PLDT myDSL Quick Install Kit (QIK)

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PLDT launches their myDSL Quick Install Kit (QIK), the country’s first ever do-it-yourself broadband Internet connection in as fast as three days.

Just connect your modem to your PC and PLDT landline to enjoy instant myDSL connection. You will even save on installation fees. To apply, call 171 and upon approval, your QIK will be delivered to you in 48 hours. You can also go the PLDT Business Office to get QIK yourself. Connection is activated in 3 days upon approval of PLDT application and is available to existing PLDT postpaid landline subscribers.

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95 comments on “PLDT myDSL Quick Install Kit (QIK)
  1. justine says:

    now I just want to know kung ilang meters ang free upon installation then how much per span? thank you and hoping anyone can answer me.

  2. evelyn says:

    yang 171 n yan kelan p kaya may ssagot!!! full c harge to low batt n cp k dp rin mkontak.. bgay nio mga refund namin ang galing galing nio mgpbayad very poor naman service nio

  3. Jick Breniel says:

    Matagal ang installition niyo nag apply ako aug 12 at hanggang ngyun hindi pari activate. ano bayan….

  4. ivanmnx078 says:

    anu po ba ung normal dl speed ng dsl plan 1299? akin kc 130kbps ang max ko

  5. batosai says:

    ho!taga PLDT ayusin serbisyo nyo….

  6. batosai says:

    sa amen lang kwenta taga cebu ako mandaue sobrang hina ng plan 999 ko ano kaya upgrade ko sa 1299 bbblis kaya 40kps max lang sa ngayon mlakas pa ata dial up nito…

  7. ninx says:

    WELL…im kinda disappointed kasi ..31 days na nawala yung phone and dsl ko….id reported that from the very first day up to the following days..i almost called them everyday..and went to their branch office for 4 times…just to have my connection back….dang!

  8. ninx says:

    @quixote…my certain area kasi ang naabot ng signal ng dsl…may u are just blocks away from the boundary of the maximum length of their signal…well if u will insist to be connected u will just have distorted and very slow signal….all dsl have certain area that can be reach of thier services… on pldt 990 ryt now..kakakabit lang ng server sa place namin for about 4 months ago…signal was good…nothing to say….

    per ang CUSTOMER SERVICE..ay ang pinka walang kwenta sa lahat..their management should make some BIG changes on how they train thier agent….dahil isa ang alam nilang gawin..i promise…ANG MAG GAWA NG REPORT AT PAASAHIN ANG KANILANG MGA CUSTOMERS…well we cant blame them..kasi yun lang din ata ang tinuro sa kanila….i knew it.coz TSR din ako..not with pldt nga lang…outside our place……

    its true..there is such thing as BILIS KABIT…pero..pero…if u ever encountered trouble with ur connection..and if u will call thier custoomer service / the tech support services….u will have only one remedy from the..”I WILL MAKE A REPORT FOR THIS..AND I WILL PUT THIS IN URGENT STATUS”..well not really that way..they say it in filipino verna…AND THAT WILL SURELY HELP THEIR COMPANY TO LOOSE CUSTOMERS…IM AM PRETTY SURE…….




  9. timoys says:

    @juana gaano ka bilis yung sa quik install kit mo? sakin kasi 35kbps ee nakakaloko na sabi nila 100mbps nd ganito mei kelangan ba ko gawin?

  10. quixote says:

    @kakashi me too.. antagal ko na nag aapply.. then pinag reapply nila ako, wala pa rin. and ang masakit pa dito, sabi nila wala silang port dito sa amin, tapos 5 meters away lang yung bagong computer shop, tinanong ko sila kung kelan sila nag apply and sabi nila mga 3 weeks pa lang daw. tama ba yun? dahil ba mas mababa yung inapply’an ko hindi na pinapansin. i hate it.

  11. kakashi says:



    i’m applying for this service for almost 1 year, but still, they don’t have any facilities in our place.

  12. posterboynextdoor says:

    I also heard about this two months ago. Friends started inquiring just this month as they hated their ISP and they wanted to try out QIK.

  13. pollock house says:

    is this really any good? I’ve heard both the good and the bad. I’m thinking of inquiring kase.

