Philippines plans to reclaim Lovapalooza Record

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The Philippines set a Guiness record in 2004 for the most couples kissing in one event.

It was dubbed as Closeup Lovapalooza which gathered 5,239 couples kissing simultaneously. In 2005, Hungary broke the record in a kissing festival attended by 5,700 couples. This year, the organizers of our very own Lovapalooza are urging Filipinos to attend the February 10 kissing spectacle which will be held at SM Mall of Asia. What a great way to celebrate the valentine season than by breaking a record.

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9 comments on “Philippines plans to reclaim Lovapalooza Record
  1. nicole says:

    wen was the exact date po ba talaga? feb 10 or feb 14?

  2. Tet Gallardo says:

    you guys should give us the roster of everyone who joined.
    it gives them validation.


  3. sioni says:

    well at least Joey doesn’t beat up his wife-sorry, wrong forum :-)

  4. neib says:

    well at least Joey doesn’t beat up his wife

  5. sioni says:

    Hi, lorelie. I think you just have to register at the site. :-)

  6. Manny Cuervo says:

    I wondering why do we have to display our flag at the Lovapalooza event venue, Is there anything there that we have to be proud of? If there is no positive thing that we can lookup to our present government. Then why do we desecrate our flag? If you want to be counted as one of those kissing fervert, then go ahead and exchange body fluids, but please don’t represent the whole nation.

  7. lorelie tobias says:

    is there any application neede in joining this lovapalooza?coz me and my fiance really2x
    wanted to join…

  8. Yes lovapalooza was really a great event in the Philippines, me and my fiance joined that event last year, that was an unforgettable moment of my life just like a history. I wish I could see that event this coming February eventhough am here in the US now coz I just got married to American fiance.More Power to Close-up who brings this great Lovapalooza event.

  9. Ep2x says:

    Salamat sa pagpost ninyo nyan dhil dyan nalaman ko na mayroon
    pala tayong ganito. SLAMAT!!!!! MASAYA AKO!!!!

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