Philippines’ early exit from the Amazing Race Asia

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What are the odds that you have two teams in the amazing race and they were the first and second teams to be eliminated?

Sad to say, that’s what happened to the Philippines in the Amazing Race Asia. The team of Ernie and Jeena was the first to be eliminated and then on the following week, Aubrey and Jaq. Such is life.

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2 comments on “Philippines’ early exit from the Amazing Race Asia
  1. I really wish I could watch this version of the Amazing Race. I’ve been a fan of the U.S. show for several seasons now and am very curious to see how the Asia edition compares. I imagine the contestants are a bit more reserved, as opposed to the usual boisterous (sometimes obnoxious) teams that are on the American show. Please don’t think this is representative of all Americans. They only cast people that they think will cause drama and make things interesting to the widest audience.

    Anyway, sorry to hear about your teams being eliminated so quickly. Our current season here is down to the final four after tonight’s episode. They were in Morocco tonight after being in the Ukraine last week. I assume they’ll be making their way closer and closer back home since there are only a few episodes remaining. I like it best when the teams are in faraway lands interacting with exotic cultures.

    Hopefully, the next season will include another trip to the Philippines (maybe Dumaguete ;)).

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