PLDT MyDSL Modem Settings

You accidentally pressed the reset button of your Zyxel Prestige 600 series modem. You don’t know how to configure it. You then called 172 (PLDT customer service number for MyDSL) and the CSR told you that a technical crew will be sent over to your house but who knows when they will arrive. Why don’t you just try the following:

Make sure your modem is turned on
Open Internet Explorer
Enter this URL:
If you’re asked to enter a login and password, enter admin for username/login and 1234 for password
You’ll be taken into the zyxel modem configuration menu, choose wizard

Mode: routing
Encapsulation: PPPoE
Multiplex: LLC
VPI: 0
VCI: 100

and then save, that’s it. Your modem is as good as new.



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  • Jeff

    Hi there! Would you know if the VPI and VCI settings would hold for non-PPPoE service?

  • Jobert

    hi. our pldt mydsl connection was new and i was not around during the installation so i dont know on how could i access that pldt modem. i think it is a router/modem. can you pls help me? you said it can be reset? thank you.

  • martn

    how can i configure my modem so i could use the remaining 3 ports.

  • Cris Amor

    I am planning for a DSL/Broadband subscription but I do not know when PLDT will have their next generation connectivity (P888) available in our area. Customer Service doesn’t know either when the facility will be available in our place. I am having second thoughts if I’ll subscribe to Globe’s Wireless Broadband which is currently available in our area. Can you give a date when it will be available? By the way, our village’s location is at Vista Verde North Executive Village, Kaybiga, Kalookan City. Only My DSL (Plan 999)is ready as of yet. Hope you can give a feedback soon.

  • jhun

    i try to configure the prestige 600 i think i miss configure it… for now i cant enter the it always says unable to connect can u help me… pls i try it to reset the router but the same thing happen.. still i cant enter the … im waiting for your help…

  • mukamo

    @jhun, call pldt customer service at 171

  • Tam

    I just want to know since it’s PPPoE connection. It should require to put a UN/PW.
    What do we put in???


  • Yamada

    your pldt account number and the transaction number… the one you’ll be putting up when making an internet connection through windows/network connections.

  • noscire

    hi, how can i configure my modem so i can use the three remaining lan port on the modem???

    pls help

  • xtian

    hi guys, my modem is working pretty good as of now but im planning to add router device for our survielance camera and i cnt access internet with my router. by the way its kinda strange i luk the configurationm of my modem and the UN & PW assign on it is diffrent from the agent on the 172 gave me, is there a problem on it? thnx

  • ganja

    gud pm…

    paano magconfigure ng mydsl using asusRX3041?


  • kuting

    why is it i can’t visit the url you said? it wouldn’t open up?

  • elmo1

    daming sagot sa mga tanong lol….:D ano yung pldt pldt account number and the transaction number na sa sinasabi nyo po un ba yung dns server kasi gus2 ko mag reset d ko kasi alam ang pass nitong akin ang bagal ng torrent ko d ko ma forward at isa pang bagay bakit d ako maka pasok sa192.168.1.1 yun ang default gateway ko pero dito pwedi ako pumasok kaso wala akong pass :D d pwedi ang default kaya need ko ireset plz repy :D

  • Yamada

    hmm… ung PLDT account number pati transaction number, eto ung pag mag aapply ka nang connection sa kanila, may ibibigay silang specific number na un ang ggamtin mo as Username and password para maka connect ung DSL mo… kung di mo mapasok ung default gateway na ibig sabihin, di pa sya naka reset, try mo admin1234 or 1234 or admin or admin123456 among those passwords, nakalimtan ko ung isa na nakita ko habang tinatype nung technician dati, pero parang gnun din “admin” then number, so before you reset… kunin mo muna ung Username/password nang account mo sa PLDT, kung alam mo kung kanino naka register ung Username/password mo, or kung makkita mo pa ung papers nyo sa PLDT about sa connection nyo, dun mo mlalaman…

  • Wyeith Lee

    Good day po, I need help lang po kung paano ko ma configure ang dsl modem ko na zyzel 600. Ang prob lang dito is automatic na ang pag log in. di na ako dumadaan sa user name ang password, Now, I bought EDIMAX wireless router. Paano ko po ma configure ang router sa ganitong systema ng PLDT DSL. Auto connect po kasi. Prob ko nalang is ang pag access sa wifi. Tnx po Wyeith po from Davao City

  • nashvia

    hi po sa lahat. sa mga interested pong mag subscribe sa PLDT MyDSL plese contact me at 09154933738. im a PLDT FREELANCE sales agent im willing to send you some INFO’s about PLDT MyDSL PLANS residential or business. thank you and God bless…

  • Mikko

    Ba’t niyo kasi pinipindot ang reset.

    Kung gumagamit kayo ng D-Link DI-524 wireless router, pwede ko kayo tulungan. Just visit my site and use my contact form from there. :D

  • Chino

    Hey guys, PLDT gave us this modem awhen we first applied for DSL Nokia M5921.E5611.11. Having some problems with our connection recently and I suspect na it may be because of the modem. Should I replace the modem since I guess masyado na outdated yung modem? Thanks ^^

  • Yamada

    you’re suspecting your modem of what kind of problem? hmm… disconnection ba? lagging? or? … ano ano nga pala ang ginagamit mo sa connection nyo? May router ba yan? ano ano ang nakaconnect? diagnose mo muna sya, try mo iping ung modem mo, have a straight connection between a modem and a pc, Ping mo yung gateway, tignan mo kung mataas ang delay… mostly ang modem pinging <1ms delay, minsan pag may tama na, umaabot na nang 200~500ms ang delay…

  • jack

    ako gamit ko zyxel p-600 series,pinalitan nila un dati kong modem na ZTE DXDSL 524 kung nde ako nagkakamali.since ng pinalitan nila to ng zyxel,nde n nwala problema ko,lage nlng akong wlang internet.nde nmn nila ginagawan ng paraan.

  • JASEY_____

    i think they’ve already replaced the default gateway admin 1234 thing… i cant configure my pldt router now unlike before…

  • Yamada


    try to look under your connection properties, under sa support tab makikita mo ung Gateway ip… kung sa password naman, try 1~6 or admin1234…

  • annie

    hi ask ko lng po…ung bang zyxel na P660R D1 ay my wireless capability?? or you still need a 3rd party router to connect wirelessly.. cause from wat i understnd pag cnabing modem rotuer eh my wireless capability i just need someone to clear me of wat i know..

  • Sys Ad

    Ang ingay nyo, tumawag kayo lahat sa 172!

  • CArlo

    i have a question po. kpg po ba menyo cra ung phone nkakaapekto p ba un sa connection ng internet mydsl. thnks plssss reply po kau skin sa ty. god bless u…… c”,)

  • Yamada


  • daniel

    need help, pag nakaturn off youn antivirus ko e nakakainternet ako taz pag naactivate na di na ko nakakaconnect. by the way avast home ed. and anti virus ko

  • daniel

    by the way ang email ko, pls help….

  • babolgam

    I can’t access the configuration menu using . I have a DSL (PPoE) conneciton and also a ZyXeL P600 series. I wanted to check other settings but unfortunately I can’t access the modem. Is there any other way of accessing the modem?

  • Yamada

    the default doesn’t work?? are you using a router? was the modem directly attached to your pc? hmm, if it doesn’t work, make sure that your modem’s gateway is, if not, try seeing it under cmd>ipconfig . or try running an “automatically obtain IP” to see.

  • babolgam

    Thanks for the info, my lan was set to automatic and the given IP and gateway in the ipconfig are different. I thought that the gateway would be automatically addressed but instead it was different. Thanks anyway

  • gash

    Same here I cant get in the modem configuration I really need to get in, to reset the modem to change the IP. Resetting the IP is greatly needed for my job. Modem is Zyxel P 660R D1. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • gash

    Btw, I want to reset the modem not through the button at the back of the modem because the modem is too far and it takes a lot of time for the modem to reset rather than resetting it through the modem configuration.

  • Yamada

    try the i just posted, make a direct connection between the modem.

  • animo

    pldt bulok. sa akin may sked na walang INTERNET 6pm-10pm

  • xbash

    guys.. patulong nman kng ano default router settings nang 5-IP’s my accounts is enable for 5-IP’s pero hindi ko magamit lahag kasi hindi enable sa router ko.. my router name is Zyxel p-600 Series..

  • Yamada

    hindi mo pwedeng gamitin lahat yun simultaneously on 1 pc, ang ibig sabihin nun, you can have 5 simultaneous connections on 5 pcs.

  • xbash

    Yes po agree, salamat po sa info.. npa setup ko na ulit sa pldt service namin..thank’s po

  • Anusa

    Hi, I recently found out that PLDT MyDSL facilities is already here in our area. I live here in the main town of Sta. Maria, Bulacan and I’m interested to get the 2mbps package. Is that Xcite? D ko lang alam kung pano mag-aapply. Was trying the online application pero it seems it can’t send thru my application info. Where should I go to inquire? May test period ba? I’m stressed na kc dhil this is going to be my 4th ISP if I decided to pursue. And i really need fast stable connection because I’m a web developer and my livelihood depends on connectivity. So sana hindi crap ang DSL ng PLDT. Thanks!

