Priscilla Meirelles graces Playboy Philippines magazine premiere issue

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Miss Earth 2004 Priscilla Meirelles will be the cover girl of the first issue of Playboy Philippines magazine.

Playboy Philippines Magazine featuring Priscilla Meirelles

The news was announced in the launching of Playboy Philippines at Sofitel Hotel in Pasay City.

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58 comments on “Priscilla Meirelles graces Playboy Philippines magazine premiere issue
  1. orlando says:

    sobrang ganda at sexy talaga lalo na pag sumasayaw

  2. jericho says:

    hay naku laki poki neto

  3. ConfuseMan says:

    Kala ko ba free download ang mga magazine dito, eh bakit wala naman ako makita na download link.

  4. divine says:

    so grabe naman mga comment of these people….yan lang ba ang gusto nyo?kaya pala the economy of our country is so kaya din madame manyak sa pilipinas!!!

  5. cheenee says:

    can i pose for your magazine instead? just for change….

  6. freaktz says:

    may i know who’s the publisher of playboy mag?

    summit ba?

  7. keniwa says:

    what a LOUSY cover for a premiere issue! I can do better than that with my Paintshoppro! boo!

  8. nik says:

    playboy philippines sucks! it’s a joke.

  9. Barry says:

    Mag pa pose naman kayo ng hubad lahat gaya ng playboy sa U.S.,, para pag salsalan ko naman magazine nyo

  10. Barry says:

    Next time mag pa pose naman kayo playboy ng frontal nudity

  11. Jake says:

    Sa cover pa lang palpak na ang Playboy Phils. , dapat pinay ang nilagay at hindi foreigner. Guys try nyo ang RED Magazine, the girls are not celebrities kaya hindi nakakasawa at mind you, wala ding kyeme kung mag pose.

  12. tatskaye says:

    d ba gf yan ni john estrada?

  13. as it falls says:

    me and my friends saw a copy of the 2nd Playboy Philippines…

    much better! i guess Beting & friends finally got their act together.

    cover girl is Raquel Gibson. one of the Fil-Am international covergirls before. thank god the cover is finally a full body shot! it’s a shot of her on a bangka SS Raquel. much better.

    although i still didn’t buy it… so i have no idea how the inside looks like. anybody out there seen the inside?

  14. as it falls says:


    obvious na taga-Playboy ka, dahil hindi worth it yung Playboy Philippines at sobra kang bilib diyan? wow.

    ikaw ba yan Beting?

    “sabi dito sa office namin sulit daw pagbumili ng magazine…” saan office yan? sa Playboy Philippines office i’m sure. talagang sulit yan… para magkasweldo kayo…


    wawa naman kayo.

  15. Aldrin consignado says:

    Ang ganda ni pricilla bagay kami pede ko na pagpalit lahat para sa kanya ganya dapat ang mga cover. malapit na ako makaipon para makabili lang ng play magazine ni pricilla. sana mapasin nya ang comment ko ang gand nya talaga. sabi dito sa office namin sulit daw pagbumili ng magazine…

  16. aiza says:

    ang baho mo priscilla

  17. as it falls says:

    they should have just used the WWE Maria cover as their cover.

    heard more inside chismis that Priscilla hated the original “Black Mamba Team” that did the photography and she specifically fixed up the famous SECOND SHOOT with a better and competent and REAL team. she told the staff of Playboy Philippines not to use any of the shots from the first shoot. but lo and behold… they used the cooking magazine cover option. She was really pissed but gave up.

  18. androids says:

    i’m so interested to buy the magazine just because of the very small article below on the cover. about wwe diva maria in the NUDE! i have that magazine.., i bught it in USA, then my uncle deliver it here in the philippines through Balkikbayan BOX, that’s why i have it! WWE Maria is the Playboy Cover Girl of the April 2008 issue of Playboy US magazine! Maria Looks stunning and hot.. It’s MARIA “COMPLETELY IN THE FLESH”..Playboy is known because of it’s Articles and Photos..
    not like this one as a Mature Lifestyle Magazine! Booo! haha!…anyway! it’s still nice!
    the cover of maria is very much different from the cover of priscilla..!! haha! =))

  19. as it falls says:

    your comment made no sense at all dude! so are you against playboy or for it?


    new chismis about Playboy. The Hef heard & saw that it was so bad… he had all the issues pulled out.

    anybody out there who can confirm this?

