Newest member of Pussycat Dolls Asia Nitollano has Filipino blood

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The winner of the American reality TV series “Pussycat Dolls Present The Search for the Next Doll” has Filipino blood.


Asia Nitollano is the daughter of R&B musician Joe Bataan who is 1/4 Filipino and 3/4 African American. She bested 9 other finalists and became the 7th member of Pussycat Dolls. Incidentally, Nicole Scherzinger who is also a member of the said group has a Filipino father.

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33 comments on “Newest member of Pussycat Dolls Asia Nitollano has Filipino blood
  1. Welll dha only thing i gtstah say is dat asia wun fare and square she has got dha talent she can sing and dance plus she got looks tuh kill i weent for er al through owt girlicious no wun else just er coz she she got style and ii reckon NICOLE needs tuh get owt! looks as iff she thinks shes dah only wun indah group dat gots looks and vocal talent and dancing skills al the other dollz will kill her fo looks any day pLUz she nds tuh stop takiin over the group it ain nicole and the pussy CAT DOLLs!!!!!!!!!!!

    plus asia ad moor talent dan any wun shes a confident outgoing kidah gurl hu deserved to WIN

    so go ASIA keep doiing wat Yuh do Best DOll!!

    xx and wen are they goonah put her in the GROUP AYYE?????

  2. aracely says:

    I agree with NICOLE

  3. Olivia says:

    I really wanted Melissa R to win too but they thought that she was gonna be the new Nicole but Nicole doesn’t want to lose the spotlight.

  4. BabyDoll says:

    asia u rock ima so happy u won
    anu all u all has gots 2 stop hattin on her
    she won cuz she waz the best and thats thats
    GO ASIA!!!!!!

  5. alexa says:

    melissa reyes is the best

    lookin-DEF. MELISSA !!!!!!!!!

    if this show was with a public vote melissa reyes would have won , hand’s down !!!!!!!!!

  6. Chloe says:

    Asia was definitely the best dancer and she had the most confidence which is so important. She looked like she knew what she was doing while the others looked nervous half of the time. I personally wouldve liked to see Mariella win – she was the most beautiful and a great dancer too. Chelsea – she was so great but she didn’t dance well enough, she belongs in a different group where she can bring her talents of singing to the fore.

  7. someone special says:

    and i love asia i so wanted her to win!

  8. someone special says:

    I met the pussy cat dolls in vegas..THE REAL ONES!

  9. tina says:

    well i watched the whole pcd search and i say that Robin Autin favorite from the begining was Chealsea omg the gurl could not dance from the beginig..what just because she appeared to look like a barbie doll..lmao Robin what were you thinking if she coulnd’t dance clearly from the beginig why favor her when clearly Melissa S was the altimate pcd from the begining..hello! it was so clear to me a millions of other viewers…she beautiful and she can sing and she can dance way better then the other the gurls…now look what happened Asia was picked but couldn’t folloe through with your exspectations looks good on you Robin!..lmao you clearly need glasses you old bat..lmao you were so know what she reminded you of her i could see that see coulnda been your daughter she looks so much like you..but way her body is better looking and she way younger and she can sing and you can’t…you were just jelous of Mellisa S…cuase she reminded her of you but she’s you nger with so much talent then you’ll ever have…so you should give it up!your old and ugly..lmao way to go Mellisa you were the best and Robin new it!

  10. hi asia congratulatoins and i find you the best uot of all the girls tha t came into that compititionad iamten and a half and after 3 months its my b.d i know your 18 and you have a daughter and what malissa.r said was so mean she diserves to be called a phouny i think you diserv to be a pussycat doll or a member od p.c.d!

  11. Eliza says:

    I think Mariella diserved to Win!!!!!!!!!!OMG she was the best one out there! she has a great voice!even thought she is not trained!( watch episode three) As far as singing goes Mariella has an ok voice but if u put her in the group right now she would have fir perfectely! She can pick up moves fast and you could barely hera her voice in the group! Robin Antin! i respect you but you made a bad descision! At least Melissa R. should have won even though she looks so much like Nicole!!!!!!!!!!!!Go Mari!

  12. Emily says:

    I think asia did an awesome job. but i do have to say i wouldn’t have picked her im not saying shes not good but i would have picked melissa R.i think personaly she did the best asia was awesome but i think when asia’s daughter grows up she’ll be happy but sad cuz she wont have all the time mothers and daughters should have i watched every single episoid. I LOVE ASIA I THINK SHE’S A DOLL!!

  13. cjc 1003 says:

    heya!i thought that melissa r. would win shes a great singer and dancer shes the best and plus im filapinna to!shes beutiful!asia is great too! im also glad that she won!chelsea she hasa great voice love it but she just needs a little improvment on her dancing but over all i didnt really care !well i sorta cared i wanted melissa r. to win but hey cant do anything bout that anywat its over!lol love yall u rock

  14. Chris, UK says:

    I think Chelsea should have won!! Asia seemed much too stroppy & temperamental. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a band with her, and I wonder how long she’ll last?!
    Chelsea as an amazing voice, was a really natural mover and picked up the choreography amazingly quickly for someone who hadn’t danced before, and she’s really stunning.
    I really hope she gets a solo career instead. She deserves it!!