  14. austen says:

    KALOKOHAN!! it’s been 2 months and I’ve been calling 171 for follow up until now PLDT SUCKS!!!!!

  15. althea says:

    ohh my god!my friend and i were planning to avail this quick install kit..but im afraid it wont work good as what happened to others who avail or experience the product!mmmmmm:(

  16. eman says:

    Action will be done only against this anomalies by pldt if this will happen to one or more Senatong gaya ng prepaid load hold up sa cellphone. Kaya wait na lang tayo at malapit na si Sen. Tanda magpa install ng mydsl para malaman nya ginagawa ng pldt na mga pagnanakaw sa mga subscriber.

  17. eman says:

    Where is the CONSUMER PROTECTION here in the Philippines lalo nat big company like PLDT ang involve against ordinary Filipinos? Para kang hinoldap ng walang kapalag palag.

  18. eman says:

    I applied for mydsl instln last june 1st. Then we paid the fee in pldt sm branch after 2 weeks and told us instln will be after 3 days. I’m confused when they installed it day after I paid the fee. Yun pala matatapos na promo at me bago silaing promo na mas mura. The bad thing happened is they charged me 3 thou pero 990 lang shown in the promo leaflet dahil daw inabot ng cut off day bale 2 months charged sa bill ko. Kaya pala me bago silang promo na mydsl quick install kit na wala ng instln fee kundi price lang ng modem. GANYAN KAGARAPAL ANG PLDT pag dating sa mga charges & fees.

  19. plot banger says:

    diane, i can’t blame you. But you should blame PLDT. Try to at least recount the whole story, file a grievance case or whatever. These guys will get their acts straight and perhaps give you more for you to be mum about the issue. lol it’ll create bad PR for them.

  20. plot banger says:

    i don’t think he has used qik or Smart Bro’s internet stick yet. But I recommended the two, one for travelling (Smart stick) and the other for home (QIK)

  21. ria_sonrisa says:

    diane, you can always make a complaint. Try to threaten and they’ll probably bulge. That’s what I did with them before and now it’s all good.

  22. diane says:

    haays, ano ba yan dami din plang katulad ko na nagrereklamo. Pldt called us, cnab nila na pde na daw ung line namin sa dsl. They deliver the kit on our house then we install it. We wait until 3 days pero di parin activate tapos after 5 days they called us then cnabing hnd pa pla pwede! tapos pinapasauli nyo samin yng kit sa branch nyo! so responsibilidad pa namin yon! Sobrang nakakainis! Kayo ang nagdala dito samin kayo din ang kumuha!

  23. ria_sonrisa says:

    yeah. they always have a reason or two, regardless kung mababaw or natural lang. they don’t realize that there’s no perfection in the world we live in. ang kikitid ng utak. pero well, buhay nila yon. I’m contented with what i have: family, friends, social life, internet connection, a car that feels like a new one, etc.

  24. pepperoni says:

    plot banger, ah mas finnicky pa siya sa mga finnicky owners of finnicky dogs? what the hell did i just say?! haha! Anyway, that’s surprising ha, that friend of yours na ganun siya. Has he used QIK yet? how about Smart’s internet stick?

  25. grey ghost says:

    let him surf using your pldt then and see what he/she has to say about it. some people are just plain skeptics don’tyou think?

  26. ria_sonrisa says:

    i have a friend who doesn’t believe na i’m okay with the connection of pldt. ha! sorry na lang siya. :)

  27. bettycooper says:

    hiiii. inquire lang pohhh. okay bah itong qik? i just wannah knowwww. thank you pohhh

  28. roberto says:

    you’re welcome mr. tutor. Tell us what you think about the wifi, which is included in the 3mbps package.

  29. plot banger says:

    pepperoni, i agree with your thoughts. We’re on the same line of thinking. Common sense nga naman. May kaibigan nga ako who can’t settle for one service provider. I asked him nga why he does that, hindi niya din alam pero he gets pissed off sa mga service. Parang hindi mapakali. HA HA HA!