  • Ronald

    guys i have a wireless Linksys WAG54G2 router.. ndi ko m set up. hinahanap yung password. try ko n yung admin1234.. etc.. wla p rin.. gumagna nmn yun nga hinahanap autentication password. ndi ko alam.. tnx..

  • Yamada

    usually, ang login password nang Linksys routers ay, admin/admin… try mo muna ung admin/admin login details.

  • batang_malugkot

    to ronald:

    try mo po ung pero dpt po kc nkabridge muna ang modem bago ka gamit ng router kc po PPoE ang pldt then uname: admin password: try mo po un..den make sure n alam mo po ang username at password mo..

  • batang_malugkot

    to ronald:

    try mo po ung pero dpt po kc nkabridge muna ang modem bago ka gamit ng router kc po PPoE ang pldt then uname: admin /password: blank lng po…try mo po un..den make sure n alam mo po ang username at password mo..

  • ronald

    tnx yamada at batang_malungkot.. nbuksan ko n yung linksys ko.. problema ndi ko p rin ma set up d2 s bhay nmin.. gngmit ko p rin yung zyxel n galing s pldt. cnubukan ko i bridge s zyxel yung linksys ko pero ndi gumana cguro mali lng set up ko. try ko buksna yung modem setting s ng zyxel nkita ko yung setting at nkalagay naka bridge yung option s zyxel yun ang nkahighlight tpos yung routing nka off. ble try ko cya kinonek s linksys ko gnwa ko s setting ng linksys ko pppoe den inayos vpi at vci. ayaw p rin mali p rin cguro gnwa ko. kya gnwa ko tinanggal ko nmn yung zyxel ko at directly yung linksys nmn gmit ko n router n set up lhat pti ethernet at nkabit dsl cable pero ayaw p rin gumana, mali prin set up khit tingnan ko s gateway ng linksys. pnu b i set ung linksys kung gmitin ko cya router, o mas mgnda n gmitin ko p rin zyxel tpos nka bridge dun yung linksys. ndi ko lam gwin, bsta yung gusto ko lng sna mging wifi n d2 s bhay nmin kc ngkalat ang ethernet cable. can u help me guys. mpagana ko linksys modelwag54g2 ko.. slamat.. sna ma explain nyo s akin.. mlaking tulong tlga.. konti lng kc tlga alam ko s networking..

  • miyuki

    i just replaced my p660r-D1 zyxel modem it’s the compact one
    just a plain modem router.
    my connection doesnt need username or password..
    im under plan 1299

    what config should i use in my new P660HW-D1 modem/wireless g router
    ^^ TIA!

  • Yamada


    try setting it to “routing” with VCL of 100, hindi ako cgurado kung routing nga ba un or bridge ung option na un, which makes the modem as the dialer, then you’ll be using your router under PPPOE given with the username and password. medyo nakalimutan ko na sya, hindi na ako na eexpose sa setup nang modems and routers, matagal na akong hindi nag ttweak nang network.


    use the router’s default configuration, Automatic Configuration – DHCP… un lang un. no need to change anything within those fields.

  • ian

    excuse me pde magtanung may bayad pu ba and intallation pag nag apply aq ng plan 999+ ung telephone?

  • Yamada

    none, kasama na ang installation dun sa 999.

  • wappy

    help po…. P-660R-D1 talaga po bang lagi need mag dial ng connection or meron po bang way para mag auto connect na sya every time??? thanks

  • Yamada

    I Cconfig mo mismo sa Modem/Router as PPPOE, dun mo ilalagay ung Username and password. try mo default gateway na then admin/admin or kung sa pldt yan, admin/1234.

  • foreplayco

    Hi guys. Pasensiya na po sa newbie question ko, di ako masyadong updated sa pag set-up ng dsl.

    I’m using PLDT Mydsl plan 1299. My problem is I can’t use the connection in my 2 PCs, pag isang pc lang gumagana naman. Ang ginawa ko is parang nilagyan ko ng extension yung mismong modem para makapag-plug ako 2 DSL cable para magamit sa 2 pc pero ayaw niya gumana.

    So the question is, pano ko po magagamit ‘tong dsl ko with 2 desktop pc?

    Thanks in advance po and pasensiya na ulit.

  • Yamada

    manual connect ka ba using windows network connection?? oh autoconnect ang modem mo? if autoconnect ang modem mo (meaning, wala ka nang kelangan gawin para maka connect sa internet), it should have no problem. unless, manual connect ka, or hindi naka activate ang “DHCP server/ automatically assign IP address”. try to look under windows network connections.

    if naka automatic configuration ang IP, then walang problema dapat yun, if kung merong naka assign, ang ggawin mo sa kabilang PC mo is. Set a preferred IP address for your PC, bawat PC may unique IP address, hindi sila pwedeng magkaparehas, so starting from the guide dun sa Assign IP address, I set mo ung IP address field nang IP address mo, from 192.168.100~ mamili ka nalang between dun, then dun sa gateway, ang default gateway nang mga modems ay, so gayahin mo lang un, then dun sa preferred DNS server, hindi mo actually kelangan kunin ung address nang DNS server mismo, you can just put the gateway itself (, then dun sa alternate, leave it blank. kung hindi gumagana, send a PM here again.

  • foreplayco

    Sir Yamada ok na po, nagagamit ko na, kaka-ayos ko lang ngayon, hehehe..

    Thanks po ng marami sir!!! :)

  • ryanwell

    sir patulong po..nagloloko po ung modem ko kelangan k pa irestart ung modem bgo magkaroon ng internet tas kelangan ding nkaangat ung wire. nu p mssuggest nyo?
    thanks win vista sp1 po ako. pde po b magrequest s pldt ng bgong modem?

  • Yamada

    mag splice ka nang bagong wires. just cut the ends, tapos kabitan mo nang bagong RJ-45…

  • dsl user

    hi, i just wanna ask. I had my dsl connection checked and it turned out that my modem is the problem. They told me that I have to buy a new modem from pldt also. Is this true? can’t I buy a new modem from outside? Pldt people said that modems are configured so you really have to get it from them..

    Thanks in advance for the responses.

  • karlo

    feeling ko pwede yung ibang adsl modem… as long as you can configure it as the main post… it should be alright… iba yata ang modem ng adsl at adsl2+ … adsl lang yata yung sa pldt…

  • ecd

    to dsl user…

    libre po ang modem na galing sa pldt..pag sire modem mo papalitan nila ng libre

  • Yamada

    yeah, you can use other modems, VCI configuration lang and some network protocols.

  • ryanwell

    sir pde ba ako magrequest sa pldt ung lumang router ayw ko kce ung p-600 nla lagi nagloloko. kung pde may bayad po b? mgkno? thanks

  • foosh

    Good day,

    I’m having trouble browsing.

    I could only access locally-hosted sites all day. I can access a few foreign sites today but Google and Yahoo! still play hide and seek with me. I can’t get to my public mail (Hotmail and Yahoo!), and a hundred other sites. The foreign sites that I am able to access, well, let’s just say that before the index page loads, I have more than enough time to go to the kitchen to make coffee and walk leisurely back to my computer in the bedroom.

    While loading is a problem, but downloading is perfectly normal.

    What could be the problem?

  • foosh

    Also I noticed that today my ISP address change:

    Today –

    Last Night –

    What does it mean?

  • joy2dworld

    Hello! Ask ko lang po pano configure yung wireless settings ng zyxel p660hw-61 (router). Im a pldt plan 1299 subscriber (automatic; no username/pw). I tried to connect it to the modem provided by pldt (zyxel p600 series), it worked fine kung naka connect cia sa laptop using ethernet cable. Kaso, when I tried to connect wireless, nagcoconnect cia sa wireless network pero naka “local” lang. Gusto ko po maka connect wireless. Need ko po help nyo please.. Salamat..=)

  • diego

    parang pareho ata kami ni ronald ng problema ah….

    Kuha mo na ba ang settings pareng ronald?tulong naman oh…

  • Gregory

    After PLDT DSL upgraded my connection from 700kbps to 3.5mbps my wireless network cannot connect on PC using Windows Vista. Im using WPA encryption…XP OS PC were able to connect fine, but VISTA??? what is the problem?

  • asar

    toinks… i cant connect to the internet using PPPoE… 4.5mbps connection… kaya naka dhcp ang connection ko… bagal!!! nag “error 678:” or The remote computer did not respond… pagka PPPoE ang gagamitin ko… nag loloko nanaman pldt…

  • ryanwell

    pde ba pabilisin ung pldt zyxel modem ung parang s dtng router ng pldt thanks

  • Rc

    Hello po bakit poh hindi auto connect ang internet ko panu po ba gawin ung auto connect pag on plang ng modem coconect na sia Plan 1200 poh ako

  • Yamada

    hmm, manual connect ka ba?? ung connect through windows network connections?? pwede mo i-auto yan through the modem, pasok ka sa gateway, then try mo i open ung modem, tapos palitan mo ung settings sa wan/lan, PPPOE, then username and password (account number and transaction number? ung username password mo pag cconnect ka sa internet).

