Report establishments that don’t issue official receipts (OR)

Complaints on non-issuance of Official Receipts (OR) by business establishments can now be reported to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Bureau of Internal Revenue Hotline

You can call the BIR hotline at (02) 981-88-88 or you can also e-mail the name and address of the establishment through for the appropriate action of concerned BIR office. You can then use the official receipts, sales invoice, or cash invoice to join BIR’s Premyo sa Resibo where you can win as much as 1 Million pesos.



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  • Ernee

    How can I file a complaint against a dentist who did not issue an OR for a P10,000 initial payment I gave for dental services amounting to P20,000? I failed to ask for an OR but is this a valid reason for his failure to issue one?

  • Ernee

    How can I file a complaint against a dentist who did not issue an OR for my initial payment of P10,000? This for the dental services amounting to a total of P20,000. Is my failure to ask for an OR a valid excuse for not being this? What is the liability of the dentist in case I file the complaint?

  • Alfredo C. Bendo

    where and what complaint can i file to a House and Lot Developer that is not issuing Official receipts. I paid the equity 12 months.. since March 9, 2008 until Mar 30, 2009, and until now, inspite of my demands for the OR they cannot provide me, instead they are requiring me to submit my requirements for Pag-ibig Fund filing.
    Can you please advise me of what is better to do o to whom i can file my complaint. BIR or DTI?

  • Ramon Claudio Guino-o

    I am complaining the owner of the apartment w/c we are renting for over a year,coz they dont even give us or issuing an official reciepts. If you need the name and complete address of the said person,pls. reply on my email ad.thank you..and more power..

  • mary ann m gozales

    Good day …i am complaining the landlord and also owner of the house are not issuing an official receipt for their establishment.we renting thier house/apartment 4 years….as concerned citizen i would like to know more rights…regarding this matter…as far us i know the owner are not paying 4 their tax. 10 units 2 be exact….what are legallly advice 4 this matter…..what case should be file of the government of this kind of businesses.thank you…….

  • scorpion8

    Good day! Iwould like to know if the land lord of 3 units apt. operating more than 8 yrs. is liable for not issuing an official receipt. He is just issuing a receipt w/ no TIN no. and not registered in BIR. What case can be filed to him. The receipts he issued was just bought in a bookstore. What are the benefits of complainant that can get in your office. Thank you for your response.

  • Julie Anne

    SM merchant tenants are issuing tape receipts that only serve as SALES INVOICE. when we ask for an official receipt, they say it is already the official receipt. obviously, these people don’t know the obvious difference of the two. will we just accept this practice? can the invioce be considered as an official receipt? I know BiR empowered us to ask for an official receipt. I also know that BIR issue both sales invoice and official receipts to businesses. i think its a necessity for their application.

    please enlighten me on this

  • Scorpion8

    I would to follow-up response from inquiry dated Sept. 10, 2010. Please send to my email add thanks.

  • versa17

    Steak Escape in Gateway Cubao does not issue a receipt. They only give you a receipt if you asked for it.

    When I ordered my food, he press in the values in the cash register then the cash register shows the amount you need to pay. Then I gave a bill and a change is given back without the receipt, I ask for the receipt then he again use the cash register and press again the values before printing my receipt.

    It shows that they will not give you a receipt if you dont complain!!

  • Sia

    Good Day!  i have info about not paying proper tax…SIA DENTAL CLINIC ,cagayan de oro city located at hayes chaves….front at home radio FM…try to investigate…papa alpha……

  • anonymous

    ,..hi,.i would like to ask,.what is the punishment of not reporting the real sales report and cash report,…and how come na ang head pa halos ng mga BIR sa aming lugar ang ngpprotect nun….plssss kindly reply on this..thanks…

  • Mtg

    is embassy agency here are entitled to issue receipt? also are  overseas  manpower agency collecting placement fee need to issue official receipt too? what about goverment agency such as POEA do they need to  issue O.R for every  legal fees they collected?