PRC LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) Board Exam Results (September 2008)

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The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced that a total of 17,816 elementary teachers out of 58,471 examinees and 18,801 secondary teachers out of 53,195 examinees have successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers given by the Board of Professional Teachers in September 2008.

L.E.T. – Elementary Passers – All Regions held on September 28, 2008 (TXT file)

L.E.T. – Secondary Passers – All Regions held on September 28, 2008 (TXT file)

– OR –

L.E.T. – Elementary Passers – All Regions held on September 28, 2008 (PDF file)

L.E.T. – Secondary Passers – All Regions held on September 28, 2008 (PDF file)

Tickets for the oathtaking are available at the Office of Professional Teachers, 3rd Floor, PRC Annex Building for NCR and Region IV passers; and at the PRC regional offices for the passers from the other regions.

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128 comments on “PRC LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) Board Exam Results (September 2008)
  1. marvie says:

    is it ok to get a cedula in other place?, im in cebu but i would like to take the let exam in leyte.

  2. Kirche_may says:

    hai mama salamat at nakapasa ka congrats ur loving daughter kirche may a. ablo

  3. jonn anne almerante mamon says:

    pls reply as soon as possible.thankz!

  4. jonn anne almerante mamon says:

    i am waiting for the result of board exam for the teachers.kindly post if what is the exact date?!thanks…!

  5. mariachonavalentin says:

  6. mariachona valentin says:

    can i ask you favor ? please send me all the requirements needed for LET exam as soon possible ,i understand that the next exam will be on march 10,2013,i hope my request will be granted soon ,pls send it to my email ad at chonavalentin@yahoo:disqus .com     thank you very much

  7. Ai Manumbaga says:

    sana po mabigyan nyo po ako ng reviewer na galing sa pnu po, i want to pass the let this tym plsss…. i beg u pleasss…….

  8. Markychelo28 says:

    pwede po ba malaman kung kelan ang last registration for let exam

  9. Faupinew says:

    Hi I’m graduate of BSBA major in Human Resource Development Management if ever I would take 18 units and luckily passed the LET what would be the area of my specialization and what year would I teach? Thanks!

  10. Lexjuriscokz says:

    please send me a list of AUGUST 2006 LET BOARD EXAM RESULT because until now we did not receive any information from PRC.Please send it thru my email address. lexjuriscokz you

  11. jessah says:

    san na poh ang room assignment sa tacloban city, bat wala??? s Sunday na po ang exam d pa namin alam ang mga info!!!

  12. ami says:

    anu po ung nangyayari pag ng fill out ako ng NCR form sa LET sa NCR din ba ung location ng exam ko.

  13. rose ann says:

    pwede pu vah malaman qng anu yung mga dadalhin namin sa exam this coming september 25

  14. flora may says:

    Reviewer pls, coz i will be going to take the LET this Sept. 25, 2011… Pls help me to have reviewer ….. thnks

  15. jonnah mariz says:

    i would like to ask for the list of passers in our school CSU formerly known as NORMISIST. o woulld like to ask for the result for the years 2009-2011. this is for our thesis study purposes.
    thank you and God bless!!

  16. nitz says:


  17. Parcon,Pobleo Jr. says:

    pls.give us a requirement for the teacher board exam 2011.send us now!

  18. TEACHER says:

    WHy is it not yet posted?? I’m very worried about this!!!!!!
    Why they prolonged the agony!!! oh my god PRC!!!!!

  19. SHEENA says:

    sobrang tagal naman ng result…isang buwan na po ang nakalipas….thanks….

  20. lalay says:

    wen poh va ang result ng teacher,s board exam last september 26, 2010

  21. joan says:

    for all teachers who will take LET this September, good luck…. Faith in God is what we need… God Blesss…..

  22. Bel Milanio says:


    I am a BSC-Accounting major graduate (1982) and a retired bank officer. I would like to teach and would like to know the requirements for the licensure examination. Can I take the exam now or do I need to finish pa the education course?

    Thank you.

  23. karen says:

    wen po ba ang filling ng LET exam…….plz help?

  24. Geraldine de Ocampo says:

    kailan puh kya ang pasahan o kuhanan ng exam ng let….

    geraldine de ocampo

  25. tating says:

    l would like to congrats myself and my classmates who passed the exam last October………..CONGRATULATIONS…….galing natin guys,hehehe…,tanx kay Bro!

  26. stephen says:

    kelan po yong last day for filling for the oath taking po!!!october 2009 LET!!!kailangan ko pong malaman kasi hindi pa ako nka pagregister!!!A.S.A.P.

  27. erwin says:

    pag makakuha ba 18 units na prof ed subjects pwede na po ba maka take?

  28. erwin says:

    ano po ba ang requirements sa pagtake ng LET para sa earning units po..?

