Pediatric Liver Transplant in the Philippines

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The first successful pediatric liver transplant by a team of all-Filipino medical team from the newly established Center for Liver Disease Management and Transplantation of the Medical City was conducted last January 7, 2011.

Three-year-old Catherine Erica Buenaventura who suffered from End-Stage liver disease with complications was the first pediatric patient. The team removed Erica’s entire liver and replacing it with a graft or a portion of her uncle’s liver. According to the president and CEO of Medical City Dr. Alfredo Bengzon, this is the first time a successful pediatric liver transplant has been performed in the Philippines by an all-Filipino medical staff.

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    sa galing ng mga Doctor natin dapat lang na dito na ginagawa yang ganyang klase ng operation, hindi na kailangan pumunta pa ng taiwan.. SPEEDY RECOVERY SAYO GIRL!!!

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