PLDT MyDSL Subscribers get FREE WiFi

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If you’re a PLDT MyDSL Biz or a MyDSL Xcel subscriber, you get a free airborneaccess wifi account.

For Xcite, Xperience and Xtra Value MyDSL subscribers (refer to table), you can get it for 99 pesos a month for six months after which it returns to the normal price of 199. Promo ends April 25, 2007.


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37 comments on “PLDT MyDSL Subscribers get FREE WiFi
  1. Binaday_f says:

    how can avail the promo of pldt wifi?plz txt to my no asap.09123440161

  2. Janice says:

    how can i avail the pldt boradband and how much

  3. lunchbuckx says:

    eh…paano kung PLDT MY DSL Lng sa akin hindi po ba FREE????

  4. mary11 says:

    meron parin bang gn2?

  5. permanent vacation says:

    by the way, who is the chick endorser of QIK? I saw it on the web in manila bulletin’s site.

  6. permanent vacation says:

    Hello all! Just to ask, how do I get to have a wifi router with the quick install kit of pldt? Just to inquire. Thankies!

  7. madz21 says:

    cool itong qik na ito. what a breakthrough for pldt. good for them.

  8. jenny85 says:

    hi guys! just an update, i LOOOOOVE surfing with a wifi router at home. very very comfortable and mobile. and you probably know that already but i just wanna share. tatah!

  9. roberto says:

    police patola, nakaiwan lang all day yung laptop mo kahit may work ka? I used to do that until nagoverheat computer ko. hahaha! I forgot to take into consideration yung cooling system at summer pa nun!!!bad trip huh? nonetheless, good luck sa pagdadownload mo and hope hindi masunog ginagamit mong computer. hehe CHEERS TO YOU!

  10. ria_sonrisa says:

    i think mas sulit na ito than plan 999, kasi may kasamang router. buhuhuhu, i won’t be able to my laptop from anywhere!!! grrr!

  11. jenny85 says:

    i’ll have my globe like disconnected na. sayang lang kasi i’m getting that 3mbps!!!

  12. thepolice says:

    hello to all again! Maganda connection ko with the wifi router. Siyempre, secured yung connection kaya enjoy lang. Download all day, everyday!

  13. roberto says:

    haha! same situation ka din pala camisa. hey jenny, in case you drop by again, don’t do the same mistake as we made for rushing to get the product. haha!

  14. camisa de chino says:

    oh crud! I didn’t know about this. I’ll call the hotline again and maybe i can up my plan from the basic one. Mamadali kasi eh. haha!

  15. thepolice says:

    yes free wifi just so you know. i like that deal. i didn’t hesitate twice to avail it as i had extra cash naman to shell out every month. I just have to make sure na secured wifi connection ko. hahaha!

  16. roberto says:

    yeap it’s true. free wifi nga. had i have more, i would’ve gotten that but i’m settled with the plan 990 of QIK. it ain’t that bad. :)

  17. jenny85 says:

    OMG! Free wifi??? I’ll make bili na for this!

  18. hotdog21 says:

    hello all. Marami na ata subscriber ang merong PLDT Quick Install Kit from the looks of it. Naisip ko na rin maginquire if it’s worth it. Okay ba reviews about this?

  19. nars research says:

    @pepperoni: yes 2in1 siya. aba parang sa family computer lang. hihihihihihi

  20. shakedown1979 says:

    hi y’all! Got me a sweet sweet qik in my hands…well connected na so it’s not in my hands anymore. so there! it’s fast din naman. and i have my router to go along with it, which i personally bought it for myself in case ayoko na sa pldt or whatever. anyway, for those who have questions call 101-885, qik’s hotline.

  21. jackass smiling says:

    with QIK? that’s great. pero how much would that be?

  22. joaquino13 says:

    there are plans na maavail mo yun like the 3Mbps plan..

  23. jackass smiling says:

    so is this available sa QIK? like when i buy it sa mga pldt shops, they’ll give me one as well or should i call pldt for it?

  24. pepperoni says:

    oh so this is great then. 2-in-1 package nga.

  25. joaquino13 says:

    free nga. just have to fix your router.. the you can start surfing na..

  26. angelo says:

    free wi fi to diba?

  27. red says:

    yepyep pepperoni. mag qik ka na! haha!

  28. pepperoni says:

    wifi? you mean may router na that comes with the connection? sa skybroadband, hindi kasama eh. i mean if that is so, eh di ayos! i won’t have to buy the router anymore right?

  29. red says:

    good for you juana.

  30. red says:

    di naman dude, libre na nga yan oh.

  31. juana1189 says:

    nde naman.. free n nga ee. hihihi.
    i can access connection using laptop kahit ginagamit ng kuya ko ang desktop.
    bwahahaha. that w/c is lagi naming pinag aawayan. good thing oks na this time..

  32. yurikoandrei says:

    mabagal ata yong ganento ee. parang yokong umasa.. hehehe

  33. margielyn says:

    nakakainis connection ko!!! lagi nlang nagagalit yung bf ko pag magkausap kame through skype biglang dc.. nyahh, di ko n lama anong connection dapat gamitin. sows..

  34. menchie^^ says:

    nicey! at least nde na ko makikiasagap ng wifi kung san san. hehe,.
    available pa to dba? dba?

  35. CHRIS says:

    is the wifi still available?

  36. neriza says:

    is this still available? i mean the wifi.. i’m always not at home but i always need internet connection can u help on this pls.. can u pls send me more deatils on my mail? thanks a lot.. -neriza

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