  15. jaron says:

    i thought the judges made a terrific decision. Asia is definitely a performer..melissa r could sing and hit the high notes but only in a steady high note,but Asia can hit the high notes and change it up..i think thats why the judges picked her cuz she can give a great performance..and for the people saying she shouldnt have won because she has a child..i think your wrong.cuz i have a child too.young mom..and for you guys to judge young moms of being irresponsible is so basically you guys are trying to tell young moms to just stay home with our babies and do nothing?.and what?live our lives to what people would expect us to be?..NO!..we wanna be able to provide our child, and not depend on our parents everytime we need something..but anyways, i have more to say about this, but im gonna end it here..i just wanted to congratulate Asia for winning.

  16. X says:

    Basta pinay ayos yan! kahit yan si Nicole eh pinay din yan eh!
    Fil – Hawaiian. syota ko yan nun.

  17. Precious says:

    I think Asia was the best over all of the girls, no one could beat her in the dance steps her movemements and voice are both awesome. I am so happy for her, theres lots of famous singers and actresses out there who have children and are still very successful, so what good for her.

  18. jem says:

    also to inform you that Melissa R (R for Reyes) is a 100% filipina who migrated in US with her parents (both doctors) years back… I think for me she’s better than Asia, but i guess they didn’t got her to avoid competition between her and Nicole. They have other plans for Melissa, a solo album.

  19. inna says:

    i wud like to congratul8 Asia…she ws my pik frm d vry strt..she’s b-ea-u-tif-u-l.. i lyk
    hr.. i wsh u ol d bst Asia.. en i hope to c u in myx or mtv.. =) i wud olso lyk 2 cngrtul8
    Chelsea nd Melissa..ol of u did a gr8t job.. i hop Asia, u wud giv a gr8t future for ur
    daughter.. YeaH!! PCD..

  20. shelina says:

    Chelsea and meslisa wer wayy sexyy than asia and i dnt think asia luks ryt wiv da pussycat dolls. Shes got a daughter that wont even see her as often now, and she says she loves her daughter more den anything how is she meant to cope then?

  21. ?? says:

    i think melissa deserved 2 win she was the best out of the 3…asia’s ok but she has a daughter i no she wants a betta life 4 her but wat kin dof a life will it b wen she wudnt even c her mum as much as she used 2!! thts no life 4 a child!!

  22. carla n sammy says:

    asia is too full ov herself!!! shes oki but mellisa or chelsea deserved to win more than her!!!

  23. ? says:

    i wish asia was’nt the next pcd!

  24. Chelle says:

    I think everyone is wrong. Asia did a GREAT job – she has the voice and the dance moves on lock. So, personally, I think your comments are incorrect. Hey, that’s just what I think. I loved her. I am so happy for her too.

  25. liz says:

    hey but i dont even like asia and i think that either mariela or chelsea or melissa r should of won. but not a dog like asia i didnt even like asia in the first place. and bye the way asia sounds like a dog

  26. Nikki says:

    okay. stop hatin on asia shes the best. Im so glad she won. She needs vocally change but melissa r was to much like nicole. that wouldnt be cool to have them both on the group. so asia is number one. go asia. i love u

  27. eric says:

    Wassup Asia, thats my word soon as i started watchin the show i knew u was goin to win ur gorgeous.. and u had the most style.. all them other bytches daned lik off the beat basically lik white girls… wen nicole r was talkin shyt i got so tight cuz she madd corny and trash compared to u.. ur sexier.. and better then her in all ways. she was just hatin on u and tryin to take u out of ya element but u didnt let her and thats wassup.. KEEP ME IN TOUCH WITH EVERY RECORD AND PERFORMANCES PLEASE>>> I WOULD LOVE TO SEE U PERFORM AGAIN UR AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL.. ur #1 fan

  28. crosby says:

    k no asia was definitly the sexiest..mellissa was hot too but asia was by far the best performer…i wish her all the luck..and hope she does wel…she definitly has a shaved u know wat…id stick it in her…ttyl yall

  29. wing says:

    i think mellisa R. should have won but asioa did good i guess!!!!i
    also thought chealse should have won

  30. Breanna says:

    i really wanted melissa to win but i was sooo shocked when asia did me and my mom watched everysingle episode together and im realllly excited to see her with the group now!!

  31. Candice says:

    I feel that the person who won should have. I liked Asia because she was a great performer (even if she did do that crazy thing w/ her fingers when she sang) because she could not only dance but sing also (not saying she sang better than Melissa or Chelsea but she can sing). I also feel that she will benefit the most personally because of her daughter while everyone else doesn’t really have responsibilites. So to make a long story short I was happy with the decision but I would of been happy if it was Chelsea also. Melissa was good she just had too many internal conflicts with herself and her parents. Go Asia your great!!!!!

  32. Becka says:

    Personally, I was all about the under dog. I thought that Chelsea should have won. Vocally, she was definitely the best and made Melissa R. and Asia sound horrible compared to her. Granted, she wasn’t the best dancer, but she was the best looking and also put alot of heart into the competition and to also better herself as a dancer. Chelsea has gone through alot in her life, ecspecially her weight issues. If she were to have become the next Pussy Cat Doll, she would have beyond anything else looked way better with the group and would match the singing and dance expectations.

  33. Carly says:

    asia did good i guess, but i REALLY wanted melissa R to win! she was awesome and deserved it the most!!! asia did good tho, but melissa R did way better!:) ttyl

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