PLDT MyDSL Plan 999 back to 256 kbps?

A lot of subscribers have been complaining that their DSL connection slowed down a notch from 384 kbps it somewhat went back to 256 kbps. It all started last April and until now. If you’re one of those who are experiencing slowdown, call 172 and report your problem or better yet find another dsl or cable internet provider like Globelines Broadband, SkyDSL, ZPDee, etc.



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  • gofo

    yes, its true, i have 384 kbps subscription but my average bandwidth has gone down to 170-180 kbps.

  • vince

    yes, and also annoying that the connection always drop. and the operator only answer you that wait for one day or 2 to fix. its suck.. it never fix.

  • ger

    worst is that i just start my subs this June and they
    told me that if i terminate my subs after 3 days of
    installation i’ll fall on the pre termination which i
    have to pay the penalty!!! BULL so now i’m stuck on this

  • name

    just a question guys….
    ung inapplyan ko na connection is 1mpbs and im paying 999…
    im from tuguegarao city
    eto po ung prob,.. kapag nagdodownload po ako, ang max na speed nya is 31kbps,…
    tama po ba ung internet speed ko?

  • mitch

    my net conncetion really slowed down.. i can no longer download my favorite movies…it sucks..

  • Jen

    i’m almost afraid to proceed with my application.
    are their services really this bad?
    spoke with a customer representative over the phone a few minutes ago and she sounds so distracted, almost rude in answering all my questions.
    she even told me that my location does not fall under “new gen(eration) lines”, so i asked her if my line/cable is under “old gen”. she wasn’t able to answer me convincingly.
    any good news on this pldt mydsl? :)

  • jack

    palpak tlga DSL!

  • Carla

    I’m planning to apply for the bundle plan P990 per month (internet + landline) but i’m still thinking which has the better service, Globe Broadband or Pldt MyDSL?

  • Gack

    Mas matino ung PLDT mag customer service…
    Especially pag malapit kayo sa kanila.. XD
    Depending on customer service PLDT has one of the good customer support
    Rather than globe…
    Which will take you a week to repair the problem.
    Its my own opinion anyways.. Depending on Customer support that is.

  • Cris

    I’m at Taytay, Rizal, and I’m planning to upgrade my existing wirelessbro 999, plan details:

    Speed : Up to 384 kbps
    No. of Hours use : Unlimited
    Connection : Fixed wireless connection (FREE Installation Fee)
    Requirements : Subscriber Application Form, Proof of Identification.
    Total Initial Payment : Php 999.00
    Lock-in Period : 12 months

    results via,

    First Test (via reccommended server, QUEZON CITY)
    download: 356 kbps
    upload:256 kbps

    Second Test (i’ve tried to used diff. server, MAKATI)
    download:335 kbps
    upload:329 kbps

    Third Test (Cagayan de Oro City server)
    download: 443 kbps
    upload:341 kbps

    Looking at the results, it seams that i’m so lucky to have an excellent connection, as of the moment I guess, these tests were performed at 9:30 in the morning.

    But I need faster speed,.maybe at least 2mbps, so sad smartwireless bro dont offer such, so with so much regret i have to change my isp,. I’m surfing the Internet asking internet cafe technicians/operators to know which isp is the best,in terms of speed of course,. is it PLDT or Globelines? Somebody pls help me.,

    Thanks so much in advance, hope this forum could help me.

  • anne

    ang badtrip pa sa pldt they’d always say na til 5pm lan ang field visit nila.. ano kayang gusto nila gawen sa mga nagwowork na kailangan nila assistan .. magleave pa para antayen sila or laging 1 week (for the next weekend) maservicean… i called their agent sabe una til 5pm daw tas nun supervisor na kausap ko pwede daw til 8pm mga special request.. bat kaya nag 24 hrs hotline pa sila d naman pala matutulungan 24 hrs.. its been 3 days na wala akong connection.. they promised na sunday pupunta sila sa bahay (kase nga sat ako tumawag to complain and i managed them na wala ako ng weekdays sa bahay) i lost na around 5k pesos dhel hindi ako makaonline sa work ng weekend tas gusto pa nila magleave ako para magawa nila… and they were instructing sa ‘remote support’ same thing lang den nun ginawa ko .. I called them 9 times ng sunday kakahanap ng support na pupunta kamo sa house namen same day.. around 530 pm my 6th call .. ay mam til 5pm lang po sila ngsusupport.. note: i’ve been using mypldt dsl for barely 2 months— nawalan na agad ng connection

  • ludie

    Gud day,
    Last Sept. 2008 I applied for Mydsl connection (landline plus DSL) at SM Fairview, then after an hour they texted my the SO number (am and pm nos.) so everytime i make follow up un daw ang ibigay kong numbers, so i followed it up weekly, until such an operator replied that” wala pa pong available sa area nyo” so i’ve waited …then here come i received from pldt offering dsl connection, i said we had already pending application i have an SO nos., is that okey, so follow up lang daw kelangan, so patiently i.m calling pldt thru 173 from time to time, then last week my neighbor told me that there is now available in our area so i called up again just to hear from the operator that my applicationin is on hold, waiting for the availability in our area, okey, i presumed it’s on hold then sooner they will act on it. but I’ve waited again for a month to be notified…i made a followed again, and the reply is i have to re apply , ano ba totoo, on hold waiting to be notified when to pay and then install my connection or re apply, my fear is baka maubos ang slot……..

