Philippines’ Scariest Challenge – TV5

The “Philippines’ Scariest Challenge” is a reality horror show hosted by Jomari Yllana and Cesca Litton.

The show gathers local celebrities then set them out to venture into some of the places well-known and notorious for possessing paranormal activities. Places include a military hospital in Pampanga, the Mystical Cave in Antipolo, a deserted villa in Rizal, the spooky St. James school in Laguna, an abandoned mansion in Bulacan, the creepy North Cemetery, and a haunted monastery in Batangas.

Just recently, sexy actresses Joyce Jimenez and Gwen Garci figured in two separate accidents after coming from the taping of the said show although Joyce refused to directly blamed the spirits for the mishap while Gwen is still mum about the incident. The “Philippines’ Scariest Challenge” airs every Friday, 6PM on TV5.



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  • cris

    me first…!!!

  • Zweihander

    Scary kasi pag pinanood mo to, baka mamatay ka sa b.o.r.e.d.o.m.

    They should make the viewers feel kung ano man ang scary sa show nila. Hindi yung ang mga challengers lang ang tatakutin nila. Try harder TV5.

  • Zweihander

    Fini-filter out ang word na b o r e d o m? That’s weird.

  • Korn

    this is bull and crap!

  • Look who’s talking

    Guyz…. kagya nito ung show sa US version….di ko lang matandaan, tagal na kasi…Pinalabas sya dati sa studio 23. Basta kagayang kagaya nito.

  • Look who’s talking

    World’s scariest place yata un….

  • @Look who’s talking
    yes, it is.
    that’s what do you expect from Philippine television these days


    hindi nman nkktkot. tama c Zweihander

  • kiko_1980

    This is a breather from the usual tv stuff. We hope to see more from TV5!

  • D O N ‘ T R E A C T I F U DON’T K N O W A N Y T H I N G

    i’m nothing against with all of your opinions.. i just want to share something that is based on my experience as one of the test contestant of the philippines’ scariest challenge.. before the celebrity contestants do this challenge, we suppose to do the challenge so the director will know if there will be an error or something that may come up not good with the 1 take reality tv show.. as for all of you guys, some of us that are only test contestant do suffered traumatic experiences.. some of us didn’t finished the test even if we have to.. it’s because of the spirits that is in there and trying to tell us that they do exist and they want us to believe.. i hope tv5 would air the footage of the test challengers so you will all believe with what does this show means..

  • Mhaya14

    i find this show nice. and isa pa, i like TV5. go TV5! ^_^

  • ha

    ano yun?
    di ko man un alam?
    sori ha?
    dont like to watch scary shows eh..
    (scary ba un?)
    insulo amn?
    mas mabui pa kung anime na lang ang ipalabs nila
    mas ok pang panoorin un
    sana ipalabas nila ang bleach the movie
    (magrequest ba?)
    o di kaya
    ipalabas nila ang complete series ng american pie
    ung walang cut cut ha??
    manyak man?
    (we?actually, hindi naman un puro nkamanyakan lang comedy alaga ang theme ng movie…)

  • ha

    ai madami mang typograpical errors??
    mejo cra kc keyboard ko!!!

  • BuddyParaiso

    Ang mga stories of alleged “histories ” of some of the hauntings seemed too obvious. Plus, the one with a so-called 20 year abandoned house looked so new, I’ve seen a real haunted haouse and the walls starts to stain and it’s only abandoned for 3 years.

  • fhedz

    grabe nakakatakot kaya ung episode nila ni joyce jimenez