Report establishments that don’t issue official receipts (OR)

Complaints on non-issuance of Official Receipts (OR) by business establishments can now be reported to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Bureau of Internal Revenue Hotline

You can call the BIR hotline at (02) 981-88-88 or you can also e-mail the name and address of the establishment through for the appropriate action of concerned BIR office. You can then use the official receipts, sales invoice, or cash invoice to join BIR’s Premyo sa Resibo where you can win as much as 1 Million pesos.

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I mean will NOT fall on DEAF ears….

  • Anonymous

    I would like to give a follow up information regarding MCL Construction Services located within the vicinity of Springtown Villas Brgy Bucal Tanza Cavite, the Owner is named Maynard C. Llano, The cost of renovation, mimicing the Model House there is P250,000.00, sa simple house renovation may range from P50k up, and this company is not issuing any Official Reciepts. And thay have more Clients from within the same subdivision. Just imagine how much they are not reporting to BIR, and how much Tax they are evading.. I hope all of this will fall on deaf ears, Calling the Attention of Sec. De Lima, Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, I mean will NOT fall on DEAF ears…. sorry for the Typo

  • Anonymoous

    Good Day, I would like to Report MCL Construction Services of SPV Bucal Tanza Cavite of Not issuing Official receipts for the Renovation projects within the vicinity of the said Springtown Villas. Thaye Accept jobs and not issue proper OR for the Labor and sometimes the materials bought for the renovation.

  • Gil

    I made a three check payments to realty company in Marikina, representing my full down payments for a certain lot here in San Mateo, Rizal.. What was given to me was just an acknowledgement receipt only. I ask for the official receipt from them, however they give me the OR numbers only not the official receipt, allegedly it was given to me already which i immediately denied. I told them that i will not ask for it if it was given to me already. To whom I am going to report this?

  • aries

    Mimax grill at 510 M.H del Pilar Santulan Malabon City, near tatawid panghulo front of mercury drug. They are operating for years now and we as customers never get a receipt even once to think that their sales daily ranges from 8,000-12,000. Hope for fast action, thank you