Ride to Fame Finalists’ Profile – GMA 7

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Here are the 12 finalists of GMA-7 and Coca Cola’s Ride To Fame: Yes To Your Dreams.

Ava Jane Jugueta
Ava Jane Jugueta
She is a real life mannequin who can sing, dance and play the guitar. She even has a string of compositions in her music suitcase. Ava Jane is the only girl in the bunch who loves to read FHM (or Men’s magazine) and can even be on its cover soon!

Rosan Katlea Reodica
Rosan Katlea Reodica
Rosan Reodica from Cavite, or Osan to her friends, is a Clothing Technology student from the University of the Philippines. Her flair for fashion design is just a step towards becoming a celebrity. She can absolutely sing and certainly has the moves like that of a Spice Girl.

Pamela Bondoc
Pamela Bondoc
The list takes us north with our next female finalist. Pamela Bondoc can definitely sing and she plays the guitar with passion. She loves Billy Joe Crawford and she moves like him too. This power dancer of the posse of twelve hails from Baguio City. She’s cool, calm and charming with the curves of a zigzag road.

Qwyncy Rei Siclot
Qwyncy Rei Siclot
Next on our female list is a girl with a pretty face with and attractive voice. A petite mestiza with the allure of a vixen, this Marilyn Monroe version of the final twelve is Qwyncy Rei Siclot. She is indeed a true manifestation that the Cebuanos have what it takes to be a star.

Francesca Maureen Lagura
Francesca Maureen Lagura
Davao would be proud to have another Juris Fernandez (of MYMP). They’ve got their chance with Francesca Lagura, who not only sings well but also plays the guitar. Could she be the next Barbie Almabis or Kitchie Nadal? This female guitarist also has a killer smile and delivers delightful dance moves.

Ayerst Musique Cabalteja
Ayerst Musique Cabalteja
The cutest gal in band of twelve is actually a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to playing musical instruments. She bangs the drum kit like a pro, strums the guitar like an expert, toys the keyboards with finesse, plays bass, sings and composes her own songs. Her name says it all. She is Musique Cabaltesa. A true-blue musician and performer rolled in one.

Arron Cadawas
Arron Cadawas
Arron Cadawas is Ride to Fame’s pretty boy from Quezon City. Dreaming of becoming the next Jay-R, he already sings and moves like the Philippine’s RnB Prince. A total performer whose moves are swift and a singer whose voice is slick.

Giuliano Franz Comia
Giuliano Franz Comia
Speaking of slick… Next on our list is a cute version of Johnny Bravo but without the attitude. This younger version of Michael Buble is into standard music and retro fashion. Giu Comia has that charisma of a star in the making. Bravo!

Alchris Galura
Alchris Galura
Alchris Galura was named best actor in the Cinemalaya 2006 movie Batad sa sapang palay. The final twelve’s funny guy bears a cheek-to-cheek smile. He loves the Beatles, the 1960’s music scene and kick-boxing. He’s an athlete, an actor and an aspiring total performer.

Daryl Lagos
Daryl Lagos
The Twelve’s rocker at heart with the boy-next-door looks is Daryl Lagos, often compared to Dennis Trillo. He sings and performs a la Bamboo Manalac of the band Bamboo. This CEU tourism student also writes his own songs and plays the drums.

Carl Christian Guevarra
Carl Christian Guevarra
Gary V. look-a-like, Carl Guevarra, dreams of becoming the next Mr. Pure Energy. He sings, dances and plays the piano/keyboard like his idol, and even plays the drums on the side. This 19 year old Bulace?o is taking up Communication Arts in U.P. Baguio.

Alexander Uy
Alexander Uy
The male finalist who traveled farthest for the competition is the half-Filipino, half-Chinese Alexander “Lex” Uy, who was born and raised in Davao. Lex was born in a musically inclined family, having a Music major for a Mom. He already sings and dances for a living and plays the guitar in his spare time.

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57 comments on “Ride to Fame Finalists’ Profile – GMA 7
  1. belle dena says:

    malapit nang gumraduate si pam! =) napanuod namin siya in one of her dance concerts here in baguio, kung nabilib kayo nuon s asayaw na ano na ngayong 19 na siya! GO MS. PAM! and I heard model siya dun.

