Premarital sex high among Filipino youth

One out of four Filipinos aged 15-24 are engaging in premarital sex, according to a study by the UP Population Institute.

This year’s study also says that close to 4 million youngsters are engaging in premarital sex with 30% of the respondents doing it in their own homes while 18% were doing it inside motels and hotels.



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  • Gloria

    hot kasi ang mga pinoy these days, di tulad dati nung time pa nina lolo at lola na bawal ang pre-marital sex. Maybe na haloan ang culture natin ng ibang nationalities like americans…but i think pre-marital sex is better than illegal drugs…

  • Suzette

    i dont think it’s such a big deal to have sex before marriage……but 15 is really young that’s why the school system in the philippines should include sex education in their curriculum if it’s not already included. that way atleast those kids can learn to protect themselves against STD’s.

  • toni

    hindi na pala ako kasama sa survey na ito. 27 na kasi me, sayang virgin pa naman ako

  • melody

    hmmmmm…..pms??? bad talaga..yan lng..

  • lashi

    for me its not good to have been included to dis kind of situation…hndi mganda sa mga teenager ngyon ang “premarital sex”… dats 4 me….im jst 16 pro im not thinking of dat bad things.

  • bliss

    boto ako kay zusette….

    hindi dapat isama ang sex education sa curriculum study kasi nangahuhulugAN lang yan sa pagiging aggresive na mga kabataan ngayon sa sex sapagkat ika nga sex education..
    eh di natuto talaga sa pagka may-alam sa sex…

    tulad nlang sa issue “error on the books” kung saan ang aklat ay may pamagat na
    “ari; titi ng lalaki” at nai.distribute na nga ito nationwide dito sa pilipinas sa limang baitang pah..
    mga grade school kadalasan ang bumabasa ng mga aklat…
    bakit hindi yan sisusuri??


    i think having sex with your partner once ne hnd p kau married is relly bad kaya dapat maging maingat tau s mga time ngayon. i think kailangan p ring ituro ang sex education sa mag school para ma educate ang mga students at lawakan ang kanilang pananaw sa buhay.

  • urchinlinks

    urchin says:
    oct. 3 2007
    cguro kailangan ng patnubay ng magulang kapag ang kanilang anak ay humantong na sa edad ng pagdadalaga at pagbibinata dahil ito ang stage na mapanuri ang mga kabataan, kayat maraming kabataan ang nananaliksik about sex, kaya ang magulang na lang dapat ang magturo ng mag impormasyon about sa sex, at dapat di rin sila mahiya makipagsangguni dahil ang anak nila ay nahihiya din magtanung sa kanila about sex

  • apple

    sex is a good exercise!!! jeje.. it’s good 4 our health..
    ahhhmmm not only teen agers are doing it
    but also our lolas or the persons that are born in
    the 1st century.. they are just shy to admit it…
    even even politicians do it, celebrity do it..
    not only ordinary people,.. for me it’s not a big deal anymore…
    by the way… there is no such verse in the bible that says
    “though shall not have sex before merriage”

  • zet

    ahmM..y not?! as long as u r aware nman sa mga consequences n pde mo maencounter once u engaged in premarital sex.. .go do it..! but be carefull!!!!!

  • http://google raven

    bhala kau s buhay nyo!malaki n kau alam nyo n tama at mali…… p akong alam jan pero my anak n koh at iba iba ang ama…wahahahahahahahaha……………………………….

  • andy

    sa aking palagay ang premarital sex ay nakakasira ng pagaaral at sa kinabukasan ka pagbawalan na yan… magpasa kaya sila ng batas ng pagbabawal ng mag premarital sex

  • shella jane

    It’s been indicated in the bible that fornication is not 4 the body….sex is good but in the context of marriage…….kaya bumaba2 ung moralidad natin dahil sa premartal sex…..

  • jean

    give some infos nman poh…about sex educ poh kc ung research paper nmen and wer lacking of infos….

  • mj

    if premarital sex= fornication
    then fornication is =sin
    theregoe PMS is=bad/not right!!!

    hehehe.,.yan ang paliwanag q!13 plng p0h q….
    wala p gnung alam

  • mj

    # mj Says:
    October 18th, 2007 at 7:04 am

    if premarital sex= fornication
    then fornication is =sin
    therefore PMS is=bad/not right!!!

    hehehe.,.yan ang paliwanag q!13 plng p0h q….
    wala p gnung alam

    mali yung type….q’hehe..,suwi!

  • Camille

    Well I believe that many youth are very sexually irresponsible!!!and the reason is because they dont have knowledge about it. and because the youth today are very mapusok!!!and kulang sila sa gabay ng magulang!!!because i believe that if you have respect to yourself!!you must not be part of this premarital sex!!!

    It is just my opinion!!

  • paul marjun

    ew!! kadiri talaga ang pre marital sex!! yak para lang yan sa mga babae at lalaking walang delikadisa sa sarili.

  • paul marjun

    regards lang ko kay gerald andrew matanog

  • Victoria

    sex is such a harsh word for those people who think that it is the most intimate and sacred thing that God allowed us to do, but eventhough it feels good it only makes us feel guilty towards ourselves because we allowed ourselves to commit a sin.

  • theJANITOR

    tama yan… kc pinoy these days are easily influenced by other cultures… like americans… people kc ngaun ayaw maiba… gus2 nila “go with the flow

  • irene

    it is depend on how we define sex. basta ang importante alam natin ang ating ginagawa. we need to be responsible. may mga bagay na di natin makokontrol kahit na ano pa ang turo ang gawin natin. be responsible na lang

  • irene

    basta maganda rin na sana may information na ilagay about premarital sex kasi hindi lang ang mga nasa age ang kayang mag operate ng internet

  • marie santos

    what’s the whole deal with pre-marital sex anyway?it’s not as if we all need it to live. ang paniniwala ko lang ang pre-marital sex nangangahulugan lang yan na ang mga bata ngayon hindi na makontrol-ng sistema, ng magulang, ng eskuwelahan.. they’re thinking for themselves and in a sense you can’t get through them. kaya hindi lang naman pre-marital sex ang problema, ang problema ngayon ay kung paano mo makokontrol ang paniniwala at pag-iisip ng mga kabataan. with regards to pre-marital sex , tingnan mo naman ang paligid….parang natanggap narin naman natin ang fact na sex is all around is ehemplo na ang mga fhm, mga websites na hindi dapat para sa mga bata, mga shows sa tv…nandiyadiyan na lahat ang impluwensiya…hindi mo rin sila mablame sa pinili nila tho dapat mas alam nila ang pinapasukan nila..ilan na riyan ang mga teenager na ina…ano na ang susunod na mangyayari????12 years old naman ang kasma sa pre-marital sex.???tapos bababa ulit?

  • jhenelyn

    hey! premarital sex is not really good, it is only done by married couple…

  • jhenelyn

    i agree that sex education should not be included in the curriculum… because if it is taught they will become more curious of it thats why many of the teenagers are indulge in some kind of activities.

  • wendie Drio

    kakatuwa naman mga suggestions nyo..its helpful talaga para maavoid yong ganitong mga incidents

  • wendie Drio

    masasabi ko lang sex is gift from God but having pre marital sex is not right, we learn to wait until the day we get married.

  • arci

    nothing is permanent except changes….from the maria clara effect of being a tradional mahinhin effect filipina and a crisostomo ibbarra effect of pagiging maginoo comes the word being liberated in line with modernization and globalization and thus PMS becomes a norms.and its a natural thing

  • jeff jexy

    !!!filipinos kc ngaun curious kc qng ano talga ang sex…thats y they try that thing just to experience and explore even f they know na hindi tama yan unless f married kana,,but anyways some other filipinos too are still virgin and im proud to say TOTOO KA talgng pinoy!!congrats,,,,

  • migs

    its good to have pre-marital sex so that when the women got pregnant you are assure that you will have children….

  • a_A

    premarital sex is immoral it is a sexual intercourse between two unmarried person. bible define premarital sex as fornuication.

  • jayjang

    Pre marital sex is considered immoral in the context of the Church and religion for a reason. It includes the preservation of one’s dignity and confidence as well as the sacredness of marriage. Yes sex is considered good, ecstatic, euphoric and whatsoever but I think people who engages in casual sex outside marriage is risking so much of him/herself.

  • jayjang

    oh please the loss of morals in the society is the product of globalization and modernization. being liberated does not entail more guilt and immorality to a person.

    “I am a moralist” – jayjang

  • sachi


  • hart p@ls

    pms hmmmmmmmmm. its just a fantasy agression and intention. to fulfilkl fantasy but pms is not that bad but on onther hand msama tlaga kc may marami kabataan these days na d nakapagtapos na pag aaral coz of pms and also pms its not love that we feel wen we engage into it its just our curiosity of what it would we feel when we do it then after that plagi na kaya wala nah!

  • pithci

    Yes pms is indeed, unlawful and unrighteous act.
    I would better wait for the right person that God assigned for me.
    I was once engage into this thing before, but it does no good to me. It just make me feel unworthy for my husband to be and it makes my life messy. But thanks God he saved from this. Its worth to wait for the right time and right person.

  • meow

    well pms is just a matter of exploration and satisfaction of oneself…yes,indeed it was satisfying to have fornication but be sure of the consequences you may encounter…masarap yan pag gnawa together with your loveone basta be sure na kapag binigay mo na sa lalaki ang iyong pagkababae,cguraduhin mo na hindi lang sex ang habol nya saiyo,bagkus,pananagutan ka nya whatever happens.. Life is too short, but aggressiveness sometimes turned out to be a mess of your life…learn from the people experiences around you… be careful guys,,,its a matter of gambling, ur life is at stake…ganyan ka-simple..pero di ganyan kadali…

  • marie santos

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with sex, the issue here is not about sex at all rather its about the effects of sex that we should be focusing on. let’s say an adolescent has sex, there’s nothing wrong with that but the mere fact that it may entail a possible pregnancy or an abortion is what is questioned. so liberation no it’s not an issue but the fact that young ones are at it and may jeopardize the well cultivated future those of us who are older have created is what is bugging us.we continue to say that sex should be more valued in order for the youth to put it on a pedestal to make them realize that in the end whatever comes out of the act could be something that does hold meaning to them. thus sex call it what you want i.e liberation, excercise, practice of free will, something that may be immoral or moral whichever whatever at the end of the day people do it no matter what it’s called, no matter what religion or belief they hold. what’s at question is the immorality that comes when a baby is in the picture or how it may influence others.

  • elaine

    pre marital sex is a bad things or attitude who done by many teenager, so for me, isa itong pinakamasamang gawain ng isang kabataan na wala sa right age.

  • romeninja

    depende na yan sa tao, malay nya,, 15 palang sha tapos nasagasaan.. patay! e ang lungkot lungkot nun di sha nakatikim sa luto ng diyos, tyaka yung iba, na sa tama nang eded mga 30 up pero walang datong para pang kasal.. tapos tinikman yung luto ng diyos. eh premarital narin yun.. hehe^^ para sa akin, pag yung teenager… patuloy nyo lang yan kasi ayon sa survey.. nakakahaba daw yan ng buhay… pag lumobo,, aw..isa kana sa mga walang hiya pag under age, sarap gawin yan ag 23 up.. yan feel na feel nyo talaga yan

  • cheene

    0o nga p0h hindi mgandang gumwa ng gnyang bgay lalo n kpag ala p s ryt age..
    like me im 0nly 16,but i d0nt have da gUts d0 dat thing in dis tym..
    bata p p0h kc edad q d q p mga2mpanan ung mga c0nsequences kpg nkipginterc0urse aq ng maaga..

  • lyzah

    yah……dat s tru poh pms is bad sa mga taong mbabait at wlng gnwa qng d ma aral ng mgaral for thier future………hehehe ska hrp kya mging unwanted mother noh..hawawa nman nman ung baby dava??????????/

  • MistyDon

    Well guyz i really dont have a full grasp about this matter but for me premarital sex is somewhat good(modernistic) and of course somewhat bad(religious). Just in the sense that persons involved are doing and taking responsibility on what they had done. If no responsiblity acquired in either of the party ,well, the most affected here in this issue is the girl not the guyz and thats the time i will say “oh my, girl you picked the wrong guy to love”


    elow guysss.,., for sure magugustuhan nyo to.,., i like pms masarap eh, prang drugs minsan k lng mag take hahanap hanapin mo n cia kya kalalabasan nito addiction, kaya kaysa drugs tikman nyo PMS ang subukan nyo. mas high pro payo ko lng sa gustong sumubok kapag pgod n magpahinga ok.,., nakaka tae kasi pag sobra.,.and make sure lang sa mga gustong mag take ihanda nyo lng sarili nyo sa pagiging magulang soooon!!!

