MYX Daily Top Ten (04/12)

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10. Lando – Gloc9 featuring Francis M.
9. Ikaw Lamang – Silent Sanctuary

8. Sundo – Imago
7. Sunburn – Sandwich
6. Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne
5. Bakit – Cueshe
4. I Don’t Love You – My Chemical Romance
3. Magbalik – Callalily
2. Shooting Star – Hale
1. Tuliro – Sponge Cola

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5 comments on “MYX Daily Top Ten (04/12)
  1. katrina says:

    please pwede niyo bang ipatugtog ang party in hte usa para lang sa kapaitd tnx.

  2. wendell says:

    lufet ng lyrics ng “Magbalik” fellaz!.. astig ang composer… My love is like the earth that never stops turnin’…. LUFET!… Hello po sa n-u lahat..

  3. vanica Lomibao says:

    ganda tlaga ng Lando.. idol ko tlga ang way ng pagknta ni Gloc9 kip up!

  4. haixxt..i request n masama ang iris at maalala mo sna by silent’z
    so cool kc..

  5. Charles says:

    NyeK! What the! Bakit top 4 na lang ang “I don’t love you” ng Myy Chemical Romance… Well, still on the top naman ang TULIRO of Spongecola…It roCks!

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