Nancy Castiglione: UNO Magazine May 2007 Cover Girl

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Fil-Italian actress Nancy Castiglione is on the cover of UNO Magazine this May.


She’s hot! Grab your copy now.

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10 comments on “Nancy Castiglione: UNO Magazine May 2007 Cover Girl
  1. sadegh says:

    hello i love you

  2. marge lisbota says:

    ay nako, lahat na ng babae mas maganda na sa akin. haha! … ganda mo nancy, paganda ka ng paganda taon taon

  3. kajo says:

    Wow, now that’s a beautiful woman if I ever did see one. If I read correctly, she’s a singer? If she sings as well as she looks, she must be a superstar in the Philippines ;)

  4. Jam the man says:

    Got the issue. Man, she’s grown into a beautiful woman! But this site is showing the wrong pictures. I guess that’s an old cover. The new one rocks, baby

  5. heyhey says:

    that’s the old copy, different ang may 2007

  6. Doreen Viscuna says:

    Is she a Fil-Italian actress in the Filipins or in Italy

  7. kay says:

    Is brad still going out with her?

  8. beth lovely says:

    love ko si nancy!!! she became so beautiful talaga! congrats Ms. Castiglione

  9. lavoratori says:

    Ti amo Nancy

  10. kajo says:

    looks pretty. Is she a singer?

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