  • pensive

    The bible did not mention explicitly it’s restriction for pre-marital sex. but there’s a term, in Proverbs, that signify this: FORNICATION (sex between unmarried couples).
    God doesn’t want his people to harbor physical and emotional problems so he commanded sexual purity prior to marriage. PMS is physically and emotionally unsafe.
    It’s exciting and pleasurable, YES, but it is to be enjoyed by married couples. It’s ultimately designed for re-creation, not for recreation.
    Value your body.
    Love your life.
    Your beliefs and principles should match your practices.

    TEENS aren’t dull…
    Think of consequences.

  • pensive

    The bible did not mention explicitly its restriction for pre-marital sex, but there’s a term, in Proverbs, that signify this: FORNICATION (sex between unmarried couples).
    God doesn’t want his people to harbor physical and emotional problems so he commanded sexual purity prior to marriage. PMS is physically and emotionally unsafe.
    It’s exciting and pleasurable, YES, but it is to be enjoyed by married couples. It’s ultimately designed for re-creation, not for recreation.
    Value your body.
    Love your life.
    Your beliefs and principles should match your practices.

    TEENS aren’t dull…
    Think of consequences.

  • pamela

    ganon ba?.? pero sa panahon natin ngayon. hindi nman sa ok ang pre-marital sex! pero dapat paring mag ingat kasi madami nang mga pilipino ang hindi nakakatapos ng pag-aaral kasi nagpakasal sa dahilang buntis na!
    lalo na sa mga 15 above..
    grabeh nman… dapat hindi lang sarili nila ang iniisap nila! pano na ang kanilang mga magulang na umaasang magkakaroon sila ng magandang kinabukasan?..
    nakakalungkot naman na mababalewala nalang nag mga paghihirap nila para mapagtapos ang kanilang mga anak!

  • Louise

    my name is Travis, i like PMS cause PMS taste good, tasting good means sex…..Yeah!!!!! cno pede ka sex jan kht cno bsta may vagina

  • ren

    ahm… premarital sex?? lets be practical, halos ng mga teenager ginagawa na ito

  • death

    pre marital dex
    id the dtage
    of exploring

  • http://cg mark

    because of the age of the eart its happened its already prophecied in the bible even the government spend million of money to stop this crisis they can not.. solve it bec.. it is the one of the sign of the soon coming of jesus christ………….

  • DarkShadow

    I can’t imagine a world without sex but it is safer to do it under the blessing of the Holy One. However, the world may seems at its darker side since the arrival of the great minds we called liberalists but after all lead us to the great abyss of slavery and condemnation of addiction that may be impossible to passed for the rewards unsurprisingly a punishment in disguised! Better keep your dself pure in your own ways but never neglect the power of darkness within you! Know your self! To know is to be free!

  • -LiL’pRinCesS-

    premarital sex is a sin… come to think of it? mga boys, gusto niyo bang makapag-asawa ng may experience na at di na masyadong nasasatisfy ang dapat na satisfaction na gusto mo dahil may nauna na? to the other side, sa mga girls, gusto niyo bang pandirian ng mga nagiging asawa niyo?? kasi nga nakaganun na kayO?? hmm???

  • entelechy

    Fornication is a term which refers to consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other. In contrast adultery is consensual sex where one or both of the partners are married to someone else.
    The origin of the word derives from Latin. The word fornix means “an archway” or “vault” (in Rome, prostitutes could be solicited there). More directly, fornicatio means “done in the archway”; thus a euphemism for prostitution.
    Fornication is dealt with differently in various religions, societies and cultures. The Philippines is a Catholic nation and our stand on fornication is conservative. Although government itself has no laws punishing those who commit fornication, the Church is firm in its dogma that sex before and outside marriage is against the law of God.
    We can attribute this to an increasingly sex-oriented media, influenced by Western liberalization. Movies, commercials and music alike are becoming more and more sexually suggestive to the youth. Access to the internet which can only be filtered to a minimum extent can also prove to be a source for sexual provocation.
    Today, many venues for meeting prospective consensual sex partners are accessible to youths (e.g. bars, motels, etc). Peer pressure can make matters worse, when young people are influenced by their peers to try and do things.

  • entelechy

    to tell you the truth, it doesnt feel so good after doing the act, you know… maybe it can be attributed to biological phenomenon in males called post-ejaculatory depression, but still… the guilt follows…

  • lanie

    sex is not a proof of love to your partner. a boy-girl relation can survive long even without sex. SEX IS SANCTIFIED ACTIVITY THAT REQUIRES THOROUGH AND DEEP PLANNING AND ANALYSIS, AND NOT AN ACTIVITY FOR IESURE OR AN EXPERIMENT……….

  • xhel

    ..xemprii not db?

    ..hndi ryth before GOD and people.


  • gretchen

    ..yEah!! PMS should not be practiced, specially by filipino youths!!! remember, we are called as a christian nation and we have to stand for that!!! don’t go with the flow.. save your virginity for yor future partner..

  • Jodenar

    PMS… its no longer a big deal nowadays… basta safe sex lang, just always use protection and enjoy it!!!!

  • jess

    aminin na natin, talamak na talaga yang PMS dito sa Pilipinas, Human nature na yan. Ang tanong eh handa ba ang kabataan sa concequence na hatid nito.

  • dawn kathrene

    para sakin hndi ito mganda dahil nagpapalaki ito ng populasyon ng bansa at nagpapalala ito sa sitwasyon ng ating bansa. At kung magpapatuloy ang paglaki ng populasyon natin, patuloy na masisira ang kalikasan..

    P.S. its only my opinion, but i think the right thing to do for that age is that finish studying, get a great job, then do it.. haha=P.. LOL

  • krull

    Yeah! jaz get a great job. If your ready for the consequences, then why don’t you do it. Right?

  • http://friendster Shin

    hi poh!!!i need to have a treoritical background about pre marital sex among filipino student what site can i use??please help me!!!!


  • bless

    premarital is not good,,, the bible did not teaches us to do dat thing,,, God created sex but it should be done within a married life…

  • giel mae

    my side is, premarital sex is not really good though it will help in our health… marriage should go ahead before this thing.. it is immorality which shows what kind of person are ya. i dont believe that it is already normal in our present trend nowadays. for the gals,, control it if u can dahil ang mga lalaki, sinusukat lang tayong mga girls. if this thing will go ahead, hindi na ito love but itis already lust…

  • sherryl

    basta sa akin if you are not ready to face the consequence of your doing… pls lang no!!… wag ka nang pumasok.. I mean its immoral but then may mga times na di natin ito maiiwasan due to modernazation nga in some way nagiging liberated tau…. the sad thing with premarital sex is kung mabuntis ka and then commit abortion : ( , dyan ka dapat matakot because aside na nagcommit ka na ng kasalanan at gumawa ka pa ng pinakaworst na kasalanan. . . well hindi ganyan ka merciful si God no…. kaya think things over wag ang kalibugan ang pairalin.

  • Hindry Andales

    itot nalang kamo bahala kamo da sa kabuhi nyo.. gakalam gid haw??? kalutun nyo eh!!!!!

  • Melbon Ibanez

    hoy! mga gakatul ang ila.. kung ako sa inyo puli nalang kamo sa balay nyo kag magkaon sang dukot. mayo nalang na kaysa mag iyotanay kamo sa!!!

  • kim Tolentino

    ga katl gid ang inyo haw?? kadto kamu sa balay ko para makatilaw kamu ang karate chop nga indi nyo malimtan sa inyo nga kabuhi. ma agay gid kamu sa akon. teh kitanay lang ta sa kampo didto sa amon!!!

  • editha laceda

    para ni sa mga baba-e .. kung ako sa inyo nangita kamo to ido kag nag pabuli kamo para indi kamo ma busong?!!!

  • Gleen MArk fernandez

    KA namit gali noh mag sulod sa kweba noh!!!

  • http://deleted Gleen MArk fernandez

    pota ka chong!!!!!!!

  • +_+maDiE+_+

    hoy sa mga manyak jan,, please y dont you wait at the ryt tym,place,age and to the ryt person.. dnong agree sakin jan??

  • charmis mae

    we should be aware that every actions we make has a consequences… kaya dpat mag ingat tayo sa mga ginagawa natin dahil ang premarital ay hindi dapat sa mga hindi pa mag asawa… dito ay walang commitment at talgang against sa moral values nating mga pilipino… pero hindi ko sinasabi na masama ito.. ang sa akin lang dito ay dapat nasa tamang pagkakataon para maiwasan ang hassle na maaari nating ma-encounter pag dating ng isang hindi inaasahan na responsibilidad.. dahil hindi tayo nag iingat

  • anna

    weLL.. sa mga PRO sa PMS.. if u see it dat way.. then i wont bugde u guys to explain it further.. bsta ang opinion ku puh it is really a BIG NO NO.. un lang puh.. GODSPEED!

  • JOY (^_^)

    agree puh aku kai anna.. its really a BIG NO NO puh tlaga ung PMS! sex outside marriage is a SIN.. so guys, dont let urself commit dat kind of sin.. kakahiya nman ung ganyan.. its so degrading!!!! slamat puh..

  • maria cecilia

    pre-marital sex is not as bad as others thought. iit helps matures our personality and curiousity in physical growth. however, it is highly recommended for people aging 18 and above and for both truly inlove.

  • http://mukamophilippines kikay

    PMS??hirap sbay sarap!!!!!njoy bstah 7inch!!!!CHARR…………….
    xur btaw!!!!!!!!!!!AMININ??????jejejejejeje

  • sad

    wHeeeW!!s dmi ng nbsa k n comment here,1 lng naobserved k,people have deferent perception about PMS!!wel,, i’m a muslim and PMS s really prohibited n our culture but i’m aware that some of us r engage n PMS..mybe bcos of curiousity..some respondent said that sex education should include in our curriculum and i agree…

  • blair

    premarital sex ? it was bad nga .. but it depends nmn sa tao ee, for me it’s part of love tlga and u need to be responsible for it .. its up to u nmn ee , its ur body dn kc ..
    as long as u know what u are doing .. and face what’s the concequences .. =D

  • cheynita

    i dont think that sex education can lead teens to understand and then prevent premarital sex… its better to be ignorant so that there will be no curiosity in the person… i believe that most of us humans are “baliktad ang pag iisip, kaya nga meron reverse psychology”. because of those teachings teenagers prefer to experience what they had learnd in that education than preventing it.. -cheyn-

  • Cleverchick

    Premarital sex has no moral grounds, it is against God, and it is unsafe physically and emotionally. Although sex is pleasurable, it is designed by God to be enjoyed by two married people.

  • e?

    i didn’t even have the stomache to read all your comments.

    pms is bad, that’s my opinion and i think that should be everybody else’s. huwag natin sisihin ang mga magulang or kung ano ano at sino sino pa. mmm, mga tao kasi ngayon napapalayo na kay God kaya nageengage sila sa premarital sex. rrr

  • noel

    hmmm, i respect their opinions toward sex but as human as we are, we inclined do the things such as sexual intercourse but we know that is not good and also against the will of the lord…..ANG HIRAP TLAGA SA PINOY KUNG ANO ANG MALI YUN MASARAP GAWIN,,…

  • gracelyn

    …..we know that having premarital sex with your partner is against in the god’s eyes f ur not yet committed in marriage..but it’s depends for the people how they handle that situation if they having premarital sex with others..
    I’m just give my opinion guys its up to you f y would agree or not…..

  • gracey

    …..we know that having premarital sex with your partner is against in the god’s eyes f ur not yet committed in marriage..but it’s depends for the people f they want to do that but they have to think first how to handle the situation and what’s the effect of that
    I’m just give my opinion guys its up to you f y would agree or not…..

  • Gillian

    Nakakagulat naman… i just needed to read some of your comments cause this would be my research paper. But from a student whos studying in a christian school, some of the comments here is really alarming. Im still 19, n i would really stand that permarital sex is a great sin. Not only from God but to your self, havent you think about what might happen?… If you really wanna do it naH… then find a good work and then get married. That way i can say that sex is not a sin anymore.

    We need God’s holy presence in everything we do including if will have seX…

    Please take Good Care of the TemplE of the Lord…(that your Body)…

  • http://GOOGLE GABZ


  • niel

    hi guys hehe actually premarital sex is ”fun” but if you will really look whats the bad things on will really dislodged yourself. Only you can say the worst things on it and you will not feel the automatically but later you will realize it .
    always be gentle doing sex don’t make a fun of it..

  • niel

    premarital sex
    iyol lang ng iyol….
    but remember………..your future

  • reluctanttaoistmonk

    To generalize the current preference of the youth towards sex, sexual intercourse and other related acts as sinful, immoral, and unethical does not hold much philosophical ground. The only grasp to which most Filipino people hold on to is the “religious aspect” as to which most conservative Filipinos refer to as “being chaste”, “being a Catholic”. But, sexual preference does not necessarily involve being part of a “conformity” of standards that a society has indeed”imposed”. It only agitates the issues that are in opposition. In sum, the sexual preference issue is entirely dependent on the individual and not the standards set by society. We live in a world in flux, and in a world of new perspectives. It may be a violation to some, but to some other extent- it does not hold true. “The Crowd is the Untruth”

  • ynAru..

    uhmm… yAH its A big no no!! And its a sin..!!

