New Honda City 2009 Philippines

The All New Honda City 2009 is coming out soon here in the Philippines.

New Honda City 2009 - Philippines

The latest incarnation of Honda’s compact sedan — the Honda City 2009 will be launched in the Philippines on January 7, 2009.



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  • beef

    wierd looking car

  • beef

    *weird looking car*

  • takla

    **weird looking car**

  • rta

    yup really weird looks like a compressed version of their other weird car, accord

  • http://taza7777 jonathan

    makabili nga bukas…

  • Philip Reyes

    At least hindi gagawing taxi like the Altis or Vios

  • ur26c4me

    i think i will love it…it’s 26c4me….i will buy too….

  • Pete Rockman

    This car is a combination of many models with different manufacturer. First of all of your going to go at the back of this car, it has a BMW tail lights…, at the front it has the eyes of the New Toyota Altis, At the size of Toyota Vios, and of course the grill ripper the T design the H design :D

  • norjohn

    how it will fare will depend on its price. by the way, what are its specifications?

  • fattyacid

    bakit ang sisikip ng Asian sedan? buti mga US at European sedan ang luluwag.

  • zaffire

    what’s the price of the new honda city 2009 model? kindly post a link for the quotation of the price and available models. thanx. =)

  • Cesar CD

    I’ve seen the launching in Thailand. It’s a strikingly nice car. I want to know the Philippine variant for the automatic model reclining back seat type. what’s the net on the road price and the reservation price and what colors are available. Thanks


  • Cesar CD

    Hi, Ingrid Sola, this is Cesar. Can you please tell me how much to reserve the 2009 honda city Automatic /silver gray .

    This is my email address:

    I’m still in my business engagement in Thailand and will just ask my cousin to pay the reservation first cause I’m coming home by January 2009.

    By the way, how long to wait for my unit?


  • Dr. Ruel B

    Surely it’s a nice car with an interior design taken from the old honda city. The dashboard could have been improved. Vios, get ready for a stiff competition!

  • tank

    haha tatawanan lang ng toyota yan. wala sa katiting ng vios yan

  • Cesar CD

    sorry vios was the lousiest car i ever had thats why i sold it in three months after purchase. its got no design and only boasts of cheap spare parts.

  • ron916

    this should be the best city ever,I don’t think vios is any competition for this car. They even call it(vios) “dugong”here in the Phils.probably named after the sea mammal as it seems to take its shape.

  • Seffe-Anne

    The 2009 Honda City is a lovely car. I’ll be purchasing the 1.5 model very soon and am really excited about it. I own a 2004 City AT 1.3 and while many have commented about its quirky look, it’s performance was and still is excellent. The car never gave me trouble, is very fast and responsive, and survived several floods without any problem.

  • Seffe-Anne

    PS: The 1.5 model in Polished Metal is one very sharp looking, gorgeous car. My 2004 City was and still is a total joy to drive so I can’t wait to test drive and buy the 2009 City!

  • ur26c4me

    wla na ako pera…ntalo s sabong…di nako bibili nyan…ipasada ko muna vios taxi ko!!!

  • archieRuleZ

    1.5 AT 767K Php

  • Sheriff Elmer

    On its exterior, not much remarkable details. However, its a complete package. i like its totality. How about the price?

  • JE Ramos

    Meron pa bang manual transmission yan? How much? I’m interested. My e-mail is Thank you!

  • vinnce

    SRP as of Jan 7, 2009

    Honda City 1.3 A MT 676,000
    Honda City 1.3 S MT 716,000
    Honda City 1.3 S AT 756,000
    Honda City 1.5 E AT 806,000

  • Ernesto

    my dream car is now a reality! mag ipon lng ako bilin n kita bukas.

  • Seffe-Anne

    Although I will be buying the 1.5, I test drove the 1.3 model yesterday afternoon. The 2009 City gives a smooth ride; the suspension has definitely improved over the older models. It “drives and feels slightly heavier” than my 2004 1.3 City. The salesman told me that’s because the car is about 60Kg heavier than the older City models. Although it drives a bit “heavier”, it also feels more solid. The steering wheel has also become slightly smaller, but steering is so sensitive to the touch, especially on turns – it’s very good! It accelerates very nicely too.

