Pacquiao-Barrera II Round by Round

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Superstars Manny Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera will once again collide in a 12-round super featherweight title fight, Saturday, October 6 (October 7 in Manila) at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pacquiao-Barrera is a battle between legendary three-division world champions. Pacquiao (44-3-2, 35 KOs), of General Santos City. The Philippines Pacquiao, defeated Barrera (63-5, 42 KOs), of Mexico City, Mexico, in their exciting first encounter in 2003, claiming the ‘Baby Face Assassin’s’ featherweight title. Pacquiao is considered by many, boxing’s pound for pound most exciting fighter.

Round by Round Coverage

There will be periodic updates of the undercard and FULL Round by Round Coverage of the main event between Manny Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera.

96-94 for Bojado, 97-93 for Forbes, 96-94 for the winner Steve Forbes.

The next fight is Librado Andrade vs. Yusaf Mack in the super middleweight division.

Andrade wins by TKO in seven.

Next fight is a 12-round WBO World Featherweight Title bout between Steven Luevano (33-1, 15 KOs) and Antonio Davis.

Scorecards: 119-108, 118-109, 119-108, a unanimous decision all for the winner the champion Luevano

Main Event is next…

Mexican, Filipino and American anthems are coming up…

Kyla sang the Philippine national anthem very well, the way it should be sung.

Pacquiao is 144 pounds tonight, Barrera is 138 pounds

Barrera is making his way down to the ring.

Now our very own Manny Pacquiao is making his way down to the ring

Let’s get ready to rumbleeeeeeee

courtesy of boxingscene

Round 1. They come out jabbing. Barrera to the head and he goes downstairs. Both fighters are cautious. Barrera to the body. Pacquiao is fighting technically and Barrera is winning the battle of technicians. Barrera blocking Pacquiao’s jab. Barrera back to the body. Huge Barrera chant starts. Left lands for Pacquiao. Another left sneaks in for Pacquiao. Now a huge Manny chant starts. Round ends, close round scored for Barrera.

Round 2. Pacquiao goes to the body and goes back there again. Combo by Barrera. Pacquiao jabbing. Barrera now jabbing. Pacquiao jabbing down the middle. Jab by Pacquiao, Barrera with a left. Left by Barrera and another. They continue to jab. Pacquiao with a good left at the end. Another close round for Barrera. Pacquiao missed a lot of punches in that round.

HBO scores round 1 for Pacquiao

Round 3. They circle and jab. Pacquiao gets Barrera to the ropes and unloads. Barrera battles off the ropes. They continue to jab as they circle. Left lands for Barerra and a big left stuns Pacquiao. They trade punches again. The crowd has not stopped chanting for both guys in this fight. Pacquiao landing that jab well. Pacquiao lands a left. Close round for Pacquiao.

HBO scores round 2 for Pacquiao

Round 4. Pacquiao walking Barrera down. Pacquiao to the body. Pacquiao with a right. They begin to trade as the crowd rises to their feet. Left lands for Pacquiao. Pacquiao lands a harder jab. They trade right hands. Barrera to the body. Pacquiao with another close round.

HBO scores round 3 for Pacquiao

Round 5. This fight is being fought at a very slow pace. Pacquiao fighting at Barrera’s pace. Pacquiao rushes Barrera with punches. Barrera ties him up. Barrera to the body and the head, Pacquiao returns fire with a hard combo. Left hook by Barrera. They are trading huge punches right now as the crowd rise and Barrera is winning the exchange as he landed some huge rights. They continue to trade punches in the middle. Pacquiao lands two hard lefts. They continue to trade. Close round for Pacquiao.

HBO scores round 4 for Pacquiao

Round 6. Pacquiao with a right hand and now he gets Barrera in the corner and starts to throw bombs. Barrera ties him up. Barrera jabbing. Pacquiao showing Barrera a lot of respect in this fight. Barrera with a hard body shot. Barrera again to the body. Big right lands for Barrera and Pacquiao begsin to throw punches in bunches as they trade again. Pacquiao getting off better as they trade. Round scored for Pacquiao.

HBO scores round 5 for Barrera

Round 7. They circle and jab. Pacquiao with a left jab. Combo lands for Pacquiao. Barrera continues to jab. Pacquiao to the body. A very slow round. Neither guy has done much here. They trade near the end. Close round for Pacquiao.