  • irish

    hmm. its totally wrong. tsktsk

  • maryah riggi

    >>>PMS is actually bad!!!
    kze dpt you shud be married first
    b4 having PMS..taz d mo pa alam
    kung pano mag handle nang
    consequences nyan!!!haii…

  • DExter

    we cannot blame those who engaged to this one because they have thier reasons. pero. it is a sin tlaga, against the word of god. guys avoid this one huh!



  • Choco Love

    hMmM..ganda ng mga comments..may debate kc kme about this issue..4 me bad ang PMS lalo na sa kabataan..dpat gawin lang yun ng mga mag-asawa…dpat mapanatili yung virginity and purity para sa PRECIOUS moment na yun..right di ba?!?!..actually nasa PRO ang stand ko sa debate nmen..tsk..ang hirap..hMmM..

  • rhoda

    ang premarital sex??? its not bad for me… tulad nga ng sbi ng iba?? compare dun sa magdrugs ka diba??? even though both of them nakakhigh!!! haha actually marami n tlagng involve in that kind of situation. that fornication is not valid in our culture especially sa rel;igion ntin…….peo what can we do if kahit cnu ginagawan to??? mpipigilan p b ntin??? i think a better suggestion for thise person who already involve in these situation……..wag lang talaga kau pabubuntis ng maaga!!!!!!!!!!mahirap ang buhay and super mahal pa ng rice!!!diba!!!!!!!!1 so godbless nlng for all of us waha!!!!!!!!! gudluck!!!!!!

  • michaelmagan

    masarap and sex.. weeeeeee!!!!!

  • http://google reyam2sa

    pre – marital sex is done by the people who have a curiousity of what is really sex is

  • Preciousa

    woh? hindi lahat ng curious about sex had commited premarital sex iha,… sino namang tao ang not curious bout that? same as you i know curious ka rin. but i have no plan to commit that

  • kurakuracha

    haha virgin pa ako at walang balak mag engage sa premarital sex

  • uchia itachi

    -To all who wrote beyond immorality of what they’ve understood about Pre-marital Sex you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG! First thing first I want YOU to read the “BIBLE”. The question is “WHAT IS YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF FORNICATION?” Haven’t you understood it? or just a fact that your understanding to it is concrete? Have you ever think of an abstract thing? We are on the adolescence stage of maturity, so we should think of a more abstract thing. Even though the adolescence stage is the stage of INTIMACY AND ISOLATION,.

  • totally against

    thereis no exact excerpt from the bible that says “thou shall not have sex”. yet there is that from (1 corinthians 6:13) the body is not meant for sexual immorality , but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body.” based from the bible, pms is like adultery except adultery includes married people. and pms is as much fornification as it is.

    it is not just about he bible. if you are a smart individual,you wouldn’t dare do it. adn so what if the hot stars do it. you will do it? like it will make you any more famous than them. the you will have to do it more often to be more popular? pa-leasse! adn be the biggest slut! yes then you are more famous. have all the pleasure/

    it’s nice to be clean and be proud of it. why? scared to create a new better worthy trend???

  • trese13

    To all: PMS is not bad, and hnd din yon bastos.. nsa isip lng ng tao yon.. kung bastos ang utak, it means bastos ka din mag-isip!..

    Para sa mga babaeng Maria Clara, bahala kayo sa buhay nyo bsta masarap ang PMS!.. Wahahaha!..

    Para sa mga babaeng Open Minded, most of the modern female this days are open minded, hnd nman porket sinabing PMS eh kung kanikanino ka na makikipag-sex eh.. Gagawin mo lng nman kc yon sa taong mahal mo diba?.. Kaso nakakaawa lng ung ibang babae na matapos nilang ibigay ang katawan nila sa taong mahal nila, iiwan lng sila.. Para maiwasan to?, hnd po siya maiiwasan.. you just have to be more careful sa mga gnong bagay, wag magpapadala sa bugso ng damdamin..

    Para sa mga lalakeng tutol sa PMS, asa lang kyo kc ala gusto makipag-sex sainyo, kahit cguro gf nyo ayaw makipag-sex sainyo.. Wahahahahahaha!..

    Para sa mga lalakeng sang-ayon sa PMS, ayos ba tyo dyan mga tsong?!.. hehehehe!..

  • roselyn

    para sa akin hindi pwedi dhil marami ng mga kbataan now na nbubuntis na hindi pa kasal,,pero kahit marami na din ang may alam about sa sex at mgiging epekto nito sa kanila ay ginagawa nila,lalo na ang may mga relationship,hindi naman lahat.pero mas mganda if magpakasal muna para mas sigurado,cause may ibang mga guy na pagkatapos nilang makuha gusto nila bigla nalang silang nawawala sa ire….kaya para sakin bawal ang premarital sex…

  • anthonette

    uhm i think it’s not good for us filipino youth to be involved in premarital sex. we should think of the possible consequences we might encounter. we must finish our studies first before doing that stupid thing. remember, ” living here in the philippines is not easy because of the economy “. and please do remember this: ” we are the future of our nation “.

  • Yholie

    for me..premarital sex should not be allowed for the couples specially the teenagers that are not yet married.. dpat kasal muna bago honeymoon..
    eh, kdalasan sa mga nangyayari ngayon nauuna ang honeymoon kaysa kasal, kaya
    cguro na over populated tau..hindi naplano ng maayos…
    one thing is, teenagers nowadays are so aggressive, kung ano yung nakikita,
    ginagawa agad, hindi pinag-iisipan ng maayos, kaya minsan talaga masasabi natin,
    “Sa huli ang pagsisisi.”

  • Dimples

    I think having sex before getting married is not so much of a bad thing, but it would really feel good if the one you’re going to have sex first is your husband.

    I’m doing a report right now which is due next week about premarital sex and abortion. If you guys care enough to send me some of your comments and suggestions on how I should present it in class, it would really be appreciated. I would really appreciate if you can send me some facts about PMS and abortion in the Philippine setting. :)

    send me your comments at

    Thank you.

  • jobert

    .,.,.,.,.,for me, its optional sa girl or sa boy na makipgintak to each other cause. kung ayaw naman nung i1 di mo cya ipipilit eh!!!
    taz ung sex education nman sa school its really help many student like me kasi atleast malalaman mo ung magiging epekto nyon sa future mo!!!
    and for me i dont believe na at the age of 15 children are inhance w\ sex!!!

  • banski

    malaki akin kaya okay lang talaga ang pre-marital sex

  • angel rey

    for me premarital sex is acceptable., as we observe, now the teenagers are very curious about sex.., Innocent about sex education, your life being miserable., Sex education is the only tool to protect the teens from STD and Unwanted pregnancy. That is our rigth to know
    what sex education is?

  • Joseph

    This is a REPLY TO WHAT APPLE SAID……….

    There are actually verses in the bible that prohibit premarital sex though they are not expressed clearly or directly….. here are some of the verses. Note that Premarital sex is a sexual immorality since it involves sex with someone you are not married to it is the same with adultery.

    If you are a catholic then you must know this even though you haven’t read the bible or even if you’re not a catholic you must have at least 0.99% in your brain a thought premarital sex isn’t good and its risky,…..

    Im 14 and i know about this…….

    The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body” (1 Corinthians 6:13).

    Since you are God’s people it is not right that any matters of sexual immorality or indecency or greed should even be mentioned among you (Ephesians 5:4).

    What human nature does is quite plain, It show itself in immoral, filthy and indecent actions (Galatians 5:19).

  • Vinne Skipred

    i think…sex education is an important… what i mean is dapat nga masali sa curriculum..pero dapat sa high school at college level lang sana.. hwag naman sa elementary pa. ..

  • joemar

    ..SEX is better than drugs!!

  • RICA

    sex should be respected…its design by God for re-creation not for recreation…


    sori po.bata ako msay


    yeah..premarital sex,for me, is really bad..coz ur not yet married.yet.u keep on doing it.ur not comitted w/ each other yet



  • -lilprincess-

    things aren’t the same dis days… but, as a teenager, we must know our limitations and boundaries…

    you hold your own fate… it is on you whether you’ll do it or not… hmmfszzxt…

    for short, BAHALA KAYO SA BUHAY NIYO!!! hahahahaha

  • rochael

    skin pwd namang mg sex!!!!!!!!!!khit na hnd pa kau marraige kng sya naman tlga para sau!!!!kc aq im having sex with my bf many times khit d pa naman kmi marraige!!!!!gnawa nimin un kc mhal namin ang isatisa!!!!!!!!!!

  • rochael

    pwd lng mg sex kc masarap!!!!!!!!!qng mahal nyo naman ang isat isa eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kc aq im havng sex with my bf nah e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kya lng naman aq pmayag kc mhal q sia!!!!!!!!!!!

  • burnx

    youth now-a-days are very curious about sex..
    thats why they can not blame us in trying pms.
    but it is our responsibility to protect our selves to remain sexually pure.

  • pms_reader

    i was shocked!
    ol ur comments and suggestions are very accurate!
    but b 4 anything else, i wud like to state my opinion!
    shut up!
    dpt we should be aware of our self!
    virginity is very important!
    yes it doesn’t stated in the bible but the effect in having this into our life!
    they engaged on pms but they don’t know what will be the cosequences after they make pasarap!
    we as teenager!
    don’t be so experimental and curious of the things around you!
    too much of it will destroy you and your entire life!

  • http://yahoo gEn

    will ang masasabi ko lang, ok lng ang premarital sex sapagkat maraming kabataan na ngayon ang gumagawa niyan. alam ko naman it is against our culture kaya lang tayo ay na ee.inpluwensyhan lamang ng ibang culture. nag.adopt lamang tayo. kailangan natin maging open minded hindi dapat sirado ang mga ulo natin sa mga makabagong buhay

  • salbahe

    para skin dapat may SEX EDUCATION para malaman nila kung ano ang tama o mali at ng hindi naman sila mabuntis ng maaga,
    dapat nga alam nila kung pano ang SAFE at HINDI, kahit ilang ulit pa nila gawin ang SEX bastat alam nila e2,, (SAFE)

  • Paula

    base on my observation maraming kabataan ang nasa2ngkot sa gani2ng situation…premarital sex needs to be priortize by our goverment…

    pero kung guzto nio na nmn talgang gawin ito its up 2 u and take the risk………..

  • bebot9

    jhenylyn ang labo mo anong premarital sex are for married only? married n nga so hindi na premarital sex yun… aalm mo b mga pinag sasasabi mo tsk tsk

    anywy i think sex education should be included in curriculum in such away that it will not misinterpreted by our youth. In my opinion the youth today do this what we called premarital sex out of curiosity, thus by giving them the ryt knowledge about sex in away we cancelled out the curiosity in there system regarding this matter.

  • nereza

    ahmmm, for me bad tjga ang premarital sex but many teenagers are doing this for them to enjoy and explore how happy they are in getting close to their love one’s, and experience how far heaven is? hmmmp, bsta ang mssbi q lng ms mgnda kpg virgin kang haharap sa altar ksma ang mahal mo..


  • joanne

    ,.its not dat its totally wrong,..,

    but having sex b4 marriage depends on both sides.,

    if u think dat ur both matured enuf and ridy to take d consequences den go.,

    but as a teenager,im still not engaged into dat act.,.study first ika nga,.

  • karmie

    ahm,… for me premarital sex is good for those who wants it but bad those who hate it!!! so for me this is a yuck!!!! a big yuck!!! but in the future im gonna do sex if im married….

  • karmie

    ahm,… for me premarital sex is good for those who wants it but bad for those who hate it!!! so for me this is a yuck!!!! a big yuck!!! but in the future im gonna do sex if im married….