  • Cris


    gudday sayo., it seams me problem ang PLDT, u said may application ka na but the area where u r applying dont have yet their DSL service, yet u rcv a msg? or agent? telling u to apply for such., i believe its already in process,. para magkaron ng DSL sa area nyo, pending pa siguro un sau dahil nag aantay lang ng makakasabay,. So pede ka re apply para sure., kung may agent mas maganda kse me mag follow up para sau kse may kita sila dun.

    for info ludie,. un Globelines po dito s amin sa taytay, rizal,nagkakabit khit 200 meters away sa poste nila and kahit mag isa ka lang apply iprocess kgad nila. bkit po di nu try inquire sa globeline if meron s area nu., whats gud is may ksama pa po landline line un.

    Hope this could help u on ur problem.

  • Vince of Caloocan

    got my landline 3yrs ago, decided to avail the 999 for dsl more than a year ago (so landline + dsl = 1.8k monthly bill) lucky for me since my standard download speed is 1.4 mbps & 884 upload ‘ pero dati nag 1.8mbps pa!’ anyways, same din d2 sa opis namin sa cavite landline+999 dsl pero max nya is 512 kbps, bakit kaya ganun pldt?. try namin siguro globe broadband.

  • PoTanes=[

    PLDT SUKS!=[

    hi to all, i’m from Tuguegarao City… My internet connection going slowed down.. I’m using PLDT MyDSL Plan 990..

    date umaabot ako ng

    1183 kbps = 1.16 Mbps

    download upto 147.88 Kilobytes per Second
    Pero sa ngaun umaabot nlang sa

    256 kbps to 350 kbps

    download upto 3-15 Kilobytes per Second
    taz meron ung raw n wlang connection..umaabot ng 3-4 days kung d mo cla tawag tawagan d cla ga2law grabeng pldt na yan..taeng PLDT…. bket gnito na ang PLDT MyDSL habang tumatagal lalong bumabagal…. “BAYANDAG PLDT”

  • gina


    Question lang po, my family is planning to put up an internet shop dito sa tuguegarao, but were having problems on what service provider to get. Maybe you could help us out kung alin ang pipiliin.

    What Internet Provider should we get? comparison kung meron para alam po namin yung maganda based on your experience. Salamat ng madami! :)

  • x2per

    ako nga laging dc palpak tlaga my dsl mabilis pa yata dialup nagbabayad ako sa wla pag tumatawag ako sa pldt sasabihin bka my problem ung pc e wla tumataas ang altapresyon ko MALAPIT KO NA TONG MAPUKPOK TONG COMPUTER KO!!!!!! BUWISET

  • Emman

    SUN wireless broadband’s the best!!!

  • cahlill

    whats better plan 990 or plan 999???

  • roberto

    there’s not much difference, either of which is good enough for me, now that i’m a qik subscriber.

  • grey ghost

    no difference nga. QIK is a good product (so far) probably dahil bago pa lang. IDK. I have no complaints (yet) whatsoever.

  • roberto

    i saw in one message board that the download rate of plan 999 was 1.91mbps. Fantastic noh?

  • ria_sonrisa

    really? saan mo nakita iyan? that’s great news. I’m not that much into the details basta walang lag, no pause, or hindi nadidisconnect, masaya na ako. :)

  • biggerbyte

    Guys just to clarify things PLDT 990 and 999 are two diff. packages…se below

    P990 – Residential phone line + 384 KBPS (for new subscribers)

    P999 – DSL line 1MBPS (old subscribers) separate payment for Phone line

    I’m using 999 in Laguna since 2005 before I was very happy with the performance standard 800kbps up to 1.1 mbps. But eversince their upgrade. last March April anak ng teteng pumapalo na lang sa 110 to 446 KBPS ang connection ko. I think it’s not a valid reason na mabagal ang Workstation kasi before they can deliver the connection on slow computers at very hi-speed. Di porke gumanda na mga units ngayon they will decrease the speed still it’s not the case… they should notify their subscribers about this. kasi when they upgraded notified ka pero now wala? I think someone can push a legal action about this….any politician you know who can battle this to the Senate much better.