  30. tutorial service says:

    ah okay thanks roberto. I’ll be inquiring tomorrow about this for the dorm/condo i’m staying in. thanks again.

  31. damaged goods says:

    ewan ko basta connection ko okay naman. wala akong angal. it’s just the tech service guys that really gives me the headache. ayusin lang nila yun, and i’ll be a loyal subscriber. it’s just their service.

  32. petrol liquid says:

    to grey ghost, i have the same situation with you. I have had those times when i get the bad connection but more often than not, okay naman siya. It goes like this, with the websites i go to, smooth naman eh. i only go to message boards, sports sites, and facebook. that’s it. wala naman ako problema. i think it’ll really depend on the scope of websites that surfers go to. baka internet traffic.

  33. grey ghost says:

    plot banger, it depends on the scope of service on what customers make reklamo about. Is it the tech guys, customer service reps, rude sales people and whatnot? I’ve heard, though, about many sucky things about connection but it doesn’t happen to me on a normal basis.

  34. petrol liquid says:

    anyone here knows a good review when they see one, hindi lang puro biased ang mga sinasabi? I want to know further as I myself have good reviews about qik so far (and a few bad ones) as I’ve asked my friends about it.

  35. damaged goods says:

    old school dude, ganun talaga. I mean it’s not only Pinoys who do that pati din naman mga tao sa ibang bansa, hinuhusgahan nila mga ibang company. They always look for a chink in the armor. Totoo nga. But that’s the way to improve the service of those companies under the microscope.

  36. roberto says:

    tutorial service: wala, basta qik ang product mo, it doesn’t matter.

  37. pepperoni says:

    to plot banger: ya walang perfect na company. lahat naman may reklamo at nirereklamo eh. come to think of it, isa ako sa mga yun haha. hipocrito talaga ako pero for some reason hindi ako umaalis ng pldt and transferring to other service providers. parang feeling ko kasi waste of time lang at dadaan din ako sa same red tape at maraming kaekekan na di naman kailangan. in other words, ang daming paperwork pa so stay na lang ako.

  38. matapobre kuno says:

    ah yang qik na yan? okay lang. Wala akong kontra.

  39. plot banger says:

    i think every company naman, mayroong nagrereklamo, and in this situation, sa industry ng internet service, either connection lang at service at nirereklamo. I jumped from one network provider to another til i settled with skybroadband (home) and pldt (office), so it’s all good for me.

  40. tutorial service says:

    so walang pinagkaiba ang plan 990 sa 999 with regard to this quick install kit?

  41. maldita says:

    heller!! just bought my QIK plan. I’m doing further research on this as well kahit bumili na ako. pero totoo bang may contract lock for like a yera?

  42. old school says:

    @damagedgoods: i don’t think any company would intend to make their services suck unless simply of course, they know how to fool the public. pero nagiisp ang mga pinoy. hindi naman tayo bobo. but i believe we’re always finding a rust in a shining armor, a hole in the wall. people expect companies (even the government) to be perfect when wala naman talagang perpekto sa mundo. ako naman, i’ve had my ups and downs sa pldt pero ganun talaga eh. you just simply get some. aim i right?

  43. grey ghostq says:

    party gurl, i don’t know how to make a review either. if you have your own blog, why don’t you write something about it. pero kung biased ka naman, aba wag ka na gumawa ng review. hahaha! you want to make a review about pldts quick install kit?

  44. petrol liquid says:

    hi everyone. nice to know there are good and bad reviews. for the good part, okay ang connection. i don’t rant about it like some people do but at the same time, i’m really iffy about their tech crew taking so long to at least repair or give me a feedback. actually they never give me immediate feedback. with regard to this quick install kit, i’m not going to join the bandwagon as i’m okay with my current PLDT plan, unless those guys give me an upgraded plan for free. lol

  45. damaged goods says:

    i don’t get the reason as to why there are those who know that pldt “sucks” when they’re still a subscriber. i have a friend who’s like that. parang gusto ko sabihin, eh di mag switch ka sa iba! I have received a fair share of bad services from pldt but that doesn’t mean i’m off to others, kasi i also get good service too from them. pana-panahon lang yan. but if pldt really does intend to make their service suck, ibang usapan na iyan. as far as their products like this QIK thing, i hope it’s for the long run and hindi yung mga kung anu-anong gimik pang nalalaman. hehehe yun lang.