  • kAzmOt

    zAh pnhOn neUn mdmE nAh aNg nAg’se2x nG dEe pAh kxAl,,,zah mGa teEnagEr mdmE nAh aNg mAi kRnxAn,,,,,,,,,,,,,zAh ngAun tngin qUh mUkAng wLa nG pkEalAm aNg tAo zAh pRe mAriTal sEx,,,nDee nAh biG dEal neUn aNg sEx,,,,,,,,,,kEah lAn nmAn kxe nki2pg’sex ang mga ba2e kxe mhal nla ang la2ke,,,,keAh dpAt mAunwAan ntN aNg mGa ba2enG ndee nAh viRgin gngwa lA kxe nlA dhL nAg’ma2hAl xLa,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    tOh lAn aNg pAyO qUh zAh ibAnG ba2e nAh dEE nAh viRgin qNg ngLaw nAh kEuh nG izAng la2kE ,wG nAh kEunG mgkmli nAh mag’pglAw uleTh zAh ibAng la2ke,,,,,,,,,,,,


  • http://frienster judah

    Sa lahat ng boto sa pms, ang masasabi q lang ang baba ng lipad nyo. Well, it really emphasizes na ang mga babaeng ganyan ay easy to get. Kung baga, wlang respeto sa sarili. At sa mga lalaki naman, di nyo mahal ang girl pag ginalaw nyo cla. True love can wait even if it takes a long time. Para lang yan sa makikitid ang mga utak. Remember God kasi sya may gawa satin ay ayaw nya yun. Tingnan nlang natin pag kaharap nyo na si kamatayan, Pano kaya yung soul nyo. Di sa pananakot but mag isip isip kayo. Aq nga natakot sa pinagsasabi nyo. pms is better than drugs? sure? the same lang yan sa paninigin ni LOrd. SIN IS A SIN!!!!!!!!!!hhhhmmmmmmmmm DI AKO BOTO PMS.

  • deiv

    This is a democratic country. I can have sex even if I were still seventeen lol,. It’s just so narrow minded of you to say that people who love each other should deny their feelings and urges and continue to be plastic to ourselves. We are naturally sexual beings, and to deny that is what gets us in trouble. I mean we humans must be true to ourselves we must respond accordingly to our nature and our prmal roots haha. humans………. lol animals parin oi……….. Well anyway, i would say sex is bad when you do it with more than one boyfriend at a time. Now I call that bitching!!!

  • deiv

    Its only a sin when you get someone pregnant and abort the baby.

  • http://friendster judah

    Para to sayo deiv…Ganyan lang bah ang sin para sayo? Think of it, san ba nagsisimula ang malaking apoy? eh di dba sa maliit na apoy? the same with sin that you’ve mention about. Di naman sa di ako open mind, but try to analyze that the standard of God must be follow. Alam naman natin siguro na pag ayaw mo talaga, eh di mangyayari. Basta all I can with you guys, lahat ng sinasabi nyo pananagutan ninyo kay Lord.

  • loise

    pre-marital sex is our topic in school.. 3rd year hs na ako.. i am against yhis pre-marital sex. not because i came from a catholic school but because sex is a gift from God to married couples only. Because of pre-marital sex, lots of women suffer… as well as there are lots of children who suffer because they dpn’t have their parents with them… Because their parents are teenagers.. and irresponsible..

  • Genelyn Gevero

    Ang Premarital Sex ay hindi applicable sa mga hindi pa kasal. Dapat isaalang-alang ng mga kabataan ang kanilang kinabukasan sapagkat ana tinatawag nating PMS ay hindi masama. Marami ang bilang ngayon ng mga kabataan ang nabubuntis na nagiging sanhi ng pagkamatay nila sa panganganak dahil nga hindi pa kaya ng katawan ang pagbubuntis

  • Genelyn Gevero

    dapat gabayan ng mga magulang ang kanilang anak lalong lalo na ang mga anak nilang teenager dahil ang stage na ito ang pinakadilikado sa lahat. Marami ngayon ang nabubuntis na mga kabataan dahil sa pabaya ng kanilang mga magulang.

  • wititit wat

    this is scary, really. kudos to those who believe that true love waits. sa mga naghahanap ng pag-ibig (at an early age), susme, mag-aral npo muna kayo.

  • rHei

    hmmm… pms?? sbagay msama tlaga yan kc it destroys your future…. tulad ng mga frndz ko who got pregnant because of doing dis… and the effect is that at their early age they had already an responsibility for their child.. so advice ko lng.. aral muna and then achieve your goal….

    PS. i ddc8 dis msg… to myself.. hehehe….

  • mia

    i am at lost regarding pms…. there advantages and disadvantages regarding fornication. but i believe there are those people, girls in particular should not be condemned by the society.

  • mia

    deiv Says:
    February 10th, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    This is a democratic country. I can have sex even if I were still seventeen lol,. It’s just so narrow minded of you to say that people who love each other should deny their feelings and urges and continue to be plastic to ourselves. We are naturally sexual beings, and to deny that is what gets us in trouble. I mean we humans must be true to ourselves we must respond accordingly to our nature and our prmal roots haha. humans………. lol animals parin oi……….. Well anyway, i would say sex is bad when you do it with more than one boyfriend at a time. Now I call that bitching!!!

    yes we live n a democratic country and it is ourselves whom we are responsible of ..but wouldn’t that be selfishness…wouldn’t it mean betrayal of the trust that was given by our parents?

  • http://mukamophilippines oLivE

    PMS…masama yan.kslanan yan,alam nman ntin lhat yun,,,hndi nman s ngppkbanal ako,cnsbi ko lng yung totoo..and anong mkkha mo s pms kng pgktapos nyong gnwa nung prtner mo 2 e ttkbuhan k nman nya??wat if ngbunga p un??e d nperwisyo k lng,ready kb 2 tke the risk n ikaw lng mgisa?4 sre 1 thing lng ggwin..ipplaglag ang baby..kwawang mga baby cla ang npprusahan..hndi dpat i2ro ang sex ed s sch.dhil dyan mllman ng mga students ang mga praan kng ang d mbntis..wat i mean is hnd n cla maddlawang isip n mkpgsex dhil alam n nla kng pno ang umiwas..gets????????

  • mark

    guys,, pms means Premarital sex is sexual intercourse engaged in by a person or persons who are not yet married. It is generally used in reference to young people who are presumed yet of marriageable age, or who will one day be married, but who are engaging in sexual practices prior to their being sanctioned within a marriage. gets but thrs no such line on that says pms is a bad havit pms is an sexual intercorese with some one, some one u love some one u like some one u wht to tase. but some one deserve to have that gift of god but make sure of ur dction 4 evry action u take not all u love dserv it,its up to the person and couple if u like to have it both side and u reli responsible for what will hapen after all then go… but if u whant only to explore the heaven with ur patner beter to have the writen action or tha sumpaan moment na what ever hapen ginusto natin pareho to but pero mas ok na safe sex parin make use of contraseptive para pwed ulit ulitin..pumapasok d2 ang curiosity ng bawat isa na ang sex ay masarap ulit ulitin tama ka dun best example ng exercise to. nagiging masama ang isang bagay kung my umaabuso na kun piniplit mo ang patner mo at ayaw nya gawin un ang mali my mahal ka at engage kau sa pms pero my iba kpang tinitikman, mahal mo nga ang patner mo at pumamayag ka sa ganun pero napipiltan k lng un ang mga mali kung ginusto nyo pareho walang sisihan. take all the responsiblity jan naman pumapasok ang maagang hiwalayan guys ndi ko na kayang expalin un kc ndi un maiwasn kaya mamili kau nga tao na makikipag talik kau…mahrap magkamali,

    ako pms boy din pero in the rght maner and rght way…
    but now ndi muna wlang gf eh…hehehehe

  • chanelle

    NO ONE CAN SEE GOD.. – Matthew 5 (the beattitudes)

  • hhiber ng cdsp

    tae ksi sila………hi sa mga tga cdsp esp. COMSEC 2 -12

  • queen amidala

    sex is God’s design…para lng toh s mga married couples..pero pag gnwa ng mga unmarried..sin n un..kht p sbhn ntin di nkalagay sa 10 commandments un,kasalanan p dn un..MORTAL SIN…!but need p rin ntin un isama sa curriculum ntin..kse..we need guidance..hndi nman porket isinama sa curriculum ituturo n kng panu process nun..ang ituturo lng nman eh ung causes,effects and prevention…aun lng nman….

  • emil

    ok lng na magsex…. ano p silbi ang mabuhay dto s mundo.. mainam nag hanggat early para mahasa…………..

  • emil

    hehehehehe mas masarap yung nasasatisfy omh ung sarili moh.

  • http://none ana joyce

    ang sex poh ay kslanan sory po sa lahat ng mahilig makipagsex alam ninyo po ba na maari kayong mag kasakit dahil dyan………………………he he he totoo namn poh yn may ex poh ako na gusto lang ay makipagsex never syang nagsabi about love alam ko mali na sinagot ko sya pero ng nalaman ko na mahilig sya sa sex nakipagbreak ako sa kanya malas nya lang kc ayaw kong makipagsex sa kanya…………………………………………… bahala sya sa buhay ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • rexie

    for me virginity is sacred for all the girls out there who doesn’t have been engaged in the sacrament of marriage. we all know that it is a sin…”thou shall not commit adultery” it is also related to the sixth commandment. we should love by reason not by season. and we are not animals, we are human being…we mate on a proper time and in a proper place..not like the other entities below to us humans. but there’s a lot of things that provoke us to be engaged in pms..maybe because of the peer pressures and also because your boyfriend or girlfriend would like to do it because of your curiosity. but let us just think ahead of the future if we do pms right now. we are just the one whose going to face the uncertain circumstances that we wouldn’t want to happen, like early pregnancies. let’s just wait for the proper time to enjoy that certain action than to regret for the things that we don’t really want to face and have.

  • vea

    i realy disagree in pre marital sex. actualy im making a term paper ryt now with my topic “pre marital sex”. and my aim here in making this research work is to widen the knowledge of the teenagers espexaly those who are concern in the age bracket 15-24.. who are not yet commited or maried. i beliv that age 15 is very young to experience sex. im 16 and i dont have any experience in doin that so coz i myt fall from being wasted..

  • http://yahoo ~vics~

    well, my opinion about this topic is that it is still immoral but its getting very very rampant nowadays and youths were really affected with what they have observed in the society.i hope there will be a great solution to this problem considering that youth are the future leaders in the generations to come…i hope that they somehow realize that it doesn’t give them any benefit in the end and it might cause failure in their dreams and ambition in life if they are not responsible enough.thank you…

  • fretz

    …i think sex before marriage is just okey if you’re done studying or not at an early age…because it will help a person to have an adjustment with his or her sexual relatinship before marrying…you will know if a person really loves you if he will still accept you after knowing that you’re not a virgin anymore and still marry you…or when the person left you after having sex with you…at least you will know the guy totally before marrying him and you will not feel as a looser or guilty because you marry the wrong person…..because most of the time couples separate because one of them cannot adjust with their sexual relationship…love is not being a virgin or not…it is accepting the person for she or he is because eveyone has different kind of personalty…everyone is unique…think about it…

  • leLANDI

    premarital sex is a good habit!!!

    live life to the fullest..

    yaw q mamatay na virgin..nyahaha

    mga killjoy kau.,

    be proud..hehe/

    im a pervert!

  • gudboy

    sakin…ok lng nmn sex bsta pag may consiquence lam ko ano ang taman gawin………………..un lng po ^^ cnu gusto grl na 17-25 sex wd me? joke wahahaha not really a gudboy 18 yo.

  • gudboy

    sa totoo lng mas mabuti pg d muna sex pg la pa kasal dahl..mas msarap makipag sex tpos kasal para d ka matakot mabuntis xa.. tama bh? hehe pero dpende nmn pwd rn nmn ksi gmt condom wahehe. dpnde kng ano isip nyo. ^^

  • gudboy

    pero hirap pigilan sarili pkipagsex sarap ksi eh hehe

  • ehmz

    for me its ok kasi dyan makikita kung sino ang baog at hinde………..
    15 lang ako pero 123456789….
    di ko na mbilang eh….
    dami ng times na ginawa namin ng bf koh yan….
    sensations let us live in heaven

  • dhennis

    for me its ok kasi pwede naman un eh walang law na nagbabawal……………..

  • dhennis

    heeeeeyyyyyyyyy girlz pwede ako wla ako std
    18lang poh me 10 pulgada alaga koh sama kau sa ken …
    join me in heaven

  • jean

    bakit pa kase na uso yan eh….
    pero infernes masarap!!!!!!!!!

  • sTresSors

    God design sex for people to share love,,so lets love our neighbor…lets spread this amazing love,,hehe jowk..

  • demise

    correction for those who are saying pms is not included in the is said according to the bible that fornication is immoral and should not be disturb of your ignorance my dears.and sex education is a is indeed not to make aware of children about sex but to teach them what is ought to be done.and for god’s sake of course, teachers won’t use such indecent words in this process so child’s mind would be protectected against education is not to open the minds of children about sex but the negative effects it implies so as to be preventive.

  • demise

    correction for is indeed written in the bible that fornication is immoral and should not be disturb of your ignorance my dear.

  • albert

    it’s sad to say that many filipino youth are engaging in pre-marital sex, as early as 13 years old nakakaranas na ng PMS. where we fail? it’s sad to say that we fail in educating the youth on PMS, BOTH THE EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS AND THE CHURCH..yes! we all need sex because we are a sexual beings, but it should be compounded between the matrimony..God created sex for couples who was bounded by HIM..this is to remind that they are husband and wife, GOD make them as 1 body..youth like me should practice abstinence, darating din tayo jan..wag magmadali..sexual intercourse is not a game it is sacred..and let us all be reminded that we don’t own our body..relationship can still be maintained by showing respect to each other and not merely by having sexual intercourse with your partner..true love waits.