  • ronald

    @diego pare s totoo suko n ako s kakaayos ng settings ng router ko n linksys.. nbsa ko rin n adsl2 yung akin. sna yung luma n lng n modelo nbili ko. mukang d yta tlga pwede gmitin replacement s zyxel ng pldt. o kya hanap n lng ako technician tlga n pwedeng mgtroubleshoot.. gusto ko lng nmn mging wifi d2 s bahy. prob. tlga di ko lng alam kung pnu gawin..

  • ronald

    @foosh gnyan din problem ng computer ko.. gnwa ko s totoo lng ni reformat ko.. ngback up lng ako ng files. den mtpos yung reformat ngtry n uli ako mg-internet nging ok n.. ndi ko lng sure h. gnun kc gnwa ko. cguro meron png ibng pwedeng gawin. pero s akin kc yun gnwa ko..

  • toep3t

    zyxel prestige 600 rin pala ang modem ko..thanks

  • toep3t

    tulong default gateway is,pag type ko sa adres bar ng interne explorer,web page cannot be displayed. ano po ba kailang gawin para maka access?tnx zyxel prestige 600 pala gamit ko..

  • frank d lacs


    you have to setup an static ip address, the ip address dchp assign, each time you use the internet you’ll automatically be assign a gateway different from the ones you used a day before.

  • http://deleted juana

    call 101-885. ayt?

  • camisa de chino

    is 101-885 the sole hotline for QIK or i can call other pldt hotlines regarding dsl connection? Inquire sana ako for the quick installation kit.

  • newbie

    hi all! I just came across this site looking for an answer on how can i configure my airlive wireless router using pldt zyxel p600 series. Tska pano ko po malalaman yung username at password ko, autoconnect kasi yung modem sa internet eh.. hinihingi kasi ng configuration.. may naka solve na po ba ng ganitong problema? salamat po.

  • jerika james

    is this like the new product of pldt? i’ve been a subscriber for soooo long na and i want to downgrade my plan from the original plan, since like 2001 pa ata, or some year i can’t remember. you guys reckon about this quick install kit thingy?

  • xxbananaxx

    camisa: yes but it’s a relaunch. tawagan mo hotline 101-885 diyan ka mag inquirer

  • Yamada


    hmm. default U/P ay admin / 1234 or admin1234 / 1234.

  • jerika james

    thanks banana. called them up na. it’s easy lang pala to get yourself one. :)

  • xxbananaxx

    madali nga naman. Wala nang masyadong red tape na dadaanan at kung anu-ano pang letter of request ek-ek.

  • pepperoni

    ya it’s easy to avail lang of the qik product plan. i myself have one and it’s at least 24 to 48 hours before you get connected. better than before when you had to wait for like a long time before you have internet connection.

  • pepperoni

    madali lang mag avail. Really QIK…ngek! I mean, mabilis lang mag avail although you just have to wait for 24-48 hours before you can actually connect to the internet. Still, better than having to wait for a technical person get yourself connected.

  • roberto

    jerika, yes it’s easy to get one. pero if you have questions, you can always call the hotline 101-885

  • camisa de chino

    thanks banana. Oo nga relaunch lang na product. So it didn’t sell before huh?

  • captain charisma

    hi guys! just letting you know that i was able to purchase this quick install kit. So great. And I would recommend it to those who are looking for a pldt internet connection, rather than going by the usual.

  • roberto

    what’s your connection? did you gt the 3mbps plan with the wifi package?

  • research101

    hi guys! Guess this is the first one I could find. I’ve been doing some research on the different internet service providers and their products and I thought I could start with reviews. So far I’ve been seeing both the good and the bad. Anyway, can anyone give me information perhaps about QIK?

  • ria_sonrisa

    you can just google stuff over the internet. What exactly do you want to know about QIK? installation? or are you doing some product review?

  • research101

    Basically, how to apply for it. I want an internet connection for the place I’m transferring to.

  • captain charisma

    hi guys agian! thought i’d let you know that you would be surprised that my plan 999′s speed is reaching 2mbps! How awesome!

  • ronald

    @captain charisma: pnu ngyari yun? prehas lng tau ng plan.. pero ndi umaabot ng 2mbps yung akin.. pnu mo ngawa.. hehe
    @sir yamada: sir wla pla tlga byad yung installation ng pldt dsl? yung s amin meron kmi binyaran yung package nmin yung ksma yung land line. location nmin olongapo city.tnx

  • Yamada

    hmm, hindi ko alam kung walang bayad. pero ganto lang yan, kung walang bayad = mas matagal ung contract mo sa kanila bago mo pwedeng i-discontinue. while, with payments, medyo mababa lang nang onti ung contract.

  • ronald

    @yamada: sir tpos n pla promo dati kc january 2009 n kmi ngapply tpos 1 yr. lng yung contract..

    FREE first month subscription, FREE Installation and FREE 1 year PLDT to PLDT NDD Calls.
    PLDT ID-DSL Caller’s Package – Add P99 per month.
    FREE 30 minutes and P1 for every succeeding minute for U.S., Canada, Hong Kong and Thailand.
    •PLDT mgDSL e-mail is available upon request. Fee is P100 per month for Plans 990 and 1299.
    •PLDT myDSL Plans 999, 1995 and 3000 come with a FREE modem. Plan 990 and 1299 subscriber’s modem fee is P1,200 for P220 for 6 months.
    •Offers as of January 15, 2008. Promo runs until October 31, 2008. Per DTI-NCR Permit no. 0652 series of 2008.
    •Conditions apply. Actual bandwidth is dependent on hardware, software, internet traffic and destination server. Eligibility for myDSL plans and ID-DSL Caller’s Package is subject to approval.

  • Yamada


    ohhh… gnun pala, promotions = higher market ^^…

  • ronald

    @yamada sir.. naayos ko n rin pla yung wifi nmin d2 s bahay.. gnwa ko tinanggal ko yung zyxel p600 ko.. tpos kinabit ko yung linksys nmin.. s setup gnwa ko lng RFC 1483 bridged
    multiflexing LLC
    qos type UBR
    PCR and SCR leave it blank
    autodetect disable
    virtual circuit VPI=0 vci=100
    dsl modulation: multimode
    IP settings automatically obtain an ip address network setup LAN gateway IP
    subnet mask
    network address server settings DHCP = enable
    tadaaaaaaa ok n yan eto lng gnmit ko linksys wifi nmin tpos pinalitan ko password ko s gateway IP default is admin/admin. pra wlang mkapagbgo ng setting ng router ko then nglagay ako ng network passkey pra kmi lng d2 s bahay yung mkakakonek s wifi. then ok n. sna nkatulong ako.. mdami din ako nbsa s post d2.. kya ngamit ko.. honestly wla tlga ako gnu idea s networking.. ngbasa lng ako s mga forum.. ilang beses ko kinulit yung pldt customer service pero wla ako npapala. mas mgnda tlgang ikaw n lng gumwa paraan. wla clang silbi. nwy tnx a lot.. God Bless

  • Yamada


    tama ka dun, wala kang mapapala sa pangungulit sa kanila. kahit naman din ako, eversince bumili ung kuya ko nang PC nung 2001, dun ko nakuha ung knowledge ko sa computers, ilang beses ko kaya nasira yun, tpos sa huli ako na umayos. tapos nung nagka shop kami, ako nag maintain, tapos dun din ako natuto regarding sa networking and related things.

    mas maigi, disable mo ung DHCP, mag manually assign ka nalang nang IP address per pc para less sa workload nang iyong router.

  • roy

    available po ba ang my dsl sa papuntang taal bocaue?? sa kanto po ng tambubong ung area..

  • ronald

    @yamada: ah ok sir.. chek ko po yung s DHCP tnx po uli s info.. Gud Day..

  • yor

    hi Sir, i need help connecting my router.. bumili ako nang TP-Link na router tapos on first connect ko sa DSL namin, ok na man.. kinabukasan nawala yung connection. pero, kapag hindi ginagamitan nang router, stand alone, nkakaconnect naman. pero, kapag may router ayaw na mka connect. pinatingnan ko na yung router sa binilhan ko, ok na man.. by the way, yung modem ko po ay ZyXEL P-600 series.. need help!

  • yor

    na configure ko na yung router.. ayaw pa rin.. lahat na yata nabasa ko kung papaano, ginawa ko na! kapag tumatawag naman ako sa PLDT wala labas na daw sila dyan.. one week na akong humahanap nang para-an..

  • Yamada


    hmm, try mo i-set sa automatic configuration ang router mo, naka DHCP ba yan? kung naka enable un, leave it as is, then try mo sa network connections mo under IP settings, set mo to “automatic detection”. please post your connection preferences nung una mong kinabit ung router mo.

  • yor

    yung 1st ko na install ang router.. gumamit ako nang cd.. click lang ako nang click.. PPPoE yung DSL namin may username tsaka password.. yep, nka enable ang DHCP sa router settings.. what do you mean by “automatic detection”? same po ba yun sa “Obtain IP adress automatically”?