  20. oliverbruno says:

    out of all the people who placed a comment here i am pretty much amazed on how some reacted violently. it’s just so sad that more would rather comment with no sense at all. i have collected a lot of FHM since the Mylene Dizon cover and I haven’t stop. I want to stop but the “collection thing” is killing me. but to comment on this, the Philippines just won’t learn. lets all drop it and find something else to do. one said “ilang kilong NFA rice rin yon…” which is true. or just find a magazine where you’ll have a chance to learn something. -thats it… i’m outta here! thing to think about FILIPINOS THINK MORE OF SEX THAN ANYTHING ELSE… it sound so pathetic… I am a Filipino myself.

  21. Abner Takita says:

    eu qero ver as fotos da Priscila Meirelles ,,,,na Playboy da PHILIPPINE……
    por favor mandem pro meu imail


  22. ermin says:

    I aggree 100% sa mga bad comments ng first erdition ng magazine, walang binatbat o nagpapa DAMA lang sila kung baga sa chess, kelangang isacrafice ang first issue para makapasok sa market ng walang panghaharang ng mga ipokritong moralista at simbahan na hindi nakakaalam ng definition kung ano ang Adult magazine……pag sa mga sumunod na issue pangit pa rin bibili na lang ako ng SAGAD!!!

  23. shet says:

    panggurang ung magazine, ung mga writer matatanda na. anong klaseng playboy ito?

  24. kel says:

    meron na ko. sa wakas. para siyang lumang FHM… kung meron kayo nung mga lumang issue ng FHM tipong issue 1-20, ganun ang istura ng layout niya.

  25. cookiemonstermaan_69 says:

    ang defunct na pump magazine…ilang ish lang ba lumabas doon
    yeah right..playboy magazine should read all these
    para nmn they will have ideas how to make their next ish more worthy than the first
    first time should always be the best pa naman…

  26. tag says:

    remember the pump magazine? mas maganda pa ba yun kaysa sa playboy philippines?

    old pump magazine or new playboy ? ano mas ok

  27. PlayboyPhil=trash says:

    Walang kakwenta-kwenta yung magazine na to, Sayang lang P199 ko, ilang kilong NFA rice din yun. dapat wag na sila maglabas ng second issue kasi for sure wala ng bibili. Napakawalang kwenta ng first issue nila e.

  28. gene says:

    boring.. mg FHM n lng ako…

  29. kel says:

    kung gusto nila maging classy mens mag sila pantayan nila ung rogue magazine which is 180 pesos lang. pero ang ganda, the best ang pics. lalo naung latest issue. pero kung itatapat ito sa FHM maxim UNO. you guys must find your own niche. may katrina halili ang FHM. may angelica panganiban, wendy valdez at roxanne guinoo ang MAxim, at amanda griffin, nicole hernandez at anne curtis ang UNO. aside form varied ang choices. FHM general interest, UNO classy mens mag, MAXIM tech and gadget. siguro playboy, sex, sports at politics ang ifocus nio.

  30. cookiemonster says:

    gandahan nyo ung next iss ninyo
    para nmn ma-enganyo nyo ang mga readers

  31. cookiemonster says:

    mukha ngang not worth it for its price of 199..
    pero ung iba just wanted to see what the fuss is themselves
    ako rin nmn curious eh
    kung gaano ka-panget ung magazine, marami na kasi akong kilala na they’ve bought the mag pero…tsk..tsk..tsk..
    sana lng sa mga next issues nila, makabawi sila
    and another suggestion
    baban nila ung price, maki level sila sa competitors nila
    kahit na ung mga competitors ng palyboy are better than them

  32. as it falls says:

    there are a lot of Playboy issues available for free! … in the trash cans around Manila.

