Rebecca Chiongbian – Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Clash 2010

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Dubbed as the “Heiress Wonder ng Cebu”, Rebecca Chiongbian is the ninth housemate of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010.

The grand kickoff titled “Let The Clash Begin” was held in front of the PBB house along Eugenio Lopez Drive in Quezon City. It was hosted by Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales, and Mariel Rodriguez.

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23 comments on “Rebecca Chiongbian – Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Clash 2010
  1. Jeff Barrica says:

    Equally guilty by association (through marriage) are the Koksengs. For their failure to provide sufficient help to the victims of Jeffrey and Vivian Chiongbian, the Koksengs will experience the same bad karma that is now fallen on the Chiongbians. All Kokseng businesses will fail: BTC, Dimsum Express, Golden Cowrie, Hukad, Tsim Sha Tsui, Harbour City, Ding Qua Qua, Grand Majestic. They use too much MSG and they do too much frying (extremely bad for the health).oo much frying (extremely bad for the health).

  2. JAMZ90 says:

    do u guys saw her sis veronica chiongbian? super maganda!!!

  3. Jeff Barrica says:

    Despite decades of dynastic rule by the Chiongbians, Sarangani and Misamis Occidental continue to be among the poorest provinces in the Philippines. Sa palagay nyo, saan napunta ang hundreds of millions of pesos of pork barrel ?

  4. kyle gabriel says:

    bata pa pla xa pro she luks mature,,,shes pretty, nice and i guess shhes sad deep inside..

  5. Jeff Barrica says:

    Roy Chiongbian lost to Manny Pacquiao. Just goes to show: CHIONGBIANS ARE LOSERS! Time has come for the political dynasties to disappear from the face of the earth. Mabuhay ang mga Pinoy na umangat dahil sa totoong talent at hindi dahil sa family name and family dynasties.

  6. villar_ako says:

    ang pretty ni rebecca..bagay ung pgkachubby nya sa ganda nya…

  7. Jeff Barrica says:

    Rebecca is being manipulated and exploited by her elders. As a minor, she would not have been able to join PBB Teen Clash and the ABS-CBN publicity blurb would not have been written as such without the consent of Rebecca’s custodian. Coming out with the truth is necessary to end the manipulation and exploitation.

  8. lopena says:

    i think kakye is blind or sumthing. si shey hindi plastic? hello. siya na nga siguro ang reyna ng kaplastikan. halik siya nang halik kay tricia. smile nang smile. embrace nang embrace. hello. at kung anu na lang pinagsasabi niya sa confession laban kay tricia.

  9. alliana says:

    go rebecca!! please vote for her para hindi pa xa maevict. i want to know her more. she’s so cute=)

  10. marhaba says:

    yeah! you’re right iloveteamapartment! ang plastic mo shey! mas pretty nman c tricia kesa shey! trying hard!

  11. i think ur wrOng kakye..
    shey doesn’t express her feelings.. she’s being plastic to tricia coz she doesn’t wanna hurt tricia daw.. dat was she said to big bro.. nung tinanong ni tricia kay shey kung may problem or ayaw niya sa kanya.. hindi siya nagpa2ka22O.
    and.. anOng basta MALI ipagla2ban nya? :P:D

  12. Kakye says:

    Mas maganda si Shey ky Tricia. Sh’e smart and Sexy. Besides, she can freely express her feelings and she doesn’t afraid even if she hurts people. Basta mali, ipaglalaban nya.
    Go Shey!!!

  13. yxiRt says:


  14. xOxyal!!
    shipping line ang business..
    gO apartment..

  15. shaharinah says:

    excuse me ndi p0rket mataba!

  16. caren says:

    mag diet ka naman gurl

  17. edven bib a. venus(so.leyte) says:

    …basta mga bisaya sikat..

  18. badjokiz says:

    Wow.. tatay nito sabungero..mahal ang mga manok panabong nyan..mga 1 million ang halaga..lupit…Chiongbian eh.

  19. yernali says:

    yep.. she’s pretty pero mas mganda tlga c tricia.. Ãœ

  20. bryant237 says:

    talaga? 13 lang sya? pretty face…she should go on a diet though

  21. Perfida Limpin, former Bb Pilipinas Universe says:

    Becca’s just 13 years old! but I love her.. she’s so magalang at may breeding.

  22. caren ako naman ang second wow mayaman good luck rebecca

  23. caren says:

    ako ang nauna hehehhee

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