  • Yamada


    yep, obtain IP address automatically pag nakaenable ung DHCP nang router mo. try mo i-set ung router mo sa automatic configuration. kung hindi, i-try mo sa PPPOE, then ilagay mo ung given username/password dun sa blank field.

  • Marky

    Yamada I have a modem which zyxel prestige 600 and it is DHCP configured which obtains IP automatically. My question is, paano kung i-hard reset ko siya, may magbabago ba sa settings ng modem?

  • Yamada


    ang hard reset usually, for resetting the firmware installed. mostly 30~60 seconds mong i hhold ung reset button para mag hard reset. mababago ung settings, ma rreset din ung firmware. you must have a firmware back uped ready.

  • ystyphyn

    How about resetting problems? I availed for plan 3000 for small scale business. It has been working good for more than one year but since may, I encountered problems that requires me to reset the modem before I can connect to the net again. I experience this even more than trice a day. About 4 days in a week. It really cause me a big trouble especially that it occur most when my internet shop is about to be fed. Hence, I am searching for a better isp who really can commit to their offer. Is there any? (Baguio City)

  • jackhammer


    makusuyo lang po.

    modem ko po zyxel p600 series modem. plan 990 po ako, tapos may dlink dir-300 na wifi router.

    dati po kasi, yung yellow light nagbiblink lang pag may activity sa internet. pero now… mag-on lang yung router… blink na sya… as in consistent.

    tinry ko na rin ng rekta sa modem diretso sa desktop ko… ganun din.

    this week lang nagsimula. dati naman di ganun.

    may nabasa ko dati… pero di ko na makita kaya di ako sure. pero pwede bang mainfect ung modem?

    di ko rin maaccess ung modem via or sa iba ip. tinry ko na rin ung via cmd/ipconfig /all ganun din… di pa rin ako makapasok.

    ung modem ko ung walang router feature… di ko rin alam kung ano exact model ng modem… basta nakalagay ay zyxel p600 series.

    salamat ng marami.


  • einna

    hi ask ko lang po bkt pag dating ng middle browsing e nawawala ung connection ko? and then pag nagoopen mismo ako sa web browsing ayaw pa rin hangang read lang cya..

  • einna

    hi ask ko lang po bkt pag dating ng middle browsing e nawawala ung connection ko? and then pag nagoopen mismo ako sa web browsing ayaw pa rin hangang read lang cya.. thnxs hope u could help me..

  • Yamada


    kelan pa yan? ano ginawa mo before nang yari yan? naka router ka ba? kung naka router ka, try connecting directly to the modem. bigay ka pa nang ibang info about sa connection mo.

  • Mhar

    hmmm…. ok na ba po ang plan 1299 na 512kbps mabilis po ba xa sa mga online gaming pang solong PC kaya ba ang online games like mga rohan, ragnarok, mu

  • Yamada


    kahit 56kbps nga lang makakapag ragnarok ka na, 512kbps / 8kbps = 64KB/s download speed. kung mag rragna ka, if playing on a private server, invite mo ako ^^

  • Mhar

    @Yamada kung sa rohan online mabilis po ba xa nd na ba po xa deley kung lalaroin ko xa
    and 512kbps po ba mabilis na talaga yun sa gaming po

  • Mhar

    SA lahat po ba online games ok na 512kbps po pag nagplan ako ng 1299 sa pldt

  • Yamada


    most games, hindi pa ako nakakaencounter nang online game na kumakain nang 50KB/s

  • ronald

    @yamada gnun pla yun.. kpatid ko mdalas mag RO ragnarok kya nagshashare kmi s internet ako nmn counter-strike source online.. tumataas yung “ping” o “latency” ko s game kya mdalas m kick ako s game server plan 990 kmi yung bundled yung phone.. plan nmin mag upgrade khit plan lng n 1299.. 512kbps lng b tlga speed nun? kc yung plan nmin ngyn average bandwidth speed nya 390~440kbps tpos kung mag upgrade kmi 512kbps lng? for 300 pesos value.. d2 s area nmin konti lng kc nka pldt s pagkakaalam ko dami kc nka smart bro. dati smart bro. ako.. pero nung nkita ko yung mga staff ng pldt n ngkakabit ng fibre optics.. hehe ask ko kc yung ngkakabit kung ano gngwa nila sbi nila tga pldt cla nagpapalit daw cla ng cables tinanong ko kung anong cables sbi nila yung bago daw fiobre optics.. then nagsearch ako sbi nga daw new tech. at NGN n daw d2 s area nmin.. nagplit ako ng ISP.. pldt mydsl plan 990.. pero sir ask ko lng kung magplan 1299 ako cguro mas tataas p s 512kbps yung bandwidth ko possible kya.. iniisip kc nmin kung sulit magdag2 ng 300pesos pra s konting bilis? at mas mgging ok yung paglalaro nmin ng online games? ska pnu kya kpag nag-upgrade bka mpnsin nila yung router nmin d2 s bhay db pinalitan ko ng linksys d kya bwal yun.. dati yung zyxel gmit kya lng pang isang pc kya naglinksys kmi.. tnx.. alm ko mas experience kau sir kc may internet shop kau..

  • donding

    help naman poh, nag limted or no connectivity ung internet ko sa bahay tapos tinwag ko sa pldt pina trouble shott ipconfig relese saka renew pero may error na lumalabas pag nagrerenew ng ip “unable to contact DHCP server.”
    pano ba gawin ko? ty

  • Yamada


    hmm, baka hindi naka enable ung DHCP mo. try mo i manual configure, set mo ang ip as, then default gateway, then preferred DNS

  • Cdt/Capt PAF

    @Ronald, tataas talaga ping mo, lalo na pag labas ka ng Pinas naglalaro…

    even w/in Philippines lang, tataas ping mo pag naka split yung gamit, eg, nag c.cs source ka tapos may nag fefacebook… mag tataas talaga… kasi network traffic eh… kahit ako nga, xperience plan @ 1.7k a month……

    @yamada… 1 week na mahina net ko… 30kbps lang plan 1mb ako @ 1.7k/month billing… T.T

    pano kaya to… T.T

  • Yamada

    @Cdt/Capt PAF

    call ka sa customer service, sabihin mo mabagal net mo, pwede pang madagdagan yang bandwidth nang plan mo. if not, ping mo ung router/modem, kung pumapatak nang 100 pataas, baka may tama na yan.

  • ronald

    @Cdt/Capt PAF

    mnsan lng tlga mbgal.. cguro nga kpag ngsasabay-sabay kmi d2 s bahay n gumgmit.. pero ok nmn tong connection nmin sulit s speed ng plan990. cguro mas mgnda p kung ma-upgrde p nmin yun plan. nagdadalawang isip lng ako kc konting speed lng mdadagdag kung skali.

  • ej

    ask k lng po!! kc dati gumagana ung connection k tru router!! if directa s pc my connection if tru router nmn alng connection!!! kala k nga sira router k sow i buy a new one but same problem parin
    sow it mean png isang pc lng ang connection k?? p help nmn po

  • ronald

    ano b gamit mong router?

    u say”gumagana ung connection k tru router!! if directa s pc my connection if tru router nmn alng connection”

    d ko gnu gets.. hehe ask mo kay sir yamada..

  • Yamada


    hmm, baka na reset ung settings nang router mo kaya gnun, so bumili ka nang bago? may nilagay ka ba na settings before dun sa isa mong router?

  • david

    someone gave me extra zyxel pldt modem can i use 2 modem in my home using 1 number?


  • @yamada


    no, you can’t.

  • dave


    Cant even configure it so i can set up two wireles router 1 uptairs 1 downstairs?

  • @yamada

    well, that is possible. you could do that.

  • dave


    any ideas paano?

  • @yamada


    client bridging, it depends on the router you are using, most routers aren’t capable of this, such routers are meant to connect between devices (wireless clients) and not between access points (routers, etc). if you have other routers like WRT54G2 w/ custom firmware (DD-WRT), that is possible.

  • Ivan

    ask lang po..baka matulungan nyo ko.. im a plan990 user… nakakainis kasi lagpas 48 hours na ko nakakaexperience ng on and off na connection.. almost every five minutes nadidisconnect ako sa net and nagrereconnect xa.. pero diba, dapat tuloy tuloy connection nya.. nagkakaaberya tuloy sa lahat ng ginagawa ko sa net.. nagreport na ko sa 171 kaso, still on remote testing pa din daw..mag 48hours na din yun.. may maadvise po ba kayo?..