  • http://google ben

    this car is what I’ve been waiting for… driving you soon….!

  • rmm

    The 2009 Honda City is already equipped with USB port and Aux in. You can control your Ipod or other mp3s straight in its audio system. The front look is similar with the front grille of the Honda Accord. The rear is similar with the BMW 3 series. The 1.3s and 1.5 Variants has dual airbags. The 1.5 has paddle shifters, just like the F1.

    For Inquiries or queries about the New Honda City or other Honda Vehicles, you can txt me at 0927-4613830..

  • Cesar CD

    Why is it not posted yet in the official website of Honda Cars Makati,? Anyone with the complete specs, thanks

  • rmm

    Here’s the specs for the new honda city. if you have any questions, just leave a comment :)

    city 1.3 a m/t:

    ABS+EBD+BA, Immobilizer, High mount stop lamp, tilt and telescopic adjustment steering wheel, front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, 175/65/15 tire size, 15″ steel wheels with cover, foot rest, body colored door handle, power side mirror, fender mounted turn signal, driver seat height adjust, urethane steering wheel, assistant vanity mirror, drive computer, power windows, all power mirrors, power lock,cd/mp3 with aux in

    city 1.3 s m/t & a.t:

    ABS+EBD+BA, dual SRS airbag, immobilizer, high mount stop light, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, front disc brakes, rear drum brakes, 175/65/15 tire size, 15″alloy wheels, foot rest, body colored door handle, power side mirror, fender mounted turn signal, driver seat height adjust, urethane steering wheel, assistant vanity mirror, drive computer, power windows, power mirrors, power lock, keyless entry, modular cd/mp3 with aux in & USB in

    city 1.5 a/t with paddle shift:

    ABS+EBD+BA, dual srs airbag, immobilzer, high mount stop light, tilt and telescopic, front disc brakes, rear disc brakes, 175/65/15, 15″ Alloy wheels, exhaust pipe finisher, foot rest, chrome door handle, power side mirror, side turn lamps, leather steering wheel, center console with high arm rest type, assistant and driver vanity mirror, drive computer, foglights, power windows, power mirrors, power lock, keyless entry, modular cd/mp3 with aux in and USB in

  • Cesar CD

    Thanks for the specs, now where are the color choices for the 1.5AT and interior pics please,

  • james

    my Honda 1.3L Lxi Type Z looks better than the new City… drives better too

  • james

    my Type Z Lxi 1.3L year 2000 model looks better . . .

  • beefloaf

    hey beef your like a cheap cornbeef! you suck…
    i just bought this car last week and its almost perfect for a cheap sedan. maybe you just cant afford it…maybe youve wasted all your money buying cornbeefs hahahaha!

  • mark

    please send me the quatation for honda city 2009 1.3 S M/T


  • mark

    for 20% dp


  • rmm

    alabaster silver and bluish silver for 1.3 A mt
    alabaster silver, bluish silver, bold beige, crystal black, habanero red for 1.3 s at&mt
    polished metal, bold beige, habanero red, crystal black for 1.5 E at

  • JesZpEnzhr

    Hello! i`ve seen already the new city… sobrang ganda nya…. and i was thinking ksi anu ang bbilhin ko if vios or honda city….. need kpa benta ung cr-v ko…. b4 i bought a new one…… guys nice mga comment nyo ha…… god blesz us all….

  • papu

    oi for your info… sa marawi city ginagawang taxi ang accord, civic and city.. hehe

  • papu

    oi.. for your info, in marawi city ginagawang taxi ang accord, civic and city.. hehehe

  • phel

    pinupuntahan pa ba ng tao yang marawi city?

  • jk

    Gusto ko nyan…

  • rudee

    wow! super ganda! that’s my dream car.

  • ronald Rodero

    Honda City 2009? Wow Ganda kaya baka tulad din yan ng nabili namin na 2003 model, wala pa 1 week namin na bili kalambagan na agad, pinawaranty wala rin nangyari ganun pa rin, after a year dust board nag crack. Kung pwede lang suli eh suli namin. sisi kami sana vios na lang subok na matibay kasi kahit gawin mong taxi. It means na matibay talaga. sulit ka sa pera mo. Kaya guys be a wise buyer. PORMA LANG YAN.

