Nancy Castiglione is now Nancy Jane the recording artist

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Nancy Castiglione, the actress, model and commercial endorser has reinvented herself into a recording artist, one in the mold of Bonnie Bailey (of Ever After fame) and Kylie Minogue.

Nancy Castiglione as Nancy Jane

The album, which will be released under the Warner Music Philippines label, is titled Nancy Jane, which contains 12 tracks with the carrier single, Love Song. It recently premiered on the MYX music video channel. But Nancy was quick to clarify that launching an album does not mean that she will turn her back on her acting career.

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14 comments on “Nancy Castiglione is now Nancy Jane the recording artist
  1. J says:

    Finally, some actual Filipino pop music, not just a bunch of ballad songs.

  2. J says:

    Finally, some actual Filipino pop music, not just a bunch of ballad songs.

  3. christine says:

    ooh please. her songs are not that good. shes just another wannabe si bonnie bailey and kylie minogue doesnt sound alike, yung songs ni nancy sobrang ginaya lang dun sa dalawa, nakakhiya. and look at all that plastic in her face its disgusting. kwawa naman tayo dito sa philippines and sagwa ng mukha ng kylie minogue natin. but ofcourse shes the only filipina house artist(as of now) kaya proud nanaman mga pinoy. basta for me, yuck!

  4. Flowingbass says:

    well i got her album, her album sounds great! She’s way better singing than acting or modeling… in this sense she pleases trance likers and house music lovers… her music is at par with artists abroad… and by the way, she looks better now than she did in the past… plus the fact she’s now singing sassy music… we like her better now… well i do… GOOD BREAKTHROUGH FOR FILIPINO MUSIC… She’s the first filipino artist that actually good music…

  5. bKLuEgOdDeSs says:

    , .w AlAh LnG …

    , .pAwAmpAh .,.

    , .ahAaAhAa …

    , .tOiNx .,.

  6. jÖy says:

    • •yUCkz!!!

    • •aMpanGiT kYa nG b0sEs neA. .

    • •kKadiRi!!!

    • •bAsaG nGai!!!

    • •kYa nAncY wAg cAnmG mAfeELinG!!!

    • •ndi mu bGay!!

    • •umARte cAh nLNg f0r Life!!!0_o

  7. mickey says:

    is this a re-packaging of herself?? sexy artist going sexy singer??? well good luck nancy!

  8. yuen says:

    pangit ng name nia…nancy jane?

  9. rascalrat says:

    fine! gud luck

  10. keep says:

    nakanta pala sya

  11. Zweihander says:

    I heard one of her songs na. It was way better than I expected. Good luck to her.

  12. Joe says:

    gl sa career lol :)

  13. snikers says:

    nyc prang gusto ko tuloy marining yung single nya

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