Real Pinoy Fighter

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Coming this October 9, a Philippine Mixed Martial Arts Reality Show from ABS-CBN

From the people that brought you the first Pinoy boxing reality show Kamao “Matira Matibay” comes a new face in reality sports television, introducing Real Pinoy Fighter. 14 Filipino fighters from different disciplines will test their skills to surpass all challenges and adversaries towards becoming the next Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) Featherweight Champion on the first ever Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) reality show in the Philippines! Support your favorite Real Pinoy Fighters from Team Talas and Team Bangis.

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13 comments on “Real Pinoy Fighter
  1. scott says:

    Hey, I just wanted to say great site. Keep up the good work

  2. Haha says:

    That I got to see, I mean, smell hahaha

  3. tkjin-jono says:

    Igorots will crush their opponents! One breath pa lang from them eh mahihimatay na ang kalaban!

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  5. gerard riola says:

    Hey guys does any of you knows where I could get an MMA Instructionals
    here in the Philippines?…I would really appreciate it if you could
    give me an info about it.

  6. andrew fuentes says:

    i want to join r.p.f. how can i join?

  7. guapo says:

    philippine mma is on the right track.
    but you know what..i think if only more igorots will have the interest to join mma competitions they will dominate this sport in the philippines. the igorots’ natural physique and strength are incomparable to other filipinos.

  8. Richard says:

    for me its a good start to promote mma in the Philippines. although some of them are
    lack of skills it helps tp educate the viewers about mma. im a fan of mma since the fisrt
    time. i dont have pormal training just self study watching instructional video trainig with my brother.
    i want to compete someday. i hope theres a smaller mma event in the province for me to compete
    and start mma.

  9. silat says:

    i like igor also yeah these are hard hitters even sakuraba as they say is a pro wrestler, but before i really liked marco ruas. I believe that jap fighters are good. I heard that royce did train for mma and cross trained with muay thai i got to watch that bout! definetly mma is more of power, the art is secondary. rpf is on its startup period and is trying to level up at least national level that is why is sucked as you say. most of their fighters are from different sporting events of the philippine team or shouuld i say national players. its sad these guys gave up their careers as national players who give pride to the philippine sports, because of the CORRUPTION within the Philippine Olympic Commitee and the other sports agencies we have, pushed these young athletes to a these local mma just to earn a living.

  10. remagatsuj says:

    not all of them,(there secret is xyience supplements)i also take them.have you seen the ultimate fighter show? you’ve got to see that.i know mma coz i watch alot of underground fights here and seen them in action.i really admire the russian fighter igor vovchanchin and the japanese fighter sakuraba coz they’re heavy hitters.back to the topic,what im saying is the training in rpf sucks.when i saw the first episode all i can say is “omfg!”.i recommend you watch the ultimate fighter,you can watch it at spike tv.just to let you know ken shamrock retires and royce gracie is no good at all.saw there fights a month ago.gracie broke his arm by matt hughes and shamrock was burried by ortiz.pretty sad.

  11. silat says:


    yeah you’re right. But you know that most of those foriegn fighters you say all take STEROIDS or power enhancing drugs! This MMA thing is cool, but no rules means even performance enhancing drugs come in as a tool or martial art technique. I admire those small fighters like that judo guy PARISYAN i think and the gracies are good fighters who uses fully the strength of their opponents and kick their asses. Lastly you being a fan of MMA must know MMA first. MMA is a sport, it not like UFC where you compete ART VS ART in MMA you must know all the aspects of the Martial Arts, from boxing, trapping, grappling etc to survive and win a bout!

  12. remagatsuj says:

    rpf sucks…im a fan of mma but all i can say,we need to improve our pinoy fighters,we need to be brutal like those other foreign fighters,they can endure alot of pain,and the training in foreign countries are brutal they will make you throw or pass out just to make you a better fighter and i did’nt see that in our pinoy fighters…thats bad if we want to compete with other races.

  13. mac calleja says:

    RRF it is very good
    it enhances my knowledge although i am a black belter kung fu do it is best………..hope you the great

    to the fighters goodluck “remember it is better to endure than to learn how to fight however if you rae compete to oppose force make use of it” thanks

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