    Pero bad trip talaga. I’m planning to change telco now

  • trowa

    WTF ngaun ko lang nalaman na mag kaiba pala ang plan 999 sa plan 990. nag apply ako ng plan999 pero ang binibigay saking speed pang 990. ngaun pa at pinapalitan nila phone numbers namin from 522 to 653 24kbps nlng ang downloading AMP!

  • meinard

    just to clear things up a bit..

    plan 999 which is equal to 384 kbps has a normal DL speed of 48 kBps..

    notice the “b” in “kbps” which is written in small letter means bits.. not bytes..

    a byte is equal to 8 bits..right??

    try niyo: connection speed divided by 8 = normal dl speed…

    kng gusto niyo bumilis try using booster apps

    fullspeed and IDM

  • Michelle Bedison

    whatever pldt is sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edgar

    Ganyan Talaga siguro yang PLDT plano talaga nila yan, Mag plan ka ng 999-356 kbps. habang tumatagal bumabagal kala nila hindi natin napapansin para lang sa mga tanga ung hindi nakakapansin, Kaya naman tayo naghahanap ng mabilis na connnection speed mag aupgrade toyo! Kala nila sa kanila tayo mag-aupgrade WALANG HIYA KAYO NILOLOKO NYO KAMI Hindi na sa inyo! sa ibang internet provider nalang kami yung hindi mandaraya.

  • Aquilino S. Distor

    Alam nyo mga bro, you only need to reiterate sa kanila na whatever plans you subscribed eh! yun din dapat ang speed ninyo sa, based on my experienced, i keep on complaining, complaining and complaining until someone gives attention… took me half year or eight months for the engineer responsible to visit my place and replace the wiring from post to home and tested my line for the maximum speed i can avail of….I subscribed for 1mbps but I usually get 500-600kbps until they changed the line and give me the assurance that I’ll be getting the speed I have subscribed…..Then and at last true 1mbps ang speed ko……Pa check ninyo the maximum speed of connectivity you can avail of…. Meron silang tester para dito, before you should avail of any specific speed. Kc kung mababa lang ang maximum sa area kahit mataas ang speed na subscribed nyo eh! sayang ung binabayaran ninyo…Remember “customer is always right” but you should also know your rights before invoking it….

  • pldt lover

    pakshet pldt

  • I love pldt lover

    boycot pldt

  • silvyse

    Haha, I once worked with pldt and I too is a bit disappointed with them not because of late service but because they have a tendency to commit things they can’t really do at the promised time. I think that is really the problem.

  • marlon

    badtrip tong PLDT DSL habang 2matagal napakabagal di na ko makapagdownload sa una lng pala mabilis…

  • pedro_p

    dami na palang nabibiktima ng PLDT. sana meron magpadala ng complaints natin sa media para naman maturuan ng lesson yan PLDT. btw… since May this year nagumpisa nang bumagal un connection ko. almost 2 years na kaming nakaDSL plan 990 nun. before nakakaDL ako ng videos in 30 mins-1 hr (400mb-800mb) ngaun di na ako makapag video calling tapos pagcheck ko ng ping puro request time out lumalabas. hayz. pag DL nmn ako less than 20kb/s nakukuha ko ngaun(as of the moment) 6.1 kb/s lng. pag manonood nmn ako online dapat umaga pa lng umpisan na iload un video tpos gabi panonoorin. minsan pag check ko ng IP lumalabas pang router! ano yun?! pag tumatawag ako sa customer support or may dumating na technician (after ilang days) sasabihin ok nmn connection namin. nagiging ok nga pag andito lng sila tpos pagalis tadtad na nmn ng request time out. tpos regarding daw dun sa DL aus nmn daw un 20kb/s. huh?! can someone help me out?

  • azwethinkweiz

    wla kwenta pldt…d mapantayan ang plan 999 ng globe.landline plus net 1mbps samantalang sa pldt 384 lang d man lang dagdagan..and worst nababawasan pa speed..tsktsk..boykot pldt…

  • kitty

    oo mejo badtrip ako, naka plan 999 ako since 2005 dito sa house ng mom ko. ang reklamo ko dati was not the speed but why my linksys router wasnt working. it took 2 PLDT servicemen to come take a look. one guy said nothing was wrong, another said there was a “switch” at their office that they had to flip for my wifi to work (WTH?)

    anyway, nakaethernet-cable connect ako for one year. then i got a a belkin router from the US, at himala, gumana na yung wifi. mga 3-4 blissful years bago ngayon…

    hindi ko alam kung nasisira na ang router, ang mga ethernet cables, or bumabagal na naman ang PLDT. pero when i was troubleshooting, napagana ang router. so ibig sbihin mabagal lang talaga DSL. napakaweird lang kase 5 years na kami subscriber tas 10% lang nung dating speed ang speed ngayon. tapos parang isang computer lang ang nakakasurf pag naka-on ang router.

    bomalabs! baka lipat na ko ng sky or mydestiny. baka cable is the way to go.

