PBB 2: A look back at Beatriz Saw

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Let’s take a look back at Big Winner Beatriz Saw’s debut in the Pinoy Big Brother house. She was already friendly and pleasant the first time.

Who would have thought that she would later become the Big Winner of this season’s Big Brother and who would have thought that Wendy Valdez would later turn out to be the worst housemate of all time.

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7 comments on “PBB 2: A look back at Beatriz Saw
  1. Krizzie Anne says:

    Congratulations Manay!!!! U deserve to be the big winner. To those who hate/don’t like Bea its just too BAD!

  2. wuhu says:

    congrats bea!!ang kulit ng tawa moh!!!

  3. Sophia says:

    since the start kaw na bet ko to get the PBB big winner and i’m right…..like your smile and laugh.just don’t change and always be humble.

    di nasayang ang mga votes ko sa iyo….imagine pati mga pamangkin ko were voting for …YOU!!

  4. heart says:

    i am so mesmerized with gee-ann’s beauty – ang pure ng smile.

    mwah! i love this girl talaga.

    bea, congrats! i hope you and gee-ann will be best of friends!

  5. renier says:

    inb fairness, nakakamiss din silang panoorin gabi-gabi sana sa Season 3 wala nang issues na gaya ng sa season na ito..

  6. that’s a girl…nakakatawa yong tawa mo…hehehehe

  7. your so deserving to be a bis winner Bea!!!

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