Philippine Ragnarok: 2X Modified EXP

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Good News for pRO players. From Level Up Games:

Episode 12: Lighthalzen, The City of Commerce will be launching soon! And to give you fun and enjoyment in-game we’re giving a 2X EXP mod on all commercial servers (except Sakray and Urdr) from May 17 to 24, 2006! Alert all your friends and guildmates now!

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2 comments on “Philippine Ragnarok: 2X Modified EXP
  1. /omg says:

    walang kwenta!!!!! expected nmin x10 /omg!!!!!

  2. ROplayer says:

    uhm, i think urdr doesn’t get a 10x exp rate.. cuz i think they configured urdr
    to run on a 2x exp environment /swt

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