NU107 Rock Awards 2008 Winners

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The Philippines’ premiere rock station, NU Rock NU 107 held their 15th NU 107 Rock Awards at Silvercity, Frontera Verde in Pasig City last November 27.

NU107 Rock Awards 2008

With live performances from Urbandub, Sandwich, RadioActive Sago Project, Rico Blanco, Pupil, Markus highway, The Dawn, Greyhoundz, Razorback and Bamboo.

Here are the winners:

Best New Artist – The Out Of Body Special
Vocalist Of The Year – Rico Blanco
Guitarist Of The Year – Lc De Leon Of Reklamo
Bassist Of The Year РNi̱o Avenido For The Out Of Body Special
Drummer Of The Year – Wendell Garcia Of Pupil
Best Live Act – Sandwich
In The Raw Award – Bembol Rockers
Song Of The Year – “Betamax” Of Sandwich
Album Of The Year – “Wildlife” By Pupil
Artist Of The Year – Pupil
Best Music Video – “Monobloc” Of Pupil
Best Album Packaging – Inksurge.Com For “<s> Marks The Spot” Of Sandwich
Producer Of The Year Pupil – Jerome Velasco For “Wildlife” Of Pupil
Listener’s Choice Award – Urbandub
Hall Of Fame – San Miguel Corporation
Smart / U Rock College Band Of The Year – Twin Lobster From St. Scholastica’s College
Nokia Iac Award – Faspitch

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8 comments on “NU107 Rock Awards 2008 Winners
  1. rigcebu says:

    galing ni nino avenido!
    congratz sau pre!
    idol tlga kta khit tumotugtog ka sa OBS..
    astig din nman ang musika mas ok skin ang greyhoundz wlang katulad!

  2. m a r k y says:

    rico blanco as vocalist of the year?! betamax as song of the year?! unbelievable, full of crap! it’s not about who’s time is it, the winner should have a good rock vocal quality. porket mainstream song of the year na, really full of crap

  3. shelyster says:

    too bad ely didn’t win as vocalist of the year…. i was sort of expecting him to win kasi e… para kasing rico blanco’s time to win is not appropriate for now… para kasing it’s ely’s time right now…. mas in demand siya… oh well, mas marami namang award si ely…

  4. marelydok says:

    galing galing ng pupil. Ü

  5. april aquino says:


  6. pode says:

    di naman po pagandahan ng boses ang laban jan.

  7. fattyacid says:

    karamihan sa mga yan mga sintunado…

  8. ynchan says:

    wa nanimaho ang cge’g pamugas sa friendster…hehe :P

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