Premarital sex high among Filipino youth

One out of four Filipinos aged 15-24 are engaging in premarital sex, according to a study by the UP Population Institute.

This year’s study also says that close to 4 million youngsters are engaging in premarital sex with 30% of the respondents doing it in their own homes while 18% were doing it inside motels and hotels.

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  • Markalvinrico

    thats exactly what i want to heared from you
     its true i  agree

  • jm

    kc pg’virgin k BORING K!!kya ganun!

  • nyanyo


  • jhomz

    PMS,,gayon p mn na itoy nasa isipan n ng halos sa atin.. lets w8 for the ryt tim.the ryt person para d2,,ika nga nasa huli lagi ang pagsisisi.. wag mong hayaan n sa pagkatapos mong gawin ang bagay n yan masambit mo rin ang linyang iyon..

  • shiz

    For the girls, a word of advice. Magtira ka naman. You’ve only got one chance to lose your virginity. (Yeah well, same goes for the guys, but usually it’s the girls who are more vulnerable in this sense). You might as well give it to the one person who will promise to marry you and to love you for the rest of your life. Hold yourself in value.

    It’s really, really, tempting. It’s pleasurable. Holding hands, then a kiss on the cheek, on the lips, other places. And next thing you know, you’re doing things that you’re not really ready to do. But I know you have enough self-respect and dignity to know that your partner will love you even though you would not give him/her sex. If he/she loves you enough, then that person will wait for the day that you are ready.