  46. dsl is the thingq says:

    the only thing good about qik is it’s connection. pldt as a whole, i don’t like. but i keep on praying that their service will improve…A LOT!

  47. metro manila's pulis patola says:

    yes that product is cool for me. it made me stop hopping from one company/product to another. sana naman itong QIK ay tumagal sa akin ng lubusan. lol

  48. joaquino13 says:

    really? orayt. im planning to avail the kit din ee.

  49. Joseph says:

    Hello everyone, so far okay naman ang DSL service namen. The QIK has, so far, been without trouble. :)

  50. Johnny says:

    I’ve recently decided to purchase the QIK plan 990 and so far so good. I’m no IT guy but its smooth sailing and very easy to do. Great job PLDT!

  51. jotorr says:

    so far the plan 990 has been great! :)

  52. partygURL20 says:

    @ grey ghost, well im not sure how to make a review in this site. or to submit an article, its always closed here eh.

    got any ideas?

  53. grey ghost says:

    how come no one makes a review about pldt QIK yet? dapat meron na from one subscriber who really knows IT stuff.

  54. old school says:

    i think the connection is good with this quick installation kit. I haven’t had any unusual disconnections and sh*t. And the dude I spoke with over the phone, which was surprising, was helpful.

  55. redstrong says:

    I think you can ask help through their customer service. sila pa, basta regarding their service…kahit pagkabit ng router, tutulong yan mga yan. of course they want to establish good rapport with their customers so i guess QIK will come in handy with your own connection via a router.

  56. LoneGhost says:

    i believe pede naman however, kailangan marunong ka kasi they wont give any support for the router set up because hindi na yun kasali sa service.

  57. soy bonita says:

    hi guys! pwede naman ikabit sa router itong qik right?

  58. red says:

    wala added na yung installation dun sa 999.

  59. josiah says:

    walang bayad ang intallation pag nag apply aq ng plan 999+ ung telephone. tama?

  60. juana says:

    @pressy leen– NO. i think there’s something wrong w/ that. call 101-885

  61. LoneGhost says:

    i think the installation fee is for the internet connection (connection to their available port or something like that) if you wan to confirm this you might wanna try calling them again and check if the info given to you is consistent with other agents or visit the nearest pldt office.

  62. pressy leen says:

    hi, im just trying to apply for the QIK but when I call the customer service, she told me that I ahve to pay 1700, 500 for the installation then 1200 for the modem but I was confused , why do I need to pay another 500 for the installation when I have already a pldt landline, I am currently using pldt vibe so I have decided to switch to dsl for the convenient usage

  63. red says:

    yung TVC ni ryan a. QIk noh? more to that, this website i think might help in checking kung yung may pldt landline e swak yung location nila for the kit. eto mga tsong.

  64. JB12 says:

    madali lang ang installation
    five steps lang accdg to this website
    may link naman that will direct you to the procedure
    besides, pwede naman icheck kung pwede for application ang area niyo eh

  65. menchie^^ says:


  66. joshua13 says:

    may money back quarantee ba ‘to? kasi as i have seen sa comments minsan okay & minsan nde.. so how’s that? baka naman pag nde okay dapat lang ireport sa company dba?

  67. roberto says:

    juana, how fast is qik? at par na ba siya with other broadband services like Sky? 3mbps daw ang bilis eh.

  68. juana says:

    im using QIK. di naman at least mejo okay connection xamen..

  69. roberto says:

    i think nagrelaunch na ang pldt qik. they have a TV commercial somewhere i saw just very recently.

  70. malou76 says:

    this QIK thingy seems promising.. i think its been relaunched. hope it works better kase
    im not enjoying my broadband na ehh.. then i saw meron silang plan hanggang 3Mbps?? oks ba yun? is it worth switching my super slow broadband connection to this???

  71. mariel_54 says:

    just wanna ask, nagrelaunch daw ang QIK DSL? so how was it? better?
    my sister wants to avail din kasi since PLDT landline kami.

