Ragnaboards Finally Up

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Good news to all Philippine Ragnarok (pRO) fanatics. After being down for weeks, levelup has put up a new forum from scratch. The bad news is old members must register again to be able to login and all the old topics are gone.

Some tried to bring it down… but the Ragnaboards is here to stay.
After several weeks offline (yeah… we’re sorry dudes), the NEW and IMPROVED Ragnaboards, the official forum of pRO, is now back online!
Point your browsers at
Oh yeah, for security purposes, we had to wipe the boards clean and start anew. So y’all gotta register again. But the new Ragnaboards has tighter security, a new version of the forum software (licensed too) and is better organized (section-wise).

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One comment on “Ragnaboards Finally Up
  1. mark says:

    pa help naman po sa patch ko nag stop tlg ayaw matapos

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