MYX Daily Top Ten (06/13)

Here are the results of today’s MYX Daily Top 10.

10. What I’ve Done – Linkin Park
9. Seksi Seksi – Kamikazee
8. Makes Me Wonder – Maroon 5
7. Ale – The Bloomfields
6. Shooting Star – Hale
5. Teenagers – My Chemical Romance
4. Vampire Social Club – Chicosci
3. THNKS FR TH MMRS – Fall Out Boy
2. Upside Down – 6cyclemind
1. Pasan – Callalily



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  • MCR Fan

    My Chemical Romance rocks! \m/

  • ralph

    for me this the top 10
    1 upside down
    2 shooting star
    3 teenager
    4 tuliro
    5 welcome to the black parade
    6 next in line
    7 tatsulok
    8 don’t matter
    9 seksi seksi
    10 magbalik

  • NikZ

    awww.. tuliro?? YUCK! ALE by The Bloomfields the BEST dyan pare

  • dos

    spongecola d best un lng po

  • dondon

    eto top 10 ko…..

    1. magbalik
    2. tuliro
    3. next in line
    4. shooting star
    5. jeepney
    6. ikaw lamang
    7. seksi seksi
    8. teenager
    9. pasan
    10. catch me im fallin

  • Luis

    I am lookin for more information on Guji Lorenzana. He’s been on a few tv shows nationwide, but not widely publicized. I’ve seen him in a few commercials. After further research, I found he was on American Idol season 3, and is going to release an album soon. His video was seen on MYX Opm countdown at 20 at one point… if anyone can forward me more info on him.. that would be good. someone should feature him.. he’s very good looking and presentable

  • marianne

    hey!! myx
    i truly love CALLALILY!!!!
    they are the best!!!!!
    of all!!!!
    i thank for all the fan..
    coz they are always
    number#1 in the myx charts
    more power!!!
    god bless!!!!

  • carlo

    eto top 5 koh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1martyr nyebera
    4seksi seksi

  • ezzarae

    eto top 3 koh!!!
    3. upside down
    2. what i’ve done
    1. chicosci vampire social club

  • apple

    wla n bng new top 10 nkk swa n!!!!

    ang dami kayang maga2da n mga songs!!!

    last month yan ang mga top 10 taz ngun yan parin??

  • jene chiong

    please always play Avril Lavigne’s song “when your gone”
    and please dedicate this song to my family and friends…..
    especially to jhemmaqk….
    to my “beast “friend rhesie mae gudin…..

  • Francis Gelsano

    please always play the song entitled beauty and the beast by Celine Dion……
    dedicated to my “beast” friends and also to the beautiful enemies……..

    sana my friends will last forever and hope my enemies will change their bad atitudes right now…..

  • Jene and Francis

    hope our “beast” friends will last forever and hope also for our enemies to die together…..joke3x…..pero pwede rin…….hehehe

    sana mabasa itio sa “my myx”

    reequest song namin “catch me im falling” by toni gonzaga at “when your gone” by avril lavigne…

  • krishna

    eow!!!!!!!!!!ang pangit naman ng pinili yong kanta………….pang nayon yan ahhhhhhhhhhh……wala bang pang modern jan….pero cge ok na yan kay sa wala dba?

  • krishna

    eto ang gusto kong kanta !!!!!!!!!!!! boo only reminds me of you
    4.crazy for you
    nakalimutan ko ang iba…..basta marami sana yan…..eresearch ko nlang ulit…….

  • raivelt


  • raivelt

    nice naman

  • roan concepcion

    waz up myx…………its my 1st time to send u a messg.. or a comment….hey guys you rock my my world of music keep it up the good work ok.. dont mind those people sending you bad comments maybe they dont understand the word music..hehehehe joke lank baka ayawin nila ako..PEACE POH… for the DJ’s stall cool guys ur the for me.. pls do great my frnds on air , gail, carla, edmon, jelianne,ruth,dhang,albert,aileen,troy,ashley,jane at sa lahat ng friends ko na hindi ko nabangit…tnx MYX .more power to all of u

  • twinky

    hey myx…………..
    youre really cool………… i realy love your show,,,,,,,,,,,, im dying for it……….. go go go myx……………. god speed…………………..
    your great…………………….. lav yah………………………………… more power…………………. plzzz do say hi to my boyfriend, jimver an to my friends especially to irine, ashley, aiza to my couz star, sunshine, moon, galaxy, universe and to kuya rodel……….. and also hi to my loving parents, lav yah mom and dad………………

  • zion

    langya ang papanget naman ng mga kantang pumapasok dito dapat ang mga kanta dito yung mga hindi nakakasawa, hanggang dun na lang kayo bahala magduktong kung ano man yung pwedeng iduktong….. ROCK!!!!!


    ..,here’z the no. 1!!!
    ..,’movie’ of spongecola the best!!!
    ..,galing talaga ni yael!!!