  • oscar de la hoya

    help po bat po wlang ilaw ung light sa dsl ( ung sa modem ) ko poh ? cra po ba modem ko pg ganon ? tama naman ung mga nasaksakan ko sa socket pati sa likod ng cpu, bat kaya ganon ? pls elp :) tnx …

  • mary11

    mga kua ate pnu pu gmitin un pldt mydsl990 san 2 computer? p help aman puh :(

  • Arbi

    Help please, how do i setup my router (netgeat wgr614) in a way na i dont need a pc that is plugged in my router via cable that is turned on para makaconnect sa wifi with internet. I can only use my net kasi and connect to wifi with internet whenever a pc or laptop is plugged to my router eh. Steps please, really need your help, i dont want to turn on my pc whenever i want to connect to wifi with my laptop eh aksaya sa kuryente. Clone mac address ba? How? Really need your help guys. Thanks

  • ronald

    @ivan, @oscar de la hoya
    mga sir may problema siguro ngayon s mga koneksyon.. kc dahil s typhoon n sunod2.. pero kpag ok n weather at ganun p rin i report mo n.. pero try mo troubleshoot muna.. mula connections ppunta s pc mo at modem.. ask sir yamada mas madami experience s gnyan..XD

    depende s modem mo.. kung pangisahan lng tlga tulad ng binibigay ng pldt s akin zyxel p600 lng pang isahan lng tlga kya.. kaya nid mo router.. gamit ko n ngayon linksys.. wifi mas mgnda.. teehee^_______^

    sana linksys n lng rin gamit mo matutulungan kita.. khit ntsmbahan ko lng dati kaka-kalikot.. hehe bshin mo mga past post ko dito s thread n to.. back read k s top bka may mabsa k n mkakatulong.. cna sir yamda lng tumulong s akin.. gud luck

  • Arbi


    oo nga eh, tplink at dlink madali lang iclone, sa netgear ang sakit sa ulo :)

  • Teddy


    Ask ko lang po kung pano mag set up ng CDR-KING Wireless router sa MyDSL connection.. DHCP o PPPoE po ba ang MyDSL?

  • Yamada


    kung ung modem mo can connect to the internet without using a router and setting up a connection through windows network connections, then pede mo sya iset sa automatic configuration (the router), pag gumagamit ka pa nang username and password pag cconect sa internet, then set as PPPOE.

  • johnlap

    bkt po plgi nadidisconnect yung internet ko? nag biblink po yung dsl palagi at minsan umiilaw ng red yung power sa modem, plss elp me, zyxel p-600 yun modem ko sa pldt dsl

  • Leo

    bossing, pede po bang ikabit ang TP link TL-WA601G access point directly sa pldt modem?

  • Yamada



  • Anna

    Hello, I need help with my internet connection. PLDT techie tinkered with my internet connection so now it’s not auto-connect anymore. I can’t seem to configure my router to the new PPoE status of my dsl. I tried the “″ to configure the modem (P-600 ZyXel) but it just says “page error” Any ideas would be most welcome! Step-by-step would even be better!

  • Yamada


    you don’t use the “Http” protocol, you just have to type the default IP “″ , if it doesn’t work, try to get your gateway address through the DOS system (startmenu > Run> CMD > IPCONFIG > Look under the default gateway) and use the address to access your modem. I guess you know how to tinker about your modem a bit. To return your connection to auto-connect, you’ll just have to set your connection to PPPOE and input your username and password which I think you know. If further help or assistance is needed, just post again ^^.

  • boom99

    hi guys..

    pwede bang maging auto connect ako sa internet with ZyXEL p-600 series??pano gawin un kasi pag mag iinternet ako nagcoconnect pa using username and password..


  • Yamada


    you’ll have to connect directly to your ZyXEL modem, pano ggawin to? try accessing this address:, then mappunta ka sa user login screen, type admin, kung hindi humihingi nang password, wag ka nang mag lagay, just leave it blank, if it asks for a password, then try admin or 1234. after mong makapasok sa menu nang modem mo, look for WAN setup, once you see it, punta ka sa connection type, palitan mo ung connection type mo nang PPPOE then input mo dun ung username and password, after nun, you’re done.

  • FatFace


    Just need a little help. 1 week ago nawalan kami ng connection ng pldt dsl, yesterday lang ngkaroon. pero ngayon super bagal ng connection. ilang beses na ako tumawag sa pldt wala pa rin technician na pumupunta sa bahay.

    Napansin ko rin ngayon na 3 led lang ang nkailaw sa modem yung “internet” di nakailaw. Sa tingin niyo ba may sira modem ko? or ano pwede niyo suggest.


  • jamzkie

    hi, noobie tlga ako sa technical stuff, so pls help me.

    i’m planning to buy a laptop 3 days from now.
    i have one pc which im connected with PLDT Plan 1299 + landline through the zyxel Prestige 600 modem.
    if im correct, i need a router to connect my internet connectiion with my laptop, right? I want to have internet while i’m using my laptop in my room.

    1. What router should i buy best?
    2. Is this the best solution to set up this wireless connection for the router you suggested above at August 11th, 2009 at 5:50 pm?

  • jamzkie

    hi, im planning to buy a laptop. i have a pc with pldt 1299 plan + landline, connected via zyxel p600 (no need for u/p to connect). can you please suggest to me what router i should use? and is the correct way to set the router you suggested posted on the link for August 11? Please reply. thanks

  • ayban

    hello guys,

    I’m planning to buy a D-link ADSL2/2 + modem with wireless router. pwede ko ba ito ma configure para magamit ko laptop ko and desktop ko ng sabay? thank you po for the help.

  • ronald


    sir/mam: parang may sira nga connection mo.. or maybe modem mo na rin may sira.. pero for the mean time i-scan mo yung computer mo baka may mga malware kaya mabagal connection mo.. try mo yung mga freeware like “ccleaner” .. tapos tawag ka muna sa pldt.. kulitin mo kung pwede pa nga sabihin mo na wala ka talaga connection ng ilang araw para puntahan ka nila agad.


    sir/mam: magagamit mo pa rin laptop mo sa default modem ng pldt.. ang problema gamit mo yung ethernet wire sa laptop mo.. at yung pc mo ndi mo magagamit ng sabay.. pero kung bibili ka ng router mas maganda dahil magagamit mo yung pc at laptop mo sa kwarto mo tapos yung pc halimbawa nasa sala by wifi na yung laptop mo tapos yung pc yun yung nka ethernet or pwede rin bilhan mo ng usb wifi lan yung pc para wifi din.. mai-suggest ko sau yung tulad ng gamit ko ngayon LINKSYS WAG54G2 ADSL2+ GATEWAY (sa PCBODEGA meron yata nito for 2k).. kung magbaback read ka mula sa taas.. mababasa mo yung problem ko nung una dahil hindi ko maayos yung set-up pero sa totoo pala madali lang. at yung luma ko na pldt zyxel modem na bigay ng pldt naka stock na lang ngyn gamit ko na yung linksys.. at sa totoo lang convenient na wlang wires. (bale sa ngayon dito sa bahay nasa taas yung router. 1 pc nka ethernet wire, 1 pc sa baba sa sala naka wifi lan card, 1 laptop at 1 netbook).. wala na kami problema except sa 384mbps lang connection namin at naghahati-hati kami kpag nagkakasabay kaming magkakapatid na nag-iinternet.kung parehas tayo ng router. matutulungan kita sa set-up..


    sir pwede po ma-configure yung dlink router.. ask yamada.. expert na sa ganyan.. at kpag na-configure mo sir yung dlink mo dapat yung may wifi na sir para magamit mo sa laptop mo at pc at the same time..

  • Yamada


    Try first calling it directly to the Customer Service. Sabihin mo mabagal internet mo.


    Hmm, you could go with linksys routers. WRT54G-2 and above, since these routers are capable of mod firmwares (meaning customized OS made by other groups| WRT54G2, 310N, 610N etc. etc.) which could make your router very efficient. Though I do not recommend flashing the OS if you are just a beginner since a mistake could get your router bricked (meaning, technically dead) although you could recover it by flashing the ROM directly by opening the router, in that case, both procedures nullifies your warranty.


    Yeah, that is a common feature that routers provide…

  • mark

    zyxelP600 Modem – PLDT
    cant connect to default gateway
    error 678 – the remote host did not respond…

    Any solution.. i’ve tried to read all of the above info.. but still it doesnt work..

  • mark

    zyxelP600 Modem – PLDT
    cant connect to default gateway
    error 678 – the remote host did not respond…

    Any solution.. i’ve tried to read all of the above info.. but still it doesnt work.. ^^

  • Yamada

    did you try accessing the gateway? you should set your gateway to in order to access the given address. If you’re currently connected to the internet using a different gateway, that’s probably coming from the ISP not the modem. Try setting your default gateway to then your address as and btw, if you’re using a router to connect to the internet, you wouldn’t be able to access the modem settings, you should connect it directly (the modem) to your computer.

  • Yamada

    or least try pinging the gateway first to see if there is a response. start menu>Run>CMD>ping or with the “-t” parameter.

  • mark

    still the same sir… supposedly the ethernet in the zyxelp600 modem should blinking on and off.. peo steady prin xia… plaging error678.. almost 5times ko nang tinatawagan ang PLDT but still i got the same response.. na report na po sir.., ginawan na namin ng report, nasa technical department na.. tatawagan nlng kau.. hahayz… i think yung router din nmin me sira na ata.. kc ung m1 and m2 blinking on and off.. minsan mabilis… kahit ikabit ko xia sa smart bro namin and set to static ip.. still no internet connection prin..

  • mark

    i tried pinging REQUEST TIMEOUT!

