Oscar de la Hoya Drags, wears fishnet: Real or Fake?

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The website X17Online.com obtained photos of boxing superstar Oscar de la Hoya dressed up as a woman.

But in a statement released by Oscar De La Hoya’s attorney late Wednesday: “The photographs depicting Mr. De La Hoya’s image that were posted online today by an obscure paparazzi Web site are fake. Many of the Web site’s viewers (as reflected in postings on the site) identified the photos as ‘a really bad photoshop job.’ Unfortunately, with today’s technology, anyone can make any photo seem like something other than it is. Mr. De la Hoya, through his attorneys, has demanded in writing that the images be removed from the Web site.”

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3 comments on “Oscar de la Hoya Drags, wears fishnet: Real or Fake?
  1. maddox jr. says:

    it’s looks real… seems dela hoya losing his mayweather fight has something to do with a syndicate…

  2. XpressMusic says:

    It is really bad photoshop job.Do you have a Pacman version of it? That would be obscure LOL!

  3. Azrael says:

    ang galeng ng pag ka edit ah

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