Other singing contests’ hopefuls try luck in Philippine Idol

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There’s Maureen Marcelo and Musica Cristobal who are star for a night grand finalists, OJ Mariano and Marinel Santos both finalists of star in a million, Flora Mae Lucido who is a born diva and star for a night grand finalist, and search for a star in a million 2 finalist Shane Valerio. Who among them will make it to top 24 of Philippine Idol? We just have to wait and see.

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7 comments on “Other singing contests’ hopefuls try luck in Philippine Idol
  1. mia says:

    Maureen Marcelo wins Philippine idol.

  2. bugoy says:

    sori quiet, maureen marcelo made it to the top 24, i think she’s the only
    veteran who made it to the top 24. it could be tough, but i hope people will
    help maureen to achieve her dreams … it’s a long overdue dream for her, i
    personally know her very much … sana nga this could be her last ticket na
    maipakita nya ang naiibang galing nya sa pagkanta.

  3. Jewel says:

    Erika also made it in several stages of eliminations @star in a mil, but shockingly we were both bumped off by unscrupulous new faces who sprung out of
    nowhere with ghost managers? in my own opinion that contest is no
    longer credible? philippine idol is being run with american
    standard and seal of reliability. Congrats to ABC 5, our country
    thirsts for professional networks who can follow global standards
    of procedures! My precious vote goes to Erika,a great inspiration
    for the general public…triumph over life’s adversities!

  4. Bitoy says:

    all the contenders mentioned above are part of top 84 except for Iris malazarte grand finalist ng search for a star kabatch ni rachelle Ann Go…. please see the list of top 84 in the officiIAL WEBSITE…

  5. quiet says:

    i’m one of the 169.. anyways… no one among them… made it
    to top 24 including DIVO… they said they needed FRESH FACES
    in the competition!!! too bad for them who are really good.
    Sad thing not all in the top 24 are great… few are just OK…
    but the rest are deserving… I LOVE IRA!!!! and PAUL!!!

  6. Bitoy says:

    You have to add Jason Velasquez of Star for a Night Grand Finalist kabatch nila M
    Maureen Marcelo, Musica Cristobal and Flora Mae Lucido. Iris Malazarte of Search for a Star
    for a Star Grand Finalist kabatch ni Rachelle Ann Go and Janice Uy of SIAM2. I
    dont know about Cherryl Sweet Ubasa Search for a Star Grand Finalist I heard nag audition din siya for Philippine Idol di ko lang alam kung gold passer siya….

  7. kopee says:

    Add Emman Omaga, joined SIAM 2, SFTSIAM 1 and PPS!
    Add Ann Quitoriano, finalist of SFTSIAM 2!

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