  29. hai!talagang ganyan ang life……… my mom & dad,sorry po talaga,i did my best para makapasa ako,huhuhu…………….i wanna cry…………….makapangalambut,,,,,sana makapasa napo me nxtime,congrats to all board passer…share naman some tips

  30. arn says:

    kelan po result n g ocotber 2009 result.. sana asap na

  31. rena says:

    hi …..! gud day poh..kelan po b tlga malalaman ung result ng let 2009.

  32. brix says:

    kailan po ba malalaman ung result ng let board passer ung 2009 let

  33. cabilesb says:

    I just want to ask if when will be the result of the let exam given last october?????????tnx

  34. MICHELLE says:

    kelan ang result ng let october2009???

  35. Emman says:

    The best reviewer I have ever used…. MET reviewer and some reviewers from PNU… but then much better if you would attend a review session with the said books…. MET book costs 400 pesos yata, that includes general and professional education. Major reviewer can be bought separately… That is the reviewer that I used and 85% of the questions there almost the same with the questions in the exam I took.

  36. Emman says:

    abangan nyo, maybe november 23 ang labas ng result….

  37. sana nakapasa tayo… sure na po ba na nov. 21 ang result?

  38. anewron says:

    when the result of LET exam? god bless me lord ..hope il be pass together with my frends

  39. MBS says:


    THis coming 21 of November ang LET daw lumabas coz of technical problems from the PRC.

  40. maysan says:

    hello!!!!!!!when the result of exam posted!!!!!!!LOrd we claim that we belong to those passed the LET exam held last october 4 2009!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. dina says:

    Hi po!

    Kelan po kaya yung result ng let exam.Sana makapasa kami ng sster ko grabeee!

  42. rOWpHA says:

    i hope pasok akohhhh…huhuhu…first time taker akoh

  43. rOWpHA says:

    when will be the result for October ’09 Teacher Board Examination?

  44. arman says:

    we have still enough time to ask God, we hope with faith that he will give us the favor………hopefully this is now our time….God bless us all, good lack!!!!!

  45. rey vargas says:

    tiis-tiis lang kau, just keep on praying with hope and faith and God will move on your part
    God bless us all

  46. amesh says:

    na release na ba ang mga results ng september 2009 exAM??
    If not, do anybody know when?..

  47. mae-mae says:

    please haelp us to pass the exam.. sana this time makapasa n kmi ng friend ko n c luisa.. its our third time n nagtake, coz honestly speaking ang hirap ng exam.. pro kng d ko p talaga time, i’ll just w8 the ryt tym.. sana lahat ng nagtake pumasa.. heheh.. kaya ntin 2.. always trust gOd.. gOdbless always.. thanks..

  48. biota says:

    when will be the result of the LET exam of OCTOBER 2009? Please Lord bless the Biota grup sana po makapasa kaming lahat through Your good desire Lord…

  49. wyne says:

    what actually needed to where in the exaM??thanks:0

  50. raymund says:

    to all concerns….. please inform me the exact date for the re-scheduled LET exam last september 27,09 on my CP# 09185096515. i really need it. please… Godbless us All..

  51. grace says:

    cancelled daw exam..huhuhu sayang ang preparation pinapatagal pa agony q..

  52. grace says:

    uhmm confused, un bang mga subjects tinatanong mo or ung competenciesto be tested?jeje

  53. grace says:

    content courses:
    – science(to include health)
    – mathematics
    – english
    – filipino
    – social studies
    – music,srts, and phusical education
    – home economics and livelihood education
    – values education/character education

    Gudluck to all examinees.. God bless us! we can do it!

  54. confused :-/ says:

    hi everyone. can somebody tell me what will be the coverage of the “content courses” during the September 2009 LET. I haven’t see any of the competencies to be tested in this part of the examination. I mean you see, content courses will be for elementary education graduates who did not specialize in either SPED or Preschool ed. The so called “generalists” will have “content courses” as third part of the LET and for all you guys know, it’ll comprise 40% of the total examination the other 40% is for professional ed. subjects and 20% for general education. So please, i really need some enlightenment. I have no idea what will be inside this “content courses” thing. Thanks guys. God bless!!!

  55. anonymous says:

    ano ba naman an…d na naman nakapasa ang kuya ko sa exam.huhuhu.ano ba naman an…congrats sa lahat ng pumasa..take sa mga hindi naman pumasa.galingan nio

  56. blaze says:

    im BS Stat graduate…. i want to take the let, pls post me the requirement and procedure….

  57. grace says:

    To sandra…punta k n lng sa prc dun ka magtanong para mlamn m na rin kung ano ung mga dpat mong ireview.. ako nga rin fresh graduate pero under the old curiculum.. we still hav time to learn those we haven’t taken.. gud luck n lng

  58. grace says:

    hayy.. nakakanerbyus naman ung new curiculum, buti pa ung mga nakahabol dun sa old. nase-sense q kc na easier un eh.jejeje anyway, gud luck sa 1st batch to take the new curiculum…papasa tau 4 sure,,,,just keep d faith.. GOD BLESS!

