Olangapo Expose

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DVD pirates are now riding on the popularity of the Subic Rape Case.

They’ve released a DVD called “Olangapo Expose, ang beteranang si Nicole sa piling ng puting kano” (something like that) and it’s generating wide interest among pinoy men. But according to news reports, it’s just an old adult video and the victim “Nicole” was not in the said video. Nicole on the other hand, sought the help of Optical Media Board chairman Edu Manzano to put a stop on the said video.

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3 comments on “Olangapo Expose
  1. nelson says:


  2. nono saponso says:

    pls pakita mo naman

  3. south says:

    hey guys! those who bought and seen that dvd and believed that its “nicole”, use ur brains
    not ur head between ur legs. kung me video sya nyan sa palagay nyo ba magrereklamo pa ng
    rape yan? tsk! tsk! tsk!….pea brains

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