  • ayban


    sir, wat is your best advise wireless router + modem here in pinas. wala po kc ako mahanap na ganun model. I also welcome for the others to suggest. thank you all! :D

  • paul

    sir yamada ask ko lang poh kasi nawawalan po ako ng connection every 5minutes po tapos may ginawa may ginawa po dito yog technician pinailaw yong pang apat na ilaw (internet) tapos ng ok po siya for past few day pero bumalik sa dati nawala yong pang apat na ilaw pano po kaya paganahin ulit yon..? may tiningnan po kasi siya sa web configuration kaya lang hindi ako pamilyar doon..

    Zyxel P-600 nga po pala modem ko.. /required po ba ung PPPOE ang gamit?.. nahingi po kasi ng pasword pagnandon ako sa WEB configuration..

    sana po matulungan nyo ako..

  • jefrey

    Pahelp po, gamit ko po kasi windows 7 may 3 kaming pc ang modem ko po ay zykel
    gusto ko sana mag share may switch ako enable ko yung sharing pero di na share un internet kailangan ba talaga ng router?

  • Yamada


    not really, most zyxel modems can act as a sharepoint between pcs. tignan mo sa settings, try to set your modem to connect as PPPOE and set a DHCP network for your pcs.

  • neophyte

    Hi, gusto ko lang malaman kung ano ang vpi/vci sa visayas area? Hope you can help me guyz :-)

  • yeng

    hi sir,ask ko lang sana…yung modem ko kase is zyxel p600..okay nman yung internet connection ko..until nag reformat ako ng pc..tapos ayun..hindi na nag connect yung dsl ko..di ko alam kung anung dapat gawin..
    dati pag on palang ng pc ko automatic na syang coconnect.. appreciate your help.

  • milward

    i think your problem yeng is on the machine and not w/ the modem. anong windows ba gamit mo? check your network settings and make sure your tcp/ip setting is set to obtain ip automatically as well as the dns servers. i hope it will help

  • raf

    sir… di ko po ma access ung zyxel config menu… di nag prprompt ng username password lng… pano ba to? di gumagana ung 1234 :(

  • elmow

    sir yamada, yung internet ko lagiging nawawala tapos pag tiningnan ko yung modem zyxel 600, walang ilaw ung DSL/Act light.. then i have to turn off then on my modem again. tapos meron na ulit.. tapos mmya wla n nmn.. btw im using a router pero 2 years na ako nka router.. ngaun lang nangyari to.. on and off and DSL ko.. i suspect its a modem problem.. pero di pa din ako sure…

  • Yamada


    naka default yan, hindi mo na kelangan mag lagay nang password.


    It could be your router, try diagnosing it. ping mo router mo, start menu>Run>CMD>ping [gateway address] -t. tignan mo kung ang delay umaabot nang 3 digits. Post mo na din dto kung ano yang router mo, and which one starts the connection.

  • hans

    bakit po kahit nakaconnect ung tp-link namin sa zyxelp600 ayaw na po siyang maghati sa ibang computer?? please help.. ung zyxel nakaconnect sa tp-link tapos ung tp-link naghahati ng internet for 2 computer.. dati automatic po ung 2 ngayon ayaw na siya.. kahit naka tp-link po automatic po na isa lang computer ang meron?? please help??

  • elmow

    @yamada , thnx sir.. tinawag ko na lang sa pldt and modem problem nga.. pinalitan na lang nila ung modem namin then it went back to normal again.. tama lang ba na 0.5mb/s sa ung speed ko.. im using pldt plan 999 which is supposed to be a 1mbps.

  • GingerAlyss

    sir/ma’am Yamada ndi ko po ma-access yung modem ko. i opened firefox3 and ie8 nag try ako ala pa din.. nilagay ko yung current default gateway ko tapos ala, nagtry din ako nung binigay nyo n default gateway wala pa din po.. what should i do? should i cange my default gateway to how will i change it.. thanks..

  • Yamada


    Hmm. First, establish a direct connection between your pc and modem. Next step is, configure your network connections, set mo ung default then test it by pinging the address (start menu > CMD > ping it’s either may response or wala. Kung walang response, try to set your network settings (TCP/IP, Obtain IP automatically). Reply here kung ano nangyari.

  • Cloud

    ganito rin sakin.. good lan, walang internet…

    isang umaga bigla na lang nagkaganito.. hindi ko na alam ang nangyari..

    ginawa ko na rin lahat ng nasabi nyo mga ser..

    pano ba to!!!

    failed to get ip from remote DHCP!! demet!

  • KC

    ask ko lang po kung bakit hindi ako maka access sa gateway. pahelp naman po. thanks!

  • sky

    pldt mydsl (plan 1200) is my internet connection, pls help me configure my d-link dsl-2542b router, ppp connection failed…

  • charles

    ui panu ayusin ung sa akin.ksi ung knkbit ko ung internet ko sa laptop nag blink nman sya pero pag tngnan mo ung network connection network sya paanu ba iinstall ung mypldt dsl.pag sa dti kong laptop gumagana nman sya.can u help me pls?

  • pj buenafe

    bawal ba sa pldt ang tatlong nagamit ng internet kasi sa akin dalwa lng ang pede panu ba un? Aking ip address ay iba nd panu b maging ganyan panu 2 i configure??? pls reply

  • Yamada

    @pj buenafe

    pede un, kung may routing feature ang modem mo, or may sarili kang router, pede mo i split ang connection sa ibang computers. kung ang modem mo ang nag eestablish nang internet connection, then pedeng router na yun, ang kelangan mo lang dun ay hub. Or pag ang internet mo, i cconnect mo pa through windows, then, i cconfigure mo ung modem mismo, or ggamit ka nang router.

  • genesovia

    help nmn pls..

    lague kasi nadidisconnect ung dsl ko.. laging nagrered color ung sa power..

    what should i do?? sbi transformer daw kaso ala padin tlga…help nmn ogh…

  • justme

    defective equipment yan. pero try mo palitan power adapter ng equipment mo sometimes it works.

  • dslready!

    i have linksys wag200g adsl modem+router. gusto ko sana configure pra d ko na use ung model zyxel. try ko na bridge rfc 1483 ayaw pa din. eto ung sinunod ko na settings pero d pa din ako nakaconnect sa internet. pero sa linksys ko nakailaw ung dsl and internet. pero d nman makapagbrowse… pano ba to.. pls help…

    linksys nmin.. s setup gnwa ko lng RFC 1483 bridged
    multiflexing LLC
    qos type UBR
    PCR and SCR leave it blank
    autodetect disable
    virtual circuit VPI=0 vci=100
    dsl modulation: multimode
    IP settings automatically obtain an ip address network setup LAN gateway IP
    subnet mask
    network address server settings DHCP = enable

  • Ward

    I have mydsl plan 1299 with a zyxel p-600series modem and I am trying to connect a TP-Link Wireless G router to it. I figured out that it is a PPPoE connection type, but I don’t know what my user name and password is. The installer didn’t tell me. I read on previous entries to use admin 1234 etc…or my account number and transaction number. Is the acct number the one on my billing statement? and where do I get my transaction number. Please help me. Thank you.

  • shadow_vmn

    i just bought a WIRED router (edimax). I’m having problems connecting to the net. before that, i want to ask how to know my internet connection type (cable modem, fixed ip dsl, pppoe, ppp, l2tp dsl, telstra big pond, etc..) ? now, i tried using fixed ip (since whenever i do the ipconfig thing, it always returns the same ip address, subnet, etc..), but the connection fails! can you help me with this?

  • shadow_vmn

    nga pala, zyxel din ung sa pldt mydsl ko, hindi ko sure ung model (baka p600), tapos plan 990 lang xa = 384 kbps lang.

  • tintin

    hi sir! nagka-problem po kami dito sa shop. everything was fine until one day, when we opened the shop, wala ng internet connection. meron namang net kapag naka-stand alone, pero wala kapag thru router. we thought sira na yung router so we bought a new one. pero ganon pa rin. nahirapan kaming i-configure pero after 1 whole day, nakakuha na rin ng connection. problem is pagdating sa dota, namimili ng map na pwedeng i-create, sa garena naman, namimili ng server. still don’t know kung kelangan pang i-configure everytime na mag-turn off ng router.

  • ryann bugarin

    hello pwede po d ko ma access ung pwede po patulong add niyo ko ym >_<

    gamit ko zyxel p600 thanks

  • anne

    sir,, d ko po maaccess ung problem loading page po sya,, tsaka tnong ko po if i can connect 2 pc sa modem zyxel p600 series.. paano po? tnx po

  • marky

    gud day. can i still use my router? 2nd hand n kasi cia I cannot connect to it tru wi fi kc may password pala. panu po ba i set up un? favor please…

  • lala

    good day. :)
    kahapon nagkabit ng wi-fi service dito sa house for my niece and I’s use.
    eh since malapit lang ako sa place nung router,

    prefer ko na lang sana via cable,
    kapag kasi wi-fi nawawala-wala due to the features ng laptop ko.

    tapos ung nag-setup pa nung router, binura ung other network sa network sharing center. I NEED HELP PLEASE.. :(

    gusto ko sana pwede ko ding gamitin ung net directly sa ZyXel and optional ung sa router..


