NBA suspends Horry, Diaw, and Stoudemire

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Robert Horry of the San Antonio Spurs has been suspended for two games without pay for flagrantly fouling Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash and striking Raja Bell.

Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw of the Phoenix Suns on the other hand, have each been suspended for one game without pay for leaving “the immediate vicinity of their bench” during the altercation involving Horry and Bell that occurred with 18 seconds remaining in the fourth period of Game 4 of the Suns-Spurs series. The series is tied 2-2.

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One comment on “NBA suspends Horry, Diaw, and Stoudemire
  1. McLean Suns Fan says:

    Jackson says in reference to the statement that Stoudemire was checking into the game rather than coming off the bench at the time of Horry flagarant foul on Steve Nash, that he had “never quite seen a player report to the scoring desk in that fashion…” If you watch the film, Stoudemire is in the act of striding toward the desk whilst pulling his warm up over his head. Hummmm not normal behavior for a guy who reportedly was trying to jump into the fight….

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