Piolo Pascual: Metro Him Magazine Cover Boy

Piolo Pascual, graces the cover of Metro Him’s third anniversary issue as the magazine gives its take on the macho comeback.

It also features fashionable updates on Philippine cinemas’ men, such as Erap, FPJ, Robin Padilla, Tony Ferrer and Philip Salvador. Plus Metro Him ponders on metrosexuals in their latest issue, as it seems an older mode of masculinity is making its way in the latest fashion trends nowadays.

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  • http://www.friendster.com grg

    hay sayang ang pagka adonis ni papa p. ang hirap kilatisin nya if gay ba sya o hindi huh…galing nya magdala…pero ang gwapo nya talaga…grabeh!

  • http://www.friendster.com/ sheng

    grabe ang gwapo mo!sana i see you in person,i hope maka-loveteam mo si shaina magdayao!we love you so much mwah!

  • rose

    Mukhang nababawasan na ang popularity ni Piolo?Lobo not doing so well!umm..umm,walang news?walang girl??umm..ummm!concert na naman w/ Sam??wala na bang iba???umm..umm???I’ve seen their concert here in canada,gwapo lang talaga sila,pero walang quality yong mga numbers nila..sorry!

  • cris

    papa piolo! wish u gud health and more success. god blessed to all ur fans and to all bad people. i think he or she realize thats not gud. i hope u can do it!!! hehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!! take care!!!