  2. crissy uy says:

    right now si Giu na ang may pinakacareer sa kanila!

  3. mark hernan says:

    ang galing moh talagang sumyaw!!…..kaya pala familiar muka moh…..sana makita k ulit namin sa tv!!!……nagbgo muka moh meztisa k sa personal hehehe ingat k lage!! study well!!!!

  4. carla may briones says:

    omg!! sa totoo lang school mate q si pam nkta ko na sa personal at ang galing pla tlga nya sumayw!! go pam tama studies first pero sana mapanuod ka ulit namin!! ang ganda mo muka kang mestiza sa personal hehe….sexy k pa ingat we love you pam!!! yung nagsasabi jan n nkilang beses n si pam sumali excuse me noh!! first plng na contest i2 ni pam kung tutuusin c ava ung nkilan!! dahil sumali sya dun sa contest kay regine at sumali din sya sa star struck!! pam’s the ypugest sakanilang lahat…sayang ntanggal sya…

  5. julius ganda - singapore says:

    i know! i know! my friend told me pamela bondoc is now on her second year as an architecture student in SLU Baguio. and take note ha, she’s on top of her class and still dancing! may sister din pala sya who is a first year accounting student who’s dancing, competing in swimming, and take note, a very good singer.
    well, ano na nga ba ang naging buhay ng mga nag ride to fame na yan? katawa-tawa na nga ang nangyari kay ava na kunwa ay naging winner nila wala namang tunay na talent. buti pa si pam, may tunay na talent na, beauty and brains pa. go pam, go pam, go pam!!! we’re all die hard fans of yours! and we’ll be looking out for you wherever life leads you!!! :-)

  6. jean salvador says:

    nasan na si pam after ride to fame? ang galing galing pa naman nya at ang ganda ganda. lahat kami ng mga classmates ko idol si pam talaga! sana mapanuod namin ulit si pam mag perform sa tv! WE LOVE U PAM!!!!

  7. mark says:

    ava mzta

  8. dhanie says:

    ang gling gling u o ate AVA tnx 4 adding me as ur fren

  9. carissa mae says:

    pogeh moh tlga daryl luv you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  10. caress says:

    kahit anung mangyare kapuso ako,,,,,,,,,,,,kase don ako masaya
    pogi talaga ni daryl luv you mwuah,,……..mwuah……….,, tsupz,,,,tsupz KAPUSO d best talaga kayo grabeh,,,,,..

  11. DAN says:


  12. zen says:

    hoi ung mga iba jan bkt nyoh pinapliit ung gma…mgndah nman ung gma ah…s 22o nga ang panget ng abs…at dun nman s mga fanz n osan…boto aq s inyoh dpat iblk n lng xa!….mas mgling xa kisa s mga 3 finalists….tnx….

  13. samantha says:

    hi! daryll jjust believe in god that are porpuses that wil be come true keep up the good work have faith in god1 just 2 know that i’l be loving and support you all the time lav yah!!!…………..

  14. angelika says:

    wala akong gusto s inyong tatlo iwant osan and i want osan back kung cnu man ang aangal well tumabitabi kau dahil ang mga pinagsasasabi ninyo ay walang kakwenta kwenta hindi lng kau OA plastic p kau……. MGA INJO!!

  15. aris says:

    go ate AvA…………………………………

  16. aris says:

    atE Ava…we wIlL PRaY 4 U…..!!

  17. aris says:

    g0……………………………………………..aTe AvA……………………………………………………….. GLIngan m0e ds fnals…we alwYs sUpP0rT U……..!!!!!! pByaAn m0e ln6 yAn6 mArsHaN6 yan,, wlA ln6 m6wa yAn..n6it cIa sE0…hehehe… 6o 4 d 6oaL…

  18. mezzy says:

    eloW! aVa.. Idol tlaga kita..ang galing2 mo. Sana kaw ung manalo..at c daryl ang cute..

    yasmien, ang gaya2 lang naman ung mga taga ebs eh…walang originality,
    kng d mo like ung shw wag nalng kng manood.

    basta ako solid kapuso…

    ilove u ava.. ur d best…

  19. jOanNa says:

    go! aVa .. an’ gling ni qWyncy nunG’ knanta nya ung big girlz dOnt cRy..!
    waAahh. crUsh q c DaryL..