  72. roberto says:

    Isn’t it that irerelaunch ang product ng QIK? feeling ko trial run lang last year and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, nagawan na ng paraan ng pldt na kung ano man ang problema na nangyari with QIK last year (or pldt’s DSL in general)

  73. LoneGhost says:

    @Marice Manatac:
    ma’am i think if you need to switch to mydsl you better do some research in your area first if it runs smoothly and fast kasi depende rin sa location meron maganda ang mydsl sa isang area pero sa ibang area maganda naman ang globe or ibang isp.
    if follow ups can’t get through quickly within committed time by the isp, try to visit the isp’s office and complaints should be put into writing yourself so that you’re sure that it’s documented, well at least it worked for me.

  74. Harry del mundo says:

    Pede bang ireklamo to sa mga senador ? Nag babayad ka para sa DSL hindi dial up. Ang bagal ng F###### internet ko ngayon. Kahit mabigyan ka ng internet… mabagal din.

  75. Marice Manatac says:

    i kinda love my myglobe wireless broadband…but there are certain times i having difficulties for the connection, since i was the only one who had an internet in house my sister is begging me to switch to myDSL..i don’t know but i thinking second thought about leaving globe…since most of us have problems…how can we have a better connections…

  76. False Advertisement says:

    What a name guys, Quik install? It doesn’t mean that you can use your connection right away ‘coz you have to call their CSR from time to time to follow up on your damn connection. I’m pissed off now, liar!

  77. Christina says:

    We were about to avail the QIK of pldt.. all this comments are very discouraging.. I hope naman may mga taong magmahal sa gngawa nila and not just lure people into for immediate income, they should render their services well because that’s how they should return the favor when we put our trust in them, and eventually loyalty..

  78. crtym says:

    nagsubscribe kmi last wik..
    then sbi before 10 days iiinstall n dw nila..
    tpos ngaun png 10 days n wla parin??
    hay, mga sinungaling…

  79. Jgee143 says:

    I never had much stress and hassle time since we subscribed to PLDT myDSL. The trend is, If you don’t have any phone line yet it will cause you to wait much 100x time until the internet service will be activated, for us we actually waited for 3 weeks before the phone line was installed and at this very moment we remain not getting any internet access yet. (pain pain pain 100x) I already emailed the said company but it seems that I am only getting a mediocre response. We also received some calls from their team but then they will just leave you an impression of….. do these people really know what they are doing?..
    I personally do not deserve such service or should I say treatment. I work in a call center for internet access abroad and our clients are really demanding about the service I myself also deserve to demand in getting the service I deserve…

    This is not worth it after all…

  80. choop says:

    i was planning to switch to pldt sana since my smartbro is way nkakaloka na!! recently, i can’t connect during the evening, which is the only time i am at home.. whenever i call their techsupport they have nothing else to say but that they’ll make sure that my prob would be solved.. but when?! after reading all ur comments, whew, i might have hold that switching thought first.. thanks to u guys… i might stick with smartbro for a while until they release the best provider… i’m willing to pay anyway, well who isn’t? as long as they give us the best service… i’m currenty using vOip to connect with relatives abroad, can u recommend anything better than pldt or smartbro? thanks Ü

  81. unknown costumer says:

    pano naman po to natanggap ko na yong modem at nainstall sabi connetcted na pero wala naman narereceive pakets kalokohan naman ng company na ito masyadong toso…dapat sana inaalagaan nyo mga costumer nyo pero hindi niloloko nyo lang sila useless tong modemn nid ring lang ako makakaccess sa net..i just want my money back….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Dave says:

    my fiance and her family libe n Baliwag, Bulacan.. Was thinking about getting the DSL but after hearing of all these poblems i think i will check another isp. Anyone know which service works bet out there?

  83. mokies says:

    Well, I prefer the Wired Installation rather than having a 384k/512k modem (Wi-fi) and a landline. But it’s only limited on some areas.

  84. debbie says:

    i was about to switch from smartbro to this pldt dsl qik…after reading your posts, i changed my mind. smartbro is ok for me the only thing is that sometimes i lose my connection just because it’s windy or may bagyo…it sucks when it happens. but generally, smartbro is ok. ill stick to it…for now.

