resources and effort to promote cultural understanding and religious tolerance. i also hope that mass media adverts, shows, and movies would also do the same thing… but all these are only my hopes, just hopes… sad

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