  • kenjutzzzzzzz

    malas ka lng, ung city namin 2003 model ng city mukhang bago pa.. hdi sirain, ganda pa rin ng performance, now we had this new one.. ganda ng takbo..

  • KiMozH

    About sa gas consumption… mas tipid ba dun sa naunang City? Dun sa mga nakabili , anong ang average KM/LITER? Pls reply asap! Thanks!

  • say

    i love this car!!!

  • hanry

    totally way better than the vios, it has more gadgets than vios, love the audio system, bigger trunk space, softer seats, plus it has driver seat height adjustments for better driving position =) class leading looks, very unique, medyo smoked headlamps, jewel effect tail lamps, plastics in the interior are better manufactured than the vios (check the corners of the panels for mold extrusion flaws), sa vios scratch the plastic and it will mark, plastics used in city is way better, feels like urethane somethimes haha, i-vtec engine meaning optimized sya, and it has a more sophisticated on board computer than the vios! wee! go city! ill be driving one soon =) been comparing the vios and city the past weeks in showrooms and forums

  • hanry

    and the reason why makalampag ung old city, because it has mcpherson suspension in both front and back, the new city has torsion beam at rear so walang kalampag, of course front wheel drives will always have mcpherson or double wishbone in front, so bawas kalampag kase torsion beam na sa rear tska more reliable ang torsion beam

  • justin

    guys paki share naman ng experience nyo sa mga naka bili at naka drive na ng honda city 1.5e. thanks

  • rmm

    Regarding the fuel efficiency, mas matipid ung city before kasi its not that powerful. the new Honda City kasi is 100ps and 120 ps already. so you are not underpowered, and at the same time you can be fuel efficient pdn because the displacement is 1.3 and 1.5 lang. Cool mag drive ng 1.5 E City because of the paddle shifters especially if you know how to use it. and you can easily maneuver the steering wheel because its electronic power steering already. sa highway, parang you are slicing through the air kasi ang light ng city i-drive

  • justin

    mga sir wala ba kayo na encounter na problem or factory defect sa new 1.5e, kc yun nabasa ko sa mga new altis may problem daw yun stereo tsaka may humming sounds daw. Thanks

  • rmm

    so far wala naman.. never encountered negative feedback from clients regarding the New Honda City.. they are satisfied with the performance naman.. if there will be a negative feedback regarding factory defects. i’ll inform you. i wont be bias about it. shmpre you should know as a consumer dba..

  • bagskie

    guy ask lang ko how much the market value of my 2008 1.5 HONDA CITY if i trade in???

  • Clark

    Test drive pa lang, solb na…one word to describe…”superb”!

  • kakabel

    Kaano katagal ang waiting time if I order Honda 1..3 S M/T..thx..

  • rmm

    what color gusto mo for Honda City 1.3 s mt? bluish silver, alabaster silver, habanero edy, crystal black and bold beige ang mga colors for City 1.3 S variant.

  • NRP

    Just want to know the average kilometer per liter fuel consumption of the City 1.5E.

    RMM, can you provide me please?


  • Ahronn-astig

    2009 Honda City unit is the best among the Honda City released models from the past. I would say perfect look… with character and style. Very classy yet sporty look was not compromised. I want to buy it immediately.

  • Roger

    I bought the unit 2 weeks after i saw it. I chose the elegant habanero red. Really a “hot cake” for Honda. So far the most efficient km/l that i drove is 14 but Honda claims it must be around 17. Of course that would largely depend on the road inclinations. I always drive uphill. Loved the BMW tail lights, the grills, the Ipod compatible sounds setup, the doors swings open to 90 degrees, side mirrors have new look (better than Civic’s I think. I am glad i have been patient enough to wait for it. I could have almost bought a Vios.

  • jojo

    Acxtually anyone can answer. Yun po bang mga side mirrors ng new city hindi talaga natutupi. Thanks


    Jojo, natutupi ang side mirrors ng new city medyo maganit nga lamang. It snaps in place.

