NCLEX exams in the Philippines fully booked until October

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo inaugurated the opening of the newly-constructed Pearson Professional Center (PPC) at the Trident Tower in Makati City.

Filipino nurses no longer have to travel to either Hong Kong or South Korea to take the NCLEX, an important prerequisite needed by all nurses aspiring to work in the US. The NCLEX will be conducted in Manila seven days a week. But testing schedules for two months were already fully booked as candidates or applicants had registered on line several months ahead.

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112 comments on “NCLEX exams in the Philippines fully booked until October
  1. Kc_lan1218 says:

    Howdy. Anyone can let me know the NCLEX schedule for the year 2013? and how can I register? thanks. 

  2. Vonryansayo23 says:

    hi. how can I register to take the nclex here in the philippines? thanks.

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