  59. sandra says:

    pweding magtanong kung pwede kaming mag exam this coming september kasi we belong to the old curriculum. if not anong mga subject ang madagdag na require ng prc kasi earning units lang ang kinuha sa education. thank you.

  60. iyanz says:

    halo im iyanz frm cebu i want to ask f what kind of examination that the LET gvin?is it including from the old curiculum?Tnx and godbless sa mag response!

  61. ken says:

    anu pu b ung nging problema s let exam nung sept 08 specificaly set b, kc set b po aq gusto q mlman nu nging prob dun, ndi kc aq pumsa:(

  62. mhe says:

    i just want to ask if sept exam will be old curriculum? thanks

  63. leni says:

    itong september let exam pa ba ay old curriculum pa rin?

  64. leah says:


  65. leah says:

    i passed

  66. leah says:

    i passed…………………… congratz 2 ol let passer

  67. stefanehsecz says:

    i have no idea what type of exam will i take since we are the 1st batch of board takers for the new curriculum. does it have the same test as for old curriculum?

  68. stefanehsecz says:

    can you please post what are the requirements for PRC LET examiners?asap! including all the payments and procedure…thanks!

  69. i nches says:

    I”am fresh graduates of BEED course and I’m taking LET examination..i want to request 4 some tips on how to pass on this exam…thank u and more power

  70. i nches says:

    to all taken the let examination for teachers on batch 2008.. pls.. give me some tips aman….thanks.. i hope meron na kayang work..

  71. MGI says:

    Hi everyone. We will be offering LET coaching for the September 2009 exam. Coaches are LET passers (and topnotchers) from UP-Diliman. Message us if you’re interested. We need 20 reviewees per batch only. We prefer LET repeaters. Thanks!

  72. gd. says:

    pls… po

  73. gd. says:


  74. gd. says:

    sa mga nakapasa jan gv sum tips….,

  75. gd. says:

    anung magandang reviewer pls…, gv me an idea i want to pass the let po…,, hu…hu

  76. nicole G. says:

    ayoko na po………, kailan kaya ako papasa

  77. Drake says:

    Anu-ano ba ang requirements para kumuha ng let? I graduated a.b. mathematics pero gusto kong magturo sa high school, kailangan ko pa bang kumuha ng units sa education para makapag turo?

  78. faye says:

    kelan nxt filing sa LET Board exam.. paki forward nman tnx…

  79. guia says:

    failure is never an end..
    keep trying,.. have faith

  80. guia says:

    and for those who didn’t make it
    failure is never and end ..
    Keep trying.. have faith..

  81. guia says:

    congratulations to all who passed..

  82. guia says:

    thanks God I passed the exam!!!
    and to all the examinees who made it congratulations..
    and to all who did not….
    failure is never an end.. Go keep trying..
    have faith…

  83. mike says:





  84. EDZ says:

    final na po bah ang nka post na result???

  85. angelica bernardo says:

    thanks God i passed!!!

  86. Marie says:

    Thanks! God, I passed. Congrats to all passers.

  87. marife perez says:

    klangan pa po ba hintayin yung letter b4 bumili ng ticket for oath taking?

  88. nora fe says:

    GOD is good.

    Thanks for passing the exam.

    and congratulations to all the passers!

  89. 828 says:

    . ,,congratz to all the let passers!!!

    to: randy r. cuaresma!!!
    mabait nga tau bhe z nkapasa tau!!! nyahaha..LOLx

    oh well thank God….

  90. madell says:

    To all LET passers of USM-KCC..especially 2 me.madell(hehehe hapi lng jud ko)
    ky cynna,james,eric.jay,joy, tin2,jeanevc,iza,jaki,rey,carbs,jose,dano,ruel.aileen,
    princes.hehehe daghan pa au..a big thank u ky MAM u mam…

  91. hannah says:

    kelngan po bng hintyin ung mailed letter b4 mkpg register pra s oath taking?tnxx po..

  92. maj says:

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL NEW TEACHERS! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US, PERSONALLY i thank God for all of his guidance and wisdom showered upon me during the examination and throughout this days. I made it………..i am very thankful to all the people who prayed for me and supported me. God bless us always!!!!!!!!

  93. to be honest nahirapan talaga ko dun sa exam,pero ngaun sa kabila ng lahat ng pagtitiyaga ko nakapasa ako. Thanks God……………thanks to all of you.