  20. chi says:

    gO daryL, gO daryl.. kaw sana manalo..

  21. zenix says:

    galingan mo qwyncy! suportado ka ng TUP!!!

  22. ann says:

    hi 2 daryl lagos…go kya mo po yan!!!!DARYL ROCK’s MY wOrLd!!!!

  23. justine lei says:

    anu po ba ung song nila?ung may lyrics na sabay sabay?ung cinomposed nila?pakisabi nmn saken ung tittle nun oh..just email me…ladylei_morales2yahoo.com..tnxs po abxoo kuya al..

  24. Sheena Lyn says:

    hi lex si sheena lyn to im your number 1 fan.nakita na kita sa ramon magsaysay yung pumunta kayo.nakamayan pa nga kita eh!ang cute saka gwapo mo kahit na sa t.v. o sa personal.sana pumunta ulit kayo sa ramon..

    bagay kayong dalawa ni ate ava!!!

    Sana maging kayo..

  25. mae says:

    pnu muh nmn nsvi marsha nah di deserving manalo c ava?….how can u prove it hahahah….
    wel stil vote 4 ava….
    she is the pride of mauban,quezon…
    galing nya umarte,sumayaw at kumanta…
    napanood qoh kze xa s isang play d2 smen…
    so ung mga insecure dyan kay ava..belat…bcoz ava is famous dan u marsha…hahahha…

  26. dhallen says:

    WaAaAh!!GraBeH nAaLaLaH kOH uNg Sah MOA..

    aNg BaEt BaEt MoH leX..iNfAiRNeSz d KaH sUpLaDoH..

    …..sNaH mMeEt UlEt KiTaH..hIHih!!

    …..aKoH unG cUtE cHiNItAh GuRl NaH sHy IaPpRoAcH KaH tO tKe PiX w/u..!!!rEmEmBeR??

    …..WaAaHhH!!nAH lOvE sTrUcK xE aKoH sAh KcUtAn MoH eh….

    (I lIkE cHiNiToH)mWuAaHhH!!(-.-)

  27. dhallen says:

    ElOw ‘LeX’ aNg GlIng GlInG mOh..AhEh!!

    ..sNaH iKaW MnAlOh..PlgUe KiTaNg BiNoBotOh..!!!WaAaH!!

    ..cRuSh GlIngAn MoH pAh HuH..?HeHEhE!!!

    ..go ;leX
    ..go ;leX
    ..go ;leX…mWuAhHhh(-.-)

  28. Karla says:

    Galingan mo Lex,ha…..sana ikaw manalo….ang cute cute mo..bagay kayo ni Ava..pareho kayong magaling…!sana pag naging star k a…dalaw k ulit dito sa Naga,ha…God Bless….Take care Always…

  29. Karla says:

    Hello Lex,….me ung fan mo sa Naga City,ung pumunta kayo dito….ung pinaka-malakas ang tili

  30. ben says:

    GO CARL Guevara!!!! wooohhh!!!!!1

  31. gEnesis says:

    GO ALCHRIS GALURA!!!!!!!!!
    GO ALCHRIS GALURA!!!!!!!!!
    GO ALCHRIS GALURA!!!!!!!!!
    GO ALCHRIS GALURA!!!!!!!!!




    & WE WILL PRAY FOR YOU TOO!!!!!!!!



    ANG CUTE MO!!!!!!!!!



  32. Jana says:


  33. prettyfab says:

    GO QWYNCY!!!

    GO QWYNCY!!!

    GO QWYNCY!!!

    GO QWYNCY!!!

    GO QWYNCY!!!

    GO QWYNCY!!!

    GO QWYNCY!!!

    GO QWYNCY!!!

    GO QWYNCY!!!

  34. marsha says:

    will for me AVA is not deserving to win !!! ad also lex !!! i dont like thier attiude for you GMA i just want to request that you should illiminate the two of them or else thiers gonna be a big incident !!hat im sure cla lang ang magpapasira sa inyong show so you better out of them …or nasa huli na ang pagsisi.!!!

  35. richard says:

    hello AVA, cute mo tlga!

    hope to see you personally,

    Daryl, npka astig ng dating moh,
    Galing mo din,

    Ava and Daryl, galingan niong dalawa,

    I will vote for you two..

