Pinoy Big Brother short film Pamana

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The final product of the celebrity housemates’ short film entitled Pamana premiered Saturday night on ABS-CBN.

No less than film director Maryo J. delos Reyes gave his on the spot review of the film. He gave it a grade of 2.75 (a grade of 3 for him is passing) for the housemates’ effort.

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6 comments on “Pinoy Big Brother short film Pamana
  1. Powkee says:

    it’s true.

    Pokwang will enter PBB house this afternoon @ Ãœber.

    watch and see for yourselves…

  2. Jhing says:

    OMG, I didn’t think the ending would be like that. It surprised me, I like it! Congrats, Celebrity housemates!

  3. thirdie says:

    ang cute ng story, sa may huli, nagandahan talaga ako :D

  4. Serenata says:

    Congrats housemates and PBB staff!
    Nice story and editing although may
    conflict konti at criticisms, still nice
    job. Less than a week niyo lng nman
    pinag-isipan considering na wala na
    c Macoy as director. =}

  5. AIRA says:

    c yayo nalula sa prices wow ! 2 million

  6. Bigotilyo says:

    ok lang ung short film besides di naman sila ganun ka bihasa talga. I still salute them for their effort.

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