  • allan

    gabe ganda ng labas ng honda city ngayon when i was in amerika panatiko ako ng ford then pag umuuwi ako ng p.i. toyota nman car ko pero ng lumabas tong bago city grbe ang impress ko at sa akin pag tatanong honda city is the best……more power honda sana mas marami pa kayong ilabas na magaganda.

  • Bong Mirafelix

    Every body can answer, is there any difference in style when talking about 1.3 and 1.5 honda? I prefer to have like picture above details. The honda price list above are same price at this point in time?

  • nano

    bong, yes same price pa din. got my 1.5e at 806k. have tried looking for a website with pictures comparing 1.3 and 1.5 but haven’t found any. sa showroom ko lang actually nakita ang difference. go to this site for full specs:

  • pabs1215

    at last after three weeks of waiting i finally had the 1.3s m/t of this new city….comments nah…… steering is light…. acceleration response time good enough for a 1.3 liter engine….. interior design great…. audio system sounds great for the price of the total package…. and the chain driven engine you don’t have to worry for the sudden problems that a belt driven engine gives…. after comparing it with a vios i finally came to a choice honda nice car and has a better re-sale value…… GO FOR THE CITY 2009…. GOD BLESS

  • jake

    I just bought my honda 1.3 s a/t city 2 weeks ago. Binili ko kc fuel effcient raw. So last week nagpnta ako ng laguna. maganda ang ride, smooth driving, malakas din humatak. pero na-bother ako kc nde nmn ako natrafik pero ung fuel gauge ko, from full tank naging half a tank. balikan lng ang alis ko. Tapos yesterday inobserve ko tlaga, ung range km and ung mileage ko. nag full tank ako. and then every 2 kms na tinatakbo ko nbbwasan ng 2kms ang range km ko. (range km, ung para distance na pwde mo pa takbuhn bago ka maubusan ng gas.) Bakit ganun? Tapos nun below half na ang nsa fuel gauge ko, ever 1.5 kms nbbawsan ng 3kms ang range km ko. Bakit ganun? Pls let me here your opinions thanks!

  • jake

    Oo nga pla, nkalagay sa average km/liter ko na 11.8 km/liter pero nde ko sya maramdaman e. mag 1000kms plang ung city ko. Pls let me know ur opinions. thx!


    Jake. I also observed the same during the first two weeks that i drove my city. I noticed that there is some inconsistencies or maybe inaccuracy about the readings. I am not sure though. After a month, i observed it was really efficient. Since i doubt the readings (on the km/l and rangekm), What I did was do the actual computations, still of course using the odometer. Say I took the km readings between each full tanks to get the range. Then this range is divided by the volume (in liters) of gas fill-in. I am getting like 14.7km/l, 15.1km/l, which were higher than what i read in the digital indicators Estimate still, but this will give you the idea about the actual consumption or liter-efficiency of the city. You try, Jake.

    Have an efficient drive of the city!


    Guys, give it a second thought, if you plan to put mudguards. I had mine fixed like two weeks ago. I had troubles with sharp humps. Lumalapat ung sa front pero ok naman ung sa rears. Hindi pwede dun sa biglang pababa, say 6 inches from the tire to the tip of the mudguards. Hindi oobra ang pa-siete.

  • jake

    Hi Roger! pero ung fuel gauge mo? mabilis dn bang bumaba? kc na-observe ko, from fairview to sm san lazaro, from 1 line sa fuel gauge bumaba sa susunod na line.. tapos yesterday na observe ko. mag empty na ung fuel ko, my warning light na sya, so nag pagas ako ng 100 sa shell west ave. 100 dahil para umabot sa petron sa mindanao ave. dahil 36.++ something lng ang unleaded dun. sa range km 20 sya. from shell west ave. hangang petron mindanao ave. ska lang sya nag 19. e more than 2kms un tinakbo ko. i know na nde nmn accurate ung sa range km pero it helps a lot. naguguluhan lng tlga sa efficiency nya dahil kung kelan full tank ang bilis bumaba ng fuel gauge ko pero nun ma empty na nde nmn. nde mabigat ang paa ko, nde ako humaharurot. bihira mag 3000 ang rpm ko. aun. opinion mo ulit. thx!