  • kate

    hahaha.. nakatawa naman po maxado.
    ok lng yan . as long as happy kayo..
    you must be very carefull lng .. hehe

    extend my regards to notredamians to ndkc!

  • kate

    kate says:
    hahaha.. nakatawa naman po maxado.
    ok lng yan . as long as happy kayo..
    you must be very carefull lng .. hehe

    extend my regards to notredamians to ndkc!

  • cena

    ang taong naiinvolve sa PMS ngayon maybe kulang lang sila sa love..and attention o di kaya nagmammadali

    girls and guys: maraming consequence ang pms if you’re not ready beware…..

  • enajjjjjjjjjjj

    im almost 20 and actually i already have engaged in PMS when i was 18..
    at first i thought it was the right thing to do..not because i lusted for him but because i love him..he never really left me..he stood by me all the time..i was the one who left him..alam ko kasi maghihirap kami pag pinagpatuloy ko lahat..thers’s no regret rin far as i know i was responsible for that act..the only thing that makes me regret about PMS is that, when you already did that with another person you cane easily do that with another one..which makes you who you think you are (dirty or cool)

    my only advice sa mga virgin pa is..dont do this..wait for the right time..ive been there and i wish i havent.

  • mizZy

    no way!..i’m only 17 and i have a bf!.his 23 now!…olweyz nmin npagUusap yang about pms n yan!…peo never nmin ginawa..
    msa2v ko lng!…f tlgang mhal k ng bf mo dpat my respe2 xa seo!..TRUE LOVES W8 ika nga nila!..

  • Lyn0515

    i would say no to premarital sex not only because i’ve read it in the bible or learned it from my parents, its just that i believe that body is sacred and its not a thing to be passed on to many different people.

  • Lyn0515

    if premarital sex is done by almost everyone it does not mean that it is alright. but we all have freedom of choice. it’s up to us whether we engage on it or not, as long as we don’t drag other people to do the same thing. and as long as you are responsible for what you did, and that’s what makes you happy, well go.


    Hey!! you out there! sex is good because it was the lord who created it. But then again, only under the blessing of marriage! if you haven’t try yet, then good! dont ever try it. If u already give-in, STOP IT!

  • margie salomon

    hinde ok yun kc kung lop m ung tao iga2lang mo xia…. mag_aantay ka . . . paano n lng halimbawa pag nakita m n ung tru luv m . . . ano pang ibi2gay m kung nakuha n ng iba ang dapat nakalaan s kanya ….. matatanggap k p b nia

  • Hannah

    Pms is one of the sign that the coming of Jesus Christ is near.
    Some will only believe this statement when they come face to face to our God.
    Everyone will be judge in the way we act in this world in the end.
    It seems so hardly to believe to what i say if you’re not been born again.
    But I tell you the truth.
    Jesus Christ laid down his life for us, so that we may believe that he is our true God and we will repent for all our sins for he is a forgiving God.
    God bless everyone.
    I hope God will open your eyes from the darkness in this world and lead you to way that God shine His light for us.^^,

  • Robinson

    ang mga pinoy kahit pahirap na ng pahirap i hndi parin mawalan ng pag asa kasi…may babae na mga bugaw…at doun sila hndi nahihirapan

  • Robinson

    no way to judge …no…hndi mo kc alam mag sex….!!!!

  • Robinson

    mga onggoy kc kyo lahat….

  • jhen

    ..hmmm… pms???? actually its okey as long as you are sure.. okey lang gawin basta mahal n’yo ang isa’t-isa..nagiging bad lang xa pag ginawa n’yo just for nothing or just to satisfy your LUST!!!! pero aq i’m still virgin i’m already 18 mag- 1 year na kmi ng bf ko… actually inaalok nya aq ng ganyan pero di pa talaga aq ready mentally and emotionally..

    okey rin kasi naiintindihan nya aq…kaya mahal ko siya kasi nirerespeto nya disicion q…

  • rowell

    ang pangit ng ganon

  • christopher sanoy

    i am having my academic paper about premarital sex. i wanted have the comments on these page but i can not copy and paste theme. !sayang! the titile of my academic paper is THE 6TH COMMANDMENT: A RURAL TEENAGERS OPINION ON PREMARITAL SEX. can someone help me just email it to me.

    though our worl today is being ravaged by different information through our mass media but let us be responsible and make use of these media for the good of all. as christians our challenge today to be in the right track always though the forces of evil are wearing different guise.

  • liwayway

    for me pre marital sex is not right.. Y? sex is a sacred thing that God has given to us.. we should always think that having sex is not just a body contact but it should be bound with love.. When we walk in the altar we wear white gown which means we are pure in as a whole.. we want to have that blessing before we engange in something..

  • moimoi

    haha! panu ka masasangkot sa premarital sex. eh sarili mu ngang grammar di mu pa maayos.haha!

  • Doris Gay

    he,he, underwear nga hindi pa malabhan , masasangkot pa sa premarital sex!

  • shark

    “Is it ok to have premarital sex?” That is a common question among teens and engaged couples. Perhaps you are in a relationship that is progressing in that direction, but you’re not sure what to do. In your mind, you are probably weighing the pros and cons of premarital sex. On the positive side of the scale, there is acceptance from your peers, hope for pleasure, and the fulfillment of sexual desires. The negative side of the scale carries the weights of morals, fear of pregnancy or disease, and guilt. How do these scales balance? What is the right decision? Let’s take a look at some of the facts.

  • jenny

    purity of both body and sould are must in order to become a good christian.

  • jenny

    As much as possible refrain from engaging in pre marital sex.
    Let’s make this world a better place to live in.

    God bless us all!

  • maoche

    ahmnn…yeah i think its no big deal talga..
    now is normal ..and 15 i not that young 13 y/o kids are doin adays..

  • dEnNy_mAe”,)

    ..fOr me pms iS nOt tHat rEallY pRohiBitEd..
    ..iT’s a fAct tHat eVryOne hAs cAn dO it frEelY!!
    ..bUt pLeaSe, aS chRistiAnS
    wE muXt oBservE thE riGht aCt rEgArdiNg thIs thiNg!!
    ..fOr uS yOuNgStErs, lEt uS nOt eNgAge oN thiS
    thinG fiRst!! lEt uS pRiOriTiZe oUr sTuDy aNd tHinGs w/c
    cOuld iMpRovE oUrsElvEs..,.
    ..lEt uS wAit fOr tHe riGht tiMe bEfoRe wE dO
    tHat cErtaiN tHinG(pMs).!,
    ..pLeAse bE rEspOnsiBle eNouGh aS tO wHat wE reAlLy aRe..
    ..mAy gOd bLeSs uS aLl=)

  • dEnNy_mAe”,)


    you have a point but people must observe or consider their
    status before they’ll do such thing.. remember that teens are
    still weak enough to handle situations like that..

    so i want to remind those who still dependent,
    we muxt nit engage in that deviant behavior okey..
    we muxt be responsible enough as to what our
    standing in life is..

    we muxt practice the proper conduct
    and observe morality to preserve our
    good clture w/c is considred as our pride
    of being good citizen and christians^.^

    .kEePxaFe mGa pRetTy aNd cOol yOunGtErS!!!

  • waahaha

    …cguro nagkataon lng na maraming katoliko s pilipinas kya nkasulat nga sa bible ung bwal ang premarital sex…but think of it nsa utak prin ng tao un kung ga2win nia nun oh hindi dbah..kht naanung bawal mu nya g2win pwen..cguro nga d tama un pero xempreisipin nio rin na hello…nasa 21st century na tau? mp2glan pa b kung pati sa mga pampublikong paaralan tinuturo na ang sex education? cguro ingat nlng sa mga kilos…think b4 do kung anung madu2lot dun saung kabutihan at kasamaan..


    GOOD DAY>>!!!
    some are engage in PMS on their past years and this turns into a nightmare to them and even feels they are guilty after what they have done. PMS is really a sin but we cannot blame others for committing this kind of sin because now a days, the force of the lust and temptation to the youths are really at the high speed. others commit this because of curiosity and temptation. some are force to do so because of the pressure caused by their bf’s and even from their peers. we should not judge them immediately because what if we are on their place? wouldn’t you do the same? what if you are pressured by your special one, wouldn’t you give in too? before we judge others, think first. according to the scripture, if you will judge others, you will be judge too acc. to your judgment to, respect their decisions so that they will respect you too. it is enough that you had explain and you give advice to them. it is their choice if they will listen to you or not. in fact, that’s not your loss, its they. right? what am i emphasizing here is that, you must be aware of the consequences ahead and try to open your heart and mind to them.

    we dont know that the persons who engage on PMS are repenting what they have done. besides, even if you commit this PMS, still, GOD is always ready and always willing to accept you. all you have to do is to refrain from doing it, repent and change!! that’s how is it!

    remember>> NOBODY IS PERFECT!
    but that’s not always be our reason for committing sin. we must change our ways because its not the end, we still have time and now is the right time.
    hope you got what i mean.






  • ryan


  • ryan

    hindi magandang pangitain ito!!!!!!!!!ano ba pangit yan

  • jinx-!!!

    were open to a modern realiy at this time of ages!!!
    mybe, sa iba d pa tlga tanngap pro it has been open to our minds that this generation is indeed a new one to face for!!!

  • jinx-!!!

    people were liberated in minds and we have come into our senses that, in today’s realization being pure is not indeed a very big deal_0.0

  • youdontcare

    @ Choco Love Says:
    hMmM..ganda ng mga comments..may debate kc kme about this issue..4 me bad ang PMS lalo na sa kabataan..dpat gawin lang yun ng mga mag-asawa…dpat mapanatili yung virginity and purity para sa PRECIOUS moment na yun..right di ba?!?!..actually nasa PRO ang stand ko sa debate nmen..tsk..ang hirap..hMmM..

    we’re at exactly the same sittuation.. debate din namin then nasa PRO din aq. hehe.. hirap tlg, against din xe aq. niwei thanks sa mga comments nila, tablado na saken ngaun mga classmtes ko. wahahaha


    para sakin dapat isama ang sex education sa curicculum ksi lalo ng magiging curious ang mga bata sa sex. sa school ko nung high school natural nalang ang pakikipagsex. khit first year students ginagawa nayun. may mga kakilala ndin ako nagkaroon ng std nung high school ako. dapat mainform ang mga youth para maiwasan magkasakit

  • http://awooohhh yoyo

    bakit ka mag aagree na hindi maituro ang sex education dahil lang mas matututo cla… ganun ba?

    pero para sa akin… ang purpose nang pagtuturo ng sex education ay para ma encourage or ma inform cla na may mga bad things when they have sex with others…

    meaning,,, matatakot clang makipag sex if they will know the STD disease…

  • yoyo

    bakit ka mag aagree na hindi maituro ang sex education dahil lang mas matututo cla… ganun ba?

    pero para sa akin… ang purpose nang pagtuturo ng sex education ay para ma encourage or ma inform cla na may mga bad things when they have sex with others…

    meaning,,, matatakot clang makipag sex if they will know the STD disease….

  • jaja

    PMS…it’s okay…but Be wise!!!!! use contraseptives para safe… Para walang pagsisi sa huli…..

  • Reagan

    I think premarital sex should not be tolerated because it only degrades the Filipino women… right? So all the girls out there, refrain from premarital sex!!!! OK?

  • marina

    ………………………………pms had many bad effects be aware……….marami ngang nabubuntis dahil jan eh.

    god bless

  • rakion

    I Think Pre-Marital Sex. Should not be donw by young
    filipinos kasi we ALL have a personal oath to God.
    If you love God you should maintain this oat and not
    be carried away with your barkada. kung ginagawa nila un
    LET then pero give then Advice. para ka naman hindi true friend
    nun. Basta ang Pre-marital sex is a SIN and should not be Done
    by anyone who is not Married or else you’ll suffer the consequences.

  • rhejz

    letche nkakainis mga tao dito..kung anu anu pinag sasabe..letche! kakainis…

  • remzzzz

    hey! guyzzz o know bad talaga yang PMS! nkakasira yan sa future & takenote makakakuha rin kau ng sakit jan!

  • kinar

    “PRE-MARITAL SEX” OH COMMON each school should include sex education so that teen agers will not be ignore about that topic\>………and sex education will help teen agers to protect there selves in different transmitted diseases like “STD”

  • kinar


  • rexier

    actually, when it comes to premarital sex . . it is really against to Gods will . . . . so lets us be educate 1st with His commandments.

  • rexier

    pahabol . . .though it really feels good, still it is against to our Gods will . ….Regards to all the students of SSPSC Tandag Campus!