HBO scores round six for Pacquiao

Round 8. Pacquiao jabbing. They trade rights. Right for Pacquiao. Barrera with a good counter combo. Pacquiao returns his own combo. Barrera jabs and goes to the body. Hard left by Pacquiao. They trade jabs. Three punch combo by Pacquiao pushes Barrera back. Barrera with a combo. They trade at the end. Round for Pacquiao.

HBO scores round seven for Pacquiao

Round 9. Barrera continues to circle and jab. They trade as Pacquiao backs him up. Pacquiao with a combo, a left and they trade as Barrera goes back to the ropes. Barrera to the head and body. Barrera with a combo as he rushes in. Pacquiao with a left, Barrera comes back with some punches in bunches. Round scored for Barrera.

HBO scores round eight for Pacquiao

Round 10. Barrera jabs, they tie up. Barrera with a right hand. Right by Pacquiao. Pacquiao pushing forward as Barrera is backing off. Pacquiao with a combo to the head. Barrera with a combo to moving away. They trade on the inside. Pacquiao pushes forward. Round scored for Pacquiao.

HBO scores round nine for Pacquiao

Round 11. Pacquiao pushing foward with hard jabs and land a hard right. They trade on the inside and now they start to fight as Barrera is giving as good as he is getting. Pacquiao with a hard right and he begins to unload on Barrera and landing hard punches. There is a clash of heads and Barrera hits Pacquiao on the break. Barrera has blood from a cut under his eye from the clash of heads. Ref is taking a point from Barrera for hitting on the break. 10-8 round for Pacquiao.

Round 12. They come out jabbing. Huge Manny chant from the Filipinos in the crowd. Left for Pacquiao. They tie up. Pacquiao with some jabs and a right. They trade some punches. Barrera to the body. Pacquiao calling Barrera out to fight. Pacquiao jumps on him with hard punches as Barerra gets out of danger. They trade rights. Fight is over. I have Pacquiao winning this fight easy.

HBO scores round eleven for Pacquiao

The scores are 118-109, 118-109, 115-112. Winner is Manny Pacquiao.

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14 comments on “Pacquiao-Barrera II Round by Round
  1. Sayang at walang KO pero ayos lang dahil panalo pa rin si Pacman!

  2. lipas_gu2m says:

    yeh… nakakainis ang pag air ng gma d2,,, nakakapeste dahil sobrang tagal at sobrang delayed nila mag air… dito ay 2:40 na and yet 5 plng… kung sa abs yan, kanina pa natapos at up-todate… masyado silang patagal, harudyosku walan joe. wala sa ayos ang pag air at marahil dyan hindi lang ako ang naiirita… akala ko panaman maayos din ang pag air ng gma, well it’s just my comment…

  3. Janet Bacani says:

    legendary hero pala! basta yun din un!

  4. Janet Bacani says:

    ang galing talaga ng Pinoy, mabuhay ka Pacman! Salamat sa pagbibigay ng karangalan at pangalan sa ating Inang Bayan. Truly you are a legend hero!

  5. Del G says:

    mga kapitbahay namin, puro meksikano. kanina maingay sila, andaming kotse nila nakaparada sa paligid namin, pati harap ng bahay namin naka-park sila. Ngayon, tahimik na, wala na yung mga kotse. bakit kaya?

  6. kaye says:

    astig tong site na 2….super updated!!!!!

  7. zel says:

    horray!!! to Pacman!

  8. jigs says:

    i say it will be a decision. pacquiao

  9. grace says:

    harudiyosko…sabik sa commercial ang gma xempre time to shine na nila para mabayaran ng mga companies na ngpapaadevrtise….ang tagal ng laban ni pacquiao..

  10. Charlie Yap says:

    nice close match…

  11. Charlie Yap says:

    nice updates. We’re watching over a local network here and they are way too many rounds behind the actual match. Pacman will win this one.

  12. Patrick says:

    ESPN gave the first round to Pacquiao.

  13. Bob Hooray says:

    It is more exciting if the both fighters will reach the 12th round in one condition, every round barrera will hit the canvass. Hahaha! Go Pacman! Eat Barrera ALIVE!

  14. Pistol Pete says:

    Pacquiao will win in 8rnd or less… it doesn’t matter if any round but for sure manny pacquiao will rule the game…. Laban Pacman!!!!

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