  85. paul says:

    i experienced same thing here in iloilo, starting this month of july. connection is good from around 6 am to around 6 pm also. after that connection will drop every 5 mins and when you get connected, it will be very slow. i just emailed them last week like twice and called them last saturday to complain. right now, as of this writing, connection is good. it aint dropping (yet). so i hope this would continue because that kind of connection is really annoying.

  86. jack says:

    this pldt dsl sucks! since my modem change them by what they call ZYXEL, i can only access my internet by 6am til 5pm only! i always call the customer service and they always said that they will do some actions bout this.but until result.. hope this pldt fix this problem of every subscriber that having problem with their dsl.

  87. Superman says:

    I used to be a PLDT myDSL subscriber. I was very happy with their services although the first 1 1/2 months were terrible but I was advised that internet connection takes a while before you get an established connection. The advised was right.

    I am now a globe broadband subscriber because I moved to other place and a friend advised to try globe. the service is terrible. I get no service from time to time and sometimes it takes more than 2 weeks of no connection. What they always promise is that they are going to adjust the bill. Well they did not really adjust the bill. what they did was that they made me look like a liar when I asked where was the adjustment they promised and they said it was not indicated on their record that I am qualified for adjustment. Globe is only after your money. They care less about whether you are satified or not.

  88. Lode Runner says:

    Dear Joy!

    If you live in the Pasig Area, I suggest you get Globelines Broadband. Pasig is the home of Globe which is way faster than PLDT MyDSL and Smart BRO.

  89. JOY says:

    I tried calling 171 to apply several times, but they keep on telling me that it’s still not available in our area (pasig)..maybe ill juat have to find another isp.

  90. denisse says:

    just wanna ask, is qik available in all places in the philippineS?

  91. Lexy says:

    My boyfriend from the Philippines asked me to apply him for a dsl so he wont have to go to their office to chat with me. I was planning to get this package but i found out from the other users that this isn’t really a good one. I guess I just have to enroll him to the 990php promo.

    yup, here in us dsl connection is way way faster than those in any my family are sharing the same internet connection thanks to wifi. and i still have 48.0mbs speed regardless that we have 5 computers using here at the same time. :)

  92. mokies says:

    But why? I just got it 1 day after my subscription. Wow, maybe it isn’t your lucky day, I was one on a 100 person lane willing to subscribe with the PLDT QIK. Just got it the day after. XD

    But I didn’t say that it was superb, it’s just balanced speed.

    If you want to have a superb speed, I think it will be on Late 2009/Early 2010.
    I’m sorry about it. But it’s true, we need another foreign company for these wanted speed.
    Sometimes, being independent isn’t good. That’s the way it is.

  93. Bien says:


    I sympathize to both of you. These companies cannot deliver what they promised so the least that they can do is to refund the money. Are they that desperate to fool people into subscribing to their service?

    Swapang, manloloko, sinungaling, these are the words that best describes these kinds of companies. If these are not true, I hope they will issue a note or any article that clearly explains what will happen, what is happening, and what happened to keep the public informed. If not, then they are simply accepting the fact they they are indeed fooling people and they don’t care as long as they lure people and once they have the money, they’ll keep you waiting and begging for a good service.

    Pasensya na po. Can’t help myself.

  94. jm says:

    we applied last feb. 29 got the modem the same day and was told we’ll have our service in 3 days… 3 days my foot…
    it took them 7 days just to convert our line from prepaid to post paid. and until now march 12 they still cant find a port to plug us in…
    i sure hope they can have it fixed soon or we’ll find another isp.

  95. Erlinda B. says:

    THIS IS A BOGUS. I applied December 4, 2007 and the modem was installed the following day. Until now — December 17, 2007 — my DSL is NOT YET ACTIVATED. And every time I call Customer Service, they’d advise me to call Tech Support and vice versa. Even the supervisors can’t do anything! I’ve talked to people like Sampaga and Soriano but even they cannot help me with anything. Now I just want my money back, since I’ve never been given such POOR service, but they wouldn’t allow it.

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