Philippine Ragnarok Forum (Ragnaboards) Hacked?

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From pRO site:

Ragnaboards is down until further notice.

The announcements made re: change passwords and emails are for those Ragnaboards posters who are using the same user info as their game accounts. If you are one of them, please change your password and email now. If you need further assistance, you may send a ticket through or call us at 7519611 from 12 noon to 9pm on weekdays and 12 noon to 6pm on weekends and holidays.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

They’re asking forum members to change their in-game username, password and email if they’re using the same details in the forum. Sounds like a compromised forum database. If that is the case then maybe they didn’t apply the patch on their invision.

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4 comments on “Philippine Ragnarok Forum (Ragnaboards) Hacked?
  1. alvin says:

    hi, im having trouble with my valkerie server.. laging errror, laging cant find file:sprite? ano ba kailangan ko gawin?
    help naman pls YM nyo ako deanik_912 thnx

  2. mimi says:

    i was trying to get the client and stuff for pRO and im having crazy errors in scripts..and i spent like forever downloading bitorrent..pls notify me too pls pls?
    salamat po

  3. Sn@k3 says:

    can anyone help me…I used to play pRO but Im working abroad now. I’d like to surprise my old guildmates and show up in our server (Fenrir) is there any way that I can connect to pRO while abroad?

  4. lovestoned says:

    is this true?there are no dates on it.,when is this?

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