Philippine Idol: Down to 24

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Last night’s episode pruned the 40 contestants down to 24 aspiring individuals. What’s a judge got to do when you’re to choose among an extremely talented bunch? Perhaps it all boils down to who has both talent and looks (or at least who is presentable). 12 boys and 12 girls make up the final 24.

The Girls

Jellica Marie Mateo, 23 – auditioned in Manila
Stephanie Bainbrigge, 27 – auditioned in Cebu

Maureen Marcelo, 26 – auditioned in Manila
Armarie Cruz, 27 – auditioned in Davao
Christina Otero, 25 – auditioned in Davao
Rina Lei Pangan, 26 – auditioned in Manila
Ira Patricia Marasigan, 21 – auditioned in Manila
Yasmi Rose Medina, 26 – auditioned in Manila
Cherry Ann Chiu, 22 – auditioned in Manila
Abigail Blanco, 24 – auditioned in Manila
Erika Jill Bautista, 24 – auditioned in Manila
Paula Patricia Chavez, 23 – auditioned in Manila

The Boys

Reymond Sajor, 27 – auditioned in Manila
Jasper Onyx Culala, 25 – auditioned in Manila
Joseph Astor, 27 – auditioned in Davao
Gian Carlo Magdangal, 24 – auditioned in Cebu
Miguel Mendoza, 16 – auditioned in Manila
Jan Kurt Nieto, 24 – auditioned in Manila
Christian Masaga, 26 – auditioned in Cebu
Paul Andrae Yba̱ez, 26 Рauditioned in Manila
Ramirr Grepo, 26 – auditioned in Manila
Freddie Cabael, 23 – auditioned in Cebu
Kenneth Dingle, 23 – auditioned in Manila
Robert Bernadas, 26 – auditioned in Cebu

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4 comments on “Philippine Idol: Down to 24
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  2. elaine says:

    I just want to say i support Drae Ybanez all the way…He performed really well. He’s got confidence and charm at the same time. Very classy performer and makes the song his own. He’s also has a big heart for the unfortunate streetkids. I admire him for helping them. I think he’s got the total package…Go DRAE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. christianmasaga says:

    thanks for supporting the 1st ever Phil Idol….PAGPALAIN PO TAYONG LAHAT…

  4. jep says:

    ang galing!!!
    i envy the boys who performed last night… they were really amazing… its like they have been doing
    their stuff their entire life…
    goodluck to all!!!
    but my bets are robert, gian and ramirr. they stand out last night..

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