  33. Jun Santos says:

    HELP… to those na nakabili na! pls tell me wer i can buy the 1st issue, many tnx

  34. dinjcons says:

    ang panget…advertisers wouldn’t want their products to be “cheapened” if they put ads here so i’m giving this “magazine” less than a year to live…

  35. bookdealspy says:

    you can get a copy at

  36. sai says:

    where to buy???????

  37. kel says:

    tinatanong ko kung san na meron mall na mabibilan.. anu yan mga pinaglalagay nio?

  38. BoyDapa says:

    A PDF file of this magazine is available somewhere on the net. If you want to have a copy email me at

  39. bugz says:

    parang fhm lang din to o mas conservative pa. not worth buying hehe.

  40. kel says:

    gusto ko ng copy san na kau nakabili?

  41. kel says:

    san na meron?

  42. as it falls says:

    Beting Dolor and the supposed “dream team” are not capable of landing a fantastic girl on the cover. an unknown girl equals week sales. would you buy a magazine if you were not interested in the cover. Beting is a newspaper man… not a magazine man… not a design man… not a creative man. Black mamba is a production/events company… they are not a photography company. the staff are all award winning palanca writers sure… they can write essays that will probably rival Rogue’s long articles… but are they editors? can they manage shoots? manage the budget? conceptualize themes? no. they cannot. they are people who are great at words but who are incompetent in visuals. did you know that the Priscilla shoot was done by two different photographers? the first photog was completely useless. the second photographer was better but he wasn’t even credited. they didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the first (bad) photographer. did you also know that yes… Eric Ramos was the original eic… but because of Rene de Guzman and Beting Dolor’s conspiracy with the “financier”… they screwed him. and it was eric who hired rene to “help” him. i guess mr de guzman decided to help himself. but we’ve heard that beting himself… although a “respected” newspaper man… is a total jerk… and the staff of Playboy keeps changing because they cannot tolerate him. take note… he had a quick “stint” at maxim before. i wonder why it was so short? hmm. maybe because they fired him? yes they did. oh yeah. we heard that beting eventually screwed rene. there is karma after all! i just thought everyone would like to know what a mess this “classy” magazine really is.

  43. rascalrat says:

    ang ganda nya upload ko sa

  44. aish says:

    I was just shocked and embarrased when my Brazilian father-in-law informed me that the girl who’s in the cover of the 1st Philippine Playboy edition is a Brazilian. The 1st thing that came out of my mouth was: ‘Why a Brazilian and not a Filipina if it’s a Philippine edition?’ I stopped short, realizing that he wouldn’t know the answer to that. All he gave me was a look of confused wonder. Now, I would like to know why this is so. If anybody would care to enlighten me in this matter, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  45. jimmy says:

    this playboy phil is not worth it, there should be nudity above and below!!

  46. BoyBooger says:

    Haaaay, bumli ako ng magazine na to kanina. and all i can say is that It’s not worth of its price..


    Mas mahal sa FHM at mas konti yung pages ( maybe because FHM have more advertisements..)

    and as expected, hanggang topless lang yung mga models. merong completely nude like the one in centerfold pero wala pa rin pinakita… It is so conservative.

  47. Yup! It is not playboy without the boobies, well what do people expect when you put playboy a Catholic and “moralistic” Country?

    Easy! You get the Name Playboy Magazine but the content is Maxim Philippines.

  48. deviledeggs says:

    wow! beting wants to feature the beauty of Filipinas… and who do they get? A Brazilian! Wow! smart move beting! haaaaay. newspaper writers do not make good magazine people.

  49. kel says:

    meron na ba nito

  50. yuen says:

    sexy namn ng mga gurlash d2???

  51. cHRIS says:

    It wouldn’t be “playboy” if there won’t be any frontal nudity… +1

  52. Mike says:

    It wouldn’t be “playboy” if there won’t be any frontal nudity…

  53. haide says:

    wow cool shes hot lalo pag sumayaw sa asap 08..hehehe..

  54. benchguy says:

    hot hot hot

  55. blue-hero says:

    Una ako..hehe..ganda naman niya..bagay siya… :)

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