  • leslie

    sir yamada ayaw po gumana ung pag tinatype ko sa address bar nka direct connect naman ung modem (Zyxel ) sa desktop. then ayaw thin sa router.
    thanks po

  • ickho


    about sa problem mo ang problem mo eh connect lang yung zyxel sa laptop mo directly pero pwede mo connect yung router anytime din?

    Simple lang yung wire mo na kinakabit sa yellow na saksakan sa router at sa modem mo illipat lipat mo lang example yung wire na sasaksak mo sa lan ng laptop mo saksak mo lang sa modem mo ganun lang kasimple. palit palitan mo lang mga saksakan

  • ickho

    Sa lahat ng nagtatanong ng ip

    eto tytype sa address bar =Correct Wrong

  • Auditores

    meron po akong tenda w300s adsl2 na wireless router. and input po kasi nia is rj11 panu ko po icconfigure? kelangan parin po ba ung inissue ng pldt na modem na p600 para mgmit ko ung wireless router? or idirect ko na po agad un dsl line sa w300. kng direct po, anu po ang settings?

  • Help

    Need help, I’ve been using Zyxel Modem and Netgear router, since Windows XP pa, I switch to Windows 7 recently, auto detect naman un modem and router, but last week, pinalitan ni PLDT un password ko… so, I need to resetup my router via wizard setup… problem now, ayaw ng madetect… error sa last stage ng setup… mali daw mga kabit ko, which infact tama naman…

  • Yamada


    Are you sure na ung router ang pinalitan nang password or ung modem? Password as in establishing a PPPOE connection password? try mo muna mag direct connect sa bawat isang peripherals mo. Go with the modem first, try mo auto-detection, then kung ayaw, i-set mo manually, usually yan ang gateway mo is, ung IP mo is, then gawa ka nang PPPOE connection sa windows network. Then next, try mo na ung router, kung ayaw parin madetect, i manual mo nalang din ung router, again IP:, subnet:255:255:255:0, default gateway:, Preferred DNS:

  • Jack


  • christopher

    I too had the same problem. I pressed the reset button of your modem and zyxel P-600 series (P-600R-D1) and I don’t know how to configure it. Calling PLDT was of no help.
    now I can only connect to the internet via direct connection to PC. But I can’t connect via a router.

    can someone help me please? I can’t configure the modem via (it does not detect it).

  • kid

    well try m muna palitan ung ip tcp/ip then connect ka ulit sa modem via browser..

    well i have also a problem i cant even link my tplink router with my zyxel modem…

  • JP

    Bakit kaya yung light ng DSL sa modem ko madalas nawawala as a result disconnect ako sa internet. Bumabalik din pero it annoys me especially if I’m streaming online or downloading and uploading. At least three times nag occur sa isang oras.

  • Yamada

    kung na reset nyo at you’re somewhere in manile VCI: 100 mo.

  • JP

    Any suggestions to my dilemma?

    Bakit kaya yung light ng DSL sa modem ko madalas nawawala as a result disconnect ako sa internet. Bumabalik din pero it annoys me especially if I’m streaming online or downloading and uploading. At least three times nag occur sa isang oras.

  • dhomz

    Hi..pwede po ba 2 pc sa isang modem?,,..cable lng po ba kailangan?

  • pharcs

    yung modem nung nireconfigure eh makapag browse cya, pero pag kinabit ko na sa router eh nagseselected browsing, pero pag globe yung ipapalit ko eh ok naman connection, ano kayang problema?

  • mark siguenza

    Wala bba username and password na nirerequire???

  • twothemax

    HELP PO Please! I have Nokia M1921 Modem/ADSL Router. Ask ko lang kung paano maaccess at ma-configure ito? Need ba special software?

  • noearthnetwork

    hello po sa lahat, Mayroon lang ako e raise na tanong po tungkol po sa PPPoE connection. I had encounter a problem po sa DIR-600 gusto ko pong e connect yung modem ko sa wireless router po kaya lng PPPoE po ang connection ko po sa pldt. Ang device ko po ay speedtouch then connect to wireless router dir-600 po? ayaw po ma shared po yung internet connection gamit yung wireless router ko? Ano po ba ang probs nito? pwede po ba nyo ako tulong di2?


    anu po ba ang mga information about the service plan of 1299,999,1995,3000 ?

  • wel

    sir i have 8 pc paano mag ka roon ng connection lahat internet kailangan ko pa ba configure ko un sa modem…ang gamit ko ay pldt dsl..nka win 7 gamit ko.. ayaw nmn gumana configure ko sana..cno nkakaalam..reply pls..

  • wel

    limited lang ba ung binibigyan nya nang internet connection na yung 4pc..kailangan pa ba configure un..

  • http://newsettingpls. lordmarx

    this is and old setting.. is there a new one. preferably for bridge. thx.

  • http://mukamo nammme

    sir ask lng poh may internet namn poh kami 6 poh ung PC namin dalawa lng poh ang may internet ung apat poh wala hindi namin alam if kung ano ano ung pwde namin gamitin IP address at gateway.. naka hub poh kmi dsl line namin


  • Gigi

    hello po…..tanong lang po ako….yung internet namin parang dysfunctional….hindi na sya kasing lakas sa dati….ZyXel P600 din ang model….is there a possibility po ba na sira yung modem??

  • Remi

    sa amin din po. ganon. di sya nagwowork tulad nung dati. humina at laging nadidisconnect.. baka po reset kailangan. eh di gumagana yung Ip. kapag inenter.

  • jerzs

    sir Yamada papano kaya tong sa dsl ko Encapsulation ko nakalagay sa ENET ENCAP ok lang ba yon kasi sobra bagal ng net ko eh kakainis na pldt lagi ako natawag lagi naman ginagawa pero ganon pa din bagal pa din baka may matutulong po kau help naman pow

  • jerzs

    ZyXel P600 din pow modem ko di nga kaya sira na to sir

  • anil

    bro, i tried to open the configuration page using the web page it only shows the status all other settings do not show anywhere..what could b the problem

  • maui

    sir yamada, please help po, ngn po sa area namin, dynamic po dsl ko, pano po i setup yung zyxel prestige 600 series ko (650r-31), sana po step by step, tnx po

  • komik

    help nmn po… ung modem ko na zyxel p600 my internet lng kpg nka rekta sa 1 pc. kp kinokonek ko na sa router(edimax) pra sa ibang pc wla na internet.. help nmn.. my aayusin ba ko sa modem(zyxelp600) o dun sa router(edimax)?

    tska nga pla. kpg nkarekta aq sa 1 pc d ako makakonek sa config.) pro my internet xa. anu kaya prob?

  • herms

    what is the password in wifi connection

  • erwin

    sir bat ganon nag apply ako sa dsl pero hanggang ngaun d pa ako nakakabitan….location ko 5th ave….pldt grace park paki asikaso nmn nag down na ako kaya ayosin nyo servisyo nyo….

  • Bryan

    Paki-explain po:
    Meron po kaming myDSL plan 990, dati po mabilis ung download rate 58 to 65 kbps. Ngaun po na-down n lng sa 10 to 20 kbps max ung speed nia. Okay naman po ung modem at ung router, pero sobrang bagal mag-download ng mga files at mag-load ng mga pages. Bakit po ganun?

  • Otep_orig

    sa mga may problem sa net kahit anong ISP provider just contact me and i can help you to solve it. 806-5726 or 09085558879. page loading and fast file transfer and online games solve na po ang mga problem na yan.

  • Kim Bum

    need help IT people.. gusto ko sana magsurf ng net simultaneously(wifi) using my laptop,desktop(LAN only),psp and tablet.. meron akong SMARTBRO wireless gateway dito 1UTP,1LAN and phone splitter at yung ZyXel modem na kasama sa package ng pldt dsl.. kaya lang eto lagi lumalabas, “DNS server error” bakit kaya? dahil kaya sa may sariling configuration ang gateway na galing sa SMARTBRO? kaya ayaw nya magbond sa PLDT modem? thanks in advance :)

  • Yamada

    @Kim Bum

    Bro, try mo mag force DNS sa settings mo. Either dun sa computer or dun sa gateway mo. Try mo din mag ping test to check kung talagang properly connected ba ung devices mo in between… Try pinging both IP and web address protocol (

  • nadj

    why the connection of my (PLDT DSL) was sometimes lost how can i repare or having no lost connection…

  • jin

    panu po ba ma access un web configuration? pinalitan kc un modem namin naging default gateway is ni ttry ko mag static ip pero nde nya ma access tlga..balak ko kc sna i router mode uli gaya dati hehe

  • bUdz

    panu po mg set up ng TP-LINK wireless router sa PLDT DSL?
    d kasi ako mka internet pro may connection sya…
    panu po mg configure… salamat

  • dkoalamun

    help pldt mydsl pppoe atm loop back test failed

  • sangbay falls

    gud day mga mam/sir, bka matulungan nyu aq, my pldt mydsl biz installed sa 4th flr.. pgdating sa 2nd flr weak na signal ng wi-fi, then i installed linksys router E2500 to use as my access point to serve in 2nd flr at ground flr.. ang gnwa qoh nag bridge connection, probably ok naman set up, ang problema ko sa icon ng wifi connected ung net, pero once na nagbrowse na aq.. error lumalabas.. iniicp ko my settings pa ba need sa pldt mydsl ko.. pag inquire q naman status ng wifi linksys router mabilis at connected sa net..
    thanks @ more power sa forum na ito ..