  • kris

    ay gnun? magpapakabit p nman sana ko dsl:(

  • w33b

    PLDT DSL !

    guys have you encounter problems like what i have now?

    can’t go online using browser ( Mozilla , Google Chrome & Internet explorer )

    but i can go online with games like RF or MUonline but not on WoW (World of Warcraft)

    if anyone got answers please sent me mail.

    Thank you!

  • Larry

    meron bang serious class act against pldt dsl service? naghahanap ako nang groupo na lalapit sa dti.

  • John Paul

    Salamat sa PLDT…
    Hindi na ako makapgpa level ng maayos…

    Bwaka ng ina nyo mamatay na sana may ari ng PLDT

  • jex125

    Ok aman ang PLDT ah….. ahehehehe… ok xa since nagpakabit ako… stable palagi sa 400-600 ang downloading speed nya… ahehehhe

  • Robinson

    Ano na guys, ano na update nito? ganito pa rin ba ang service ng pldt plan 999?
    may plan kasi ang mom ko na magpakabit nga pldt plan 999

  • islaw

    grabe ang pldt! nagsubscribe kami last month lang sa pldt plus landline P990/month. sabi nila sa ads up to 512 kbps. lekat! mapapamura ka talga. 83 kbps lng ang actual speed. pwede kaya namin to stop na ang pagsubscribe kahit one year ang contract… paano ba legalities nito? salamat sa tutulong…

  • cheryl

    hi guys, im planning to install internet at home plan ko sana pldt eh, but upon knowing sa mga comments regarding there connections ngayon i started to hesitate na, im in bislig city and i dont know where to start ano2 kasi im so familiar with it, what are the things that i should know or ask regarding sa internet connections. hope you guys can help me


    ..mgcanu vah ma bayarn ntin f magAvail tayo sa bundled 990 plan…
    o sa bundled plan na 1299 ??

  • http://pldt JBERT

    gusto ko sana mag lagay nang net cafe sa amin per0 i obeserved PLDT nayon habang tumatagal laolong bumabagal. sana mabilis na ang 999 connection nila

  • http://pldt JBERT

    sana mas mabilis na ang 999 connection nila ngaun di dapat tumatagal lalong bumabagal..

  • http://mukamo jeann

    ako nga discourage na sa PLDT dahil bumabagal ang connection nila ngaun

  • w33b

    PLDT ngayon? mga 1month stable nanaman ang PLDT medyo ok ang internet

    kong mahina internet nyo… etawag nyo ka agad sabihin nyo wlang internet in 1hour meron ng mag action kaagad huwag nyo sabihin mabagal internet :)

    for internet cafe eto advice ko sa inyo download WoW game eto best game ever sure dadami mga users nyo.

    and join private server click nyo link ko.

  • jack me good

    ako 3 years na ko nag susubscribe sa PLDT mydsl plan 999. so far wala naman msyado problema. sometimes sa mga poste lang nila. naka wi-fi pa nga ako dito naka share dekstop and laptop sa 1mbps ok pa naman. ang may problem lang siguro is yung pc niyo.mag upgrade na kayo.

  • jam

    lol… depende yun sa spot nyo ako nag globe ako pero mahina, sa smart ok lang hindi mabilis hindi rin mahina, pero ngayon plan ko mag pldt dsl.

    Wag kayong makinig sa kung anung comment masama o mabuti maaring sa kanilang lugar mahina pero sa iba mabilis

  • Ian

    5 yrs na ako naka plan 990, nung una mabilis 255kbs tops, after 1 year naging 88kbps tops na lng, after two years, naging 48kbps tops na lng, pero ngayon naayos and it’s back to 200-300kbps tops. Salamat naman sa PLDT an naayos din ang connection dito sa Lipa.

  • ramon

    install kayo ng net limiter , tapos gamitin nyo yung speedtest. Makikita nyo ang laki ng differnce. A scam.

  • thd

    To allthis kind of IP that you get when you conduct a ipconfig this is the IP of your LAN card, the solution on this is to check first your physical connection before you compain to PLDT.

  • tmobil

    sana naman un 350+Kilobits/s na offer nila sa 990 gawing 350 KiloBytes/s

  • Dave Baylon

    gusto kung palitan ang pldt dsl ko ng router na speedtouch 585. pero wala syang internet connection may settings sa speedtouch na kailangan nga id at password ito ata yang id at password para sa internet connection… can anybody help me with my problem? or kailangan kung pumunta ng pldt?