Report establishments that don’t issue official receipts (OR)

Complaints on non-issuance of Official Receipts (OR) by business establishments can now be reported to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Bureau of Internal Revenue Hotline

You can call the BIR hotline at (02) 981-88-88 or you can also e-mail the name and address of the establishment through for the appropriate action of concerned BIR office. You can then use the official receipts, sales invoice, or cash invoice to join BIR’s Premyo sa Resibo where you can win as much as 1 Million pesos.

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  • rogelio m cagulada

    I’m a retired government employee. upon receiving my hard earned retirement lump sum I rewarded myself by buying a brand new Ford pick up. In the second week of December 2013, I placed an amount of Ph20,000 as reservation fee for a waiting period of 2 months. This said fee, is deductible to the SRP Ph1,149,000. I also presented to my handling agent from the car dealing company of my desire to pay 80% of the price as cash while the remaining 20% shall be financed by a bank. By February 2014, my handler/agent informed me to fast track the processing with my bank for the possibility of releasing the car before the month ends. It took me almost three weeks to secure all the mounting documentary requirements until it was approved on third week of March 2014. During our finalization process with my bank, there was minor discrepancy on the amount of the monthly amortization computed by the bank manager since she (bank manager) was using the new price for 2014 which is Ph1,159,000 or an increase of Ph10,000. I argues with her for basing her computation because I posted my reservation fee for which everybody also known as “advance payment” to the SRP Ph1,149,000. So, right there and then, in front of me the bank manager contacted somebody from the car dealer company for verification. In less than 2-minute conversation the bank manager relayed to me that according to the person she had referred to is that my transaction with the car dealer is not covered by the price adjustment for year 2014. Therefore, the SRP Ph1,149,000 will remain as is. Days later, I went straight to the car dealer to hand over the 80% of the SRP in a form of manger’s check as well as to receive the car. Only to find out that I was demanded to pay additional Fee of Ph10,000 as price increase. However, I obliged to them and after signing release documents, what made me mad was their Sales Invoice given to me indicates only Ph1,149,000 and a separate copy printed in piece of paper detailing my payment for the Ph10,000 which I am sure is not an Official Receipt (OR). Before I leave their premises, I requested for them to revise the sales invoice and to inform me if ready for pick up. Until now I still making several follow-ups pleading for the revise sales invoice. As consumer, it is my right to demand a correct Sales Invoice or OR. It is also for me to use for future reference. MY QUESTION IS…WHERE TO FILE MY COMPLAINT? Salamat po…

  • Mtg

    is embassy agency here are entitled to issue receipt? also are  overseas  manpower agency collecting placement fee need to issue official receipt too? what about goverment agency such as POEA do they need to  issue O.R for every  legal fees they collected?

  • anonymous

    ,..hi,.i would like to ask,.what is the punishment of not reporting the real sales report and cash report,…and how come na ang head pa halos ng mga BIR sa aming lugar ang ngpprotect nun….plssss kindly reply on this..thanks…