Report establishments that don’t issue official receipts (OR)

Complaints on non-issuance of Official Receipts (OR) by business establishments can now be reported to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Bureau of Internal Revenue Hotline

You can call the BIR hotline at (02) 981-88-88 or you can also e-mail the name and address of the establishment through for the appropriate action of concerned BIR office. You can then use the official receipts, sales invoice, or cash invoice to join BIR’s Premyo sa Resibo where you can win as much as 1 Million pesos.

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12 comments on “Report establishments that don’t issue official receipts (OR)
  1. Mtg says:

    is embassy agency here are entitled to issue receipt? also are  overseas  manpower agency collecting placement fee need to issue official receipt too? what about goverment agency such as POEA do they need to  issue O.R for every  legal fees they collected?

  2. anonymous says:

    ,..hi,.i would like to ask,.what is the punishment of not reporting the real sales report and cash report,…and how come na ang head pa halos ng mga BIR sa aming lugar ang ngpprotect nun….plssss kindly reply on this..thanks…

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