    Hi, Jake. So far based sa mga experiences ko di ko pa rin nga naaabot ung claim nila that City could run 17km per liter eh. Di pa rin ako nakapag-full tank na parang konti na lamang e aawas na ang tangke and that in a way the fuel gage had already hit “F” and still manage to take in more fuel. So far, regarding fuel gauge, na-observe ko na mas mabilis bumaba ang indicator basta lumampas sa half. Mukhang iba-iba pa rin ang experiences natin regarding the fuel gauge. Use of E-10 at any point also has effect. Kasi na-observe ko na mas mabagal ang takbo kapag may 10% ethanol. I have also doubts about the calibration ng mga pumps ng ibang gas stations ngayon. Baka ung 20 liters nila e hindi talaga 20 liters.

    Observe mo pa rin. Sa ngayon e satisfied naman ako sa fuel efficiency ng City. I bought it last March 2009. It was may second car and i can easily observe the difference. So far, so good!

  • jake

    ah ganun ba.. galing kc ako sa accord 2.0 model 1996. kaya masyado ako conscious sa gas. nung nag ddrive ako ng accord, nde maalis sa mata ko ung fuel gauge. gumamit p nga ako ng additive pra mkatipid. tumipid nmn. at saka pag ung accord e full tank, ang tagal bumaba sa first line ng fuel gauge unlike d2 sa city, ang bilis bumaba. ska pag lagi ko gnagamit ung accord twice a week akong nagpapa gas, umaabot ng 3k a week ako nuon. sna nmn e nde ganun sa city ko. anyway. observe ko pa rin to. tignan ko kung kukunsumo nga ito ng matipid. salamat!

  • anne

    can i have the organizational chart of HONDA CITY PHILIPPINES? If you accept my comment please kindly send the org. chart to my e-mail address.. Badly needed it’s only for my project in school. Please help me. Tnx!!

  • Dong

    Hello to those who own Honda City 2009!! I also have one.

    I have a question regarding its acceleration. Is it normal for this car to kind of “hold back” its acceleration. Kung baga, from traffic stop, tapos shift to “D” — natural ba na hindi diri-diretso yong acceleration nya. Parang may nagho-hold back. But then of course once running 40 — up, very smooth na. May explanation ba yong nag ho hold back? O dapat ko itong palitan? :(

  • Joseph

    Tanong ko lang kung bibili ako ng honda city cash, makuha ko agad and unit?

  • onatano1331

    hi bagong salta po

  • pistonhonda

    da 2009 city is the best City ever, technically wise.

  • pabs1215

    i had an experience also with the reading and fuel gauge i had it full tank when i got it from the dealer consumption was quite normal but when it hit the mid-gas level gauge the needle seems to lower a little faster than when it was full tank i tried not to refill and the warning came up but i still manage to drive for some 75km when it flashed the refill warning; i also did some computation on fuel mileage it came out to be 14km/l. the meter i guess is not that 100% accurate

  • troyixx

    Hi dong. ganun rin na experienced ko. mejo nag hohold back xa. hmm maybe dong ganun talaga lahat ng automatic cars. ung machine nag dedecide. kung gus2 mo fast acceleration shift mo sa S.

  • Papa Tolits

    guys may idea ba kayu kung meron nabibilan ng under engine cover ung 2009 city? kasi open pla sya. check nyo ung sa inyo! Thanks!

  • Papa Tolits

    guys nkuha ko yung 17km/l sa city2009 nung wlang traffic sa edsa. megamall to bulacan un. 30km ung total trip.

  • jose rizal

    pota ang yayaman ng tao dito ah. bibili agad. ako walang pang kain. amp! penge pera


    Very nice, Papa Tolits!

  • jayvie

    sa mga may honda city na 1.5E ask ko lang kung kaya nya ang size a 5’9″ and 210 lbs male at kung may sakay akong gaya ko?i mean fitted ba ang 2 size ko?because im planning to buy honda city 1.5E . tnx

  • bong

    We ordered Honda city 1.3 mt last sept 3, its almost 2 weeks na and still wala pa din kaming unit. Medyo naiinip na ako and im planning to shift to Hyundai accent since diesel engine sya I believe mas makakatipid ako. Do you think it’s worth waiting?

