PRC Nursing Board Exam Result November 2008

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More than 89,000 nursing graduates across the Philippines took the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Nursing Licensure Examination last November 28- 29, 2008, which is the largest number in the country’s history.

Check out list of successful examinees (DOC file)

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Check out list of successful examinees (PDF file)

39,455 nursing graduates passed the nursing board exam held last November 2008.

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35 comments on “PRC Nursing Board Exam Result November 2008
  1. oinky says:

    gawa nga kayo ng sort of thread na magi2ng eye opener sa mga ngba2lak pang mgtake ng nursing para matigil na ang bangungot na to sa nursing profession..BSN 1st and 2nd yr students…..pls think about your future..mgshift na kayo!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Remie says:

    Hello…can you please send me the requirements on how to apply for the PN NCLEX
    Examination? thank you very much and God bless..

  4. KEn says:

    Mga nursing! LAos na tayo!! sama-sama mag shift! wala na tayo trabaho pramis!!
    dun sa mapilit, gudlak.. ewan ko nlang..

  5. berg says:

    bale kasi mag tatake po me ds june but cant afford to have many boks so if is it okey ung ba nursing board exam part 1-5 un po b ang content?if okey lang po say yes or no to those na nagtake po…thanks and Godbless po

  6. berg says:

    gudpm..for those who take the november exam kindly share something part of ur exam pls.tnx

  7. Ramil Anton M. Villafranca says:

    Chris Lyn V. Bernales
    passing the
    PRC Nursing Board Exam

  8. sophia says:

    To all passers congratulations!!! Mabuhay po kayo!!!

    Sad thing is we are now experiencing crisiis and many of our professionals are jobless so be patient to get one, competition is too high and oppurunities are too low. May the fittest survive!!!

    Mabuhay mga SIKOLOHISTANG PINOY!!!!!

  9. santino says:

    Congratulations new nurses!

  10. Congratulations to all new nurses of the Philippines.
    Congratulations to our own Josephine Celoso Elvas of Filamer Christian College. Top 8

  11. jen says:

    i want the RESULT of the November 2008 nursing board exam….

  12. joconi says:

    God bless you all. Better luck next time.

  13. Gods little angel says:

    Let go Let God Work
    father everything is possible for you. please take this cup of suffering away from me. yet i want your will, not mine “mark 14:36”

  14. sarahjaneraine says:

    kailangan o hindi ang board exam result, eto ang maibibigay nyo sa magulang ninyo…
    makita nila ang anak nila na nakapasa sobrang saya na nila, eto lang ang maiiregalo nyo sa kanila sa ngayn… pampataas na rin to ng self esteem na eto ur taking steps forward to the real world.. hindi ko man ginusto to, pero eto sana pumasa ako, madaming tao ang umaasa sa inyo, sa inyo magsisimula ang pagbabago, kahit maliit malaki ang magagawa nito sa pagbabago ng buhay mo.
    aba GUMISING NGA KAYO!!!!!!

  15. What does Board Exam meant to every Filipino? Ang laki ng ginagastos ng mga magulang. Peru kapag di maging OFW magmukhang kawawa rin sa Pinas. Naging board passer din ako at nagpractice ng profession ko for so many years dito sa abroad peru ni minsan di rin hinanap ang board exam result ko. Diploma lang ang kailangan. Hindi totoo na requirement ang board exam result sa labas ng Pilipinas…HOY, PINOY GISING!!!

  16. pink_lemonade says:

    sa mga fellow Filipino nurse…sana in this profession hindi tyo nagtataglay ng “crab mentality”. We are not happy if others have what we have…Being a nurse opens many jobs not just in the hospital as you think..Basahin nyo nga ang book nyo?! What other jobs can a nurse can become. You can be a community nurse, a private nurse, etc. Everybody does have its opportunity to decide. So why are you afraid of having many nurse in the country? A real nurse must be an open-minded person and has an understanding heart…not like those people who just think only in four corners of the box….hmmmm. It is really disappointing for those who think pessimistic of this nursing career…and being so selfish for others. Bear in your mind that the local exam is not only their hope…there are many foreign exam for their options. And the World is bigger than the Philippines…right?!