  • cRishVin01

    hayyy,,grbe ang hirap gmwa ng talumpati bout sa pre-marital sex…peo by da way i want to give my opinion by dat…u know ang pre-marital sex ay dpat hnd gngawa ng mga hnd pa kasal…kc hnd pa tau bnbgyan ng blessings ni God so why we should do dat?hnd ntn bnbgyan ng respeto c God..iniisip lng ntin ang srili nting kasiyahan o klibangan…

    sa sex education amn…dpat d yan tnturo sa skol,,dpat sa hauz para maguide cla ng parentz nila in case na macurious about it..

    we should think first children in da world,,isipin nio kung ippl8 nio ang srling ksyahan sa salita ni God…

    remember nksulat yan sa Bible…we should take first the blessings of God b4 we do dat…

    datzz ol….

    by da way im only 16 and a nursing student…♥♥♥♥♥

  • mackie23

    ., ahmm., 4 me?? mali tlga ., ksi it is againts 2 god., tska., kelangan tlga married na to have a sex to ur partner/. .,

  • taeka

    tanga ang nki2pagsex ng wala sa tamang edad. lalo na ung mga 14-19. respeto nlng sa mga magulang. isipin niyo din ung magiging kalabasan ng gagawin niyo lalo na mga babae.

  • http://yahoo miaka

    daaaaahhhh……. lust rana…

  • dyhubi090609

    PMS is a long as u knoe the cnt blame the teens coz this is the 21st century anyway right.?

  • jane

    sex education is important in our society this time, itoy mamabisa lamang kung ang mga estudyante mismo ay sumusunod we dont blame the individual kung gustohin man nila ang bagay na ito.tanging matutulong lamang natin sa bawat isa ay ang palaganapin at hikayatin ang mga kabataan na sa tamang landas nila mapupunta ang kanilang mga sarili, at ipaunawa ng maayos ang kahihinantan sa kanila, kung ito ay kanilang gagawin. tanging payo at gabay lamang ang ating magagawa pero sila parin ang nakakaalam at nagdedesisyon sa bandang huli.PLZ WE PRAY FOR THEM AND FOR ALL THE YOUTH IN OUR SOCIETY……………..

  • nextgen

    its time we go back to the roots nila lolo at lola.. times are really changing at hndi dapat porke uso, sasabay tayo.. its’ effects are permanently engraved in our one and only life.. minsan k na nga lang mabubuhay sa mundo, di mo pa naalagaan nang husto ang virginity mo..so0 many lives are wasted, traumas, guilt because of pms.. sayang ang magandang future.choose wats ryt filipina girls.. wag basta ibibigay lahat! sa harap man ng mundo ay nkakatawa pag virgin ka pa til hindi kasal, but to God, its worth the wait! Lets change the direction of our generation!

  • mhae

    its bad.. sex is holy!! it is supposedly to be given or done after marriage, as marriage is a holy sacrament…..

  • ice

    everyone wants/needs sex!!!!!!!

    they want it bcoz it is pleasurable….

    they need it bcoz that inceases one’s intimate relationship!!!!

    sex is not a innately a sin…actually God made sex as a beautiful reality for us human..

    yes sex is a beautiful reality……

    nothing/no one may avoid you having sex even if you will do it three times a day….

    but,,,,,self-dignity and conscience will come into your mind once you will gonna do it without

    thinking the consequences of sex…….

    i cud lay 2 kinds of sex…..

    one is the premarital sex….the other is sex after marriage…

    premarital sex is motivated 98% of lust….wyl sex after marriage is motivated by 98% of


    well,,,,,,if you don’t believe in GOD… may do so to have pre-marital…but remember

    though you don’t believe in GOD,,,the consequences of having prearital sex will be the


    loss of sense of dignity, self-image, self-respect at the same time….losing one’s self by



    NOTA BENE::::

    HAve sex…..if your sure that your partner will be with you forever….but better to have self-

    respect and patience……wait till the right time comes…..


  • jeimee

    madami ng mga kabataan ngayon ang naeengage sa premarital sex at habang tumatagal ay mas lalo pang palaki ng palaki,its becuz mrame silang nkikitang mga kasing edad nila ang nkararanas ng ganong sitwasyon,ika nga filipinoes are good immitator kaya nag gagayahan nlng sila kahit alam nila and magiging consequences ng mga ponaggagawa nila.

  • whofrustrate

    Premarital sex is now a culture in Philippine setting. The government cannot proceed to enact a specific law that would deter this trend among the youth or any other sexually-related activities or enact a law for the use of contraceptives for fear of catholic backlash. The government and the church has its different stands on the issue. What can be done?

  • Mr. Horny




  • Mr. Horny




  • ms. simple

    sa tingin ko ang pre marital sex eh hndi kzalanan. sa pniniwla ko lang ha.. i dont have experience on dat. but i think its not bad.. ksi dba noong ang tao plang sa mundo eh sina eba at adan eh wla pa nmang “KASAL” but they do a sex kya nga tyo and2 nagyon eh… tsaka what’s god says to both of them

    dba= “humayo kayo at magpakarami tulad ng buhangin sa dalampasigan.”

    hindi nman cnav na magpakasal muna kau bgo kau mgparmi….

    i just post my opinion

    yan kz topic nmin ngaun sa research ko eh
    (pre-marital sex affirmative)

  • ms. simple

    debate nga about dat

  • ms. simple

    sa tingin ko ang pre marital sex eh hndi kzalanan. sa pniniwla ko lang ha.. i dont have experience on dat. but i think its not bad.. ksi dba noong ang tao plang sa mundo eh sina eba at adan eh wla pa nmang “KASAL” but they do a sex kya nga tyo and2 nagyon eh… tsaka what’s god says to both of them
    dba= “humayo kayo at magpakarami tulad ng buhangin sa dalampasigan.”
    hindi nman cnav na magpakasal muna kau bgo kau mgparmi….
    i just post my opinion
    yan kz topic nmin ngaun sa research ko eh
    (pre-marital sex affirmative)

  • maes

    masama! un lang

  • maica

    hmmff.. actually it is nt bad to gEt sEx b4 marriage.eventhough its bad in bible but it is aCcepted in our society . sOme reason why they involved in that kind of cases ,, its rebellion or ung iba naman ay kahiligan lang… ahahaa and parang libangan nalang ng kabataan ….

  • against

    premarital sex s immoral,,,i hate thooooooooose dammmmm teenager who engage n sex,,,

  • against

    to ms. simple you have a point but wat proverbs did you get na nagsex c adan at eva noon,,,meun ba ala aman db,,,hnd man lang nga nasabi don eh,,,

    i just want to ask you?

    actually topic din namin yan sa research namin now
    (perception of bsba student in premarital sex)

  • Mr busyboy26

    to ms simple, I have comments on what you had post here, because u said that adam and eve did not got married and contrary to what you said they did get married and indeed that was the first married that took place (Genesis 2:23-25). This passage was caughted by Jesus (Mathew 19:5; Mark 10:7,8) and Paul (1 Corinthians 6:16; Ephesians 5:31) in their comments sex and marriage. That was also my topic in research last first semester about perception of students on premarital sex and abortion.


    Many teens are scared to ask about sex, but actually we need to open are mind in terms of sex for us not to become innocent ….Everyday,and everywhere we go a teenage girl pregnant.

  • moderndalagangfilipina

    Personally, I believe in sex after marriage. Pre-marital sex became accepted lang naman to us dahil sa effect ng western culture satin. If not and if we are still applying the principles that are grandparents have, it would not be as accepted as it is ngayon. I mean my friends think it’s normal and nothing is wrong when they engage in pre-marital sex. I think it’s because they grew up with an environment that thinks that way. If only those principles were instilled from generation to generation and if we’re not so into the western thing eh di sana the philippines is still how i knew it when i was a kid.


    Even if everyone is engaging in pre-marital sex if a person will stick to the principles instilled in him he/she won’t engage in it kahit gano pa karaming temptation ang dumating sa kanya. I hope we can bring back how FILIPINOS really are.

  • sheian_27

    gmgawa akop ng isang researh paper about premarital sex.. based sa mga nainterview kong youths ay may mga experience about this problem. im only 17yrs. kaya dapt sa lahat ng mga kabataan ay dapat iwasan ang maging mapusok dahil sa lahat ng oras ay sarap ang paiiralin. dahil ang feed back nito sa mga taong nakapalibot sa iyo ay nagiging MABABA ANG TINGIN NILA SAYO..
    lalo na pag maaga kang NABUNTIS..
    So think a million of times,, BAGO GAWIN ANG SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mikeetoy

    i think pre-marital affairs are bad… its against the bible… its called fornication… but even though its bad i still want to try it… dunno why? he he… maybe because im still a teenager who is curious to things which are more “grown-up” like…

  • jeff antony banzon

    do it now mga brad..i experience sex….do it…go go go

  • Richard Cruz

    …i have experience already a sex….i love it very much… partner was beautiful and pretty..she is Jasper..hmp..

  • Richard Cruz

    ….I love u very much.

    JASPER..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…i hope we can sex all day ..

  • ryan

    the youth should not engage in premarital sex because in the first place God intended only sex to the married couple. if it will be done by two teenager outside the marriage is indeed wrong.

  • sheep

    i also dont like PMS…… marami ding consequences hindi lang sarili pati na rin sa mga taong nakapaligid sau… lging may chain reaction ang lhat ng ginagawa natin…. maganda experience pero mas maganda yun kung sa taong tanggap ka diba! ung taong kayang tanggapin lahat ng kulang moh. alam ko prang pang seryosohan na relasyon yung tinutukoy ko pero yang PMS na yan panandalian lang yan prang nagparaos lang kau. woman should treated with respect but how can that happen if she cant value herself. sex is a good experience if the two of you are married and the disadvantage of it was you can be addicted to it. dont be drifted away on what is happening around you. you have a mind that can think and you know your smart enough to know what is right from wrong. dont let other people decide for you. have faith that one day that special person will come. ofcourse it will take time you cannot have everything that easy. right! because if thats the case then the world will be at chaos!! there is no “one time only and im not going to do it again” that doesnt work at all. humans have the personality to be greedy. greedy is not good. just my opinion haba noh!! hehehe.

  • rabskee sinsuat

    shocks!! haha. parehong mali ang mag drugs at makpsok agad sa premarital SEX ano!
    pero. 1% nlng sa phillipines ang mga babaeng ViRGiN pa! right??

  • niel

    In my own opinion premarital sex is something in which Filipino youth imitate from liberated countries like US… Philippines was a conservative country we should have such identity but what happened now most the Filipino youth were influence by those liberated countries

  • aneecA

    in my point of view PMS is not good to the image of filipino youth,

    alam nang mali ginagawa pa.,sabagay di natin masisi ang kabataan kulang lang siguro sila sa security, love at attention ng parents.. guys, girls and gays beware!!huwag padalos-dalos bawal magkasakit.,.

  • againts

    who said na 1% na lang ang virgin na girl here in philippines..duh

    are sure about that?
    they don’t know what their doing in their life engaging in PMS is like an abyss

  • chris guerrero

    grabe tlaga sila … my ryt tym aman para sa sex hah pero d pa rin kau makapag hintay……!

  • Anti-SEX ABUSE

    I am reading all of the comments here and i see most of the Filipinos do not want Pre-marital sex.Wag na po tayong magbulagbulagan. Kailangan lang tlga ng security , love and time, naming mga teenagers.Nakikita ko po nagsisisi ang mga pumapasok sa premarital sex. Advise of the parents is needed . Wag niyo pong pabayaan mga anak niyo .

  • carlilhai

    uhmm … for me “PREMARITAL SEX” has gud and bad syd …
    the gud syd hir is nagkakaron ng mga knowledge un mga teens about it..
    but the bad syd naman once na experience na nla ! hinahanap hanap na nila to na nag ca-cause ng early pregnancy ! un lan pu un naki2ta ku .. abusado ang mga kabataan ….
    hahahahaha …

  • singlelady

    In my case, one for a while, naengaged na ko sa premarital sex.. Before, my perception about this was really bad but then, non time na naexperienced ko, naisip ko na lang na okay lang kung mahal mo naman yun tao and assume na siya na talaga ang makakatuluyan nyo kaso katulad nga lang ng nangyari sa case, in the end, after a few months of our relationship, iniwanan nya ko and dats the worst part of it, kaya ang msabi ko lang, mas makakabuti kung maghintay na lang na to getting married para sure kayo na hindi kayo maiisahan.. :-|

  • queenly rose

    i GET WORRIED sa mga TAONG sinasabi na ok lang ang premarital sex kc parang dey rily dont hav d knowledge abt being MORAL and u knw wat nung cnabi ni lord go 2 d world and multiply…. di nmn ibg sbhn nun na,,,HAV SEX lang it s abt 2 MULTIPLY D GOODNESS OF GOD IN THE WORLD… I am 16 and I dnt agree n engagng premarita sex kc it is IMMORAL.. punta kayo sa simbahan and observe nyo ang image ni GOD,,,,, actually HE always calls 2 us pero asan b tau dba were doing sinfulness….. try to correct our ways na.. sa iba bka sbhn nyo na wala ako sa uso pro hnggang USO n lng b tau.. bkt ganun//// we olweiz follow SATAN kc masarap gawin ang mga yun panu ung Soul natn HAHAYAAN n lng b nating kunin ito ky SATAN…Oh cmn CHANGE 4 GOOD…it my b hard to do pro sure nmn na anyan c God sayo…Yung mga fellow kabataan ko na nakkpgsex na… pls stop it at punta kau confession… wag kau mahiya… isipin mo KINABUKASAN mo at mahiya ka ky lord kya STOP IT AND CHANGE FOR BETTER…goodluck and sana ma enlyten kau.. miss na miss na kau ni GOD pakinggan niyo nmn kc pra sa kabutihan nmn ntn nyn… GODBLESS AND PRAY ALWAYS// do wat is ryt and dont go wid d flow only

  • lady in blue

    as we all know,pre marital sex is not good.

