Puerto Princesa Subterranean River tops latest New7Wonders of Nature ranking

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Palawan’s Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park has climbed to the top spot (from 5th place) to take the lead in the latest (as of September 29) New7Wonders of Nature ranking.

New7Wonders Ranking as of September 29, 2008

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is the longest navigable underground river in the world. Bohol’s Chocolate Hills (4th), Tubbataha Reef (5th), and Mayon Volcano (10th) also made it to the Top 10. The Department of Tourism (DoT) urged Filipinos worldwide to continue voting online for the Philippine wonders to ensure that one of our country’s tourist spots would proceed to the next level in 2009.

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29 comments on “Puerto Princesa Subterranean River tops latest New7Wonders of Nature ranking
  1. mark jayson alcala says:

    vote>>vote>>support puerto princesa underground river…go!!go!!kaya yan..

  2. Lenler says:

    ask ko lng po sana kung asia lng po ba ito. o buong mundo?

  3. rose_hope says:

    goooo philippines….filipino people are talented in all aspect, hospitable, very religious people.. and most of all spectucular amazing tourist spot……..

  4. rose_hope says:

    to all filipino onliners dont forget to support our own tourist spot entry of 7wonders of natures…let’s vote…to show the world that our nature is truly amazing than any other tourist spot all over the world….

  5. asadul says:

    Hi, Every one- – – submit your vote for cox’s bazar and sunderban in bangladesh.

  6. gladys says:

    Gusto kong mapuntahan ang lahat ng magagandang lugar sa Pilipinas lalo na ang mga nominado para sa new 7 wonders of nature…ganda no?…………………………………………

  7. gabo says:

    wow!!!ganda tlaga ng Pilipinas…………..go!go!go!

  8. rey says:

    Please support and vote for Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River National Park ( Palawan, Phiippines )

    For three (3) Months now, Puerto Princesa’s Subterranean River National Park is RANK # 1!!!


  9. svetlanaramzky says:

    let’s keep on voting!

  10. tintin says:

    go philippines..!!!

  11. Zweihander says:

    @OELKARL yup, only once… per email address. I used 5. O ayan bumoto uli ako ng 2 beses using 2 new email addresses. Haha.

  12. OELKARL says:

    nice nice, thought it would be hanged in the 7th list forever. Now its on Number 1.
    @Zweihander you can only vote once.

  13. Asus! says:

    Yaez…. my votes counts…many times na akong bumuto dito, di ko na mabilang.
    continue voting guyz….

  14. Kat Alonzo says:

    ipagmalaki at ibahagi sa buong mundo ang ganda ng PILIPINAS! iboto natin ang sariling atin!

  15. Russell Ri says:

    Philippines definitely deserves to be on that list.

    Philippines Adventure Travel and Destinations

  16. meme says:

    once palang ako nagvote… pero ill try mamaya..

  17. meme says:

    ANg galing ng ABS,, type ko yung bagong station ID nila ngayon, complete ah mapa-Global, Internet Radio at mga Magazine ahh.. congrats ganda din ng Layout and design ng station ID ng ABS.. ganda… ok yung dahil di lang puro artist ang nakikita kundi yung taong bayan ang nandoon…

  18. Serenata says:

    Galing nman! Pasok na lahat, hehehe.
    Gawa pa tau ng maraming account pra
    mka-vote! hehehe=)

  19. hello says:

    hehehe me naibigay na help nag abs dito kasi na feature ito sa pbb teen edition..kaya nice hehehe…sana ma maintain nya ang spot nya heheh

  20. Puerta Princeso says:


  21. kikay says:

    Im proud dahil top ang puerto princessa Subterranean river,everyday aq nagvovote jan to support it.Sana tulong tulong tau lahat :) Tnk u

  22. taratitat says:

    sana pasok s top 4 lahat ng nominees ng pinas

  23. pinoysaUS says:

    @tweedle dee:

    pano pag vote?

    thank u.

  24. tweedle dee says:

    haha looks like being irritating helped :)




    Show the world that our country is truly wonderful in nature. Vote now!
    Make sure to vote for:

    Tubbataha Reef | Mayon Volcano | Chocolate Hills | Puerto Prinsesa Subterranean Park

    Pass the message! Mabuhay!

  25. GILETTE KAPAMILYA!!! says:

    @ jeah_lyanne

    SABAY TAYO by all starcast

    *di ko alam kung saan to madadownload? tignan mo nalng sa youtube – title: sabay tayo christmas 2004.

    thanx. ingats.

  26. malena ramocelli says:

    very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep on voting mga kababayan……

  27. yuen says:

    gling gling

    vote for the philippines!

  28. jeah_lyanne says:

    @ gilette

    Ano pong title nung dating xmas station id ng abs-cbn???

    ganda po kasi….

  29. Zweihander says:

    Cool. 5x na ako bumoto since binuksan nila ang botohan.

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