  • Roger

    Bong, mag Honda Civic 2009 ka na lamang baka available na. It’s going to worth your wait for the City though.

  • joey

    papa tolits naverify nyo ba yung under engine cover. nung dineliver din kasi sa akin wala..pero nag check ako ng iba..meron yung sa kanila.

  • Bongski

    mga bro i bought honda city 2009 crystal black few months ago (june) then a month later pinalitan ko ang mags ko ng 17″ with 205×45 tires smooth pa rin ang drive at walang kalampag at mas maganda siyang tingnan at sa tingin ko pwede pa rin ang 18″. mga bro white color nga pala ang binili kong mags bagay na bagay sa crystal black.

  • Roger

    Astig nga yan, Bongski!

    Wala pala na Honda City dito sa Canada! Kaya Civic 2009 na lang ang binili ko. Hanep ang dashboard. May USB port na rin katulad ng sa City. Try nyo rin ito sa Pinas.

  • bongski

    Roger bro.. 2009 civic here in the phil. i guess the specs is almost the same what u have in canada. 1.8S here has equipped with paddle shift which make u’r machine stronger and faster..enjoy the ride bro..thanks for u’r comment.

  • tankero

    its cool and nice to drive i love this car>>>>

  • bongski

    tankero bro.. you gonna love this car more if you do some modification,, bodykits wrap around i guess, yah u’r right its cool and very defined looking car..enjoy bro..

  • Oinky

    Nga lang wala akong pera pamabili! Ki shi shi shi

  • meee…

    last week p ako ngaantay wla parin habanero red, black lng meron , ano b mas maganda red o yung gold sa 1.5 ?tnx

  • Roger

    Meee, mas maganda ang habanero red. wait ka lang.

  • meee

    roger, gnun b? yung red b mabilis kumapas? tnx

  • Roger

    Meee, I can’t tell you kung mabilis kumupas ang habanero red. I just bought my City for my wife last March, 2009. Pero sa tingin ko eh wala sa kulay un. I think they put in standard and consistent quality. Hehe! Lahat ng kulay siyempre aalagaan natin, di ba. But I found habanero red, really elegant and formal. And yes, I heard they are running out of their stocks on that color. Be patient. It will be worth it.

  • meee

    roger, oo nga wla daw stock.. tnx sa pagsagot :)

  • http://facebook mac laurel

    hi guys,

    well. for me i bough my honda city year 2004 -2005. i noticed sobrang tipid nya sa petrol. pero ngayon 2010 . pauwi ako ng pinas. plano ko bumuli ng CRV kaya lang ang adviced sa akin ng chief mechanics ng honda eh matipid ang honda city sa gas.

  • Bongski

    mac laurel bro, chief mechanics is right na matipid ang honda city even the top of line 1.5E lalo ngayon tataas na naman ang presyo ng petrol dito.

  • tankero

    bro ang ganda ng performance ng city 1.3 S manual habanero red nag travel ako to caticlan by roro down more in south, lakas ng hatak at smooth to ride. Takaw pansin pa sa daan. I travel around 900km in total and average of about 17km/ltr.

  • hokage

    just got my honda city 1.3s yesterday from honda makati. Ok naman so far except for a few things. Di ganun ka responsive ang braking system, its not as sharp as I want it to be. Also noticed the speaker sa passenger seat mejo may rumbling sound, parang “hollow” at nag reresonate sa door mismo especially when playing mp3′s at normal volume levels. will have it checked sa casa ASAP. aside from that, the ride is all good, love the way it handles, the suspension, the looks and all. This is my 1st car and I must say it was a very good choice!

  • hokage

    may alam ba kayo na mura na door skirts? mahal kase sa honda mismo

  • Bongski

    bro honkage,, try to drop by at E. Rodriguez or Bacoor Talaba..check the price list of clifford paint and bodykits i think its affordable.. check mo sa goggle..Bacoor Talaba total wrap mugen concept around 15k..

  • angel eyes

    Still waiting for my 2009 Honda City 1.3S MT in Crystal Black. It’s been 2 1/2 weeks already but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

  • Bray

    Wala bang keyless entry ang 1.3 A M/t???

