Praybeyt Benjamin Gross Income (1st and 2nd Day)

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The action comedy Praybeyt Benjamin starring Vice Ganda opened in theaters last October 26, 2011.

The gross income (also referred to as gross sales or gross earnings) of the said movie during its 1st day was 23.6 million pesos. On the 2nd day, it grossed 24.9 million pesos. The figures were released by Vice Ganda’s manager Ogie Diaz via Twitter. The movie is a co-production of Star Cinema and Viva Films.

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7 comments on “Praybeyt Benjamin Gross Income (1st and 2nd Day)
  1. pito says:

    nandito din pala ang prinsesa ng mga aswang…!!!

    babilosssssss….!!!! sabog ang mukha agad….!!!

  2. messages barred by admin says:

    thats what you call succes.. sa mga bitter dyan kain pa kau ng balsam apple…

  3. pito says:

    aha! pinuno ng mga aswang…!!!

    leyserrrr sword…!!!! sabog agad..!!!

  4. aling dionesia says:

    Uyy, may apektado. Batet?!!

  5. ABitterSCBN says:

    wow congrats…patunay lang ito na malapit na talaga magunaw ang mundo…lols

  6. aling dionesia says:

    Momordica Charantia kayo dyan.

  7. HYY nuMbEr 1 nOOntIme sHOw!! says:


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