  17. charm says:

    lalabas na ang result sa FEB 20! Goodluck satin mga ngtake ng NOV 2008,, actually dito na me Lake forest, CA i just want to know if i pass so that i would know if I can take the NCLEX here!! Nursing is all around… hindi lng bsta ng assist ka, nghandle ka.. mrami kaung mtutunan na values sa nursing pkkipgkapwa tao at marami pa.. u will know how to appreciate everything! God bless CO-Nov 2008 board takers!

  18. charm says:

    omg! i hope I pass the local board exam,, this is my first time to take a licensure exam.. pinappwisan na me ng malamig.. Lord Guide me!

  19. dave says:

    xa lhat ng mga wlang mgawa xa bhay nla mag bik-ti nlng keu…mga pki alamiro keu, lalo na xa mga ng cocoment xa nursing courses…ganyan ba keu pnalaki na mgulang nyo? charing,congratz xa mga passers i hope ksama u2l q… go,go,go lng mga nurses we bliv that we can…ajahhh

  20. amp hay totoo wala talagang trabaho ang mga nurses sana nagengineer nalang ako amp napakadami dapat nating experience at mga seminars besides the fact na tambay, naku walang babalik sayo unless makapunta ka sa state which is mahirap lalo n kapag walang pera

  21. eve says:

    sabi ng PRC at marco antonio sto.tomas of the BON, march pa daw ang result and april 6 and 7 ang oathtaking

  22. Marfil T. Danao Jr. says:

    may tentative date na ba kung kelan lalabas ang result ng nov. 2008 nursing licensure exam?

  23. ..cel says:

    kelan kya lalabas result ng nursing board exam?..excited..hehe..gudluck!

  24. akhyl says:

    may tentative date na po ba kung kelan lalabas ang result??

    PS. ang daming haters sa mundo..

    Cut some slack peole..Chill!!!

  25. hanna says:

    palakas pa kau ng loob… accept the fact, i met so many nursing grads board passers from a very respective school… but as usual, jobless or working just to earn… u jst caught in a rat race…

    and most university, gold mine tingin sa students and they dont care wats gonna happen next to them!

  26. inah says:

    yah… according to the statistics as of 2007 21,000 registered nurse landed as volunteer… sila pa ng babayad instead cla ang babayaran… how can they compensate the investment of thier parents….

    and nursing graduates, landed working as sales lady, promo, real state agent etc…

    spent much money tpos ala nmn…

  27. bipolar says:

    ^^ wooooh! nosebleed ‘to!! lol

  28. akoTo says:


    hu said to you that a nurse could not find a job other than being a nurse (as in the hospital)? FYI even though we are graduates of nursing, we were trained and honed holistically that a lot of jobs awaits us that we can be of qualified… please keep in mind that not all who took up nursing stays to be a practicing nurse but we come to learn about life and understanding it… one thing i can be sure to you NURSING is a NOBLEST PROFESSION… and a very thing is THEY ARE THE BEST PARENTS… kaya its still a win-win process…shame on you didn’t thought of that :D just respect ones choice :D

  29. zyk says:

    imbis na cla ang magkapera
    kayu pa ang pineperahan!!!

    go with your prefer courses!!!!

  30. zyk says:

    hahaha!!! another tambay
    at walang trabaho na mga nurses
    andami nyo na nakikisiksik pa kayu!!!

    as in LOADED na masyado!!
    pinagkakaperahan na lang sila!!
    wawa naman!!!!

  31. PieTon says:

    Congratulations to all board passers, I hope you can find a better job right away and for those who failed this time, don’t stop believing.

  32. tweedle dee says:

    cool new feature mukamo!

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