  • jayson

    bongski, bro, san sa bacoor?? san malapit clifford? mahal sa honda ng mga skirts etc.. t

  • Bongski

    jayson, bro, end of coastal road going to bacoor may mga shop doon makikita mo agad yon 15k for wrap around mura na yon. clifford sa E. Rodriguez pa near araneta ave.

  • kent

    We will be getting our Honda city 1.5E this january, naghahanap pa si mommy nang stock sa mga dealers and nag haggle kami nang freebies ok ba bold beige? sabi may darating na tafetta white sana pearl nalang hehe and may recommended po ba kayo na honda dealer? thanks

  • Bongski

    hi kent, i could recommend you to my dealer in honda dasmarinas cavite you can get all the freebies you want. crystal black still the best.. bold beige ???? i dont know.. if u look like an uncle well siguro pwede…1.5E is a best buy bro…HAPPY NEW YEAR….

  • silverbone

    Hello po,

    bago lang po ako, i am planning to buy the honday city this coming march, tanong ko lang po sa mga naunang bumili kung may prob ba kaung naencounter after several months? sensya na po kau gusto ko lang po makasigurado, first car kac po to so i really dont want any regrets. Anyways sa ibang bansa po like in thailand ung steering wheel ng honda city 2009 merong controls for the stereo bat ung sa philippine version wala? hehe

    Thanks po sobra.

  • Roger

    Silverbone, meron ding music controls sa steering wheels ung honda city sa Pinas kaya lang nasa top of the line nila un. Matipid at maporma ang City. Di ka magsisisi.

  • bebang13

    hello everyone.

    i’m waiting for my honda city 1.5 a/t polished metal from honda kal. sabi ng agent ko mga third week ng feb ko pa sya makukuha so from reading all your comments, i really think its all worth it. i’d like to know kung ano pinaka-average nya km/l sa city driving? ako kasi i travel from mindanao avenue to intramuros everyday (hehe trafic diba?;-p) so that’s about 15 kms more or less. nagbubudget kasi ako so your info wud be very valuable.

    happy driving sa ating lahat!

  • kent

    hey bongskie thanks sa reply pero we settled for honda civic 1.8V AT at honda global city ang release is this tuesday na. thanks sa reply hehe. and btw di pa ko uncle 18 palang hehe pero ok na tong a.silver na kinuha namin. happy driving

  • jing

    Between a toyota altis and the City, which would you choose interms of (1) looks (2) gas mileage – what’s the difference btw?

  • kent

    @jing ill still get the city because of power 120hp(1.5i-VTEC) ang city while the corolla altis is 109hp(1.6variant) vvti

  • Bee

    Got my City 1.5 E last December 2009. I chose Polished Metal since sya lang ung may distinct color. Alam mong 1.5 ung auto dahil polished metal color.

    Here’s my feedback, tanong ko na rin kung nae-experience nyo.
    1. Yung mid frame nya sa baba laging sumasayad sa mga sharp humps. My friend who’s a Civic user says mababa nga. Ilang beses na akong sumayad sa humps. nakakasama ng loob. :D Pwede kayang pa-adjust?
    2. Is it normal na ung key nya umiinit? Napansin ko lang na kapag binunot ko na ung susi, mainit ung metal part nya. Could be grounded circuit sa car or sa key mismo.

    Pero over-all, okay naman. :)

  • Chococat

    Please advise which is better (please define your terms why :-D): 1.3 S or 1.5 E ? 1st car to purchase, so your comments are urgently needed. thanks!!

  • Bongski

    Chococat if this ganna be ur first car i would suggest go for the top of the top of the line,it has everything…power, style and prestige and i mean 1.5E…enjoy the ride…

  • Dens

    How do you maintain your 2009 honda city’s paint? What wax do you use? How ofter do you wash your car? I noticed that the paint gets swirl marks easily, especially the crystal black color.

  • heki

    hi, i will be having my HONDA CITY 1.5 E this week? i would like to ask from all of you if the 1.5 E has music control on its steering wheel? coz 1.3 lng ung na test drive ko, hindi ko ko pa actually nakikita ung actual 1.5 E..tnx

  • Dens

    Can I ask what brand of wax do you use on your car?