Obama look alike in the Motilium TV Commercial – Philippines

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34-year-old Indonesian photographer Ilham Anas, who from some angles bears a resemblance to the new US president, Barack Obama felt very much “at home” in the Philippines.

Obama look-alike Ilham Anas

Anas appeared as the 44-year-old Obama in the Motilium TV Commercial depicting a dinner in Malacañang with President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, who was played by the Filipino impersonator known as “Ate Glow.”

He was discovered by the Philippine ad agency TBWA SMP (Santiago, Mangada and Puno) Manila and the TV ad was directed by filmmaker Eric Matti. “I never thought I would be a star in a commercial, then this happened. It’s very fortunate,” Anas said.

Anas, who was born and raised in Bandung, West Java, said he feels lucky to resemble Obama.

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14 comments on “Obama look alike in the Motilium TV Commercial – Philippines
  1. karlakim says:

    magkabiyak na bunga tlaga ang dalawa……eh dba c obama ay nag aral yan sa Indonesia,bka yan ang naiwan nyang kapatid duon!!!In fairness bu2 ako ky obama no!

  2. nocturnalgurl says:

    obama also has impatso. wahahaha


  3. bogart!!! says:

    ang galing nung pag impersonate kay obama… pero yung kay glo? ano yun? parang lumilipad pag lumalakad eh, ano yun may magic carpet sa baba?hehehe

  4. bulay-og!! says:

    wow parang sya tlaga noh… eh di sana nung una palang kung nlaman agad na may kamukha si obama eh di sana nagpatakbop din sya sa pagkapangulo ng America…haha

  5. bluegirl17 says:

    love this commercial !
    very nakakatawa !


  6. He really look like Barack Obama.

  7. sexy nez says:

    galing nga nong ad.. hhehdhdhehdhed

  8. mahalkoprnmuq says:

    wow.., astig
    nagun pala yung inaguration ni obama

  9. lyndon says:

    akala ko nga e naging commercial model na itung c obama hahaha……..

  10. nega queen says:

    syempre kung sino ang hot, yun ang gagayahin. Pinas pa eh number one copy cat to.

  11. Jan Alvin says:

    hahahaahaahahaha, nagulat ako dyan nung una kong makita yung commercial.

  12. Mabuhay! says:


  13. eric jed says:

    I always thought it was a computer generated ad. He is lucky indeed.

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