REAL Hottest UNO Girls 2007 Partial Tally

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The leading vote getters in the REAL Hottest UNO Girls 2007 are in.


As of June 15, Anne Curtis is leading followed by Cindy Kurleto. Also part of the top ten are Amanda Griffin, Bianca King, Heart Evangelista, Nancy Castiglione, Kristine Hermosa, Toni Gonzaga, Karel Marquez and Chesca Garcia.

Take note that these are just partial results and you can still vote via SMS just key in Real Hottest and send it to 2929 for Globe and Smart subscribers or email your top ten to Voting ends July 15.

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25 comments on “REAL Hottest UNO Girls 2007 Partial Tally
  1. tim says:

    nancy castiliogne?..

    haha.. she was featured in a blind item… THEY said she doesnt take a bath..

    maybe some people regards that as sexy! LMAO

  2. ikin says:


    AngelLocsin – Queen of MAXiM

    MarianRivera – Queen of FHM

    AnneCurtis – Queen of UNO

  3. is. says:

    TONI GONZAGA is the ONE!!!

  4. GMaGB says:


  5. steven says:

    for me 1.dionne chui 3.toni 4.bubbles 5.nancy 6.jasmin(pbb)7.katya 8.sandara 9.roxxane and the # 10.marian rivera

  6. carlos says:

    c jewel yong sa starstruck batch4 ang dapat. diba!

  7. Yari sa Tari says:

    I agree with ryan. Toni’s got this hidden and unique babe-ness that just wants to scream out…

  8. ryan says:

    TONI is the ONE!simple but yet sexy

  9. ryan says:

    1.Toni Gonzaga
    2.Cindy Kurleto
    3.Amanda Griffin
    4.Kristine Hermosa
    5.Bianca King

  10. Jones Turbo3 says:

    If we are only talking about Filipinas, then it’s gotta be Anne Curtis. International, new babe on the block is Megan Fox. wow

  11. Pink Sky Vodka says:

    All beautiful women! I love the Philippines

  12. Office geek says:

    How do we vote? Can we do it here?

  13. Atlantis Rey says:

    Woof! I miss the Philippines…

  14. ewan says:

    1 anne curtis
    2 kristine hermosa
    3 iya villana
    4 chesca garcia
    5 karel marquez

  15. Wade jersey says:

    Amanda Griffin, Heart Evangelista, Kristine Hermosa or Iya Villana. Any of them will do ;-)

  16. boygirl says:

    i go for TONI!

  17. love says:

    for me this the realy hottest girls for this year….
    1 anne curtis
    2 kristine hermosa
    3 bubbles paraiso
    4 nacy castiliogne
    5 toni gonzaga
    6 amanda griffin
    7 chesca garcia
    8 heart evangelista
    9 bianca gonzalez
    10 ornussa cadness

  18. Fanny T. says:

    Toni Gonzaga for sure!!! Go Toni!!! :)

  19. gerald says:

    1 anne curtis
    2 kristine hermosa
    3 iya villana
    4 phomela barranda
    5 nancy castiliogne
    6 karel marquez
    7 michelle madrigal
    8 toni gonzaga
    9 amanda griffin
    10 chesca garcia

  20. aj says:

    1 nancy castiliogne
    2 anne curtis
    3 toni gonzaga
    4 karel marquez
    5 kristine hermosa
    6 nikki gil
    7 phomela barranda
    8 heart evangelista
    9 bubbles paraiso
    10 bianca gonzalez

  21. Sam Boat says:

    1- Heart Evangelista
    2- Cindy Kurleto
    3- Chesca Garcia
    4- Iya Villana
    5- Angel Locsin
    6- Bianca King
    7- Anne Curtis
    8- Katrina Halili
    9- Amanda Griffin
    10- Nancy Castiglione

  22. Viddo Blanca says:

    Yeah, Anne Curtis, baby!

  23. dumfuk says:

    no, heart hasn’t come out yet. not all the nominees are UNO Girls:)

  24. Sunny J.S. says:

    Heart Evangelista came out in UNO???? When???

  25. minz says:

    for me this is my top 10
    1 anne curtis
    2 nancy castiliogne
    3 toni gonzaga
    4 cindy kurleto
    5 kristine hermosa
    6 roxanne guinoo
    7 bubbles paraiso
    8 karel marquez
    9 chesca garcia
    10 sandara park

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