Paeng Nepomuceno wins 2007 Columbia 3000 South Pacific Classic

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Six-time world bowling champion Paeng Nepomuceno won the 2007 Columbia 3000 South Pacific Classic for the second time.

He first won the title in 1984, becoming the first non-Australian to rule the tough event. It was also his 118th win in an illustrious career spanning four decades that saw him earn the Bowler of the Millennium title as well as entries in the Guinness World Records.

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One comment on “Paeng Nepomuceno wins 2007 Columbia 3000 South Pacific Classic
  1. Rick Kennair says:

    Hi.Paeng; This is your old buddie from Clark Air Base.Team Captain of the 1980-1983,Clark Diplomats..Rick Kennair, the Left Hander..I remember it like yesterday when we bowled against each other in Manila, for the Championship,…Of course you Won..LOL. But we used to have a great time when we would go to Manila to bowl with all you guys and gals….As you might remember I,m married to Dorothea Villa Kennair, we have been togther for 27 yrs..She is from Cebu.. We have a house there and bought some land there also….We will be coming to the Philippines on 15 Oct.07 and will leave 10Dec.07..But then we will be selling our house in the USA, and moving to Cebu for good…Love the Philippines…I would like to see you on this trip, my friend leaves in Manila and will spend a few days..Please let me know if you will be in town and where can I contact you..your email, phone..We could meet a one of the bowling lanes…….I haven,t bowled sence I left the Philippines, in 1983. I had a real bad elbow problem also my back problems got worst, had surgery in 1986 & 1987….Man you look great in the Video, yes don,t be a Senior when you can still beat the young boys..LOL. I,m 63 now, but still in good health and shape.. Well I hope that you get this message and hope to here from you ASAP..I need your Email if thats possible..Take care and say hello to your Parents for me,and the rest of your family..Sincerly yours; Rick and Dorothea Kennair…504-362-3921 my #USA.

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