Pia Guanio and Steve Mago engagement

TV host Pia Guanio is now reportedly engaged to be married to her non-showbiz businessman boyfriend, Steve Mago.

Steve is the guy seen with Pia in the controversial kissing in public photo/picture. They’ve been together for barely a year. The engagement happened last May 7, with both Pia and Steve’s family present in former’s resthouse in Tagaytay. The couple has yet to choose a date for their wedding.

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  • john

    congrats! i hope he is the guy who have commitment at one woman man na…its ok even he is not popular what important is may commitment sa relationship

  • Proud Kapuso

    wow naman nag-lelevel up na pala sila kung ganun.

  • epalyuckie

    Ganyan magsalita si kungpo. Obvious na side efffects sa long-term sardinas at noodles diet. Sabihin mo sah boss goson, palitan naman ng wow ulam at pancit canton.
    3 pesos lang naman ang difference. Kahit wala nang sisidlang plastic bag.


  • Ricky Gomez

    All this time I thought Pia Guanio is still with Vic Sotto…sorry guys, what happened? They’re too good to be true…di pala sila ang magkakatuluyan…SAYANG!!!

  • http://yahoo kungpo

    napaka technical mo naman sorry hindi kashe akoo sanay sa tagelog e..