  • ceed

    i luv sPong coLa very mUcH!!! HOpe to see them in person!!! I luv MYX!!!

  • dc mAe

    ….grav all dis tym callalily s still on the top..kkep it up guys..I am one of ure million fans…..can’t w8 of d nxt release of ure album….myx s really no. pagdatng sa music..keep entertainig everybody with ure hit na hit na music.. luv u gugzzz…..

  • thea

    MYX daily top ten (august 2007)

    10. Even If: Sam Concepcion
    9. Teenagers: My Chemical Romance
    8. What Time Is It: High School Musical
    7. Probinsyana: Bamboo
    6. Crazy Love: Kim Chiu
    5. The Ballad Of: Hale
    4. I’ll Be Alright: Sarah Geronimo
    3. Wag Ka Ng Umiyak: Sugarfree
    2. Movie: Sponge Cola
    1. Dinamayan: 6 Cycle Mind

  • rc

    ito top ten ko
    2.welcome to the black parade
    3.chicosci vampire social club
    6.i dont love you
    7.what ive done
    8.thnks fr th mmrs
    9.dont matter
    10.shooting star

  • rc

    galing tlaga ng my chemical romance lalo na yung kanta nlang the black parade,helena,i dont love u,at teenager

  • Psycher

    astig ang nickelback, ano na bago?

  • Febzkie

    ano b ang bgo ngyon????ingatz

  • roy


  • joy

    hi…………….. pwedeng magrequest????????

  • jene chiong

    hello myx!!! request koh ung song na thanks to you!!!….dedicate koh sa lahat na mag gagraduate ngaung taon na to..

  • john narciso

    hi myx!!!! sana po makuha yung top 10 ko po
    1.famous last words -mcr
    2. dead -mcr
    3.teenager -mcr
    4.your guardian angel
    5.what i’ve done
    6.happy birthday -clik5
    8.crank that
    9. I dont love you

    tnx po!!! : )

  • Rodel Pamplona

    hi..i bkit lgeng eto m lng kanta..

    pede ba iplay nyo nmn mga song nato..

    4.Kiss me-Sixpence none the Richer
    5. This photograph is proof-taking back sunday
    6Beat it-fall out boy
    7.Boys dont cry-The cure
    8.Born for this-paramore
    9. flyswatter-the eels
    10-gangsta paradise-collio

    thanks!..emocore rock!

  • Abdul Jakkul Mutilaf Talib

    top 10 koh.. hehe
    1. i don’t wanna be in love – good Charlotte
    2. thanks 4 d memories – fall out boys
    3. it ends tonight – the all American rejects
    4. catch your wave – the click five
    5. song in my head – sheerwood
    6. crazy 4 u – new found glory
    7. jenny – the click five
    8. always be my baby – David Cook
    9. Gone SO Young – amber pacific
    10. umbrella – Vanilla Sky

  • mark brown

    patogtog nmn kayo ng stellar klart na kanta kahit…..I WANNA LIVE>>>>>

  • angela gabule

    hmm mganda yong mga top ten nila.,.,hehehe

    paki greet nman sa love q nah c claudine arcayena.,.

    love you so much my bepz.,.,.muah


  • angela gabule

    hello myxito nga pala yong top ten opm myx q!

    1.)your still the onelove
    2.)for the first time
    3.)one Love
    6.)always be my baby
    7.) Love story
    9.)the search is over
    10.)i stay inlove

    hope my top ten favorite songs will be catched up!

  • angela gabule

    hmm myluvz claudine,muntik q nah mah forget..hehehe

    love you so much and matutulog na aq…

    happy monthsary bepz.,.,,

    i love you so much with all of my heart and my life!!!

  • ann

    Hi Myx! You’re the number 1 Music Channel here in laguna! I’m so glad that you’re still here in the industry for how many years already. You really make people happy! BTW, pls. play the song “DIKSYUNARYO” by the chongkeys! pls pls pls. i haven’t seen it yet here! Hope you play that song. thanks an dmore power to you! =) Sna makasama sa top 10 and sa pinoy myx! =)

  • drexter kebz

    eow pouh dyn mga guyz dyn sa myx etouh nga pouh pla ang top 10 kouh……

    1.go on girl-neyo
    2.upuan-gloc 9
    3.momenth of truth-fm static
    4.tonight-fm static
    5.that girl-young jv
    6.dont know you-young jv
    7.mad-ne yo boundaries-kris allen
    9.hinahanap ng puso-gloc 9
    10.kaidescope world-francis m.

    hope ko pouh na ma iplay ang kanta ko pouh thankz pouh more power myx and myx vjs…..

  • drexter kebz

    eow pouh etouh po ang first tym kouh mag send ng message.
    palagi ko pong cnusubaybayan ang myx
    favorite ko pouh doon ang my myx..
    hope more power po sa inyo..atig tlga myx the best of all among the best…….