    ‘-‘,… hehehe

  36. angeldust_davaochix says:

    kung ako kay Angel Locsin bumalik nlng siya sa pinanggalingan niya..di siya bagay sa ABS-CBN…walang karapatan….

  37. angeldust_davaochix says:

    Go cheska…you’re the next acoustic princess…..bulag ata si ephryan2..ahhaha…ride to fame lng ang pinapanood ko sa GMA dahil andun si francheska..but hell with GMA…kapamilya pa rin ako….

  38. purpleaddict says:

    hi pouh ate ava!!!!

    gnda niouh pouh tlaga!!!

    sna pouh kau na lng poh ung mnalo!!!

    goodluck poh!!!!

    god bless!!!

    wag pouh kau mgpa-apek2 s mga naninira 2lad lng nung yasmien na un!!!

  39. chArles says:

    hello po ate AVA!!!!!! ang cute2x mO pO!!!!!
    NO. 1 FAN NIO PO AQ!!!!
    I LOVE YOU ATE AVA!!!!!!!!!!


  40. gEnesis says:

    GO ALCHRIS!!!!!!!!! GO AG-AP!!!!!

  41. gEnesis says:

    ‘ahmmm… hellO pO kUa aLchRis Galura!!!!! uhm… glingan niO pO!!! ivO-vOte pO nmen keO!! hihi^^, nD, bgay daw pO keO ni Ate Ava(sbi ng mga tga-TD & S HOPE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY!!hehe..) sna pO mkita kO pa pO keO ul8 sa persOnal…. ang CUTE niO pO tlga!!!!!!! uhm.. cgeh pO!!

    lge lng pO keO pray ky LORD!! d nia keO pbbyaan!!!



  42. ashtart says:

    hi daryl cute mo tla………..crush n kta galingan mo ha………..ajah kya mo yan!!!!!!11

  43. ashtart says:

    hi daryl ur so cute…………grbe crush n kta…….galingan mo ha………..

  44. rhea says:

    hello!sana manalo si Alex.idol ko na sya nung dito pa sya sa davao kumakanta.Night Rhyme name ng band nila…Good luck sa yo Alex UY.

  45. krizel says:

    daryl ikaw na pala yan?
    ung playm8 ko dati nung nagbabakasyon ako dyan s manila.
    galingan mo ha! im voting for u! : )
    good luck!

  46. DEUXGUERRE says:


  47. DEUXGUERRE says:

    Hello po ate AVA ako po pala yun lalaking may hawak na papel na WE LOVE YOU AVA. grabe ate ang ganda mo talaga. ate alam po naming mga boys sa hope christian academy na ikaw ang mananalo. gu luck ate galingan mo, kayang kaya mo yan ate hehehe. cge po ate yun lang po boto po ako sayo.

  48. jcbc_019 says:

    hi! ava me is your no.1 fan mzta!!!!!! idol kta
    joey deleon ang pnget ng ugli mo hahahaha mgbgo kna nga!!!!! gaya2 k tlaga> porket no. 1 ang wowowee pnget ksi ng eat blaga

    GMA GAYA2 mging original nman kau!. wag lng ung puro gaya2… lgi na lng
    gud luck sa mga panga2ya nyo………………….

  49. jcbc_019 says:

    eow! ava

  50. ephryan2 says:

    ahm astig tlga mga finalists s coca cola ride to fame…
    GMA really is the best producer of stars..
    sad to say,only ABS CBN has the eye for a talent…

  51. khriel says:

    daryl cute k pla^_^ hehe’ galingan moe huh?? go 4 d’ goal.. taz treat moe qoe pgnanalo k nah.. hahaha

  52. JESSROCKED says:

    HAHAHAHA… Si Angel Locsin nasa ABS na! hahaha…

    yang si pamela bondoc, kailang beses na yan sumali sa mga pacontest?? 10X na ata hindi parin nananalo….hahaha

  53. roi says:

    go osan go…hehehe
    inom lng ng inom ng coke hehehe

  54. Benj says:

    masyado namang insecure si yasmien, let’s just be thankful na may napapanood tayo. ^^, stop war, make peace!

  55. Yasmien says:

    kahit anong gawin niyo hindi niyo mahihigitan ang ABS. Wag na kayong umasa mga KANGUSO.

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