  • grace and helen

    …..first and foremost, premarital sex is a forebidden thing in the eyes of men and God above all. Imoral ang isang tao na nahuhumaling to do such thing. Hindi masama ang sex education….GuyZ……..its all up to you to engage about it either…Thnxxxxxx

  • jei thing i could say..if u want to be respected..respect urself first..
    ..engaging with premarital sex,do u think people will still respect u?
    ..maybe yes..but in different way nah..youth should enjoy their
    younger years but not in sex or any other vices..because time
    passes by,they cant bring back the past and change it anymore..amen!

  • debei

    for me primarital sex is prohibetid heheheheheheheheheh………15 pa poh ako……….

  • yeye vonel

    cge lng masama yn ^^

  • princess

    i encountered pre-marital sex…….
    and nagsisisi ako dun
    hindi ko ginusto pero nang yari
    sa tingin niyo masama at imoral akong tao?
    i’m just a 15-year-old girl..

  • roZe-04…

    being Exposed in PmS doesn’t mean n imoral knA..!!!! it’s just that may mga tao lng tlga nah hndi kyang kontrolin ung sarili nila… rEspect fromother people is not a necessary,as long as alammung respetuhin ang sarili mu,then,that’senough..!!!hndi purke na-engaged kah sa pms eh hndi k n pwedeng resptuhinng ibang tao…. mrming mga bagay jan n pwede mung gawin pra respetuhin kah…. beware of your words guys… with all due respect to ur parents, tanungin niu kya parents nyo qng n-engaged n cla s pms,..if yes, then ask urself qng dapat niu b clng resptuhin….!!!!!!!! “

  • roZe-04…

    being Exposed in PmS doesn’t mean n imoral knA..!!!! it’s just that may mga tao lng tlga nah hndi kyang kontrolin ung sarili nila… rEspect from other people is not a necessary,as long as alammung respetuhin ang sarili mu,then,that’senough..!!!hndi purke na-engaged kah sa pms eh hndi k n pwedeng resptuhinng ibang tao…. mrming mga bagay jan n pwede mung gawin pra respetuhin kah…. beware of your words guys… with all due respect to ur parents, tanungin niu kya parents nyo qng n-engaged n cla s pms,..if yes, then ask urself qng dapat niu b clng resptuhin….!!!!!!!! “

  • roZe-04…

    being Exposed in PmS doesn’t mean n imoral knA..!!!! it’s just that may mga tao lng tlga nah hndi kyang kontrolin ung sarili nila… rEspect from other people is not a necessary,as long as alam mung respetuhin ang sarili mu,then,that’senough..!!!hndi purke na-engaged kah sa pms eh hndi k n pwedeng resptuhinng ibang tao…. mrming mga bagay jan n pwede mung gawin pra respetuhin kah…. beware of your words guys… with all due respect to ur parents, tanungin niu kya parents nyo qng n-engaged n cla s pms,..if yes, then ask urself qng dapat niu b clng resptuhin….!!!!!!!! “

  • http://google mica alinsabay

    well….nadala lng cguro ang mga kbataan n k2lad q…minsan dhl ndin s mga alam nting lht n mpusok ang kbataan naun..lalo n s pnahon nten naun,.,..

  • charlene

    hi!!! I’m just 16 years old but I’m already aware of Pre-marital sex.
    I noted here ’cause i wanna say something to those who had experience PMS & to those who are not. PMS is not really good!! In our health and our

  • charlene

    hi!!! I’m just 16 years old but I’m already aware of Pre-marital sex.
    I noted here ’cause i wanna say something to those who had experience PMS & to those who are not. PMS is not really good!! In our health and our being human.
    Because once you engage in this some kind of immorrality, you are already have a sin. Yeah!! Let’s say there’s no “though shall not have sex before marriage” in 10 commandments but still it ts in the bible!! Just check it!! Hallerrr… APPLE,ARE YOU READING BIBLE???? I think you should have SOME BIBLE LESSON!!!!
    And guys,you may have some diseases even if you used contraceptives. You’ll lost your virginity and dignity as well. Yeah!! A lot of people doin’ it ’cause for them it’s so enjoyable and interesting but the BIG FACT they do not know is PMS is immoral and sinful. Sorry for my words but this is the TRUTH you must know. I hate those people who doin’ immorrality so you better BACK OFF!! And to those who haven’t tried, you better not do it ’cause PMS is ADDICTIVE!!!!!

  • deny

    hhmmm… teens nowadays are goin’ wild!
    that’s bad or even worst!!!

  • rosh

    f0r mE.. pRemarital sEx is not good f0r teEn agErs..
    kC aNg sEx ay giNagawa laN ng mArried c0uple..


    Premarital Sex – Recreation or Re-creation?
    In discussing premarital sex, we often focus on the “recreation” aspect of it. Yes, sex is pleasurable. God, our Creator, designed it that way. It may be hard to think of God creating sex, but He did! In God’s plan, sex was designed for married couples to enjoy the pleasure and excitement of sexual relations. The Bible talks about this in Hebrews 13:4, “Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.” God created sex to be fun, exciting, and pleasurable. At the same time, though, it is clear in the Bible that God restricts sexual activity to married couples.

    Why is this? Yes, sex is pleasurable, but in God’s view, the primary purpose of sex is not recreation, but rather re-creation. In other words, sex is for reproduction. God does not limit sex to married couples to rob pleasure from those who are unmarried. Rather, God commands against premarital sex in order to protect unmarried people from unwanted pregnancies, from children born to parents who do not want them, and to protect children from parents who are not prepared for them. Imagine, for a moment, a world without premarital sex. There would be no sexually-transmitted diseases, there would be no un-wed mothers, there would be no unwanted pregnancies, there would be no abortions, etc. According to the Bible, abstinence is God’s only policy when it comes to premarital sex. Abstinence saves lives, protects babies, gives sexual relations the proper value, and most importantly abstinence honors God.

  • Sheena

    sosko poh nmn bkit p kelangang mgyabang samantalang mdali nmn tlg ang mgcnungaling lalo n s pnhon ngaun.hahahaha
    uso pb ang virgin?

  • Asebferson

    hi po!

    para sakin, premarital sex is EXTREMELY banned by the Bible!

    tama po na if premarital sex = fornication
    and fornication = sin
    therefore premarital sex = sin

    yeah..wala nga pong sinabi sa Bible na “Thou shalt not have sex before marriage”
    but by implication, malinaw pa po sa araw na pinagbabawal ng Diyos ang premarital sex. Don’t just read the Bible, interpret!

    Sex is a created by God within the context of marriage. It is a sacred act done by married couples.

    Diyan nga po nagsisimula sa PMS ang mga problema sa lipunan.

    1. Unwanted pregnancies
    2. Tapos ano? Abortion
    3. Then??? sexually transmitted diseases…
    4. Single parents??
    5. Wasak na kinabukasan (though i’m not saying na walang nagtatagumpay na mga kabataang may anak na..)
    6. Broken families!

    Yan po ang opinyon ko. I’m turning 17 and still keeping his virginity/purity until honeymoon..

    May kasabihan nga po, “Purity is the best gift you can give to your husband/wife.” :)

    God bless po :)

  • Jhanuz one

    syang…. myembro pala kami nyan naaawa kami sa kanila kasi
    di tulad namin….. mababait kami hayyzzzz….

    sayng talga kung kami na lng

  • triSh

    yes, im agree to dis..

    well its my first tym 2 write hir,, napadaan lng aq wyl searching 4 my report about premarital sex..

    well we all know the risks of diz immoral act..
    so its better to think a million times b4 u go 4 it..
    as a human,we are not perfect but we are the one that makes it perfect in living it..
    to my fellow concerned youths.. may we kip our visions straight and pure..

    we are the hoPe of dz country so live our lives well!

  • Dax

    Our body is a temple of God. so how can a young men keep his way pure? by obeying his commands. i may hidden your your words so that I may not against Psalms 119: 9-11 ganyan dapat mag resist hindi lamang puo dada. if you love the lord you must obey his command. be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

  • R-J Corsino

    msama tlaga yan kasi di pa kayu kasasl gumawa na kayu ng mga bagay na di pa dapat gawin>>>>

  • R-J Corsino

    dapat tlaga yung mga kasal na gumagawa ng ganyang mga bagay kasi labagyan sa mga utos ng DiOs ehh>>>>!!!

  • lhyn24

    yes.. i do agree pms why?
    because in our society today thers a lot of couple do this..
    msarap kaya ang sex but make sure lam mo yun lilitations mo

  • airah

    sa ngayon bihira na lang yun mga taong virgin.
    di kasi maiwasan ang pms dahil sa impluwensya ng
    makabagong panahon ..

  • http://facebook shen

    sa tingin nio ba pag ginawa nyo ang pms eh 4ever magiging masaya kayo!!!!!wel panandalian lang yun tapos nagkasala pa kayo …ang mga gumagawa nun ay mga taong walang pakielam sa buhay mga di ngabayan ng ayos ng wala sa katinuan ang PAGIISIP

  • cris,bless,alimar

    Wag nah natin i’deny..!!!
    Uso nah ‘yan ngayon…

    ang mag try nito ay atchup!!!..

    YeaH!!!.. ang sarap

    diba mga madlang tao??

  • http://facebook malyn

    uhmm…I’m only 16 and i haven’t experienced having sex with somebody yet and I’m not interested to try it until my wedding day…for me premarital sex is really bad…to all the girls out there, when you give your virginity to a boy are you sure they will still respect you after that?are you sure that you two will be responsible for the consequences that it will bear?what if the two of you broke up and you will love somebody else, are you sure he will love you that much despite of your past?think of it a million or billion times first before you do it…shen is right it’s only a short time happiness and in return? a “SIN”

  • abigail

    kht nman mgpagawa ng batas about dyan sa pms ea d nman ntin nkkta kung ginagawa nila un..tska kgustuhan nman nila yan kya nila nggwa,,pwera n lng kung wla kng alam hbang gngwa un..???imposible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google Gaylord

    para sa akin maganda ang pre-sex !! ganda kya niyan !!1

  • simeon

    uu nga masarap ang bawal…..
    pero tingnan natin kung maranasan nyo pa yan pagdating ng araw…
    nasa huli palagi ang pagsisisi!!!!

  • aivi

    nku s tingin q s pnhon ngaun usng uso n yan at pra s iba i2 ay na2ral ng gngwa ng 1 couple…..

  • cutiepie_12

    I dont think pre-marital sex is bad because it tis an exrcise and it is art..aleast you know the artifical family planning method y not go for it.. \y just think you are all still VIRGINS? there is no such thing as virginity if ur an gymnist or an athlete. Your HYMEN is just a thin piece of skin that keeps your virginity and easily could be riped. Sex is fun and it is good..they always say nasahuli ang pagsisisi..

  • qwertio

    it’s so sad that man of you approve PMS.. many of you are blinded by sexual pleasure. only realizing that what you have done is wrong when consequences come. many unwanted pregnancies occur, many unwanted families are made, many shotgun marriages. Most of us Filipinos are Catholics right? and we believe the Bible. But the Bible says that sex should be done in the context of marriage. therefore disobeying that command is disobeying God. and you all know the consequences of disobeying God.

    in an ethic perspective, virginity is the best gift one could give to his/her spouse. And virginity is something very difficult these days. only the wise, righteous, and strong-willed people preserve their virginity.
    For those who have broken their virginities, I pity you! You cannot even preserve your dignity, how can you preserve a family? no offense though, but many of you are morally blind. I just pray that many of you will willingly preserve your virginity..

    -qwertio, 16 yrs old.

  • tyrilop

    ROMANS 12:2
    “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

    sa mga gumagawang PMS dahil uso yan ngayon, naaawa ako sainyu. ang dali nyo namang maimpluwensiya ng masama. wala ba kayong konsyensya para mag-isip man lang na hindi tama ang inyong ginagawa. kayo ay mga bulag sa katotohanan.. nakakawa talaga kayo. magbasa kaya kayo ng Bibliya upang maituwid ang mga buhay ninyo.

