Pilipinas Got Talent 2 Grand Finalists Freestylers and the Madrigal Siblings

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Freestylers and the Madrigal Siblings are the first two grand finalists of the 2nd season of ABS-CBN’s talent reality TV show, Pilipinas Got Talent. Here are the percentages of text and online votes:

Freestylers – 46.32%
Rico The Magician – 22.31%
Madrigal Siblings – 14.11%
Brian Brady – 7.80%
Jeremie Tampoy – 5.09%
Light Gauge Acoustic – 4.36%

The Freestylers secured the first grand finals slot for getting the highest number of votes while it was a toss-up between Rico and the Madrigal Siblings for the 2nd slot and the 3 judges decided. Kris and Ai-Ai chose Madrigal while Freddie Garcia chose Rico.

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