  94. dasyl says:

    pasado kami.pero hindi rin kumpleto saya ko kasi 3 samin ang hindi nakapasa,,,,,,,,,,,kalungkot,but my family is very proud of me,especially my grandmother kasi siya naapaaral sakin,,,,,,

  95. gogie says:

    hai……………. teachers congratz sa lahat ng nka pass i hope the government give us a chance 2 practice our vocation……………….. tenk u poh

  96. jim says:

    congratulations yaby … you are always my number one !!

  97. zzhhyy says:

    kindly post the nmes of those who passed PLEASE….we bdly need it…for us to be able to breathe….tnx!!!!

  98. jen says:

    Thanks God, I passed the let…im giving it back to you…

  99. liezl says:

    Congratulation sa lahat ng mga bagong teachers! To God’s be the glory! =)

  100. ayella says:

    hayzz atlast thanks God I passed…Congratz to all the teachers who passed,,

  101. jecka says:

    nadagdagan na naman tayo’hehe

  102. jecka says:

    congratulations to all the let passers’be proud you’re a teacher,the future depends on you….

  103. tartzkie says:

    hello evry1 hop we can all pass the examination…..wtever happens be str0ng

  104. yeshua_luv says: mga taga palawan mahal na mahal kau ni jesus..pagpalain kau ni jesus..jesus rocks…haleleujah..jesus luvs you all..jesus rules,,,forever,,he is my provider…we will pass this eXAM…DONT WORRY..KEEP THE FAITH…WE LOVE YOU LORD…..

  105. yeshua_luv says:

    hello 2 everyone..pasado tau..jesus luvs u all..mahal na mahal kau ni jesus..juan 3:16

  106. madonna says:

    sana maayos talaga nila yung set B kasi talagang andaming problema doon. ………..
    sana pasado tayong lahat.. God Bless us!

  107. madonna says:

    sana maayos talaga nila yung set B kasi talagang andaming problema doon. sana pasado tayong lahat.. God Bless us!

  108. Roman G. Pagaduan Jr. says:

    … us – teachers pa pala.

  109. Roman G. Pagaduan Jr. says:

    Ay, sa nerbiyos ko mali ang aking entry. …let us all be teachers by heart and by mind po pala.

  110. Roman G. Pagaduan Jr. says:

    Whatever it takes, let us be teachers and by mind. God blesses nice people like. Thy will be done! Good luck everyone!

  111. now dat da result for the teachers board exam results for elementary will not yet post..i feel nervous for me and my co-examiners who took da exam coz 8 takes a long tym..sana a release na..thanks..

  112. athan says:

    lorna, joan, sam, mj, man, jen at sa lhat sana mkapasa tau

  113. athan says:

    ces, kat, ching, rjohn, ate gi, athan, at erika sana mkapasa kau. kc nkakakaba n tlga. hehe

  114. athan says:

    god bles us n sana mkapasa lhat ng nagtake..

  115. reymond s2k says:

    can i ask the result of teachers board last september 2008?? all takers goodluck and God bless to us..juzt keep on trusting to ourselves..failure is never final and success is never ending..*_*

  116. nathan says:

    sana pasa tayo lahat, godbless… gudluck!!!!

  117. dahdah says:

    sana pasa tayo lahat

  118. RONSKY says:

    Ano naman kaya ang naging problema sa Set B.? Paano ung mga nagtake ng exam.tapos set B ung napunta sa kanila.Everyone want to pass the LET, sana naman 100% pumasa
    para maging okey!!!! GOD BLESS ALWAYS….

  119. May i know the names of the LET TEACHER BOARD PASSESRS on September 2008. Thank You.

  120. louisa says:

    y nman nagkproblem s set b,bt gnun….coz wer stil waitng 4 d result of the exm..

  121. Rossel says:

    please show me the LET exam dated last september, 2008. i’m very excited……..

  122. dewdew says:

    kumuha nyan teacher ko eh

  123. Jonalyn Baltazar says:

    Now I feel nervous I dont know what is my feeling now, I feel nervous but i tel to myself accept what God give to us, BUT its hard to accept i want to cry…. HE knows what is best for us, if He allow us to become teacher thanks HIm, But if not just also say thanks to God

  124. sethy says:

    “to all the September 28, 2008 LET Takers, hoping and praying that we passed this exam its a big help for the aspiring teachers to be listed as professionals, so only god knows what will be the outcome of our hardships, trust to him and I’m very sure everything will be Ok! ” -GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF US-


  125. sethy says:

    last week siguro nang november pa ilalabas yung LET results, as i’ve heard nag ka probema ata dun sa SET B questionnaire?? as my source says..better t wait nalang ilang weeks nalang at ilalabas na yan..for now, just relax and condition your mind to be successful whatever the outcome of results will be.

  126. ariane belle says:

    Please paki post ang result, thnx much!

  127. swendyrella says:

    plz pkipost ung results..
    i badly need to see it..

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