  • http://facebook JAMES

    because of premarital sex the [population of philippines is rapidly increasing…
    kaya nga mas lalong humihirap ang economiya ng pilipinas.. at maraming transmitted disease ang dinudulot, pag bubuntis sa murang eded….

  • conerned citizen

    all I can say is that PMS is immorality..well uso na ngayon yan pero meron pa rin ang hindi gumagawa niyan, ang mga mabubuting tao….it’s good to be pure until marriage…

  • erwin rafael valero

    para sakin.. hindi na masama kung ang isang binata o dalaga ay hnd na virgin.. mas maganda nga kung hnd na virgin kc aware na sya dun.. he will nver look for more.. he he..and msrap nman yun eh.. kc poh msarap po kc n ngawa mo na ang lahat d2 sa mundo at naransan mo n lhat ang msarap.. and cguro naza ideal age k namn na qng ittry m yun…..db
    at hnd na yun masama kung hnd kana virgin……k2lad q..hehehe

  • lyn

    if a person is ignorant about sex, well u can say that u dont need to educate about sex education. ignorance on the other hand can also cause unwanted consequences like early pregnancy. for those who are already aware of it, i can say, they need to be fully aware of everything…. which entails full responsibility of the act.

  • vanilla

    for me having sex in an early age is having an early responsibility but because of these 2 vices curiosity and temptation.. youth are having an ideal how to do these what does it feel and so on, i am not approve in sex education because sex is naturally learn by human beings and specially youth sex is done when you are married for ladies being di-virginize is an issue but sometimes men does think about if you are virgin or what sometimws only your body is what they want but not your soul.

  • baden_gerous


  • Lami

    lami kayo na bah

  • mee

    acceptance is d best way for this kind of situation. understand?

  • secret XD

    You know why hindi ako sangayon sa sex education kahit talamak ang premarital sex dito sa bansa??? eh kasi feeling ko mas lalo macucurious ang mga bata at an eraly age… eh kakapanod pa nga lang ng mga cartoons eh nacucurious na cla… what more kung tlgng magkaron ng sex education d2 sa bansa???… feeling ko talaga no use yan… ang dapat nilang gawin… limit advertisments, magazinesand shows (especially ung kid shows dhl ung iba may hidden meaning gaya ng south park) na hndi dapat makita ng mga kids… kaso un nga ang tanong… mapipigilan ba natin ang paglabas ng mga ganyang ads, shows, at mags na maaring makasira sa pananaw ng mga teenagers na gaya ko at mga bata tungkol sa sex?

    kahit anong gawin natin… hindi natin nadedeny ang fact na tao rin mismo ang nagbigay ng bad name sa sex… ng sinaunang panahon di naman masama at madumi ang tingin ng tao sa sex kasi nga it’s “sacred”

  • secret XD

    on a side note gus2 ko lang idagdag XD…. wish ko pa rin na marami pa ring tao ang naniniwalang ipreserve ang virginity bago ikasal XD…. ok un lang XD

  • jing

    sex is not bad. in fact, kit is procreation, it’s pro life and propagation.

    wat’s bad is if it’s done outside the bonds of marriage (pre-marital sex).
    imagine a christmas gift opened just days before christmas… can still call it a christmas gift? no! because it has lost its purpose, its essence, its meaning and the thrill of opening a gift on christmas eve!

    people do not give christmas gifts on all saints day, do they?

    Preserve virginity – it’s a very special gift you could offer to your spouse.

    Promote chastity!

  • jing


    sex is not bad. in fact, it is procreation, it’s pro life and propagation.

    wat’s bad is if it’s done outside the bonds of marriage (pre-marital sex).
    imagine a christmas gift opened just days before christmas… can still call it a christmas gift? no! because it has lost its purpose, its essence, its meaning and the thrill of opening a gift on christmas eve!

    people do not give christmas gifts on all saints day, do they?

    Preserve virginity – it’s a very special gift you could offer to your spouse.

    Promote chastity!

  • kat

    “Premarital sex hurts you (sic), running the risk of getting diseases and it profoundly scars you emotionally, by cutting you off from God” (Evert).
    No form of contraception can prevent a heart from being broken, and a soul from being lost”(Evert). While contraceptives may lessen the chances of disease and unwanted pregnancy, birth control is not always dependable.
    . “Waiting as God commands gives peace of mind, which affects our physical health. We don’t experience the stress of worrying about unwanted pregnancies, or an STD, that would kill or cripple our children” (Tant).

  • omnomnom

    yung ibang mga nagcocomment dito pervert ! xD
    haha , okay. nkatulong ung mga comments nyo kase may speech ako sa friday about PREMARITAL SEX. so ayun SOLOMOT :D
    pra saken , premarital sex okay lang bsta safe sex at aware ka sa mga consequences na mangyayari. you should responsible too . im planning to do this with my girlfriend. haha loljk . yeaa, more teenagers are doing this. kahit siguro ngayong tina-type ko to mraming teenagers na ang ginagawa ito ngaun. uwian na eh haha. nuff said, bye ;p

  • omnomnom

    react lang ako. haha
    ate, yung “HUMAYO KAYO AT MAGPAKARAMI” is applicable lang noon. sa mga panahon nila adam & eve. ndi na sya applicable ngayon dami dami na naten eh UTAK TEH, USO MAG-ISP HAHAHA ;P

  • jing

    Pre-marital sex is NEVER a safe form sex. there is more damage done to other aspect of your life than the physical. MARRIAGE is sole most effective protection against abuse and harm of sex.

  • jomar p. tacdoro

    ,,..,,,sex between married couple is ok,,,,but between teenager?? ang mali…,sex without marriage is against sa law ni GOD…./,…,

  • XtrangHero

    PMS? is very,very bad ..everyone think that sex is fun.but for me as a teenager is a very dangerous habit or to do it in a younger age..please..THINK not ONLY TWICE BUT THRICE before you do it..!

  • lester ceee

    pms is really bad but it feels good

  • samantha

    iagree about SEX EDUCATiON . it is really helpful for all the youngsters like me . im still learning and curious about it . ! but i dont have a plan about engaging PMS ! never until i reach my wedding day ! but thanks a lot for the comments . it helps a lot !! i need it .. and its really helpful for my speech about PMS .. im still 14 and still virgin and will always be , :P

  • John

    We are humans. Not anima;s. That is why sex is sealed with marriage we’re not some animals who have sex with anyone just because we are in “heat”

  • romeo

    hi to all. ang masasabi ko lang eh.hindi masama ang sex kong ito ay ginagawa sa tamang lugar at sa tamang panahon. hindi puro puson lang ang umiiral dahil ang sex ay regalo din ng diyos satin.ang problema lang ginagawa na kasi itong libangan nalang ng ating mga kabataan o katandaan. yong tamang pagpapahalaga sa sex ay nawawala na isa nalang itong laruan para sa kanila.para sakin ang sex ay banal dahil dito nakakabuo ka ng panibagong buhay na bigay ng diyos sa atin. wag gamitin sa masama ang sex,gamitin ito sa tamang paraan

  • bryan

    basta kailanagan natin ito…. yun na yun

  • http://none mhaldita

    mft…..alam ntin lahat na ang pag kah virgin ang basihan ng gurl f mtino xang gurl oh ndi…..ryt?peo 4 me ndi yan ang basihan kc ang iba na aaksidinti lng at di nila ginusto….kaya sana wag ntin husgahan ang mga di nah virgin

  • miTc h

    for me..
    PMS is really a bad thing.
    i am a nursing student..Therefore i know the complications of having PMS..
    the students must be well educated so that it will be the prevention of having sex without marriage..
    Its a sin in the eye of our GOD..


    para sa akin.kahit ano pa ang mangyari, sex before marriage is definitely wrong because marraige is ordained of God, at pag ginawa natin ang labag sa ano mang utos ng Dios mali rin ito. kahit sa civil man and woman should be married first,dba?mga masyadong masiba sa laman ang mga taong gumagawa lang nito.

  • cher

    lahat ng gusto natin.. jan tau nagkakasala…


    mali pero masaya kasi parang karangalan lalo na sa lalake pag maagang nakaranas ng sex ang problema lng hindi na naiisip kung ano ang mga posibleng mangyare pagkatapos

  • rhodge^^

    ..god created us with brain …, brain is the source of our every thing in our body…even heart need brain .. even our feelings release in our mind…un brain nten an ngdidigta ng mga ggwin nten…kya nga an brain inilgay s pinkatass ng ktwan nten…kya mg’isip kaung s mga ggwin nio..pms is bad but in other is good depends on u but always think wat r u doing in ur self…use ur brain to think about having pms…god created us lyk and u r holy so respect and love ur self , ur body and ur virginity…

    paalala lang poh sa lahat ng girls : kya ng boys mkipghalikan at mkipgsex n wlang feeling s kpartner nya…kya mli ung point neo nmhal kayo kya cla mkikipgsex..

    im 17 but dont lyk pms.. yan poh kc un topic cu s term paper cu^^

  • aireen

    have a control for ourselves, para maiwasan ang mga ganyang bagay, di pa man talaga dapat para sa ating mga unmarried and teenagers, we must protect ourselves, physically and emotionally,

  • ley

    The Bible explains, “…The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body” (1 Corinthians 6:13). Verse 18 of this chapter goes on to say, “Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body.” Galatians 5:19 speaks the same, “The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity…” Ephesians 5:3 says it most plainly, “But among you there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality, or of any kind of impurity, or of greed, because these are improper for God’s holy people.” From these verses, we see that the Bible promotes complete and total abstinence from premarital sex.

    Premarital sex has no moral grounds, it is against God, and it is unsafe physically and emotionally. Although sex is pleasurable, it is designed by God to be enjoyed by two married people.

  • http://Google BOKNOY

    Ang pre marital sex ay hindi dapat ginagawa. bad un! hindi naman dating ganito ang mga kabataan nuon, cguro ay na adopt lang natin yan sa ibang countries. mga agresib na kasi ang mga teens ngaun!! Maging maingat nalang cguro tayo at maging handa sa kalalabasan ng nagawang pagkakamali. dumadami na kasi ang ating populasyon, cguradong isa ang pre marital sex sa dahilan nito.

  • ley’

    pre marital sex ?? topic ng debate nmin.. sang ayon dapat ako ang problema wala akong experience dito at wala akong balak maexperience ito.. haha
    ang hirap nman…

  • yvony_marylyn

    both of us disagree with that topic which is pre-marital sex dahil wala rin naman itong maidudulot na kabutihan sa atin at sa bayan lalong-lalo na sa simbahang katoliko…

    as a teenager hindi dapat ginagawa ang mga ganoong bagay sapagkat nakakasira ito ng ating kinabukasan ……………..

    NOTE : Tayo dapat ang simula !!!!!!!

  • http://facebook rica

    well, as years goes by, we go to the flow of life and go in to the new, to more civilized world in which pre-marital sex occurred and virginity is disregarded and not a thing to be called as precious…..right? for our country, we still keep a concern over the word coitus and that’s what make us lucky to live as a filipinos..

  • inosenti

    pms? not so good for teeny like me., cause it will result to sexual abuse of youth and the effect of this will be the early pregnancy ..\
    PMS is the case of uncertain things like pregnancy and abortion..

  • jonas

    premarital sex is really bad… those teenagers involved this situation are those teenagers lack of parental guidance..and respect for the own body given by God.. and that body was the temple of the holy spirit.. so, youth wake up and don’t engaged to PMS because of curiosity bothering you… temptation is evil.. be good…WAIT for the right time…control yourselves..

  • shiz

    For the girls, a word of advice. Magtira ka naman. You’ve only got one chance to lose your virginity. (Yeah well, same goes for the guys, but usually it’s the girls who are more vulnerable in this sense). You might as well give it to the one person who will promise to marry you and to love you for the rest of your life. Hold yourself in value.

    It’s really, really, tempting. It’s pleasurable. Holding hands, then a kiss on the cheek, on the lips, other places. And next thing you know, you’re doing things that you’re not really ready to do. But I know you have enough self-respect and dignity to know that your partner will love you even though you would not give him/her sex. If he/she loves you enough, then that person will wait for the day that you are ready.

  • jhomz

    PMS,,gayon p mn na itoy nasa isipan n ng halos sa atin.. lets w8 for the ryt tim.the ryt person para d2,,ika nga nasa huli lagi ang pagsisisi.. wag mong hayaan n sa pagkatapos mong gawin ang bagay n yan masambit mo rin ang linyang iyon..

  • nyanyo


  • jm

    kc pg’virgin k BORING K!!kya ganun!

  • Markalvinrico

    thats exactly what i want to heared from you
     its true i  agree