Pauleen Luna: UNO Magazine Cover Girl

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Pauleen Luna will grace the cover of UNO this December.

It was a beach pictorial and was “sexy yet decent” according to Pauleen’s current beau Marvin Agustin who refused to watch the pictorial but saw the pictures. Pauleen just celebrated her 18th birthday last November 10.

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12 comments on “Pauleen Luna: UNO Magazine Cover Girl
  1. Pauline Luna is one of the pretty faces in Philippine Show business. She’s sweet and good hearted. Thanks for sharing.

  2. dennis says:

    wow..pauleen is my crush,very interesting…pose it pls

  3. melvin says:

    pauleen luna?? okay naman sya maganda sexy cute pedeng pede sya ahh

  4. HEro Cruz says:


  5. deejae says:

    pauleen? duhhh? kindly go to Dra vicky belo and seek some advice re your lipo……….

  6. ysabel says:

    eewww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kindly give her some coffee….

  7. rbert says:

    very much interesting

  8. Michael Vanderbill says:

    Pictures please!!! Or a link would do ;)

  9. vincent says:

    picture of paulee luna

  10. Charles B. says:

    anyone have the links for the pics?? i would really appreciate it if someone would email me the link to my email. salamat

  11. guess12340 says:

    saw the pics already, hehe…hot…

  12. Michael Vanderbill says:

    pictures please! :)

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