  • Malou

    How to change my password ang bagal na kasi ng connection ko feeling ko dami na nakakaalam ng pw ko

  • Arieldeleon

    pwede po bang palitan user and password ng PLDTMYDSL modem+wifi w300

  • AL

    pano po yung dsl ko po manually configured ang naka lagay hindi ko mapalitan ng assigned by dhcp

  • Jaggernaut

    Question po. Sana matulungan niyo ako. I’m currently using PLDT plan (990) bundled phone + internet. My modem is pldt ZyXEL P-600 series with 384 kbps. Apat po kaming pc unit ang gumagamit using D-Link Router. The problem is medyo mabagal na po talaga ang connection lalo na pag video mabagal ang loading. So, balak ko pong bumili ng ADSL2+ Wireless Modem Router with 150 mbps or 300mbps para po bumilis ang connection ko. At papalitan ko na ang modem ng pldt. Ang tanong ko po, Okay lang po ba yun. Or magiging compatible kaya sya sa modem ng PLDT? Sana po may makatulong. Baka masayang lang po kasi kung bibili ako ng agad Modem+ Router… I’ll wait for your replies. Thanks.

  • Jeffperez_mail

    HINDI po sa Router ang Problema…kundi speed mo po.dapat upgrade po kayo

  • Jaggernaut

    so, okay lang kaya n a bumili na lng me ng adsl modem na may 150 mbps? compatible kaya sya?

  • Rachevirata

    ask ko lang po.. ung modem nka firewall disabled tapos wps unconfigured  status off .. kaya po ba ayaw gumana ng wifi because of that????

  • Shang187

     how about sa pag change ng password?
    may nahuli kc akung gumamit ng wifi nmin pwede po bang tulungan nyo akung mah private ang wifi nmin?

  • Mejean Caparida

    Bakit po always media disconnected ang media ststes namin ? what is the reason?
     e my internet naman kame?

  • Mikhaildoloria

    bakit wala kame wifi? naka internet naman kame at wifi modem naman..

  • jhon denver

    Ma’am ?tawag nLng po kau sa service office 171 .. Thanks or caLL nlng po kau sken .. 09294440742

  • Hanz_v2011

    bakit di ako makaconnect through WPA2-PSK encryption namin sa bahay… ang nakalagay lang ay UNidentified newtwork, pero pag NO security lang cya==i mean no need for password,,nakakaconnect ako.. PLS anyone help.. we are using Xyzel modem-PLDTmyDSL

  • Rechilda_m

    thanks sa posts,,very helpul..

  • Play_boy_214

    check mo kung nka open ung wifi m at ung range baguhin mo at ung wifi mo check mo bka nmn di nka connect

  • Play_boy_214

    wag mo gmtn ang wpa2-psk kng di mo ma connect sa..or check mo firewall mo…best way po un.

  • aireen morales

     can i ask who can help me   to apply pldt dsl? pls pls im here on bulcan

  • Myrtle P. Salazar

    i want a new password, how can i change the old one?

  • Sameg

    Hi, I know this post is an old one but hoping you can help all  teh same. I am trying to connect wirelessly using a linksys WAG54G2 router – only get a caution symbol over the internet connection symbol (both wire and wireless connection)… had a PLDT rep here but no help… any advice ???

  • Hannahloisecalayag

    Thank You. :)

  • Boloy

    paano i activate ang wifi connection

  • Ericksonlim

    same here. i cant see the network advanced and maintenance settings

  • robert

    nakarouter kami. ang problema ang kasama ko may app na humihigop ng mbps w/c dapat share kami. kaya sa akin superbagl. any suggestion how to control sa kanya o limitahan sia?

  • unknown

    hahah lagyan mo ng wep key sa wep security

  • Danairo Castro

    bumili ka po ng jamer para ma block ung signal ng connection sa area nyo

  • chuck

    patulong naman po. subscribed to PLDTMyDSL just last week. Tas biglang kanina it suddenly asked for username and password for my ipad. tas sa cellphone ko sabi may existing na daw na SSID ng PLDT tas sa laptop ko din di na nag cconnect. panu po to?

  • jun

    upgrade mo ang plan mo sa higher speed mga 5mbps palagay ko 1mbps lang yan bundle na yan kaya super bagal

  • heaven

    pwede bang tanggalin yung saksak ng dsl sa main socket kung hindi naman ginagamit?

  • jeph

    ndi q maopen ung page ng dsl (

  • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

    try nyo user “pldtadmin” password: 0123456789 or 1234567890

  • alnelvincentalico

    Sa pag-change ng password ng wifi:
    Log in as admin first. Next, click on Network > Wireless LAN. Then, in the AP tab, input your desired WiFi password on the Pre-shared Key field. Finallly, click Apply.
    Sa pag-change ng password ng modem:
    Click on Maintenance > System. Next, in the General tab, input your old and new desired password as indicated in the fields.

  • alnelvincentalico

    Probably, you’re not logged in as an administrator but rather a user with the credentials, by default, as username: admin, p/w: 1234. Try logging in with the administrator credentials, with adminpldt as the username, and 1234567890 as the password.

  • alnelvincentalico

    Sa pag-change ng password ng wifi:
    Log in as admin first. Next, click
    on Network > Wireless LAN. Then, in the AP tab, input your desired
    WiFi password on the Pre-shared Key field. Finallly, click Apply.
    Sa pag-change ng password ng modem:
    Click on Maintenance > System. Next, in the General tab, input your old and new desired password as indicated in the fields.

  • alnelvincentalico


  • alnelvincentalico

    Sa pag-change ng password ng wifi:
    Log in as admin first. Next, click
    on Network > Wireless LAN. Then, in the AP tab, input your desired
    WiFi password on the Pre-shared Key field. Finallly, click Apply.
    Sa pag-change ng password ng modem:
    Click on Maintenance > System. Next, in the General tab, input your old and new desired password as indicated in the fields.

  • alnelvincentalico

    Click Network > Wireless LAN. Sa General tab, check Enable Wireless LAN. In the same tab, you can choose your password and other WiFi preferences.

  • alnelvincentalico

    Sa pag-change ng password ng wifi:
    Log in as admin first. Next, click
    on Network > Wireless LAN. Then, in the AP tab, input your desired
    WiFi password on the Pre-shared Key field. Finallly, click Apply.
    Sa pag-change ng password ng modem:
    Click on Maintenance > System. Next, in the General tab, input your old and new desired password as indicated in the fields.

  • alnelvincentalico

    Log in as admin first. Next, click Network > LAN > DHCP Server. There you can change your preferences.

  • alnelvincentalico

    Siguro po dahil sa WiFi, o maraming gumagamit ng wired connection o PC niyo, baka may marami nang downloading programs o mga spywares o virus.

  • alnelvincentalico

    You can see and change the WiFi password in Network > Wireless LAN > AP tab, in the Pre-Shared Key field.

  • dane

    user name: adminpldt
    password: 1234567890

  • mefenamic

    pa help po kasi may cisco router din kami. but di ko ma open settings ng cisco kasi di daw ako connected. nakakagamit ako ng wifi using cisco but when I open, sa pldt yung lumalabas. pag open ko naman cisco from the start menu, ayun nga di daw ako connected :(

  • Jel Baya

    pls help! di ko na ma access ang adminpldt with the password 1234567890.. pano po ito mareset? thnx

  • Miguel Goyena

    Young range hung WiFi dito malakas many pagka malapit as router paglumayo name ng wala pang 1 meter wala ng connection, wala naming interference.

  • mico

    Ayoko palitan password ko pero may gusto ako tanggalin sa client list..ano po gagawin using pldt mydsl..

  • bpol

    pno po iset ung bandwidth gumagamit po ko ng pldt mydsl ung router

  • naxyz

    hindi makaconnect ung laptop ko sa wireless network ko pero nagana sya pag may cable.. ang dami ko ng natry na paraan, ganon at ganon pa din ang lumalabas. “windows was unable to connect to —–”. then tnry kong i reset ung PLDTMyDSL, hindi na sya madetect ng iba pang devices, hindi lng ako sure kung hindi talga sya madetect kasi my wifi na nadedetect pero iba lang ung pangalan. i think un ung akin nareset lang tlga pati pangalan and password -_- please help nmn… ilang araw ko ng tina try ayusin to!!!

  • KISMET28

    Hi nakuha ko kasi by accident yung password ng wifi ng kadormate ko, eh since lalabas gun sa client list naisip ko lang kung mare retain yung host name ko dun. Like if kung hindi ako nakaconnect lalabas pa din ba yung host name ko or sa tuning magcoconnect lang ako lalabas yung host name ng laptop ko? Thank you!!